Fighting Gods Collide: Raseri vs Daizen

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 The glow of the full moon appeared very little through the veil of grey clouds. The city of Tokyo was now a desolate wasteland, the people who once lived in this area, either ran for their lives or weren't fast enough to get away. The roars of a powerful motorcycle echoed off the crushed buildings in the distance. A man was riding through the barren streets, with no helmet to protect his skull. Wearing a pitch black leather bikers jacket with matching boots and pants he came to a stop at a liquor store. Casually parking his bike in front of the store, The Hulking man known as Daizen walked through the stone and steel wall of the store like it was tissue paper. His eyes quickly surveyed the area, and found something that caught his eye four barrels of Apple and Grape flavored Sake.

"Jackpot" Daizen said in his usual gruff manner. Grabbing all four of the Massive barrels with relative ease with four fingers, he carried them towards his Red customized Hayabusa. Sitting on his bike he softly flicked the barrel causing the lid to high into the air. He then began to drink straight from the barrel his Apple flavored Sake. While enjoying the burning sensation his favorite alcoholic beverage gave him he felt the presence of a powerful energy. It was coming towards him. "Well now it looks like things may get a bit interesting after all" Daizen thought to himself in his casual laid back fashion while still enjoying his sweet sake.
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Wandering across the city of Tokyo, Raseri was not in his usual patrolling area, in fact it was not even in the same continent he normally protects. But of course, as the son of the legendary Thunder God Thor, it is undoubtedly Raseri's duty to protect the entire planet that is home to the human race. Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, the Nordic Tiger found the eerie silence in the Japanese city to be quite odd. In fact, it was even odder that the city of Tokyo was now some sort of wasteland, almost completely devoid of life. "Hmm, how strange", thought the valiant demigod as he examined the lifeless city. However, soon the mighty fighter's unique senses detected a powerful presence somewhere in the city. This was no doubt a sign of life, and Raseri was determined to seek it out. Using his unearthly speed, the Son of Thunder dashed over to the powerful presence that he had detected, but this may not be an ally he will encounter. Depending on fate itself, Raseri could do one of three things: Form a deadly rivalry tonight, become sworn enemies with this stranger, or gain an unlikely ally. Only time will tell. 

Landing right in front of a liquor store, Raseri did not care if he would alert anybody of his arrival. His landing caused a mild quake to take place, creating small fissures on the ground. However, before he could step into the store, he heard a massive thunderclap followed by a bright flash of white lightning. Glancing at the sky with his usual cool and composed facial expression, it seemed as though Raseri was either receiving a sign from Thor himself or it was simply nature at work. For now he would consider it to be nature's work instead of his divine father. And in a split second, yet another massive thunderclap roared across the skies as rain began to pour down heavily upon the land. Numerous puddles were created as the rain only grew stronger. "This is going to be a long night", he uttered in calmness. Soon however, his eyes caught sight of the store's broken wall on his far left. Raseri quickly tightened his black leather gloves and adjusted his black leather jacket that he wore over his jet black shirt with the image of a white fist. His black jeans and black shoes being drenched in rain, he had to get inside. 

Unfortunately, soon he saw a tall heavily muscled man step out of the broken wall. This man had a physique strikingly similar to Raseri's, but he was still shorter than him. Raseri watched the man carry four massive barrels over to a motorcycle that he hadn't noticed before, it was quite hidden in the darkness of the night. The stranger sat on the bike and began to guzzle down an alcoholic beverage. This man was obviously stealing from the liquor store, especially because all stores are closed at this hour. "Stealing from an abandoned liquor store isn't exactly classy", Raseri said in his usual cold and composed manner and tone as he followed his words by cracking his knuckles in a menacing manner.
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 The rain started to fall from the night sky, the beautiful glow from the full moon had disappeared. The rain began to fall on Daizen his crimson hair getting soaked, but he did pay no mind to that as he was accustomed to being in rough conditions. A wooded lid fell from the sky, it was the same lid that Daizen had knocked in the air earlier. Casually catching it with his hand he sealed his precious sake from the Rain. Flashes of lightning filled the night sky, followed with roars of powerful thunder. Daizen still felt a presence in the distance and it was coming closer. In mere moment a man of large size was in his eye sight. Daizen still casually sat on his bike, his dark red eyes focused on the stranger who was approaching him.

