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Just off the coast of Cube lays an isle known as Dedo Meñique that remains out of the control of any country making it a perfect spot for illegal activities without worry of punishment from any authorities and because its relative small size it’s not like anyone really notices the tiny land, therefore many crime bosses have fought over this speck of land for their various criminals enterprises in secret currently in control of Dedo Meñique is one of the Inner's World biggest drug manufactures who has been using the corrupt Cuban government as a shield, and a transporter, as he floods the world with his illegal and dangerous drugs. The Cubans refer to him as Senor Tóxico a name that he has taken to heart and spread across the inner world to generate infamy, which he has in fact accomplish, Senor Tóxico or Cobra Venin his real name sits up his mansion counting his money and occasionally partaking in some of the substances that he supplies the underworld with on Dedo Meñique. Unfortunately though for Cobra because of some recent events in Japan many players are starting to make their move and intend on taking the isle of landfor themselves even if this means by force and those who don't want the island instead stick to gain control over Cobra's hidden drug factories on the lush jungle isle and take control of the underworld's drug supply.

Cobra Venin aka Senor Toxico
Cobra Venin aka Senor Toxico

Corba isn't going down without a fight using some of his ill-gotten gains he has been hiring some of the best protection drug fueled money can buy including corrupt Cubans Soldiers, various Inner World hit-men, and deadly group of soldiers specializing in wet works the Blood Guard lead by their criminally insane leader Date "The King of Skulls" Kokkaku. Shit is about to hit the fan as Senor Tóxico intends on going to war over the drugs against whoever tries to take his castle from him. But is there more than meets the eye when it comes to the Isle of Dedo Meñique what secrets may be hidden on this tiny piece of land, while kind of drugs is Cobra producing, and who may be behind all this as the Inner World begins to wage war within itself. Who will come out on top in this Drug War? And what will be the do once they claim the throne.

Find Out in another RP from the person who brought you Break Out, Crow Must Die, and More in Drug Wars ;)

Creator's Notes

Hey everyone hope you are ready for this. This is where I stop using Crow and begin using my newest character Aldrich Reine the One King, This will be taking place after Osaka Ablaze so keep that in mind. This is going to try to be similar to Break Out in terms of length but hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this.

Also please try to keep your characters street level for this. I don't want people blowing up the Island instantly. Speaking of which I will trying to give a good description of Dedo Meñique so that we know exactly where we will be fighting.

I will making short NPC bios for my characters as they enter similar to what I did with Break Out and the other threads I been in.


Standard RP rules apply.

Also this is the major one:

Villains Only or at least characters who lean towards Red
(Example neutral but more on the evil side like a Mercenary with no morals)


  • Aldrich Reine
  • Cobra Venin
  • The Blood Guard
  • Data Kokkaku
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I'll try to enter with Falken somehow

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Good luck ^_^
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Seriously no one else is interested :P

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@Absolute_Justice: FABLE is spread pretty thin right now, lol Don't have another street level character outside of Sicily.
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@Absolute_Justice: sorry no street level villains only street levels I got are Jason and Seth and Seth is a neutral that leans towards good more then evil and Jason is a good guy.

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@Masterofdeath: Found I'll remove the only villain rule

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@Absolute_Justice: Nah its okay I'm a bit to busy plus I was just trying to give a escuse so it didn't sound like I was lazy.

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Wow this sucks that this got stale before it could start

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