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 Speed Loader
 Speed Loader

Levin Cantus (von Einzbern)
age : 57 (look 23) 
gender: male
nationality : Japan , illegal immigrant, not officially there
 Elemental Affinity: Metal/steel 
Magic circuit : 12
Magic Crest: 5 grafted on his arm
personality : akward, combat oriented, high spirited when fighting
species: Homunculi 
type of magic: reinforcement  , invocation


during the second war the Einzbern, thought of a way to win the holy grail by using a different approach, rather than making a homunculi with extremely large prana, they instead made a "combat" homunculi 
the difference between these two
Physical capability : a combat homunculi , is stronger compared to normal homunculi, as well more physically capable in combat , it's at least capable of defending against small arm fire (handgun ammo), and well above human peak physical capability, to be noted the original target is at least at the par of a servant, but they were incapable of doing it
Magic: as a trade off, the magical capability is much lower than those of "vessel" series, but enough to be considered average- higher among mages, as to not to arouse suspicion
LifeSpan: as a result of more physically fit body, the combat homunculus have longer lifespan, theorizes to be well beyond human, this is also to make it way more effcient (e.g only making one to be used on 3 wars)
With this as a goal in mind , the Einzbern made one prototype of the "combat" series, dubbed " Jäger " to fight in the fourth holy grail, thus the man known as Levin Cantus von Einzbern was born/made, Levin unknowingly took out the water of the lake as a catalyst and summoned a "caster" class servant, Vivianne lady of the lake, 23 other were made during the war, these have lower capability in total, intended to be foot soldier

he was given three guns as a mystic code/magical device, seeing as how it is the easiest way to kill a normal magi at that time, after a long battle that razed 1/4 of the fuyuki city, a natural cause for that battle due to it's participant, he won the holy grail, and his wish was granted, a wish that is against the will of the Einzbern, in respect of his only friend made during the war, the einzbern proceed to send all 23 combat homunculus to destroy him, in the end only him and two attackers left, combat model 05 and combat model 06, He managed to survive due to unknown cirscumstances, rumour tells of another servant at his beck and call, contract formed at the end of the grail war
He escaped with his servant and later worked as a mercenary/bounty hunter , who specialize in taking down non-human target, and later on was asked by the church to be the observer of the fifth holy grail war, the large payment make him received the job, and combined with expecting to see what did the Einzbern picked for this battle

Ability and Equipment

  • Physically stronger than human even in peak capability, capable of lifting heavy objects(400kg) without straining himself, also leaping to the top of one story building
  • Gunfighting skill, capable of exerting the maximum capability of any firearm he is using, complete with mastery over how to use most of them
  • Hand to Hand Combat he is trained in a style of combat that utllize the surrounding and the weapon he is holding, coupled with his strength this make him into a fighting machine
  • faster than normal human: he is capable of attaining higher speed than an athletic runner of Olympic level, and can cover large distance, his reaction speed, made him able to dodge small amount of bullets (he can't completely dodge machinegun, shotgun, etc)
  • more Durable: capable of surviving small to large caliber weapon (up to .50 caliber weapon), his durability is high enough since he is further upgraded, he capable of surviving damage to vital organ until further repair, and have fell from 16 floor building and survived
  • Magic capablity: taking on reinforcement as his primary branch,and metal as an element, he is capable of reinforcing his clothes, so that it is bullet proof, or reinforcing his body to resist damage and increasing the total physical capability, he is however unable to learn any other branch of magic, due to limiters put by the einzbern
  • Knowledgeable on the form of invocation: mainly used to cycle his gun faster
Mystic code: left over from the previous war, he still held the mystic code given to him + another one given by the church

  • this handgun is capable of breaking magical barrier , a form on conceptual weapon , that negates " protection", always carried
  • 13 .454 caliber capacity
  • a customized mauser c96
  • it's also capable of firing burst of compressed air, with no effect of the original bullet(e.g it's a normal gun now only firing burst of compressed air, rather than magic piercing bullets)

  • the gun part is nothing special and the knife part hold minor enchantment, that make it a vibro heat knife, capable of slicing 12 cm of steel
  • 6 9mm capacity, loaded with +HP bullets
  • another custom mauser c96 ( the barrel was cut) x2, always carried
  • used more as knife than guns
  • capable of being loaded with magic bullets, provided by Vivianne 
  • a special gun, another conceptual weapon, this is one capable of "corroding" the ley line between master and servant, making the maintainance of the servant rather difficult, increasing per day, and completely annihilating the contract in 3-5 day, kept in his coat, given by the church
  •  5 . 454 capacity loaded with magic bullets (7, 2 other were kept)
  • huge recoil knockback (negligible by using his reinforcement)

he also have various cutomized gun being a gun nut 

 a kriss super V custom gun, equipped with red dot sight and flash light/laser combo x2, always carried
 30 .45 +HP bullets (often loaded with Vivianne explosive bullets, capable of taking down thick walls)
low recoil 
used in dual wielding style with the stock closed, the recoil and is negated by reinforcing his arms
accurate to rather short distance 30m +, primary weapon for use against anything 

