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Name: Atlas Flynn
Alias: Devil's Rapture
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Eye Colour: Green-Grey
Hair Colour: Green-Grey
Race: Human
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Place Of Birth: New York City
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: "in the closet" bi-sexual


 Atlas is about average build and average height for a young man. His skin is pale from lack of exposure to the sun for the majority of his life. He is seemingly emotionless, at first glance.
His eyes are a grey-green, like the ocean he is familiar with. Atlas dyed his hair to match his eyes, and keeps his hair long enough to style, spike and let hang in his eyes. Atlas often wears a warm winter coat, with fur along the hood, a t-shirt, jeans or casual pants and skate shoes. Atlas also has a very thick New Yorker Accent. Atlas is very good looking, but his cold (or deranged) facial expressions tend to be a big turn off.


 Atlas Flynn is very cold and serious. He rarely speaks, and when he does it's in very short or broken sentences. Atlas tends to work alone and keep people at a distance. Underneath his ice cold exterior lies a burning, bloodthirsty flame. When ever Atlas is in a situation where there is blood, fighting or somebody in pain his instantly changes. Atlas revels in the pain of others, whether it be physical or emotional. Atlas enjoyed being the cause of people's pain. But this side of Atlas only shows when either someone is in pain or there is a possibility for someone to be in pain. Atlas is extremely eccentric and sickly jovial when he is in his 'alter ego' state. Sometimes he considers himself the messenger of the Devil. Atlas has an extreme addiction to Plasmid, which ultimately caused his erratic behaviour.


Atlas was born in New York City. As a young boy, he was normal. He had a mother, a father, and a pet goldfish named Harold. But everything changed. Atlas' family and himself were travelling to Ireland, in order to visit his extended family. But the plane crashed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Atlas was the only one to survive. The young boy was taken back to New York were he was chosen to be sent to Knoxreich, an underwater city not far off from where the plane crashed a few years earlier. There, Atlas was trained as a police officer, in order to keep the peace in the secluded city. After a few months Atlas was selected to be a tester for the new 'weapon', Plasmids. Plasmids were invented by a German citizen of the underwater city, Dr. Rodrick Strauss. The Plasmids temporarily altered the genes of the user in order to grant them supernatural powers. At first, there was no problem with the Plasmids, and they became the official weapons of the Knoxreich police. But it was only years later that Dr. Strauss began to notice something was wrong. The police officers began to rely on the serum all too much, and they began to act out when they were refused Plasmids.

The Testing Faze - Incinerate

Strauss Personal Progress Report #1:

October 3.
Subject name: Atlas Flynn. Age: 15, Weight: 130 lbs, Height: 5' 4". Citizen Security Number: 675AJ900.
The subject seems nervous, as it may be expected. I took the boy's vitals, but he seemed no better. Honestly, I felt for Atlas, but there wasn't much I could do. I took the subject for lunch and we discussed the testing process while we meandered around the top floor of the research wing. The ocean was extremely lively. But putting all that aside, the operation started smoothly as I began by taking the young man's vitals. Despite being a student of the police academy Atlas is not as strong as one would presume. Nevertheless, Atlas is in extremely good shape and will make a exquisite test subject. Mr. Flynn responded well to the first injection. The Incineration Plasmid was a success, over all... Unfortunately the fire was extremely difficult to control, and there was a massive back fire. Mr. Flynn will require immediate medical attention. It is to my dismay that he may be hospitalized for at least a month or two. Atlas Flynn will need to be trained how to properly use the Plasmids. It will be a slow process, but considering the results of this test I believe that it is not impossible.

But after everything, I feel utterly terrible about the pain I have caused Atlas. I only hope he decides to continue assist me with my research.

