Exillion vs Pepper

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A crossing breeze made it self known within this hellish storm of flames and rotted flesh. A fine afternoon turned to nightmare, a whisper of heavy darkness descended upon the city. The very air was so heavy of smoke; many suffocated and fell to the death herself. Delirium was like a plague within the city of battle, filling it with battle cries, of war and power. Power beyond any mortal can comprehend, power of the soul and battle rippled like an endless tide of eternity.    

A solitary figure could be seen, standing amongst its own stretch of some battle field. Like a towering figure stood atop his thrown victory, another gentle breeze made its way known. Long brown hair could be flailed with every breeze; his eyes of calm could be seen past his curtain of hair. His eyes that sends the chills of only a warrior. True, even within battle hardened souls still fighting within the goddamned city, they come to him like an invisible calling. A challenge. He heaved a heavy sigh as he stepped forward, ignoring the thousands of dead warriors around him.

Exillion twisted his head slightly out of fleeting curiosity. He was ready.

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Within the air was nothing short of death and the leery and stubborn calls it made out to his people.  It quelched everything in its path and subdued all that didnt wish to be tamed.  The city stood for nothing and could never be conjured into anything.  The live inhabitants stepped over bodies that died horrible deaths and didn't blink an eye.  She wondered as she walked to her destination, what made people stay in a place like this. In conclusion, she could only think of the want to die and the want to rule, because in everybody there is a want to conquer something in life, and as hell whole bound as this place was it was still something to be conquered.  Through her many years of travel and battle, Pepper had seen so much and been through it all, and yet she was able to see every place as its own.  Today she was set of a nice battle and the scenery only added to the impending events to come. 

The wind caused her long black braid to swing , as the blades laced through it caught the light of the sun and basked in it.  Her lithe stature could be seen crossing the wide baren earth towards it opponent, in a simple yet fully stocked sleek black leather battle gear.  As she came near, she noticed his emotionless eyes , ready stance, and determantion in one glance.  A slight smile lifted at her lips, for she looked forward to a challenge with nothing short of excitement.  She knew nothing of him, his battle skills, or even his background but now was as any a good time to learn. 

Pushing slightly off the ground she lifted into the air and landed in front of him , in a defensive stance , But before she get serious she wanted to know a couple of quick things.  she fired a hard punch followed by a left jab with amazing quickness and brought her new up in an attempt to get his stomach. she wanted to see how he moved so she could analyze whatever caught her attention and of course pick out any type of mistake.   quickly she jumped back ready for whatever attack was to come at her way.

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