Frantz Godwin - The Rusty Heart [Character Bio]

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Frantz Godwin - The Rusty Heart
Frantz Godwin - The Rusty Heart
  • Name: Frantz Godwin
  • Alias: The Rusty Heart
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 26 (does not age)
  • Race: Half-Vampire, Full-Vampire (depends on point of view)
  • Alignment: Neutral


Frantz appears as a cold person. Often he displays a ruthless face and most people would say that his other expressions just looks pissed off. But all that is his "professional facade", while he certainly has a more relaxed self when around people he knows (not many).

A smartass by nature, he has a somewhat cocky and arrogant aura about him. If annoyed by the people around him (something that happens often as he defines himself as the "only sane man") he will sound his displeasure with sarcasm. Somewhat eccentric and with a logic that some may not understand. Despite all those things that might make him sound like an aggressive person, he in truth would like to live a peaceful and calm life. But more often than not, it happens that he ends up using violence to resolve a problem because people are just too stubborn to listen (and because he is very easy to provocate then he likes to confess). He might try to solve something with words once, but if the other party does not listen he uses force and violence to beat sense into them. Many would describe him as rebellious (including his own family), while he himself does not think so. But all that may be denial as often he would ignore the law for his own sake and he was never good with restrictions of any kind. While good at heart he is not a "hero" by any definition of the word. He just minds his own business and does not interfere with others. He is ready to help a poor man on the street, but would never do something which would get him in bigger trouble than he needs. He is not above manipulating innocent people to get what he wants, but would not cause any harm to them directly or on purpose. Cynical at heart, he regards "idealism" as a disease worse than cancer. Regarding all people as equal, but still he would resort to mocking people he considers fools (mostly those he gets into a conflict with). He can be forgiving, but those who haunt him for a longer time often provoke him much easier and reveal a much more outspoken and harsher and even aggressive side of his and there are people who's mere presence makes him act hostile. Even during combat he tries to keep civilized, but it's hard to do so because as he says, all people he encounters are "assholes". Often he will cruse fate or God when he is in an unpleasant situation (something that happens more often than one might think).

If he is not on a mission or has no work of any sort, he can be a very relaxed man, open for all kinds of entertainment. But even then his nature that makes him look rude does not disappear. When on a task or when he is after an objective of any kind he is focused and sharp, ignoring distractions of any kind. While his appearance and attitude might suggest that he is a "lone wolf" type of character, in truth he is open for teamwork of any kind, as long as it helps him to get faster to his goal, even if it means working with people he considers "unpleasant". It is not clear if this has to do with his royal blood or is a personality trait that accompanied him his whole life, Frantz absolutely adores fine food. It wouldn't be too unusual, but in his case it is not that he likes fancy and extravagant food but rather that he loathes anything else. For him there is no explanation for food that doesn't taste wonderful or that does not look nice. It's self-understanding for him that the food served in any cheap restaurant is just as well prepared as the meals you would find in expensive hotels... or the food he ate when he was younger. It was not rare for him to start arguments with the cook, sometimes even resorting to violence. The worst thing about it was that the workers couldn't do much about him, not only because his strength or speed, but rather because the fact that he was a nobleman, so that there was no way that they could throw him out. While he isn't really obsessed with his goal, he is very determined and won't back of from it because he faces some difficulties.

Being well educated (and gifted with a smart personality at birth) and a master in many forms of combat he has great confidence. Strangely enough despite his general arrogant appearance and stance that does not extend to his skills, at least not directly. Never would he lose himself in narcistic ramblings about his power or strength even when he had the right to do so. He possesses an iron will and will not back down from his goal no matter what happens. It's not really easy to earn his trust, the best way is to act silly and naive (which is why Frantz considers most of his friends idiots) rather than a competent teammate. And even then Frantz would never drop his guard.

And while his personality would be a difficult to deal with, he can be a powerful and even loyal ally for anyone who is determined (or stupid) enough to try it.