Atlas' Journal #1:

October 3.
I wasn't expecting anything. I did what I was told, because it was the only thing I could do. I arrived at Dr. Strauss'  lab early that day. Large bubble windows accentuated the whales that nonchalantly floated along. I shivered knowing how cold those waters were. Dr. Strauss entered the room and checked my pulse and forced me to run around on a treadmill for a while. After he took my vitals, the tall, gangly German took me out to lunch. We went to his favourite restaurant, Red Fish Blue Fish. Dr. Strauss was kind enough to treat me to halibut fish and chips. Over lunch we discussed the testing process. I think he could tell that I was nervous, and he was awfully kind. After lunch, my nervousness was still churning in my stomach, and the kind doctor took me on a walk around the research facility. I had gotten used to the feel of hundreds of pounds of water over my head, but the breath taking sights of the fish an ocean never ceased to amaze me. It was almost romantic, our walk, and I would have to take Hannah around to the research wing when I next had day off. I found myself imagining Hannah... It was embarrassing, but I was thinking of all the things I would do with Hannah. I missed her so much.

After our walk I immediately felt more comfortable around Dr. Strauss and about the operation. Dr. Strauss took my left hand, and cocked my hand backwards, exposing my wrist. He pulled out the massive needle and prepared the injection. The Plasmid was red, Dr. Strauss told me it was 'Incineration'. Apparently I would be able shoot fire out of my hands. I told Dr. Strauss I was ready, and suddenly he jabbed the massive needle into my wrist and the hot Plasmid rushed through my veins. Doctor Strauss stepped back and grinned as my hand flex and clenched as I screamed in pain. And suddenly, it was all over. I looked and my hand, it was glowing a fiery orange. Doctor Strauss told me to use the Plasmid. I agreed and extended my hand outwards, jerking my hand up to make a 'stop' sign. Before I knew what happened, a blast of fire exploded into my face, throwing me back across the room.

That was the last I remembered. I found myself lying on this old hospital mattress, Doctor Strauss was sitting in the chair next to my bed. Nervously he wrung his fingers and apologized for what had just happened.

Strauss Personal Progress Report #2:

November 16.
The subject, Atlas Flynn, has been making a swift recovery. When i first visited the subject at the hospital he was completely wrapped in bandages. But after a few weeks the bandages came off. He still has scars, which will most likely never heal. I have carefully observed the subject throughout the stages of recovery. It seems that the Plasmid was able to speed up the healing process. Yet, this is just a theory. Atlas may have always healed his fast. Even still, I do not doubt that Mr. Flynn's recovery has been assisted by the Plasmid. What is more interesting is how long the Plasmid lasted. The Plasmid did not fully expel for a fortnight. I believe that this may be attributed to the fact that it was the subject's first use of the Plasmid.

Atlas was finally comfortable talking to me once more a few days ago. The subject and myself briefly spoke of the reasons for the back fire, no pun intended. I explained to Atlas that he would grow more accustomed to the Plasmid after a few more injections, and with in a few days he would be able to effectively control the power. At first, Atlas did not believe me, but I feel that after a few days of consideration, he is willing to continue with my experiments. I spoke once more to Mr. Flynn and he seemed more eager than ever to continue. The subject's doctors have informed me that Atlas will be fit to continue the testing in a few weeks, assuming his recovery is stable.

Atlas' Journal #2:

November 16.
After what felt like years, I'm finally able to write. For the first week or so it hurt so much to move. The doctors told me that my whole body was covered with third degree burns. They told me it was a miracle that I survived. It was even more of a miracle when I began to make such a swift recovery. Doctor Strauss visited me every day. By the third week Doctor Strauss told me what he had been jotting down on his notepad all the time. He passed it to me to read over but I couldn't understand any of it. Doctor Strauss explained that he believed the Plasmid accelerated my healing. Honestly, I'm grateful. Hannah wouldn't like it very much if I was covered head to toe in scars.

I was also grateful that Doctor Strauss was so honest to me. He explained what had happened during the test, and he even gave me a choice to continue or not. At first I wasn't sure. But every day Doctor Strauss visited me. I could see the honesty and concern in his small brown eyes, and I knew Strauss wouldn't lie to me. In the end, I decided to continue with the experiments.

