First Battle

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"Argh..." Starscream sighed to himself. "Dracomon, if you want to get stronger, you need to pratice using those risky skills."

"But remember?" Dracomon replied.

"Yes, I remember that first try with Freeze Shock." Starscream replied. "But you said the same for Spacial Rend and Giga Crusher, but you can use those easily now." the dragon paused for a second. "I think I heard something."

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@TheBlackDragonz: Dracula never liked unknown quantities and yet the massive power being released here was certainly an unknown. He knew very little about the abilities of the being that had created such shock waves and more importantly he knew nothing of its character. The servant who reported the power surge ran to meet his master. "Report."

"Yes Master," the Romani servant said, kneeling before the count, "From what I can tell this surge of power is elemental in nature, I couldn't get closer since much of it is fire based."

"I see, excellent report. I shall deal with this my self, stay a safe distance away and record what happens." Dracula ordered, walking towards the site of the surge.

"You're dealing with this personally?"

"This is my domain, how else should I deal with this?" Dracula asked. "By sitting on my throne and sending servants to their deaths?"

"I meant nothing of the sort."

"Very good, now stay out of the way." Dracula continued walking, leaving his servant speechless behind him. The being had chosen an isolated lowland area to release its power, the count surmised that it was for training purpose. It was a new moon but even in the near total darkness Dracula saw the being or in this case beings clearly. Dragons, that was immensely surprising since Dracula himself had been present when the last on had been slain.

Now how best to approach the situation? Diplomacy was one of his talents but not one he care to indulge in. Sword fighting was also a possibility but he decided against it, he did not want to engage at close range until he knew what he was dealing with. He needed to prod the dragon, get a rise out of him while still maintaining a safe distance. The answer was simple. He quietly drew a sigil upon the dirt, a small portal appeared and out of it rose his weapon. Ever since he had entered the modern world he had been meaning to test it.

The dragon was in his sights, he pulled the trigger. The RPG-32 fired, propelling a rocket directly at the dragons.

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Starscream saw the rocket coming and jumped aside. Dracomon flew up into the air and transformed into AeroVeedramon and used his 'V-wing blade' attack and sent supersonic blades of wind in retaliation to the rocket. Starscream was impressed, realizing that Dracomon was acting on instinct, allowing him to better control his abilities. Starscream landed on his feet as his fists ignited into flames, and launched a searing blast of fire at the figure from where the rocket came.

Dracomon continued to fire blade after blade of wind, until landing on the ground to see how the attack goes through.

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The rocket had done its job, it prodded the dragons into acting. Interestingly the less humanoid one transformed into an entirely different, much larger, dragon. The flying dragon sent some sort of air attack at him, he waited until the last possible moment before dodging. The dust cloud cleared and Dracula stood his sword drawn and his cape billowing dramatically. Ever the theatrical one he continues to do this, waiting until the last possible moment to dodge both of their attacks. Beings with long range, high frequency, high power attacks were difficult to deal with alone, however two of them working together actually made things easier. He just had to position himself correctly. He started running in a spiral, deftly avoiding attacks and getting closer to the humanoid on the ground. He jumped, making a large slash with his sword. It was a very easy move to dodge but it had served its purpose. Now he was very close to the one that had shot fire, too close for the flying dragon to fire another air blast. "Hello," the count said with a calculated smirk, "Just who are you and why are you here?"

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Starscream made sure to keep his eyes locked on the man in front of him. "I was about to ask you the same thing." After that, he jumped backwards and launched multiple metal homing projectiles at the mysterious person as he flew skyward. Dracomon took advantage of this, transformed into Kyurem and used Glaciate, making most of the air in the area just a few degrees above absolute zero. Starscream worked with this, increasing his body temperture to keep himself from freezing. Starscream then turned and flew next to Dracomon (Kyurem). "We want to know why you attacked us. We meant you no harm. But as since you did to us..." Dracomon spoke telepathically, and used that form's own transforming ability to Black Kyurem. A chilling breeze emitted from the mighty dragon's jaws. "We do back to you..."

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"Hello," the count said with a calculated smirk, "Just who are you and why are you here?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing." The dragon replied, launching projectiles at the count.

