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Name: Emerald Flamefate         
Eyes: Blue 
Gender: Female 
Heigth: 5'9''
Weight: 105 lbs 
Age: 19 
Race: Human 
Marital Status: Single  
Orientation: Heterosexual (In Emerald case, this is really important)
Family: Father: Christof Flamefate (deceased)
              Mother: Mina Flamefate (deceased)
Current Objective: Searching for all the Tarot Cards
Emerald Theme Song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJJva8Aooxk
Tarot Theme Song:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIB_kekBJ-U


Born in a rich family and raised by her father, Christof Flamfate (Her mother died after giving birth to her), Emerald childhood was completly normal. Her father's mansion stood on the top of a hill, near a small town. In summer, she runned trough the green hill, chasing animals and catching bugs. When it was winter, she spend her time inside the mansion and maybe in an ocassional snowball figth against other kids. 
Her father was very close to her and, when he wasn't working or locked up in his study, Christof spend most of his time with his daugther. Every nigth, when Emerald went to bed, he read to the little girl the same book, a tale of a hero that used the mystical power of cards to fight evil. Emerald heard the tale every night until she fell asleep, peacefuly, knowing that her father was there, watching for her.

Besides her father and her friends from the town, her servants and other people working in the house were close to the girl. When she stayed in the house and her father wasn't there, Emerald cleaned the house with them, help (despite their complaints) with the cooking or she just watch and talked. She learned a lot from them and gained their love.

As Emerald grew older, little by little, Christof spend less and less time with her and locked himslef in his study for hours, then for days. He ordered the servants to get his breakfast, lunch and dinner to his study and he slept in the same place. His daugther, rebelious as any teenager, didn't seemed to notice her father's dissapearence and spend her time with her friends. Slowly, she forgot about the evinings with his father and the tale of the Cards.

To be continued...


Emerald is a nice, cheerful girl and you'll always found her with a kind smile on her face, but she is sort of greedy and has a strange obsession with gambling. In her worst days, she'll act like a spoiled brat, the same she was nine years ago. Besides that, she acts like any 19 year old.


Emerald Tarot Cards 
Emerald Tarot Cards 

Tarot Power: This "magic", only known by a few powerful fortune tellers and strange gypsys is based in channeling a person's Inner Power through a deck of Tarot. The Tarot cards, known for centuries for their mystical power, are divided in two groups: The Minor Arcana and Major Arcana.
Minor Arcana: These 56 cards are divided into four suits, commonly named Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each suit has 14 cards, being Ace (or one), two through ten, Prince (or Page), Princess (or Knight), Queen and King. Each suit represents a different element, social class and faculties:

Suit                      Element         Class                               Faculty
Wands                Air                    Peasantry                        Creativity and will
Pentacles          Earth               Merchants                        Material body and possessions
Cups                  Water               Clergy                               Emotions and love        
Swords              Fire                  Nobility and Militarity       Reason

When their used by someone with the Inner Power, that individual must say "magical words" to activate their power (e.g.: Come, will of the peasants, power of the air, Two of wands!) The power of the cards depends on it's number. The Ace of Wands holds a powerful wand, but the Nine of Wands holds nine weaker wands that can attack from different directions at the same time.
Each suit has a different effect: The Wands control air and are the most powerful ranged weapons of the Minor Arcana. The Pentacles control Earth and are used as defensive cards. The cups control water, but they don't have any other known use (a.k.a I can't think of anything :P). Swords control fire and are the most ofensive cards.
The last four cards of the suits (The Prince, The Princess, The Queen and The King) have a different power. Depending in the user sexual orientation, they merge with the user or they figth as a independent being. In Emerald case, The Prince and the King cards hold an armor and the Princess and Queen cards hold a indepent being that'll figth beside her.  
The Prince and Princess cards hold and armor that, depending on the suit, have different skills and powers:  