The man then spoke to Daizen in a cold manner "Stealing from an abandoned liquor store isn't exactly classy" the then started to crack his knuckles in a form of intimidation. To Daizen all he was doing was showing his youth to him. Daizen then slowly rose from his bike while saying to the stranger in a gruff tone, "So who died and make you sake police, there was no one around to put it on my tab. In any case...what are you going to do about it." Another flash of lightning soon covered the skies of Tokyo, followed by a fierce roar of thunder that slightly shook the area. Daizen was unfazed by the sounds of thunder he was only focus on this mysterious man who dares tells him what is proper.
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Raseri fearlessly watched the large stranger rise from the motorcycle as he replied to the Nordic Tiger's previous words, "So who died and make you sake police, there was no one around to put it on my tab. In any case...what are you going to do about it", indeed this was a clear threat. The ferocious fighter boldly replied to the stranger's question referring to who made him sake police, "Odin", Raseri said without a single visible sign of hesitation. With his deep and cool voice, Raseri spoke with his characteristic calmness and stoic facial expression, "There doesn't need to be anyone in the liquor store. An old man like yourself should have known to steal. But that doesn't matter now", he said. Suddenly, in a split second, Raseri's eyes were altered as a massive thunderclap shook the entire city. His eyes now had the flame of battle burning within them. 

The Son of Asgard continued to speak, "But as to what I'm going to do about it", he said, focusing his dead-serious stare on his soon to be opponent, Raseri took a fighting stance that is unique to his created fighting style. Soon, in a matter of seconds, the heavily-muscled demigod performed the bring it on hand gesture as the rain poured down on the two menacing men. "This city is lifeless. I will not have any problems unleashing my full wrath and power", the unparalleled hand to hand combatant thought to himself as he waited and gave the mysterious stranger the opportunity to attack first. 
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 Through the torrential downpour of the rain, flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder continued. However the two fierce men in the middle of the storm held their ground. The man who was several feet away from the mighty Daizen answered his question in a cold tone. "Odin" just one word, Daizen didn't flinch, but he wonder if this kid was on some kind of strange acid. He continued to speak to Daizen, his face expressionless. "There doesn't need to be anyone in the liquor store. An old man like yourself should have known to steal. But that doesn't matter now" Daizen spit on the ground in his usual gruff manner he simply answered, "You're right, that doesnt matter now, but I dont like people especially kids tellin me what to do."

Another large thunderclap shook the city, and the mysterious man had a flame in his eyes, he was ready for combat. "But as to what I'm going to do about it" he said to Daizen as he took a stance that was unfamiliar to Daizen and brazenly waving his hand towards the grandmaster to make the first move. "So....that is what you want... Daizen replied in his low gruff voice with a sinister grin on his face, ...all you had to do was ask". Daizen slowly took off his drenched leather biker jacket, revealing his other worldly muscular physique. Wearing a dark red muscle shirt veins building from his massive muscles  even his knuckles. Daizen also had around his neck a worn silver necklace with a Yin-Yang pendent the size of a half dollar coin. Daizen gently clutched the pendent in his large fist and looked up into the sky. "Alright Nonoko its time I put on another show for you" Daizen thought to himself as he let go of the pendent. It was a pre-match ritual Daizen has been doing for over fifty years.

A silver flame soon covered Daizen's entire muscular body, his eyes once again focused on the man in his path. He quickly cleared his mind of every distraction the environment could cause in this battle. The deadly master quickly thought of a strategy "He is using a style that is unfamiliar to me, he must have created it himself. That is impressive, but we shall see if its got any bite. I'll  use one of many styles I have created for such an occasion". Daizen then slid his left foot across the soaked ground with his right foot a foot or so behind to give himself proper balance. His left hand opened his fingers like that of a tiger's claw, and elevated near his forehead. Daizen had his right hand the same way but it was his hip and his wrist was pointing upward. The Grandmaster was now ready, and with a sudden flash of Lightning he struck.