Hannah also visited me once a week. She is busy working most of the time, and I knew that visiting me once a week was a real stretch for her. As soon as she heard I was hospitalized she visited me. The doctors still hadn't covered me in bandages to prevent infection. I don't remember much, because I was drifting in and out, but Hannah was screaming and crying. The doctors dragged her away and she visited me a few days later. I was unconscious form pain killers when she visited, but when I woke up there was a bouquet of flowers on the table next to me, and I knew Doctor Strauss, or my other male friends would never send me flowers. Over the last few weeks I had plenty of visitors. One day Doctor Strauss came to my bedside with a plate of fish and chips from the restaurant we went to on the day of the test. "I wouldn't eat the hospital food even if my life depended on it." Doctor Strauss said with a laugh. Doctor Strauss visited me every single day. Sometimes even twice a day, occasionally bringing food or a board game for us to play. That was what I was most grateful for.

Strauss' Personal Progress Report #3

December 1.
Subject Atlas Flynn had finally resumed the Plasmid testing. Early today, the subject arrived at my laboratory, essentially fully healed. I had adjusted the serum in order to shorten the amount of time the subjects genes were altered as previously it took nearly two weeks for the effects to fully fade. Atlas was nervous once more, and he flinched at the sight of the massive needle sitting dormant on my desk. I found my self looking depressed at Atlas, knowing I had cause him such pain. I ask Atlas if he wished to continue and explained that he need not, but the boy seemed almost... determined. I was jealous of his strength, if it were me, I would have quit then and there.

I seated Atlas down on the table and grabbed the sizable needle. As soon as I turned back, I noticed that Atlas had began to cry. The boy's face was screwed up as he attempted to stifle his tears, but he was not succeeding. I took the kerchief out of my breast pocket and cleaned his face. I told Atlas not to worry, and that we could continue the testing another day. The last thing I wanted was for the poor boy to start crying. After a few minutes Atlas had finally collected himself and we were able to resume the testing.

I injected the subject with the Incineration Plasmid. There was the same reaction as previously. The subject's hand began to glow. Carefully, I reached out to touch his hand. It was hot to the touch, warmer than a normal human's. I can only assume it was due to the Plasmid. I took this test slower than the rest. I meticulously inspected the subject and took his vitals every three minutes. His pupils were small, and his pulse was slightly elevated, but it was nothing to fret over.

Throughout the course of the last few days I have constantly researched what may have cause the back fire. I believe that Atlas had been controlling the Plasmid incorrectly. "Snap your fingers" I told the subject. With a nod he obeyed, but could not follow through. It appears that the subject could not snap his fingers. For the remainder of the morning I trained the subject how to snap his fingers. We took a break for lunch, and the effects of the Plasmid were yet to wear off, but it appeared that it could only last for a hour more. I hate to admit it, but the boy had lost a massive amount of mobility in his hand as the Plasmid began to wear off. I spoon fed the boy as if he were a child. He seemed exceptionally embarrassed.

But after lunch, we resumed the testing. The Plasmid wore off and I injected the subject with another serum. The subject finally was able to snap his fingers. An explosion of fire shot across the room, igniting my precious books. I was able to extinguish them in time before any major damage could be done. But I was amazed! Atlas was able to control the Incineration Plasmid! I nearly cried from joy as I giggled like a child on Christmas. I can infer that different motions of the hand, translate different directions for the Plasmid. The testing shall resume tomorrow, and we will explore different attacks and technique with the Incinerate Plasmid.

Atlas' Journal #3:

December 1.
Today was the most embarrassing days of my life, but it was the most successful day of testing. The first day out of the hospital and I was back in testing. I was so nervous that I kept flinching. Even Doctor Strauss could tell I was scared out of my pants. I was glad, though, that Doctor Strauss didn't throw me into the deep end. He had learnt his lesson, and I had learnt mine. I didn't blame the doctor... He really meant the best... I couldn't blame him. I started to cry too. As soon as I saw that needle in Strauss' hand I couldn't control myself. I thought Strauss would laugh at me, and patronize me. But instead the doctor pulled out a cloth from his pocket and cleaned my face. I was so embarrassed, but for some reason I knew it was going to be okay because Doctor Strauss told me.