The count stood his ground and use his sword to deflect each one. The each dug into the ground at exactly the same angle at what would be the corners of a perfect pentagon. The count decided that this stunt was too theatrical even for him. "Oh yes pardon my manners, I am Count Dracula." The count said in an accent that was not exactly British, aristocratic was the correct word.

What he thought of as the flying dragon, thought that designation now applied to both of them, transformed again. This time the attack was ice based, though it was colder than any sort of naturally forming ice. The air itself froze, everything living in the ground died. Dead things stayed dead, the ice cracked and shattered. Dracula stood tall, bits of his flesh and clothing had actually frozen off. It was quickly regenerating,

"We want to know why you attacked us. We meant you no harm. But as since you did to us..." The sound seemed to come from everywhere, typical telepathy. "We do back to you..."

"Oh excellent it seems that you are intelligent as well." He was fully regenerated, he was no longer smirking. "To put it very simply I'm the owner of this land and as the owner I have a right to protect it against miscreants like you." Inwardly he was doing a quick character analysis. They both had a rather simple world view, if they were hurt they had a right to fight back. It must have made things simpler not having to worry about the alliances and politics that the count had submerged himself in. They were also very close companions, their relationship bordering on symbiotic. That was something the count could manipulate rather easily.

He had done his mission, he had seen the extent of their powers and understood their characters to the best of his ability, however he doubted the two of them would leave peacefully and even if they would have the count would have never permitted it. They had begun the battle, now they had to see it to the end. The telepathic dragon (for now a more unique designation) was the larger problem, he needed to neutralize it or at least force it to use a less widely ranged attack. He decided that the dragon needed to be grounded. He moved very quickly, first getting behind the dragons on then jumping up to their altitude. "Incidentally I never did get you names." He said before punching the telepathic dragon in the snout. He seemed to punch once but the sound of three impacts seemed to say otherwise.

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As soon as the first blow struck Dracomon (Black Kyurem), the dragon loosed a powerful electric charge known as Freeze Shock. Fortunately, this time it went without a hitch. Dracomon (Black Kyurem) then nodded as he realized that this 'count' was too powerful even for his Kyurem forms, able to resist Absolute Zero. Changing form again, Dracomon changed into the powerful Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, whom even dwarfed a football field in size, and about as tall as a stadium. Dracomon (DM) then emitted an earthshaking roar and flew at realtivisticly hypersonic speeds into space, then plummeted down to the ground even faster as he curled his claw into a fist and charged up the antimatter cannon on his back. Starscream saw the twinkle in the sky from the incoming attack and also used an electrical attack to stun the Count, in an attempt to leave him vulnerable to the other massive dragon's incoming Eternal Zeal attack.

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Perhaps a hotblooded punch to the snout was not the best idea, Dracula thought as his paralyzed body flew towards the ground. Lacking the ability to theatrically land on his feet the count had to settle for crashing unceremoniously into the ground. He stood up in his own crater, shaking of the paralysis that the electrically charged ice. The dragon had changed again, this time into massive colorful beast that also seemed to be at least partially mechanical. It flew to the sky, even with his excellent eyes the count could barely make out what it was doing, it seemed to be gathering energy of some sort. And it was becoming bigger, no it was getting closer.

He knew how attacks like this worked, there was always a massive release of some distructive energy, most probably fire. He was a little flattered that the dragon felt he was worthy of such an option but it was inconvenient; total annihilation was painful and took a long time to recover from, even for a vampire of his age and strength. He threw his sword at the smaller dragon's electric attack. "Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you." The electricity arced around the sword and flew in bright sparks towards the next most conductive thing, the metal projectiles the dragon had shot earlier. This fantastic arcing light show provided enough cover for his next move.

The attack landed creating a maelstrom of white fire, everything in the blast was completely annihilated, a large perfectly spherical crater scarred the land. Dracula was a in the air as a very singed bat. This escalated rather quickly, Dracula thought, I did not realize that I was fighting a contender for strongest being currently alive. I miscalculated. No one ever noticed a small black bat in the middle of a dark night, that was something Dracula had always used to his advantage. He was above the massive beast, he needed to ground it. He transformed and landed on its metallic back. All flying dragons had the same weakness, he slashed at its wings.

