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This is the story of the 6th and final grail war over Fuyuki City's Grail. 2 years after the fifth Fuyuki's Grail marked seven. One of those seven being Jayden Velvet. The Grail won't tolerate a third inconclusive war and decided to pull all the stops out. It was bringing back those who participated in the past even the dead, for the fact that there are those who fell in the past who had a better reason for the Grail. Waver Velvet, and Jayden Velvet knows what they must do next. they must keep the Grail out of darkness's clutches.(this uses non canon characters just if your wondering)

To do that he needed a bigger team of those committed to good

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Elisabeth PsionisXCaster, Day 00, 22:34

Elisabeth hung up the phone. She just talked with her brother. She made arrangements for phone tapping, just in case there was a master dumb enough to mention his servants name on the phone. It was time to summon her servant. Elisabeth lived in a medium-sized mansion, and she prepaired one room just for this special occasion. She entered a large room, one that would be considered a spare guest room usually, with a bed in one corner, an expensive looking carpet, a TV and a computer, despite mages not liking technology, a large window on one wall with expensive curtains.

But right now, the room could be considered to be a mess. The bed was poushed all the way into the corner. the TV was unplugged an placed on the bed, along with the table on which it usually stood. The computer was unplugged as well and placed along with the table it is on into the oposite corner. The carpet was rolled up and placed next to one of the walls. Even the curtains were removed. The light in the room was turned of, the only ilumination being moonlight coming from the window. The moonlight fell on a large, red circle in the middle of the room, surrounded by candles. And in the middle of the circle was a small jar, filled with ground and a small plant sticking out. That was to be Elisabeth's catalist.

She approached the circle, standing right on the edge, before starting to chant her variation of the summoning chant.

  • "Hero of the past, heed my call
  • Come into this world and be my sword
  • Stand infront of me and be my shield
  • May your sword be the one to spill my enemies blood
  • May your arrow find it's mark
  • May your spear pearce the heavens
  • May your rage give you strength eternal
  • May your will be shown
  • May your steed ride you to victory
  • May your dagger strike my opponents heart
  • Let thy armor stop heavens wrath
  • I place my life in your hands,
  • Answer me ,
  • And bring me victory!"

As she finished her chant a bright light started emanating from the middle of the circle and her right hand started hurting.


Far beyond the mortal coil, a maiden more beautiful then any that live today, her hair a bright red, felt a strange pull. She lived a good life here, in the Throne of Heroes.But she found this life boring. She hopped for something exciting. And she knew the pull was such a thing. A second later she heard words like the ones she heard in magic rituals so many times. it was the call of Gaia. The voice of a young woman. She instantly knew what was happening. The call of the Holy Grail. Listening to the words she felt strength. She felt might. She felt life. She was coming back.

"Answer me , and bring me victory"

Thunder lashed out and light radiated from the woman. The wold around her was pure white for a second, then shapes started forming. First a young brunnet standing infront of her, covering her eyes. The walls around her, the details such as the window and the stuff pilled into the corners, and candlesaron her that were obviously lit a second before, but no longer.

"I, servant Caster, ask you 'Are you my master?'"

"Yes, I am."

"Very well. I should introduce my self. I am..."

(fade to black)

Cyrus CoxXArcher, Day 00, 23:07

Cyrus pushed against the heavy door as he entered the house.

It was dark and silent. The place he called "home" for some time now was rather huge, but it was not luxurious at all. It was not like he cared anyway, he just came there to sleep or eat on some occasions when he did not feel like going to a restaurant. He turned on the light and and placed a packet on the table in the middle of the room. It was a very important delivery, so important that he went to the post office himself to pick it up. He just left it there in the living room, which was big already by itself, but the lack of any furniture other than the table and a couch made it look even bigger. He went for the kitchen first, it seemes that he did not eat anything that day. He ate in silence, it was one of those frozen meals and he did not seem like he was enjoying it, he ate simply because he thought that it was necessary to at least eat something, now that he skipped all regular meals that day.

Cyrus was eating fast, as if in a hurry. His nervous behavior was indeed justified. It had all to do with the small box, still lying alone on the table. It was a key, a key for the event he was prepering for a long time now.Not only that, but the time and effort he invested into the obtaining of the object that filled the inside of the packet was impressive as well, if he did not have any friends in high places, getting his hands on something like that might have been impossbile. He finished his meal and stood up immediately, not bothering to clean the table or to return anything to it's rightful place.

While his actions and current image would suggest that he was under great pressure or even scared of something, that was not the case.In truth he was excited, something like a little boy who is about to open up a christmas present.

