Epic rap battles of Anime - Ash - Yugi

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I'm gonna catch them all

Release my ball

Red and White

Yeah that's right

See how my Pikachu does in a fight

Lightning Strike on the mic

Dumbass, how are you gonna last

When you can't even turbo duel on a bike

I've got my friends - you have yours

I choose to charizards

and burn all your cards


Oh great a little dweeb

Who can't even read

Should of left your Baulbasaur as a seed

I proceed

Play pot of greed

Bring the Shadow games and watch you


I can some up to five spellcasters in one turn

I use Giant solider of Stone, Rock halts the burn

Kid you don't know how to learn

You've won medals I've saved the world

See my dark magic attack got you polywhirled



Ok Yoog,

I borrow Brock's Geodude

How rude, that you assume

That I will back down when I have a Vileplume

At least my monsters aren't holograms

So bring your magicians

How's a Soldier gonna counteract some water attack

Every one knows elements have there weakness

Tie you up with a Ekan's

Sorry Mr Muto that I put a crimp in your plans

But I'm the greatest trainer in all the lands

I can have 6 pok'emon on the field at the same time

You only get five how does that even fit in rhymes

Just go home to your gram-pa

Before I stamp ya, split personality like a skitzo camper




I could take you with just Kuriboh

This is duel monsters bro

And I'm kicking arse with the spirit of a pharaoh


you have what a rabbit a turtle and a plant

I lay phat beats

You just call upon a poke'mon

that sends people to sleep

Ash you died at the end of the series

I didn't I was sent back through the centuries

My deck hands out one hit kills

Yours just put on damage pills

counters do nothing to my wizards

Except make their effects more hard

I just remove them and for each one you discard

A monster from the field to the graveyard

My monsters are more than 1k at the best of times

yours do 100 times max of 9

Now Ash, I hand you back your arse,

With some Millennium class


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I don't see what this has to do with RPG moved to off topic.
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@Sonata: You gotta agree that this is funny lol.

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@DBZ_universe: Oh I do lol
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Just wanted something random.

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