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Dracomon realized the Count's plan and quickly changed forms back to normal Dracomon again, but this time properly evolved to Slayerdramon. Not much larger than 9'4", Slayerdramon was much more agile, but just as powerful as Imperialdramon. Slayerdramon's greatsword ignitied in a holy flame, as he and Starscream pulled off a combo that could even stop Regeneration.  Slayerdramon flew towards Count with a smile of a well-calculating mastermind as Starscream followed behind ready to shoot a burst of fire. "Count, you know how Hercules defeated the Hydra, right?" Slayerdramon spoke with a soft accent. "Turns out it works on all regeneration..."
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"This I like," the Count said to the retransformed dragon, parrying a slash from the massive greatsword. "Its a strange fact about fighting at our level, the sword is stronger than the nuke. Its good for you to learn." He felt the heat of the holy flame, it would certainly be a painful injury though he would regenerate, eventually. Still he had only been revived a few months ago and was not in the mood to go through another long regeneration. The combination between the two dragons was simple but elegant, a short range attack with a flaming sword and a long range burst of flame.

The count responded in kind, drawing his second weapon, a large black pistol loaded with explosive ammunition. The gun would have blown of the arm of any normal attempting to fire it. Dracula fired it with one hand at the other dragon. He couldn't actually fly but he kept himself in the air using a mixture of the recoil from his gun and the impacts caused by his sword fight. Then it struck him, here he was fighting two dragons hundreds of feet in the air with a sword and a pistol, he laughed in the joy at the insanity.

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Slayerdramon took note of the powerful blast after it just skinned his shoulder, yet sent him plummeting into he ground all the same. Starscream was even swift enough to avoid the bullrts as he zig and zagged through the sky like a streak of lightning. Slayerdramon got back up, realizing he'd need a much better defense against this threat, but still mantain a satisfying offense. Slayerdramon degenerated to Dracomon, and then digivolved to Magnamon. Starscream was about to fly over to the Royal Knight digimon, but froze after it looked like something unbelievable happened. The very darkness itself was being absorbed into Starscream's body. Magnamon looked on with the intellegence of this form. After it became bright as day, despite being the middle of the night due to the dragon absorbing the darkness, Starscream roared in pain as aburning red light engulfed him. When the light faded, a much more agile dragon remained. As the red light was his body's defenses expelling the darkness, all that space became filled to the brim with Digisoul, an energy very similar to Spirit Energy. Starscream now has completed his second ever Mode Change into Comet Mode!  
Starscream and Magnamon both flew and quickly executed a swift battle combo, Magnamon used Magna Blast to send the Count flying backwards with it's Power of Light energy, and Starscream suddenly appeared behind the Count and kicked upwards, sending him skyward. 
(OOC: I'm not sure if I'm allowed to decide whether my attacks hit or not, so if I'm not, ignore the second paragraph.)
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Even if he was not an unholy creature of the night the count would still have been blinded be the dragon's transformation. Being an unholy creature of the night made the light based attack the dragon followed up with much more painful. Not until he was flying towards the sky after getting kicked upward did his vision clear.

He straightened himself out and stopped his accent, he seemingly stood in the empty air looking down at his opponents. This new transformation had bathed the land in golden light, distorting the landscape around it. Dracula hated that aspect of light, perhaps he was biased but the cover of darkness to him was a much more comforting prospect than the exposure and distortion that came with light.

His cape began billowing even though there was no wind, an aura of dark flames surrounded him. He jumped from his nonexistent perch, flying downward and cutting a dark line in the golden sky. His target was the bright dragon, as he dove towards the dragon he had a strange thought; this move needed a name. He thought of one that he liked: Dark Comet.

(OOC: Sorry for taking so long)

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Magnamon tensed waiting for the impact, then transformed to Zekrom, whom had enough physical, brute force to grab the Count, but not the speed to react in time. Starscream quickly intercepted and braced for impact as he collided with the attack, sending him spiraling into the ground. Zekrom took this moment for a counterattack, grabbing the Count's wrist, throwing over his shoulder and piledrived the Count down toward the ground at a supersonic speed. Zekrom then transformed into Arresterdramon, but was panting heavily. He quickly landed to take a breather while the count was recovering from that toss.

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