Geeze, even that sounds embarrassing. I hope nobody else ever reads this. What made things worse was lunch. I could barely move my hand after the Plasmid began to wear off, and Doctor Strauss fed me instead. But he wasn't mean about it. He was understanding, and didn't care how embarrassing it was because it was just the two of us. I was even further embarrassed when I couldn't snap. I felt like a child as Doctor Strauss trained me how to snap my fingers.

And by the end of the day, I was able to summon fire from my fingertips. The experience was exhilarating.

Strauss' Personal Progress Report #4:

 December 5.
The subject and I have continued the testing faze of the Incinerate Plasamid. So far, it is apparent that there are no side effect. Furthermore, every day Atlas Flynn seems more and more eager to begin the tests. He and I have developed many new techniques and attacks for the Incinerate Plasmid. Different hand signals and movements do in fact affect the type of attack. By snapping his fingers, the subject is able summon shots of fire, the intensity varying on how long Atlas has been exposed to the serum. The earlier in the cycle, the more intense the reaction is. If the subject extends his hand out, as he says, 'like Spider-Man... minus the devil horns', he is able to unleash a massive explosion of fire. Tornadoes and infernos alike.

The subject has also undergone a social change. I find that the young boy has grown accustomed to my company. I find myself treating him to lunch, and sustaining meaningful conversations with him. Specifically today, Atlas asked me to provide him with "girl advice". I nearly died of laughter. I am the last person to talk to about girl advice. I am nearly 40 years old and I have been single for just about 5 years. My work always gets in the way of personal relationships. Even worse than that is when my work becomes my relationships.

Atlas and I have been spending longer hours at the lab. He seems extremely eager to continue the research, and spend time with me. Today, the boy came nearly an hour early to the lab. With time to spare, I offered that we walk about the research wing for a few minutes until we would officially start the testing. Atlas seemed grateful to spend social time with myself, and so  i lead the boy around the facility. They boy seemed to be very quiet at first, but really it was my fault. I am the oldest of the two of us, and I should have initiated some conversation. Atlas seemed interested in Knoxreich architecture, and I decided that we would have time to discuss some of the specifics. Yet, to my dismay I knew too much about the subject at hand and we arrived back at the laboratory around two hours late.

Atlas' Journal #4:

December 5.
Doctor Strauss is incredibly kind.  I think that we've become almost... friends? It's strange because he's so much older than me, and sometimes I feel that he laughs at my stupidity. He seems like one of those guys that are too smart for their own good, and they don't realize that normal people don't have an IQ of 140. But Doctor Strauss isn't like that. I think he enjoys teaching others, well at least me about science way beyond what I could fully comprehend.

Sometimes I feel like Strauss doesn't really have much of a life outside the lab. He does tell me about a wife, or kids, or even a girlfriend. He is a bit gangly and too smart for his own good, but even I can see that he isn't bad looking. He's also got a nice personality. Isn't that was women are looking for these days?

I haven't seen Hannah for a while. Sometimes I feel like we're drifting apart. It's probably because I've been staying late at the lab with Doctor Strauss, trying out new formulas for the Plasmids. Strauss seems obsessed with finding the perfect formula. Today, I asked Doctor Strauss what I could do to bring us closer and he laughed at me. At first I thought he was being rude, but he told me that he was "not the right person to talk to".

It's so weird... But, when I'm around Doctor Strauss time seems to fly by so quickly. It feels like it's only been a few hours, but the day is up. I want to continue with the experiments. I don't know if it's because I want to play around with the Plasmids, or get to know the doctor better. It's probably a combination of the two. Ugg... It's not right! I shouldn't be 'hanging out' with somebody as old as Doctor Strauss...

Strauss Personal Progress Report #5:

December 25. Christmas Day.
Testing should have been postponed yesterday and today. Atlas agreed, but almost solemnly. I spent the majority of Christmas Eve working on our next Plasmid, Electro Bolt. I chose this one next because It was similar to the Incinerate Plasmid, and the testing faze would be much sorter. By the end of the year we should have mastered two Plasmids. We are making a steady progress, and I an keen to continue research.