Frantz from afar would look pretty generic, like an everyday man. Tall and slim, with short black hair. But besides the clothes to set him apart from others, Frantz has other features as well. The most obvious one is his face. Pale, silvery eyes that possess a piercing gaze, often scaring people off even though Frantz had no the intention to do so. When not talking his lips are nearly pressed together, never opening his mouth. What makes him stand out, besides his face is his way of dressing. First thing someone would notice is his gray coat, it's rare to see him without it. Under it a shirt, often elegant and expensive looking. Black pants and fancy boost, as well as gloves to cover his thin fingers. With all that combined he certainly does not look like an random person. To complete the image of a nobleman for the victorian times he even has a pocket-watch he is prone to take it and "play" with when he has to wait or if he is nervous. He also possesses a pendant with a picture of Amelia in it, often taking it out and showing it around when he stop at a new city to search for her.

Powers and Abilities

Frantz being a half-vampire from birth gave him extraordinary capabilities, but even that is overshadowed by the training he had undergone in his youth. Fencing and swordmanship were the very first things he made contact with. He did not stay focused on one subject though, soon after he studied history, alchemy, astronomy, mathematics, physics, as well as magic. In the end he had enough knowledge to be considered a Doctor on any of these fields. His physical education was not ignored either. Besides his skills with the sword he also trained riding, marksmanship and different forms of martial arts. He also has eyesight and hearing that surpass that of any human. Even as a half-vampire he possesses Krov. Krov is a special kind of energy unique for every vampire. It is the lord of their body and allows them to manipulate it freely. As a result they can regenerate, expel poison from their body, regulate their temperature and heartbeat. It is also the generator of their power and plays a great role in the creation of most of their attacks. While every vampire has an unlimited amount of Krov, how much they can release at once is limited. This allows more powerful vampires to control their body in more complex ways and to use more powerful attacks. But the most important thing that when they have reached a certain level, said Krov can be expelled out of their body making it "command" matter, the area around them or even laws of the world or other beings. Frantz's case with Krov is special. It's special as in not being regular, but it is not a very rare case. Because he is a half-vampire his control of Krov should be below average vampire level. But because his noble blood and training he undergone, his Krov control is slightly above average. While it does not allow him to affect his surroundings, he has good control over his body and can also form it to powerful weapons. As in the case with any vampire, Frantz's Krov control grows stronger with each year that passes in his life. But a much better "power-up" would be becoming a full vampire. Even though a (half) vampire, he has no weaknesses associated with them. It's nothing rare among the likes of his kind, most vampire have no of the "regular vampire weaknesses", it's hard to find those who do have some. But perhaps they just grew more resistant to them over time, as most of them still have a dislike for things such as sunlight and running water. Many of them would describe garlic as disgusting and a cross is the ugliest form they know. Frantz's combat style always focused on speed and agility, fast as lightning, often it would look as if he was defying gravity (something that was not out of the range of possibilities for him). While never interested in brute strength, he still had enough to uproot a large tree with one hand, easily at that. All these things were more thought to him like something a gentleman would know rather than as actual means of combat (something he was never supposed to encounter other then for sport), but as Vlad's war started while he was still young (around 18) he ended up developing a fighting style of his own. He took the family sword "Devil Prince" along with the sheath. While he would normally carry it at his hip, one in combat he takes the sheath in one hand while using his sword in his other.

For combat he developed a combination of his swordmanship, knowledge in black magic and vampirism, to creat multiple techniques:

Krov Manipulation:

The essence of life for every vampire, even more important than blood. It is produced naturally in their body. They can ward of mental assaults, poison of all kinds and regulate all of their body functions or even lessen the effect of the laws of the world on them. It can also be focused in a body part to achieve extra strength and speed for it. Krov in raw form is very powerful but it's also very hard to control and it's even harder to expel it out of the body while maintaining the raw form and energy. As such only the most powerful of vampires base their fighting style solely on the expansion of raw Krov and rather use it as a starting material to produce weaker but easier to control methods of combat. Besides the regulation of his body and general Krov related attacks and abilities Frantz uses it to lesser the effect gravity has on his to suspend himself in air longer and to avoid damage from extreme falls as well as to hoover slightly above the ground allowing him to reduce friction and increase speed.