At blinding speeds he rushed slicing the ground to pieces underneath him. He was quickly got into range of his heavily muscled opponent. With high-speed precision and left foot planted into the ground Daizen preformed a ferocious downward slash with his left hand claw aimed at his opponents chest, however the slash was designed for not only cutting, but for heavy bruising as well. Daizen didn't not want to kill the boy, and held back a bit on the blow, but Daizen wasn't done with his quick combination. Daizen then used the spear of his elbow and aimed it right between the mans eyes. Following the elbow Daizen then quickly aimed a horizontal slash at the mans face, with the same amount of force and purpose as the last one. Then Daizen hopped off his planted left foot and forming a fist with his right hand he launched a devastating uppercut targeting the mans chin. The fist slicing through the rain drops like a hot knife through butter, sounding like a missile flying through the skies. While Daizen as slightly in the air he then performed a dual synchronized attack, he quickly threw down the spear of his right elbow targeting the top of the man's head, while aiming a powerful lifting right knee at his chin. Like effortless clock work Daizen landed on his feet, his stance now fully reversed from what it was previously leading with his right leg now. A change from offensive onslaught to counter-attacking defense in one shift flawless motion. Just one on many small samples of Daizen is known as the Master of Masters.
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"So....that is what you want..", the mysterious stranger replied in a low gruff voice, a rather sadistic grin grew on his face as he continued, "...all you had to do was ask", said the stranger as he removed his drenched leather biker jacket. As soon as he had removed his jacket, the menacing stranger revealed an unearthly muscular physique, strikingly similar to mighty Raseri's own physique. The man was wearing a dark red muscle shirt as his veins built from his colossal muscles, even his knuckles which was quite inhuman. Taking less focus on his opponent's appearance, the Nordic Tiger focused more on his formidable opponent's stance and style. It was one that he had never seen, so apparently both fighters were using their own unique styles. "Let us see which style is better", thought ferocious Raseri as he was ready for perhaps his greatest battle against most likely his only rival in the art of hand to hand combat. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the heavily-muscled stranger dashed over to Raseri at unimaginable speeds as he went for an incredibly fast downward slash with his left hand claw aiming at Raseri's chest. The strike was successful, and Raseri noticed how it not only cut him but somehow managed to bruise him as well. However, the Son of Asgard could sense that his opponent was holding back, which was a drastic mistake against one as skilled and deadly as mighty Raseri. 

However, his opponent's onslaught was not over. The stranger proceeded to use the spear of his elbow aiming to strike Raseri right between his eyes. The powerful demigod quickly used his unbelievable speed to parry the elbow as the stranger quickly followed with yet another elbow aiming to strike Raseri with a horizontal slash to his face, this attack was just as powerful as the last one. Barely dodging the slash, Raseri sustained a minor cut on his face as he proceeded to dodge his opponent's following uppercut with unmistakable speed. Ultimately to not waste too much energy dodging, the ruthless Nordic Tiger blocked a few of the last remaining attacks and wasting absolutely no time, The King suddenly, appeared behind Daizen. The Son of Thunder was rather quick to attack. Quickly aiming for a palm strike on the old man's back, Raseri's strike was no ordinary one. He was using his own unique fighting style called "The Nor Way". The deadly palm strike would temporarily disable his powerful opponent's legs, rendering them useless in battle. But of course, the dangerous demigod's assault was far from over. Raseri followed up with a beautiful butterfly kick aiming at the right side of the stranger's head, but this was of course no ordinary kick. The kick was aiming at a specific pressure point on the man's head, if the kick is successful, it will press the pressure point and contract the man's muscles into crushing his spine. The butterfly kick was followed by a two needle-like strikes aimed at his large opponent's arms, if they connect, then they will strike pressure points on the man's arms, causing all of the blood vessels on the man's arms to violently burst open.