But on the night of the 24th I found myself dreadfully lonely. Atlas had been keeping me company over the last couple of weeks, and with out him, Christmas felt like every other one. Lonely and unbearable. I grew tired with my work for the first time. I found myself tracing the path that Atlas and I took every morning for the last few weeks, only to find the boy curled into the fetal position off in the corner. My first instinct was to leave the boy, but I couldn't. I knelt next to Atlas and shook his shoulder. The boy looked up at me with red puffy eyes and I asked him what happened. Apparently Hannah had drunk too much eggnog and wound up exploding at Atlas, kicking him out of his life. I barely understood why Atlas Flynn was so upset. I was often called a psychopath... I found myself unable to make meaningful relationships, or feel intense emotion.

But there was one thing I knew I felt. I felt a strange pang of sympathy. It reminded me of our second day of testing and Atlas began to cry. Seeing him do it twice was enough to make me feel something. I sat, legs outstretched next to Atlas and rested my arm across his shoulders.The boy seemed surprised at my sympathy, but he grew accustomed to it quickly and nestled his face into my shoulder. I finally understood why Atlas was so upset.

Atlas' Journal #5:

December 25. Christmas.
I hate Hannah, and that stupid rum she drowned herself in. If there were any bridges in Knoxreich I would throw myself off of them.
That's how I though, until Doctor Strauss found me huddled in a corner crying. He showed a strange unprecedented sympathy towards me, even though I knew he would never fully understand. It's still embarrassing, even though I have become friends with Strauss. I was glad nobody roamed the  research wing on Christmas eve, or else they would have taken things the wrong way.

But what's even more embarrassing was how I felt last night. It was like I wanted Strauss to find me the way I was... almost like I wanted him to comfort me the way he did. Being so close to Strauss... not only was it embarrassing, it was comforting. It felt right.

The Testing Faze - Electro Bolt

Strauss Personal Progress Report #6:

January 2.
The subject and I have made astounding progress over the last week. We have recently completed the testing faze for the ‘Electro Bolt’ Plasmid. Mind you, I was not the one to name the serums. It was some creative mind, Laura… something, that came up with the names. If all goes well, the mayor of Knoxreich hopes to sell the Plasmids as a ‘personal defence’ weapon. I intend to stop that before it happens, as such actions would throw this underwater city into extreme chaos.

The subject responded exceptionally well to the introduction of the new Plasmid. Control was easy, although it was difficult to contain the electricity. The Electro Bolt Plasmid is dreadfully boring. The user is only able to shoot lightning where he wishes it. The degree of damage is dependent on the user’s resourcefulness and ability to comprehend the movement of electricity. That is why for the last four days I have been teaching Atlas rudimentary physics. I find myself dulled by such simple concepts, but when Atlas hears me speak his face lights up with interest and those eyes stare at me with an intense urge for knowledge. I find it rather curious.

Atlas has become a lot… happier. It seems that he has quickly gotten over the events on Christmas Eve, but I still worry for the boy. He spends most of his time with me in the laboratory. Even though he is not required for testing, he carefully watches me with those green eyes attempting to make sense of my massively intelligent notes, trying to decipher parts, which include his name.

But I am concerned. A boy his age should not be spending his days with a 37-year-old scientist. He is not prohibited from contact with his friends over the course of the testing, but it is apparent that he wishes to spend more time with myself. What is also particularly interesting is his eagerness to use the Plasmid. The boy is taking almost 3 injections during the course of one day, as we have now been working later than usual. Yet I see no other signs of addiction and I believe that he may continue safely.

Atlas and I seemed to have created a tradition. Every morning the boy arrives an hour earlier than scheduled, and we spend the first hour of our day together on walks. There is not much for us to talk about, but just having the boy with me brightens my day more than I could ever imagine.