Dark Storm

One of his most used moves. Like many of his abilities he uses the Krov in his body to generate it. It consists coating then blade or inner part of the sheath with modified Krov. The blade has a blood red and bright color, like most Krov constructs. Then quickly slashing with the sword sends the energy flying off as a wind slash. Even after the slash is executed the coating stays on the blade and provides extra power. Five energy slashes can be made before it has to be coated again, if it's only used to make regular attacks stronger it can last as long as the user wants. The second variation is coating the inside of the sheath with a great amount of Krov and the drawing the blade out at a great speed pulling the Krov with it. This move lacks the range of the wind slash but makes up for it with the wide range and great amount of Krov used to destroy enemies at close range. It also stays on the blade but no more wind slashes can be made and it is only used for more powerful regular strike if not re-coat during combat.. It focuses more on eroding biological matter and burning the enemies skin than actual destruction. It was the his first technique on which he applied knowledge other than his sword skills. He used it very often as most fiends he encountered in Curtis Castle would melt without a trace, while larger and more dangers monsters would be badly injured. The move is great for surprise attack when quickly drawn and executed, but it can become predictable if used in quick succession which is why Frantz uses it in between normal sword strikes "hiding" the technique.

Krov Weapon Creation

Frantz's forte when it comes to Krov. By making the raw Krov inside his body solid and then expelling it out of his body Frantz can shape and form it into all kinds of weapons which float next to him so that he can use the in combat. The weapons Have a red bright color like most Krov related abilities and give off a red-ish aura. His most commonly used variation of this is the quick creation of daggers which then are sent flying towards his enemies. It's his most common ranged attack. He creates the daggers next to his shoulders and can create up to four on each side for a total of eight in just one go. He can use them with deadly precision. The more powerful use of the daggers is to make a ring of them spinning at hip height. They are used as an offensive shield to keep enemies away but also to push enemies back and to put them under pressure by attacking. Frantz can make all of them shoot off in the direction they are facing to take out groups of opponents that have surrounded him. The next variation of this ability is the creation of a huge hammer. The hammer is the size of a car and is created at a ten meter height (the maximum range of his creation) above the target and then comes crashing down at it. It's used for crushing enemies that are too resistant to piercing attacks or just to get an area of effect as it creates a huge crate and shockwave at impact. It is also blood red in color. Another form of this power very close to the hammer is Frantz's ability to create a red axe around the size of a human body. It can be created hoovering above Frantz and then sent down at an angle to cut apart enemies or next to Frantz or in front of his in the same fashion like the daggers. It's used to slice huge enemies in half, crush groups of small ones or to tear down doors and other barriers.

His most powerful technique on this field is his Krov Crimson Lance. It creates a large spear right next to Frantz floating next to his extended hand. The lance is around 2.5 meters long with a very narrow and point tip which gets wider and wider as it goes down to the hilt. It's segmented with the edges of the segments being sharp. Before throw it starts spinning at extreme speeds making the whole projectile feel more like a drill than a spear. It possesses incredible piercing power and can go through most kinds of armor and barriers because of the spinning power and sharp narrow tip. Once it penetrates the target even slightly, the spinning force, the sharp segments as well as the gradual change of width of the lance make it so that the target is completely devastated often throwing the tiny bits of it left in all directions possible making it hard to guess that there even was something to begin with. Despite not having an extremely big area of effect the power being it makes it Frantz's second most destructive and powerful move.

Heart Breaker

Frantz's most powerful move. By concentrating a small amount of raw Krov from his body into a small area in front of him (not even visible with the bare eye) he can release all of it in a violent explosion by snapping his finger. While the range is not long, the blast radius in very wide and it is very effective against close targets and it's often hard to escape once in the radius. While it may not seems like it at first, the destruction is far greater than any of his other moves. The destruction might not look as impressive as his Piercing Lance, but the energy released in the process is far greater. While weaker enemies and objects will crumble to dust barely visible and leave nothing behind, stronger beings will be not only suffer from the outside but also more so from the inside. The force will rapture organs, brake bones and generally turn the targets inside to a fine paste and even if one survives the move without being affected that much they will have to deal with extreme pain and internal bleeding.