The silence was getting on his nerves by now, so he strated humming. With that he picked up the box and made his way to the basement.The door was hidden by a simple illusion spell, it had would not do any good against magi who activly searched for the entrance, but it was rather a safety messure against curious civilians.He made his way down the stairs. They were well lit and not dark like the rest of the house. The room that awaited him at the end of the stairs was enormus. Unlike the living room it had not the feeling of emptiness, it was full of bookshelves, artifacts, ritual equipment and other objects, of which all could be indentified as items connected to magecraft. It also had some extravagant furniture in it as well as a big chandelier. Unlike the rest of the house it was not for pratcicaly use only, it was also made that one could feel well while being there.

It the middle of the large room was a circle, crimson red in color. It found it's place on that floor more than a week ago. Cyrus had prepared all a long time ago and now the last thing that was needed was in his hands. "Well then..." He put the package on the table and opened it in a single, very gentle and very careful motion, as if he was dealing with a living being. Out of the box came a long object, wrapped in bright blue cloth. As he unwrapped it, it turned out to be a long metal tube, easily as long as Cyrus's arm. One could say that it's laughable to expect that something like that could be used in a ritual, especially in a ritual of these proportions.

He decided not to lose any more time, and placed the favord object in the middle of the circle. He took a deep breath and stpped in front of the circle.Stretching out his arm he started the chant to change his life:

  • "Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg."
  • "The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate."
  • "Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut."
  • "Repeat every five times."
  • "Simply, shatter once filled."
  • "――――I announce."
  • " Your self is under me, my fate is in your sword."
  • "In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer."
  • "Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead."
  • "You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――!"

As he finished, Cyrus felt a stabbing pain in his right hand. The circle eminated with a bright white light, so strong Cyus though that he will lose his eyesight, but it didn't matter, he was filled with joy.

When the room cleared of light and Cyrus was able to recognize the world around him again, an unexpected sight awaited him...


Within the summoning circle an immense amount of mana began to flood the area, and it grew increasingly brighter. This amount of mana was far beyond what any magus would be able to control from the modern era. It was the power of the Grail System which could summon forth this much power. All at once there was a sudden burst of wind, and then the light flashed extremely brightly before disappearing completely. Anyone who stared directly into the light would've probably been unable to see straight for a while. Inside of the circle now stood a man, raven black hair, reaching bellow his shoulders, one golden eye, the other covered with an eyepatch. In his hands were two ancient musket-like rifles.

He seemed to suddenly realise what had happened and where he was. He understood he was summoned for the Holy Grail. And he understood that it has been a long time since his death. "Summoner, I am Archer. That is what you shall call me from this point, but I suppose it is only right for you to know my real name. I am..."

(fade to black, again)

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@Galenbeta: @ChronoWolf: @BoringWetCheeseMan:

It was raining, and two men in hoods were digging a grave.

Well. To call them both men would be slightly unfair. One of them had been dead for centuries, summoned by the other young man a few days prior, with the aid of the object in the Master's pocket.

The master was named Thomas Bentley, and he was not familiar with the world of magic. However, he was aware of the Holy Grail War, and had summoned this Assassin to be his Servant. Their interests coincided, especially in their... extracurricular activities.

Thomas pulled himself out of the pit, Assassin stabbing the sharpened stakes into the ground. The young man approached the car that was providing the light for their midnight excursion, and opened the back of the car.

There was a rolled up carpet inside was moving about. Hefting it over his shoulder, Thomas carried the load over towards the pit and dumped the carpet beside it, rolling out the beaten gangster inside. He was gagged, bound by a metal chain and completely unable to move.

Assassin jumped out of the pit, removing the chain and taking up his left hand. The Gangster began to get to his feet, rubbing his flesh as if burned.

Then he saw the spear pointed at his neck. "Run." Thomas instructed, nodding towards the forest behind the gangster. "We'll give you a ten second head start."

Panicking, the Gangster didn't even check the path ahead, turning and sprinting straight into the pit of spikes.

He was dead immediately.

"Come on." Assassin told his master, passing him a shovel as he himself began to shift dirt back into the grave. "Let's bury him already."

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@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

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@Galenbeta: @ChronoWolf: @BoringWetCheeseMan:

Grave filled, Assassin raised his head. "We've got company." He said, shifting his staff into his right hand as he drew a chain from his left pocket, wrapping it around his wrist as he peered into the moonlight.

Something was approaching, and Thomas cocked his gun. It would be useless against most other Servants, but against another master, he'd only need one good shot.

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@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf:

Saber landed in front of the two men digging the grave and she held her sword firmly though her invisible air was glowing madly with her new poser though it still has it's wispyness. Saber hadn't managed to conceal all that new power. " I am Saber i have come looking for those who will help stop chaos and those who will cause it. If your not onboard don't get in my way.'"

She took her battle stance and Emiya also jumped down displaying one of his new skills.