hk 73 custom gun, illegally imported, due to various mod only the shell look like the original, stored in a case
150 5.56mm AP bullet, with inceandary/explosive  tip ( product of Vivianne lab, Levin possesed a large number of this)
 as result of vivianne ditzyness, the bullet explode after it got lodged in, making this weapon rather gruesome
medium recoil  
used as a machinegun, assault rifle and suprisingnly sniping weapon, as it is accurate well beyond the normal range ( 800m +)
PAW shotgun customized, illegally imported, no mods at all to the gun, except the capability  to shot magic shells,store in a case
20, .12 gauge spreadshot  capacity
laser pointer
dual wielded like a katar , used as a closecombat weapon
the gun body is durable to withstand handgun fire, so it doubles as a shield
grenade launcher, no mods, unable to shoot magic shell , stored in a case
1 40mm anti vehicle round capacity
red dot sight, and flash light 
support weapon, utility gun( door breaking, vehicle destroying, cover fire) 

longcoat tailored to keep all his primary hidden and accessible, feature attachements , inside is a "blank space"
No spell except for basic reinforcements
Focus word :Hymn



partner and leftover of the 4th holy grail wars

name :Vivianne 
gender : female
class: caster
rank : 
  • Strength: E
  • Endurance:  D
  • Agility: D(used to be C for flight, but being a ditz...)
  • Magic:  S
  • Luck: A
  • Noble Phantasm:  A (originally EX)
 Personaility: much like caster in type moon parody with Kuzuki, an intelligent in magic, and artifact making, there's rumour floating she can forge magic circuit(false)
but a Ditz in every attempt to learn the modern world, more serious in combat, still ditzy though
Bio: wikipedia link has a twin sister named Nimue, she is  the maker of the two, Nimue is the planner
 survived until now because of the wish made when they win the holy grail  
Golem making:makes golem by making vaguely humanoid/animal object with objects around her
Territory making: her territory doubles as her noble phantasm , considered a temple, rather than just a workshop
Item Creation: able to make various copies after seeing them once
High speed spell: capable of casting a spell at twice the normal speed
Spell: A form of Tracing, Gandr, and light arrows (a smaller version of caster beam shower)
Inhuman blood: considered to be  fairy
preferred combat method: zergling rush with golem, other than that staying with at the back line, the master did most of the fighting( shooting people from afar and unseen is fighting)
noble phantasm
the magic smithy, chasm depth 
rank : A+ (originally EX , reduced because of personality flaw)
effect: enhance a weapon , or create a new weapon/noble phantasm/item of similar/lower rank 
example of handiwork: Caliburn, Excalibur, Avalon, several of Levin's guns, his bullets 
magic specialty: Reinforcement, tracing, hints of the "first" magic
  known magic: curse, enhancements, reinforcing, charms, ritualistics, golem creation, one of the being overdriving the target to largely increase combat prowess for a short time, hommunculi knowledge

 the golem
 the golem

able to withstand artilerry shots
have a nail gun and drill as weapons
large number (200++ were seen in the last battle of the last war)
devoid of soul , controlled completely by vivianne from a safe distance / given autonomous programming
shoot out sharpnel when destroyed
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Interesting. But then it means the Rp starts at the third war? I though it's going to be an alternative 5th War. And I think it's better that way.
People can connect better with a story with a modern era setting.
With that in mind I think your chara would be better as a participant for the Fourth War(he fought instead of Kiritsugu).
But otherwise it's somehow alright. But to note also I doubt the Einzberns would be crazy enough to think they can make a homunculous with the power of a Servant. I think the maximum that could've crossed their minds is a homunculous with the capability to defensively fight against a Servant(like Ciel in physical stats).
Anyways, good luck with the bio!
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@willyvereb: will edit that part(5th war, and post participant), and the crazy einzbern part is what i meant, the einzbern want something that will survived the encounter with a servant
updated with equipments, next up servant bio
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ill just stick with the p90 for my rpg character!
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@cfatalis: I have to correct my previous statement on the GGW Rp thread: My character would not fear, but dread such a walking weapon platform:p
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@willyvereb: erhm, my character completely follow my philosophy, any problem , ANY can be solved with bullets and explosive, if you can't solve it, then you didn't use ENOUGH
and don't forget my walking ditz factory
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
I won't, but if I assault it with GC(Nerx) I doubt much can it do against it.
Magus specialised against spirits and adept at breaking barriers+ a Servant which about as or more stronger than Heracles. I think my two main problems would be the prana concumtion and your character in my back:p
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@willyvereb: not , not really solved by killing YOU with explosives and bullet, and halting GC, supposedly i only need what? 10 seconds holding nerx?
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
Perhaps if I am so stupid to be rushing out head on. I would be possibly somewhere else massacring the semi-spiritual golems Viviane made:p
But let''s leave it...it's highly unlikely I would make you my enemy...it's just my policity to be prepared fro the best and worst also.:)
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@willyvereb: true i still have to prepare
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We have a perfect referee now
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Hmm not bad. 
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@Newdeath said:
" Hmm not bad.   ND "
Join in man
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@Newdeath: I second it. Please join to the Rp. We need members. You can be an Assassin-class Servant. That's a quite fitting class for you:)
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@willyvereb: @Nerx: Alright then. 
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@Newdeath: The only thing you have to do is to find a famous legendary assassin. Preferably from the far past or myths. In short not from the 20th century...that's the only condition.
Also you should find a relatively powerful one, though we would help you to make your Servant as Nasuversish as possible.
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@willyvereb: Well then I'll start looking now. 
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@Newdeath: idea , kotarou fuma, hanzo hattori etc
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@cfatalis: Sounds good. 
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Lionheart or saladin
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