As the name goes, it can stop the targets heart from beating, by invading the enemies body with Krov and then "commanding" it to stop. But that feat is rather hard to perform as the concentrated orb of Krov would need to be directly on the target over very close to it, before detonation. Because it is so hard to place, Frantz was only able to "break" the heart of bulky golems and other vile creatures he encountered in Curtis Castle, while any other warrior who is agile and fast enough would only be caught in the regular blast (not that that wasn't bad enough already). This is his only move which in theory could use Krov to manipulate another living being around him and is considered a top class ability even among vampires. The ability is not very good as an opener but is useful to be used in mid combat and in turn is often used by Frantz.

Darkness Consume You

Frantz's second most complex Krov move, right after Heart Breaker, completely relying on Krov. The Krov reforms his body till it's nothing more than a shadow travelling across the ground. In this form the is able to cross a distance of a dozen meters before returning to his old form. As he emerges a dome of shadow blades are summoned with the use of magic and will start swirling around him. When the dome has completely closed it will disappear. This move while not being destructive is still very useful. Not only does it allow him to avoid being hit and to bypass barriers, it also allows him to catch unexpecting enemies with his shadow blades which can cut apart buildings with ease. This move is one of the more complex Krov manipulation's he has, as he has to change the form of his body completely.


Frantz is capable of short-ranges teleports, one of his vampiric powers. While it may sound like complex Krov manipulation, to disperse his body into atoms and then to transport them to another location in the blink of an eye. In truth it is a basic move most vampires can do, there is no explanation to why that is so, they simply can do it without any proper training.


A vampire's most trusted friends. Frantz's body and cells will reform as soon as he takes any damage. Just as with the teleportation, this kind of Krov manipulation is a natural for any vampire and they can make use of it, even though with varying degrees of success. While Frantz's regeneration is very potent it has it's limits and taking continious heavy damage will result in a failed regeneration process which will only be partial.


Being both something dark magic and vampirism include, Frantz should have been able to pull of impressive feats with this form of combat, yet he seems to know only one basic summoning. These are created with Krov and brough to life with magic. Two orbs of darkness with bat-like wings form around Frantz and seek out his enemies. Their only ways of attacking are ramming enemies (it could kill a human but mostly just stunts or throw off balance when dealing with stronger beings) and detonating in a sucide move when in range of the enemy. More useful for distraction and tracking than for actual combat, when there is no enemy weakness that could be exploited.

The main function of these familiars is to scout and to chase fleeing enemies or to transport messages or small objects over long distances.


Having gained the prepositions to be a full vampire Frantz in theory should have ascended to a higher form. In that case his Krov manipulation abilities would skyrocket and he would gain access to spells and abilities that make his others look like jokes. But he is holding it back on purpose as he fears that in that case there would be no way to return the blood and complete his current task.

Black Magic:

Despite not being a very skilled mage and relying more on sword combat and Krov based attack Frantz has studied black arts in his youth and can pull off impressive feats with the knowledge he has. The powers black magic can provide spans from creation of projectiles, over curses to affect the target to the summoning of familiars and the undead.

Hell's Fang

A spell of dark magic. Frantz, makes a giant black hand erupt from the ground. Being a spell that does not depend on him Krov has no use in it. The hand can be used in many way, as a solid defense to block the enemy's blows or as a powerful attack as it has great strength and sharp claws. It can also be used as a jumping platform to launch Frantz into combat or to redirect him mid-flight. It can also be created in mid air or appear as a after image of Frantz's attack for a one time use and to sends enemies flying.. Still at first use this spell can be a good diversion and even grab Frantz's opponents to render them immobile.