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@Galenbeta: @ChronoWolf: @BoringWetCheeseMan:

Assassin shifted stance to face the new arrival as Thomas moved into the shadows, hoping to stalk Emiya with his pistol.

Assassin was showing no excess energies, merely glancing up at the sky as teh lights from the car died at his Master's clicking of the keys. "It's a full moon tonight." Assassin commented, seemingly ignoring Saber's threat as his shadow began to lengthen in the moonlight.

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"So you are the wolfman" said Emiya his expression unchanged. Saber shifted her stance to ready for an attack and she blasted the invisible air at the wolfman. Emiya decided to unleash his unlimited Blade Works sealing the wolf off from the moon . "Yeah Archer taught me this and thanks to Jayden i can deploy this whenever i feel like it" Emiya said. Emiya then turned around now that Thomas had no wehre to hide he called his two signature short swords and entered his stance.

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"The moon shows the truth of things." Assassin said, smiling beneath his cloak as it flurried in the blast of wind. "You would have been wise to look to the light, rather than blinking in the dark."

Assassin's left hand lashed out, at a speed that mocked the tick of time, hurling the silver chain out at Saber. It spiralled in the air, ready to bind her and paralyse her where she stood.

Thomas made no such speech, aiming his gun at the centre of Emiya's chest and pulling the trigger three times, sending off three shots right at the opposing master.

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Emiya simply moved out the way of the bullet and now cut off from the moon Saber cut of the chain. " So you're not the wolfman" said Emiya with a sad face he would like to meet the wolfman.

"You see i am basically moving at speeds i am not supposed to right, well lets just say there a are things we can do with the right amount of mana and right amount of training" said Emiya. Saber readied for the next attack.

Emiya stood watching what would happen next

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The chain wrapped around Saber's sword, dragging it into the ground and leeched its power. The blade heated up, cracking and sending scalding heat along the handle of the blade as Assassin began his approach, a blade popping out of the end of his staff.

There was another effect- The silver chain was sapping away at Saber's mana, taking more and more as she continued to hold onto the overheating blade that was beginning to shatter.

Assassin lunged, moving incredibly fast with his spear as he moved to stab in the darkness. Using the distraction, Thomas began to circle Emiya, continuing to open fire with his gun, aim working lower to take out the knees and gut.

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Shirou using Stagmete again jumped and stepped back next he called swords and imprisoned Thomas in them.

Saber realesing her air snapped the chains with her new sword which would appear unrecoverable to anyone except Emiya. "Fear my new Holy Phantasm" yelled Saber as she slashed at Assasin. Saber then jumped back with Shirou who catsed his Blade Works once more this time he added Nine Lives on it.

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@Galenbeta: Assassin dodged the sword blade and flitted towards Thomas, tugging him out of the swords's deathly embrace just in time to prevent him from becoming diced meat.

The chain flew back into Assassin's hand as he tossed the spear to his Master's control and, reaching into his cloak, threw out a cloud of dust that would consume any mana-based creation inside it, drain mana, and burn anything that had used mana during the fight.

In the darkness, shadows lengthened, beginning to fill the battlefield.

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Shirou called back his Blade Works and then said " We didn't come to fight we just wanted to know if you would join us. We seek to stop the destruction this war causes at the same time bring a little happiness to other mages. Tell me do you enjoy spending time with your servant. Would you like to keep after the war is over answer me."

Saber blasted the dust away with wind. Shirou then grabbed Saber then jumped back to the Cemetery Gate.

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A hooded Shadow was waiting for them by the gate.

Two, three, there was at least seven hooded figures, each carrying staves, that surrounded Shirou and Saber, three more around Emiya, and all of them reached out to their targets. They couldn't be destroyed, as they were just shadows.

Shadows that were lengthening in the moonlight.

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"Is that so" said Shirou disappointed. Shirou summoning Gae Dearg the Magic Canceling spear tapped the shadows with the spear knowing that they'd disappear now. Saber grabbed Shirou who then employed Stagmete again jumped off into the distance.

Shirou wondered what had happens to the others he knew that there were still unknowns out there.

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@Galenbeta: The shadows grabbed Shirou's ankle, paralysing him.

The magic was not cancelled. That made no sense. The Shadows dragged Shriou back towards Assassin, who had his blade at the ready, with Shirou helpless to resist.

Assassin's magic was able to resist magic cancellation, and had used it to bind Shirou fast.

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Saber discharged enough light to back up the shadows then carried him off.

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The Shadows remained solid and dark, even in the light. In fact, the brighter it became, the more solid the shadows seemed to become.

"The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes." Thomas taunted, watching the shadows begin to crawl up Shirou and make their way up towards Saber. "That's Excalibur, isn't it?"

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