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Kar decided to show off what kind of magic he uses. He uses %x Stagmete and moved shared it with Lancer moving him away from Pollux.

Then everyone who is a master arms began to burn. Command seals changed colors. Team Shirou command seals turned REd. Jayden entire arms had a weird marking on it. Then all time stopped. A woman in white appeared in the middle of the battlefield


Ilya spoke first"Mom"

the woman spoke " The Grail has deemed things to be different. Notice how your seals are all of different color now. Anyone who's can be classified as good have a red mark. Anyone who is evil have a black mark. Those with the huge mark like Jayden's are the faction leaders. The evilest among the black have that. There are one leader per faction. Only a leader can kill another leader. Those marks can't be removed by any method. Those on the same faction can't harm each other and any attempt to get around this will result in the deaths of the perpetrator. The leader get's to decide on the wish the Grail Grants. Any attempt to influence his decision will result in the influencer's death. The Ruler is now notified. Now you'll all be sent to you bases. Anyone with red mark will be at the Emiya Estate. Those with black will be at Ryuudou Temple."

Just like that everyone was warped by the Grail.

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@Galenbeta: @ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

(OOC Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You ACTUALLY sent a human to ATTEMPT to outspeed a Berserker with base A+ Agility, currently under Mad Enhancement? Triple Stagmete or no, You just sent Kar to his death.)

Negotiations failed. Lancer's head exploded under Pollux's fist. The punching hand opened, grabbing a fistful of sand, broken skull, and mushed brain, threw it into Kar's eyes, blinding him as the second hand came through Kar's chest.

Realising how bad the situation just became, Castor glared at Pollux and the Servant flew back to his master. "Time to fly." He said, fuelling his Servant with more life force and converting the strength taken from Lancelot to fuel Pollux's strength, taking it up to level A++

Severley wounded, covered in burns, Castor launched his Fist of Retribution Noble Phantasm. At this level of damage, This would grant a near Infinite range to Pollux's punches, without losing any power or speed. His Stone Fists ability grants his fists an additional strength boost, increasing his effective strength by six ranks, As if he were swinging a weapon ranked A+.

At a strength of A++++++++, Each attack was faster than the ability of anyone amongst the opposition to see, much less react to, especially since the impossibility of him being able to punch from that distance.

Yet, the fists might as well have been coming in from close quarters combat, the frequency, accuracy and intensity these knuckles were bombarding the opposition.

The first three punches were to Emiya, Castor having been made aware of the threat he presented already. Then, Rider and Saber. Then the others. Castor cast a Dragonskin spell on Pollux, the last he would be able to cast today, just to protect his Servant from the incoming attacks so he would be able to continue even longer.


In the city, a young girl's phone buzzed. Checking it briefly, she smiled at the text she received, pocketing the device and continuing to chat with her friends.

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(OOC: Idiot if you can read reread my last post when evrything froze and time was revrsed then stoopped. Anyway basically is Pollux from a legend or something because if not then he doesn't become berserker or even back to life. The grail creates epic hereos not people so Pollux is still dead and now arbitering is needed.)

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@SamJaz: :

The voice of the Grail spoke "I am tired of watching and desire an end. The chosen shall fight without my pawns."

Jayden,Cyrus,Thomas,Castor Pollux, and Elisabeth were all teleported to some kind off Grail created dimension

"You fools who dare interfere in my war" the two dead apostles were reduced to ash by the Grail.

Jayden eyed the other masters readying for the battle to begin.

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@Galenbeta: :

Pollux looked back at the pile of ash that was once his master. "Alright, that is just cheating. Thomas, I'm with you."

Armed to the teeth, Thomas stepped forward, alongside the hooded Assassin that reached for his weapon.

The sky turned red, and a dark laughter resounded across the dimension as fire rained down from the sky.

There was someone else here.

Minas stepped in. "RIDER!!" He shouted, and his darkhaired servant rode ahead of The Long Stretch on his horse, and drew his sword.

A massive barrier was raised, protecting Minas, Rider, Thomas, Pollux, Assassin, Castor, and Elisabeth against the fire that came down upon Cyrus, Archer, Jayden and his servant.

Behind Cyrus, far in the distance, the vengeful face of a sixteen year old girl could be seen, accompanied by an old man.

Louise, and her servant, Nick, had entered the battle, ready to conquer.

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then the servants themselves vanished including Pollux.

Now it was just the masters

Jayden simply dodged the incoming barrage then summoned his Blade Luminous Swords showering the enemy is energy swords. Jayden blasted lightning a the sixteen year old girl strong enough to obliterate mountain

five prana units used here

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The flaming rocks from before landed, crushing Jayden with their might as the swords skewered Louise.