Divine Drive

Another spell. It creates a sun looking orb in the air. Several blades then jump from one part of the orb to another and blinding speed (several hundred of them in less then a second). Frantz mostly uses it to suspend enemies in air for some time and then leaps in the air to continue the assault. Just like his other spell it has no use of Krov and is not very destructive. Still, the fine blades can devastate even big and armored targets with sheer numbers and speed.

Black Swamp

Frantz opens a portal on the ground and a black mud like liquid starts oozing out of it. It quickly cover the while area where the portal was opened and can even cover large halls or rooms. The mud will creeps up along the legs of Frantz's enemies and pull them slowly in, draining their energy and slowing them down. Once the target is affected it also becomes much weaker to Frantz's other magical attacks.

Kazıklı Bei

A form of dark magic and his vampiric attributes. It makes dozens of spears burst from the ground to impale his enemies. The spears while summoned by magic and guided by Frantz himself. The spears have a very long and wide range making the very effective against tricky opponents. As Frantz can freely move the spears he is able to create shields and walls for protection, but also makeshift prisons for his enemies. Besides the spears bursting from the ground Frantz can make them rain from the sky which he normally does on his second use in a battle to surprise enemies that have seen the technique already once.


Early Life

Frantz was the third child to be born into the Godwin family. But at that time he already had four brothers and sisters. Two of them being his biological siblings (one sister and one brother) while the other two (both boys) were adopted. Besides not being related by blood, there was another, bigger difference between him (and his siblings) and the adopted children, the race. Frantz just like his brother and sister were half-vampires, while his other two brothers were humans. This was because of Frantz's parents, his father was a vampire while his mother was human woman. This was both normal and controversial. It was normal in the sense that a vampire and a human had a relationship, in Frantz's world humans and vampires lived together peacefully. The vampires were not hunted and were not restricted or discriminated in any way and in return they only drank the blood of people that would "donate" it. It was not rare for them to drink the blood of their partner as well. But on the other hand it was controversial because Frantz's father was in such a relationship. The Godwin family had a high social status and were known for their pure blood. A family of aristocrats, produced writers, doctors, philosophers, lawyers, specialists on every field known to man, yet the new head of the family wanted a human woman for his wife, one from a poor family on top of that. Frantz's father, unlike how everyone expected at that time was a laid back man and not a very strict person. He justified his actions with "I'm the family head, i do what i want.", of course his decision was not welcomed well by relatives and branch families alike. Many came up with the wildest accuses, some even calling him insane. And while the hate was not equally strong from all sides, nearly everyone agreed that he was spitting on the family tradition. There were some who considered murder to be a solution, but it never came that far. In the end the family lost some of it's power and influence and the other members got over it. While Frantz's brother and sister clearly were affected by the aftermath of that "affair" Frantz himself did not know that such problem existed during his younger years, it was much later when he was confronted with the first insults and comments based on his origin. By the age of six he was the only child in the big mansion (except one adopted brother but Frantz only saw him from time to time) as all his siblings left to live a life of their own. But he wasn't lonely, besides the maids and servants that would play with him through the day (when he had time), his father would often let him out to play with other children. Frantz even had special "poor" looking clothes for those occasions.

Those moments did not last long, after all he had to study most of the time. His father while not being very hard with him or strict, wanted to educate his son well (just like the rest of his children). Frantz wasn't really moody when it came to that, nor did he try avoiding any kind of studying or training. He was very interested in everything that was taught to him and any physical training was fun for him. By the time he was ten he already accumulated a good amount of knowledge and skill. At that time he was already urged to pick a field of specialization, but Frantz wanted to gain general knowledge rather than to discard anything but a specific category. While even at that time he had enough skill with the sword and knowledge in black magic, as well as good control over his Krov, it did not go towards any organized fighting style. After all all those skills were only for show, it was something he could use to impress later on and prove himself as a gentleman and not as something used for combat or to take life. The following years all looked them same, he spent his days studying, rarely going outside to play. During that time he developed a deeper taste when it came to fashion and food. The only major change in his life was the death of his mother, something that affected his father even more so than him. Many would ask why Frantz's father did not just turn her into a vampire. There were two reasons for that, the first one was that it was considered wrong and bad for a vampire to turn a human into a one of them (nothing Frantz's father cared for). The other and more obvious reason, was that it would have been no use. Natural born vampires have no weakness known to man, but those who turned to vampires, while being the same like any vampire in every point, had a deadly weakness. They were not immune to disease. Even though they could live forever and heal from the most gruesome wounds, they could not escape something that plagued them as humans as well.