With a few attacks remaining, Raseri's vicious attacks took no prisoners. His followed the needle-like strikes with a side jab aiming on his gruff opponent's chest. There was a special pressure point on everyone's chest that if struck will cause their nervous system to become extremely hypersensitive and even the slightest touch such as a leaf landing or rain drops will cause unbearable and torturous pain. The final two attacks required an alteration in his fighting style. Shifting to a notably different but still unique and unknown style, his "Kinetiske Stil" fighting style, Raseri performed a jump spin hook kick and a roundhouse kick in mid air, launching two enormous waves of raw kinetic energy that would completely vaporize his opponent's skin. Leaping a few meters away from his opponent, Raseri wanted to see the results of his attacks. "Holding back, thats not good. But he's strong. I can sense it", Raseri thought as he maintained a defensive stance.
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 Daizen dashed at blinding speeds through the falling rain drops and started his assault against his large adversary. His downward claw strike did land and Daizen was able to draw first blood. The Grand Master held back on the blow, he did not want to kill the boy, but to send a message. The large man was fast able to quickly dodge the the final few blows. Using his great speed the stranger vanished and appeared behind Daizen. A normal man would be at his mercy, but not the Grand Master. When Daizen switched his stance we went from offense to defense,  with lightning like reflexes and deadly combat instinct.

The stranger used a palm strike aimed Daizen's back, the attack was fast, but it was a speed Daizen can easily match. With a quick sidestep to the the left Daizen was able to dodge the blow, only a small portion of his shirt was torn. With a quick spin Daizen was once again face to face with his opponent, and not a moment to soon as he launched a elegant butterfly kick at Daizen's head. Daizen with his elevated right hand, extended his wrist steel like wrist he parried the strangers kick at a split second aiming towards his ankle to nullify the blow. He then followed the blow with a needle like strike towards Daizen's arms.

Daizen could tell by the way it cut through the falling raindrops that there was more to the attack. The Grand Master was ready however, quickly extending both of his upper wrists into his opponents lower wrist Daizen was able to shorten the reach of  the blows, in a faction of a second to avoid them from connecting. The muscle bound opponent still was not finished, unleashing another powerful attack with his fingers aimed for Daizen's chest. Once again the rain showed Daizen that its was no ordinary attack,but Daizen's body was exposed. Not knowing for certainty what this attack would do he quickly crossed his extended arms covering his chest bracing for impact. The blow hit Daizen's  heavily muscled forearm with incredible force, his boots sliding a short distance on wet ground of Tokyo.

A light smoke emitted from Daizen's arms, light bruising could be see on his arms, but other wise he felt normal.However Daizen's didn't have to celebrate that close call, as the muscle bound warrior was in the air attacking with two energy waves from his kicks. Daizen had a smirk on his face, he had all that he needed now. During his time in the defensive stance he was secretly stealing  of inertia energy from his opponent in small bits. Thats is why Daizen decide to use his precise parrying techniques rather than waste energy dodging. While the powerful energy waves from his opponent were coming ever closer Daizen clutched his right fist tightly, an ice blue enveloped his. As soon as the waves were in range he punched at them. with his flaming blue fist.

It caused a mass explosion , the ground shook violently causing several near by building to collapse from the shear shock wave. The mushroom cloud was thick, but from the shear smoke Daizen rushed forth form it. With slight burns Daizen rushed his adversary, not allowing him to much time to recover. Running towards him at faster than light speed, in a matter of moments Daizen was merely inches away from his muscle bound opponent. There were some severe burns on his shoulders, with a smirk on his face Daizen whispered ".....Boo." In a instant Daizen started to glow in a blue flame, and then suddenly exploded with enough force to destroy Tokyo. However the energy was heavily concentrated into one spot that would leave a massive crater. Is the Grand Master truly finished?  
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The fighting genius Raseri was quick to notice how his massive opponent had switched from an offensive position to a defensive one. "Quick thinker. That'll save you from death for a while", Raseri thought as his unknown opponent managed to dodge his deadly palm strike with a lightning-fast sidestep. "Not bad", he thought. Any other fighter would have been dismantled by the ferocious Nordic Tiger's internal strikes. However, the stranger's shirt was partially torn by Raseri's palm strike. Soon Raseri's mysterious opponent made a quick spin to once again stand face to face with the Son of Thunder. Unfortunately, the stranger also managed parry Raseri's powerful but swift butterfly kick. Raseri's needle-like strikes were also stopped as the stranger managed to shorten the reach of his deadly strikes by extending both of his upper wrists into Raseri's lower wrists. But this of course was not everything. The unparalleled fighter's final attack, one aimed at striking his opponent on the chest was fortunately blocked by his opponent's arm that covered his previously exposed chest. 

