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Name: Noah Eibon (assumed it could really be anything as no data exist on him in any computer)

Aliases: Watch Dog, Enigma, The Information Broker, The Superior Strategist, The Superior Mind, The Genius of our Generation, The Superior Enigma, The One with All the Answers, The Ultimate Troll,

Age: 25 (Estimated seeing as any data on him has been erased)

Race: American/British

Occupation: Information Broker, Web Master/Designer of several blogs, chat rooms, and other websites

Group Affiliation:


Enigma is a young male appearing to be 25 years of age, but this is a rough guess seeing as no current information on the individual known Enigma. The mysterious Watch Dog has short and messy charcoal colored hair with steel colored eyes and slightly tanned skin; Enigma also seems to always have a smirk on his face like he always know something that everyone doesn't and more often than not this is true. The Information Broker is usually seen wearing a brown hooded jacket with white fur on hood and cuffs of the jacket, this particular piece of clothing seems to be made from a durable material because it seems to be resistant to flames, bullets, and sharp objects to a degree, which is very small its just enough to protect him from smaller threats for anything bigger he usually relies on his "allies". Enigma's jacket also seems to wired for electronics as he can wire headphones, cell phones, a portable charger and more through the jacket; also the inside of the jacket is lined with countless knives. Under the jacket Noah wears a black v neck t-shirt and darks jeans with a pair of black and white sneakers. It seems that Enigma wears glasses as he been seen reading some documents while wearing them but this occasions are few and rare so whether they are just reading glasses or he wears contacts is unknown. Enigma is never without his cell phone, which is green in color, this phone is no ordinary run of the mill phone a average teenage girl may have; this phone is key to Enigma's operation and should it ever fall into the wrong hands there are several fail safes to make sure that it is useless to that person.







Knife Skills:

Network of Information: Enigma's one true "power" the Superior Spider has created a web of information that spans the globe and makes organization like the KGB and CIA look like a bunch of twits with their heads up their ass. The network excess in many forms that all lead back to the Information Broker giving him a near infinite wealth of information that he can than use to manipulate the world around him like a spider carefully pulling on strings. There are currently three main forms which the Network exist and every day Noah is growing his sources and spreading his web further across the globe. Enigma often refers to this as The "Web"

  1. The Internet: In this book wide open, fast pace, and ever changing social media age few would be able to move through the current of information and separate truth from lies but the Superior Strategist has gone beyond that and has just decided to collect everything; Enigma is a true master manipulate of the social media he is capable of changing the tide of everything just at a threw drop tweets and posts on certain accounts we everyone spreading information about themselves online like butter on beard they have opened themselves to Noah and he couldn't be happier taking in all this information. Tweets, Facebook statuses, Instragram photos, and more Enigma collects it all and can use it to his advantage creating profiles of certain people simply based on what they tweet and talk about online. Enigma also tracks information that is discussed in several forums often trolling on these sites under various account names and profiles this stirs the pot and causes even more rumors and hidden truths to come up.
  2. Web Sites Tracking/Hacking: Engima is an expert level hacker and probably the best in the world, he has hacked in many computers mostly government databases extracted what he wanted, or even added things, then leave without leaving a single trace of visit he has used to gain even more information on certain people adding to the profiles that he creates. But he skills go beyond just that Enigma is also a Web Designer who has created hundreds if not thousands of sites under various aliases and company names and had set up certain sites to place a bug on those who visit it so that he can track and gather information on the various sites they visit in one example a senator visited a web site of his and through tracking where the political figure went he learned that he man had a particular interest in websites feature young boys that he voters would not appreciate. Another case Enigma was able to learn that a fortune 500 business man is actually a member of a racist hate group and is trying to create clones of the perfect human, all through collecting various cookies from the sites the man visited.
  3. Informants: Single Handedly the Spider's ultimate method of collecting information through his web of shadows, in almost every business, every political group, every organization, and more the Superior Strategist has placed informants that rely back to him what they learned most of these exist through secondary, third, and fourth sources for example Enigma uses a employee of a large company who is actually in debt to a bookie under a mob boss who right hand man is one of Noah's informants. The threads of his web extend as deep as the cops, military, and even terrorist group. Doctors, Actors, Chefs, Janitors, the average person on the street. No one is ever safe from the ears of Enigma. He has even gotten into the Bounty Hunter's Association which Crow Cementerio works for and even a informant or two into the organization known as F.A.B.L.E. the only group that Enigma has not infiltrated to this date is Mangestu. Some informants are Enigmas allies and he has a greater use for them for their particular positions or skills.

Allies/ Informants

Emerald Justice


Nichol D. Jackal


Break OUT

From the Shadows

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Oho, interesting.

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The ultimate troll? Surprised his avatar isn't Hazama.

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@ChronoWolf: Nope Izaya is the King of Trolling ;)

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Hm. A duel. SamJaz can out troll any fool with 24 hours prep.

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Edited added basic info more coming soon :)

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@this_is_riddle: Here's a theme song for ya. Now, which anime is this?

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@SamJaz: That's easy Durarara ;)

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@this_is_riddle: Cheers, I'll have to watch that at some point.

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Updated :D

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@this_is_riddle: Ah crap he has someone in FABLE I've should have known. He's a bad man to do that lol

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@Sonata: lol well allegedly he has someone in the FABLE ;)

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@Sonata: LOL

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@Sonata: lol well allegedly he has someone in the FABLE ;)


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