With 15 Frantz already lived on his own, but he still used the money of his family. There wasn't much he wanted to do, you could say that he lacked the inspiration. He already thought about finding himself a successful lawyer as a mentor, but then his father started with his "strange" ideas. He wanted his son to get married. Frantz at that time wasn't interested at all, even more so when he heard that his father already arranged a marriage for him. But Frantz knew (or hoped) that it shouldn't be too hard to get his father give up on the idea and so (out of respect) he decided to give it a try at least, it wasn't like he had anything to do anyway. His father gave a party for all of the branch families as well as the family of Frantz's fiance. That was the first time Frantz met her as well. He actually avoided meeting any of the people there and stayed on the second floor for a good amount of time. He was walking around pretending to be "busy" and having work to do. He simply wanted to avoid those so called "friends" of his father. He never had a problem with interacting with nobles, but those people down there were special. While not all, but certainly most of them did not think good of Frantz's father or his family in general. In the end he decided to go down as otherwise it would make things just worse for his father. As he was going down the stairs he already noticed his wife-to-be. He gave himself a smirk thinking "Oh, looks like my father got me a textbook example of a cliche." . She was sitting in the corner, talking to no one. Golden blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. A modest dress and a look on her face screaming "shy", all that while playing with her hair. She looked more or less like his father described her. Frantz did not really take the "being a cliche of a woman" as a bad point, he was going to see for himself. Frantz, while strange at times could have charm if he wanted... but this situation was unique. It wasn't like he had to do anything... he already "had" her. But he wasn't there to "charm her", but to make himself a picture of her anyway. After some time of dialog, she seemed... normal, not to say ordinary. Amelia Castiglioni, while she was human she was also from a noble family, a decision Frantz's father made to avoid any more trouble for the family or his son. She wasn't really as smart as Frantz or interesting and the only that impressed Frantz about her was her love for music. She even played the piano. While she did not have many outstanding abilities she did not have any bad qualities either. At the end of the evening he started considering the possibility of accepting his father's request. Even though he did not know it, but that day he had made himself an enemy, one he would meet some years after that night.

After telling his father that he will think about the option of marriage, avoiding giving him an absolute answer. But it looked like his father wasn't going to urge him to do it fast anyway, so Frantz was "free" for now. For the next few years he didn't change his life-style in a drastic way. He began working under a well known lawyer from the town, while he studied in his free time. Only thing that really changes that he had to put some time away for Amelia, but during that time he grew more and more comfortable with the idea of getting married.

And then a new chapter in his life began...

War against Vlad

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better but you should really add the max strength of his powers and other basic stuff like if he can fly or if he can hear good and what not.

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@Shadowchaos: Will do... now.

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@Fehafare: Very interesting I like this character. Just curious the person you based him is from a fighting game right?

@Shadowchaos: That not really necessary unless it was an important part of his character look my Crow and his eye sight

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I know but I was just giving examples it could have been anything really. Also I think the team idea you came up with could work but who knows how it will end up.

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With this we have like half a dozen of vampires

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: A MMO, but yeah it's a hack and slash, side-scrolling type MMO.

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Funny enough i wanted to avoid that... but my three other character ideas (2 humans and 1 "modified" human) did not make it because i lacked any visual material.

Oh well at least the Krov sets me apart from your every-day vampire.

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I think i'm gonna start using Frantz now.

"War against Vlad" should be my most important chapter when it comes to building Frantz's character and revealing his motives and objectives, so i'll leave that in the dark a little bit longer.

Will also update and expand most of the stuff i already have, some time in the future.

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I like the character look you chose for him. Nice work on the bio.
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Changed his powers and made small changes to the personality because i plan on using him in the near future.

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