Soon a light smoke began to radiate from Raseri's highly muscular opponent. Seeing the light bruising on his arms wasn't satisfying. But there was hardly any time to think about it. Suddenly, Raseri noticed a smirk on his opponent's face. "Hmm? Getting confident huh? Because you managed to escape child's play?", Raseri thought as the dangerous kinetic energy waves from his last two kicks sped straight towards his unknown opponent. Raseri noticed that his opponent was clutching his right fist rather tightly, and soon a mysterious blue flame enveloped his large fist. And in a mere moment, the powerful stranger punched straight at the kinetic energy waves. The collision generated a bright and powerful explosion that caused the ground to quake violently as several nearby buildings collapsed from the raw physical force of the shock-wave. A mushroom cloud was formed from the explosion, and from the smoke and dust in the air emerged Raseri's opponent, dashing over to him. The Nordic Tiger spotted some burns on his opponent's body. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Mr. Muscles noticed how fast his opponent was moving. Faster than the speed of light actually. Raseri was not going to be able to dodge or evade this. He would have to block it, but his body is incapable of moving at speeds that exceed light. 

There was an obvious smirk on the stranger's face as he whispered, "......Boo", and in a split second the mysterious man began to glow a strange blue flame, and in a matter of seconds exploded, an explosion powerful enough to decimate the city of Tokyo. But fortunately, the energy of the attack was concentrated into the spot of the fighters and it would only leave a mere crater instead of laying waste to the entire city. Because he was not capable of dodging this attack, Raseri instead used his control over kinetic energy to erect an oddly shaped barrier in front of him that would allow him to protect himself from the attack and allow him to leap over behind his dangerous opponent. Once the explosion had taken place, Raseri put his plan to motion and managed to escape the attack as he suddenly appeared behind his opponent shirtless with light burn marks as the explosion managed to at least penetrate some of Raseri's barrier to burn his jacket, shirt, and gloves off. "You're strong", Raseri complimented his opponent as he went for low, middle and high reverse roundhouse kicks all performed in succession. But his stance was strangely different from before.

Raseri had blended The Nor Way and Kinetiske Stil into one complete style. The roundhouse kicks were uniquely designed to cause both internal and external damage. Gathering kinetic energy along the way, the kicks were each strong enough to split entire mountains in half with a single strike. But they were also aiming for specific vital points in the opponent's body. The low roundhouse aimed at a vital/pressure point in his opponent's ankle, if struck it will temporarily freeze his opponent's body. The middle roundhouse kick aimed at a vital point on the side of his opponent's torso, if this pressure point is struck it will temporarily cause his opponent's face to painfully cave in. And finally, the high roundhouse kick which aimed at the side of his opponent's head aimed at a pressure point that would cause intense pain whenever his opponent feels confident. Even in the case that his opponent blocks the kicks, he will still have to deal with the massive amount of physical force in them that can easily cut through entire mountains. But the mighty demigod was not finished. Not by a long shot.

Suddenly, in a heartbeat, Raseri's heavily-muscled and monstrously tall body began to radiate a mysterious aura of prominent white sparks of lightning. His eyes grew devoid of pupils and irises as they glowed a white energy. This happened in an absolute instant and without warning, Raseri unleashed a massive barrage of explosive slightly faster than light-speed punches. "Hadadadaadadadadada!", each of these countless punches were capable of breaking through nearly any physical barrier due to the incalculable amount of sheer physical force in each punch. Each punch should be able to leave numerous hollows on his opponent's body or even punch through it. However, the last three punches were not only aimed at delivering massive external damage. The last three punches were aimed at three specific pressure points. The third last punch which aimed at a pressure point on his opponent's shoulder, would cause his opponent's hands to explode. The second last punch which was a jab aimed at a pressure point on his opponent's rectus abdominis muscle that would shatter all of the bones on the right side of his opponent's body. And the final punch aimed at a pressure point on his opponent's forehead would cause his opponent's left leg and left arm to snap in two and cause all of his blood vessels and heart to violently erupt, it wasn't designed to kill him but to put him in a dangerously torturous position. But the Ultimate Fighting God had many more tricks up his sleeve.
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