Both were down, Jayden concussed into a coma and Louise bleeding out, leaving Thomas, Minas, Elisabeth and Cyrus to fight it out for the Grail.

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Jayden simply dodged the rocks and summoned a massive army of servant class werewolves

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(Godmod unstoppable, this thread had given me headahches so i am closing the book on this oje)

All the other masters become pile of ashes as the grail chooses Jayden as it's victor. He wishes for the wars to end but servants can still be summoned by those possessing command seals. The grail grants the wish and tells him the command seals can no longer force servants to obey thier masters. The grail vanishes and Jayden goes into a dimensional coma.

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Due to the poor sportsmanship and lack of canonical integrity displayed by the thread creator, we the players have taken control of this RP. The user known as Galenbeta shall henceforth not participate in events associated with the Final Grail War RP, due to his actions and unwillingness to participate beyond breaking all rules to ensure victory.

The RP shall continue, from Post 123, (SamJaz), when negotiations had failed and Lancer and Kar was killed. The RP shall continue, assuming that the story had then taken the logical route of all within Rider's reality marble being destroyed and/or otherwise disabled.

As mentioned above, the user known as Galenbeta is not to participate, not to assume he holds any authority, and all rights of ownership to this RP is to be distributed between the users Fehafare and Chronowolf, in planning, judging, and execution. This carries the same weight as a change in leadership within a pirate ship via mutiny, with the previous captain forced to walk the plank and fed to crocodiles. The man with the hat, as it were, is now in charge.

These acts are not to be taken or treated as an insult, or an attempt to disrespect Galenbeta's wishes. These are merely to provide a route for the players SamJaz, Chronowolf, and Fehafare if he so wishes, to continue their entertainment in this thread. However, any further involvement from Galenbeta will be ignored, as it is no longer valid.

We now return to our scheduled Nasuverse based Role Play.


Castor, and Pollux, bloodied and beaten, made their way down the hillside.

It was a long, bloody battle, one they both would have been lucky to escape from.

However, they knew this could not be the case. Pollux's life was fading away, his remaining energy being used to carry the boy they captured to Thomas Bentley as a prisoner.

However, once the immortal pair made it out of the shade, they saw the sunlight and realised that this was the end.

Jayden would be picked up by a passing driver, and taken to a nearby hospital, where he would continue to live on life support in his comatose state.

Thomas, Elizabeth, and the others, had no idea of the events that took place up on that mountain, but Thomas was concerned that his teacher was not answering his phone.

Seeing the sunlight, he feared the worst, but descended downstairs nonetheless before the Chef boxed his ears for letting his bacon go cold.

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@SamJaz: you bastard who gave you such authority i should shoot you a million times you prick go back to yourr own rpg

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As creator i re ove Samjaz from this RPG anything he post here will not be reclognizedv as part of this rpg.

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The Long Stretch, Bentley household

They were talking for the last few hours. They devoleped enough strategies to flood a river, so to speak. And now, Elisabeth, Caster, Thomas and Assassin and Nathan, if you ckoose to count him, were done. As Thomas went downstairs Elisabeth and Caster looked at each other. "Say, Assassin, what made your Master so upset? He barely touched his bacon. Not to mention that he's been looking at that clock every thirty seconds for the last half an hour."

Cyrus and Archer, near Emiya household

They were walking for the last hour. Archer learned everything he needed to know about this town. Fropm what Cyrus told him, Japan changed a lot since his death. Was it for the better? Not really. But he was still in love with this new age. Then they stoped. They both sensed it. A group of Masters and Servants were right behind a wall."Archer..." Cyrus didn't even have to finish his sentence, Archer already ran all the way back to a far enough building in his spirit form. With his level of clarewoyance, Archer could see extremely far and what he saw behind the wal would have knocked all the breath out of a man. ut Archer wan't a man. He was a servant, not that this scene would have shocked him douring mortal life either.

Behind the wall was a lot of blood and a lot of bodies. some were dead, some were faiding out of existance, but there were six that, despite grave injuries, weren't dead, nor where they fading into nothing. Though they were close.

The smartest thing to do right now would be to report to Archer's master and keep walking. Whoever did this might still be around. Or so would be the reasoning of a normal human. Archer was a god in human cloathing. He couldn't see anyone or anything, nor could he feel anyone's presence. That meant that the safest bet would be to save the six dying. If there was a servant that could dish out that much carnage than Cyrus and Archer would need all the help they could get. Not that they would need it, of course, it would just make everything much faster.

Archer went back to his Master and reported to him. The pair entered Emiya household.

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this hrd will b locked in less than 24 hours

any you all shall fear my wrath in your Hellscrapwr

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