Atlas’ Journal #6:

January 2.
We’ve been working on the Electro Bolt over the last week... but I’m so distracted. I can’t concentrate when I’m around Doctor Strauss. It’s not like I don’t care about what he’s talking about, in fact I’m fascinated. But I look into his eyes and…

–rest of page ripped out-- 

The Testing Faze - Insect Swarm

Strauss Personal Progress Report #7:

January 13.
I fear for the subject's safety. This particular Plasmid has proven to be massively difficult for the subject to control. I am currently working to create a serum that allows Atlas to control the dangerous insects that he can summon. In our first test the boy was attacked by our own creations. I was lucky enough to find an incomplete counter serum, which worked surprisingly well for it's first time in use. Atlas received only a few minor stings, which will heal in a few weeks. But what I most worry about it Atlas' sanity.

I have reason to believe that the boy may be facing severe mental trauma from the continuous tests that I put him through. I see more and more signs of addiction as the days pass on. Atlas tends to become violent when I tell him testing is over, or the serum has not been perfected. I never knew a boy so small could yell so loud, that is until he cursed the heavens and threw a table my way, that was with the help of the Telekinesis Plasmid after he raided the cabinets in search of something else to keep his power hungry anger at bay. At least now we know that the Telekinesis Plasmid works perfectly.

Atlas' Journal #7:

January 13.
Strauss told me it was nothing to worry about. He said that the voices I heard were nothing more than my imagination, a simple and temporary reaction to the new Plasmid. But I know that he's lying to me. I can see how worried he gets, and it hurts. It makes me sick when I throw a tantrum and I can see that fear in his eyes. I know I should stop... but I can't. I need the Plasmids. I'm completely useless with out them. I can be more than just a kid. I can have power beyond belief.


 Atlas has average human intelligence, yet he is very street smart. Atlas is fast and agile, not to mention his good looks. He is merciless, and shows it through his destructive nature and determination. Atlas is trained with guns, hand to hand combat and knives very well, but he is not quite an expert.


 In the secluded city, Knoxreich, Plasmid were invented in order to arm the police. Knoxreich was unable to access the resources necessary to sustain weapons and ammunition. Instead they created a serum that granted users the ability to unleash incredible powers. By injecting these serums, they cause an extreme addiction causing erratic behaviour. Atlas stole the recipe for the serum and is able to make his own. The Plasmids partially edit Atlas' genes and grants him supernatural powers.

Incinerate: One form of Plasmids is Incineration. By injecting the Incineration Plasmid, with the snap of his fingers or the wave of his hand, Atlas can summon a blast of extreme fire. Depending on how much of the Plasmid he injects, affects how strong the fire is, or how much. This Plasmid is the easiest to make and easiest to come by, which is why it is the most commonly used Plasmid by Atlas. Incineration is also the easiest to control and the least addictive.

Insect Swarm:
This Plasmid is one of the hardest for Atlas to control. This Plasmid is highly addictive, and overdoses are very easy. It turns his hand into a hive which festers deadly insects. At will, Atlas can summon these insects to attack his enemies. The bugs will attack everyone, other than Atlas, even if Atlas does not will it. Insect Swarm Plasmid is extremely easy to create, and is one of the more common used by Atlas. Like every other Plasmid, the size of the dosage affects the intensity of the Plasmid.

Other Plasmids include (in order of usage due to accessibility, addiction level) Electro Bolt (Lightning Control), Winter Blast (Freezing), Hackers Delight (Computer Hacking/Electronics control) and Telekinesis.

Toxic Blood: After prolonged use of the Plasmid serum, the DNA in Atlas' blood slowly mutated. His blood is now highly dangerous. If he is cut, and the blood reaches the floor, it will disintegrate and eat through the wall. His blood can burn through any Earth substance, including human skin and internal organs. Atlas is not directly harmed by his own blood, and his skin is not burnt by it. Furthermore, it is not just his blood that is toxic. His saliva, tears, and sweat are also toxic and will eat through any substance, but not to the same extent as his blood. As his bodily fluids eat through a certain substance it will eventually stop and wear out. The time it takes for this to happen depends on Atlas' use of the plasmids, the substance is blood is eating through, and the quantity of his blood and the substance.

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