Pentacles: The Princess and the Prince of Pentacles are the most defensive. They are the toughest, they have the best dodging skills and that kind of powers. However, their ofensive power isn't very good.  Their weapon is a pentacle shaped shield
Swords: The Princess and the Prince of swords are the most offensive. They are the fastest, most damaging and are as dangerous as the swords they carry. 
Wands: The Princess and the Prince of wands are the most intelligent and have the most powerful ranged attack. The Princess of Wands will think every attack and she'll come up with strategies to beat the opponent, even If Emerald can't fight. In the Prince case, when Emerald wears the armor, It'll gave her advice. But that's not all. Both of them have an arsenal of wind spells at their disposal, from sword sharp winds to real hurricanes. However, this ability is limited.  
Cups: The Princess and the Prince of Cups are the most...ehm... Truth to be told, Emerald didn't really find something good in the cups. They are avarage, if they have a special power, Emerald haven't figure it out yet. 
However, the Princess and the Prince aren't too powerful. No normal human can beat them, but that's all. (If you want a bit more information, a battle between a Tier 2 character and The Princess armor or Emerald in the Prince armor, there odds would be 70-30 or something like that, for the tier 2 character) 
The true power of the cards come with the Queen and the King. They take everything good of the Princess and the Prince and take it to a completly different level. To put it in other words, they are upgraded versions of the Prince and the Princess. (Maybe Tier 3-4. They can battle a tier 5, but it won't end well. For more information, read Raseri vs Emerald thread)  
But the King and The Queen have one more ability. Trough the patterns drawn all over their bodies, they can create and arsenal of weapons (Pentacles for the Pentacles cards, wands for the wands card, like that) These weapons can appear with different size and forms. 
However, The King and Prince are a bit more powerful than their female counterparts. The union they have with Emerald give them more power than being on there own, it can be said they are more pure.

Any person with the Inner Power can channel It through any common Minor Arcana deck and, depending of that person Inner Power, the cards get stronger or weaker.

Major Arcana (or Trumps): The Major Arcana are a suit of 22 cards and each of them represents a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people. The images on the Major Arcana are oftean heavy with symbolism, with for more to the illustration than a mere depiction of the card title. The Major Arcana, as the MInor Arcana, requires special words to activate them.  
Recently, Emerald learned that every Mayor Arcana card haves a different personality and that they get stronger when the user is feeling certain emotions. For example, when Emerald feels happy, energetic or optimistic and uses The Sun, she'll be stronger. 
These cards are:

0 ---- The Fool: Inheritance from her Father
1 ---- The Magician
2 ---- The High Priestess
3 ---- The Empress 
4 ---- The Emperor
5 ---- The Hierophant
6 ---- The Lovers
7 ---- The Chariot
8 ---- Justice
9 ---- The Hermit
10 -- Wheel of Fortune
11 -- Strength
12 -- The Hanged Man
13 -- Death
14 -- Temperance
15 -- The Devil
16 -- The Tower
17 -- The Star
18 -- The Moon
19 -- The Sun: Found hidden in the ruins of her house.
20 -- Judgment
21 -- The World

For those with the Inner Power, a special suit of cars is required to unleash the power of the Major Arcana. This suit can't be found by anyone, each card it's hidden someplace in the Earth and only those worthy can find them. Still, the cards won't work. The way for realising their power is only known by a few.
Emerald has in her possesion the full deck of the Minor Arcana and two of the 21 Major Arcana: The Fool (0- doesn't work) and The Sun (19)

Emerald's Cards

 0 --- The Fool True Card
 0 --- The Fool True Card
This was an inheritance from her father and Emerald can't unleash it's power

Name: The Fool
Major Arcana: 0
Powers: Unkown

19 --- The Sun True Card 
19 --- The Sun True Card 
When she found this card in the ruis of her burned house, Emerald chest exploded with happiness and for her joy, the card worked. Red ligth covered her and her clothes turned crimson and fire surrounded her, but it didn't burn. The Sun allows Emerald to control any kind of fire and protection for heat and fire. The Sun is more powerful if Emerald is happy or optimistic.
Name: The Sun    
Major Arcana: 19     
Powers: This card gives Emerald the power to control every form of fire, even mystical or magical and gives her invulnerability to that element. The fire that The Sun create is golden and is way more powerful than any common fire and, controling it correctly, it haves different effects. It can cut like the sharpest of swords and burn at the same time (think it as a light saber) or make novas that can easily burn a forest down to ashes in only seconds.  
Keywords used by tarot readers: Optimism --- Expansion --- Positive feelings --- Enligthtenment --- Innocence --- Energy --- Happiness --- Splendor ---Brilliance      


Emerald suffers from Hemofobia. At the sight of blood, it affect her in such a way that she won't be able to answer to anything.    
Cats... I'm not joking, cats xD      
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@Emerald_Flame_Fate: My guess was right.:p
You are Aradia.
The Sun and Moon motifs plus the Fairy Tail preference are a giveaway.:)
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I think it's Mesa. :D
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Cool Bio I like itXD
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very nice the powers are so unique
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Very interesting.
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Cool Bio! I like the Fairy Tail theme!
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@paladin: @mydeathlyways: No xD (I'm getting tired of writing Wrong:P)

@Sonata: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:@Bigheart711: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Thanks guys! :D

Little update on powers. Emerald can use the sun card now. I also added the theme songs
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@Emerald_Flame_Fate: They're nice.
Tarot theme = battle theme?
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@paladin: Yeah, kind of. It's for both battle and revelation of a tarot card :)
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