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Big bio inbound:

Frederica Frankenstein
Frederica Frankenstein
  • Name: Frederica Frankenstein
  • Alias: Necro Dragon Slayer
  • Sex: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Mostly Asexual
  • Age: 22
  • Race: Human, Mage, Dragon Slayer
  • Classification: Second Generation Dragon Slayer
  • Alignment: Neutral


Frederica's personality can be simply summed up as professional. She hardly uses her free time for anything but studying and experiments and she avoids too much interaction with people if it's not needed. She has a logical approach to any kind of situation and does not rush in without analyzing the circumstances first. Despite being borderline stoic in everyday situations she can be very passionate about her science. She has the habit to stay without sleep or food for a few days while reading through mountains of books or testing out theories and conducting experiments. Interfering with that can get one to see her hot-blooded aggressive side very easily. Despite being a Dragon Slayer and having a natural gift for magic and even being very skilled with it, she is not exceptionally interested in it. For her it's just a way of income and survival in the world, but she feels no special connection to it. Despite that it is true that her magic fits her and her goal pretty well. Frederica is a Second Generation Dragon Slayer, and it was non other than herself who made the Lacrima needed for that. Necro Dragon Slayer Magic, the Magic that allows one to play with life and death itself and even manipulate the bodies of those who have passed away. As the final result of her studies is supposed to be resurrection of the dead, the magic fits her very well indeed.

Beyond that she seems to have few interests, being completely devoted to science. As a result relationships with people hardly matter for her. That makes her very outspoken towards others. She isn't the type of person who'd use euphemisms or think about a nice way say things, she puts them bluntly and yells them directly into a person's face. She has little patience with people and does not tolerate any kind of annoying behavior for long. For her all people are created equal and must earn their rights and positions rather than demanding respect just because they are. She'll look upon all with the same judgmental look in her eyes, analyzing each and every flaw they have.

The only thing that puts her into more of a rage than messing with her studies and experiments would be doing anything to her little sister, Elizabeth. She seems to be the only person Frederica cares about and the only person around whom she'll relax a bit, smile or even play around. It is for her that Frederica became a Dragon Slayer and it's for her that she takes up mercenary jobs rather than just do science without anything else in her life. Elizabeth is also the reason that Frederica hasn't settled down and is traveling around with her sister in search of their adoptive mother. Her little sister is the only person who will not be looked down upon, who's antics will be tolerated no matter how silly they are, and the only person who'll see a warmer and caring side of Frederica.

Bringing up her father is also a good way to agitate her as she feels nothing but disgust for that man.

All in all, Frederica is an extremely calm person, but pushing the wrong button can make one realize what kind of monster is hiding behind those green eyes.


Frederica is a slender girl of average height. All her limbs and the body itself are very slim, even her neck. Her skin is rather pale, nearly white. A direct result of her habit of not leaving her study room for days. She has medium long, raven black hair with two locks going off to each side framing her white face. The face itself is very pure with soft lines and very few distinct features other than the sharp somewhat pointy chin and poisonous green eyes. Her eyelashes are long and her eyebrows very thin. Her nose is smart and short and her lips very thin but clearly defined. All of this gives Frederica a certain doll-like pure form of beauty, making her very popular with men, who usually get shot-down before they even have a chance to say something.

Frederica with her scythe
Frederica with her scythe

Most of the time in public she wears a black dress mirroring the color of her hair. It's very simple in design and offers a lot of movement freedom while being very comfortable. It does not have many outstanding features other than a few white frills and ribbons. It is accompanied by a black choker around her neck as well as black elbow-gloves. Beyond that the only other piece of clothing are her black ballet shoes.

What makes Frederica stand out even in large masses of people are two black horn like additions that are stationed on hear head. They are an direct extension for her Lacrima and are supposed amplify it's power. There are also two wing like objects on her back, though they can hardly be called wings. They resemble bone left-overs of bat wings that have rotted away rather than actual functioning wings. Those unusual objects have the simple purpose of holding hear weapon when she's not using it, but they are find further use once Frederica enters Dragon Force. In Dragon Force Frederica's form resembles a lot those of Third Generation Dragon Slayers. Her horns get slightly longer twisting with sickly green tips to them. A part of her face is covered in black scales and so are her arms. She gains physical black steel like claws and the bone's on her back get a membrane of black and green that allows for flight.

Necro Dragon Slayer Magic

The Magic that Frederica gained through implanting a self made Lacrima into herself. It is the Magic that allows one to control the force of death and even breath new life into what is already dead, at least for a period of time. Most of the spells and attacks used through this magic make use of a sickish poisons green colored energy, much like the color of Frederica's eyes. The energy can be shaped into various forms to attack her enemies in many different ways. Beyond that energy and it's cutting powers, it also has an affinity towards rotting, blight and decay of organic things as well as inducing death in whatever it touches. Of course the most recognizable ability of this magic is to rise the dead and make use of them in combat. The risen bodies are nothing but hollow shells of their former glory, but still can be very useful as support or defense during combat even if it's only for a limited period of time. Necro Dragon Slayer Magic is all around very potent and powerful, offering exceptional offensive capabilities while covering defense and support through the use of minions. Dragon Force further amplifies the users stats, makes their spells more potent and restores a part of the power the controlled corpses had making them more powerful.

Of course even though the Magic is powerful it has it's limitations, most notably the lack of the ability to rise the dead where there are non or are blocked away. As such, while it might be easy to do something like that in open grass field where countless creatures have found their demise, doing so in a tower far away from ground would be impossible. Furthermore the magic and it's user and spawns are naturally weak to magic aligned with holy elements. For Frederica to make use of the unique ability for Dragon Slayers to recover mana she has has to consume life or death in one form or another without using her magic on it first. She usual swallows whatever she can find whole, may it be small animals or even plants, an act even she find repulsive but is ready to do if it will help her during a fight.

Frederica also uses a giant scythe during combat, as it's in perfect harmony with her powers and allows for many combo attacks.

List of Spells:

Necro Dragon's Roar - The most basic Dragon Slayer spell, pretty much shared by all Dragon Slayers. It is a straight beam of energy shot from the users mouth very much like with a dragon who breath fire. The spell usually has it's effect based on the very basic attributes of the Dragon Slayer Magic's element and affinity. That rule is true for Frederica and her magic as well. Using this spell she can shoot a poison-green beam of energy. Besides the physical power the beam can unload it also offers a direct insight in why this is known as the Magic of Death. Anything organic in it's path, even the ground it travels upon rots as the beam passes by. Needless to say it's very effective at combating enemies who don't posses physical shields or rely on any kind of organic matter for combat.

Necro Dragon's Claws: A spell often used by Frederica as a melee alternative to her scythe. The sicklish green energy envelopes her hands shaping them into claws made of the same energy. The claws have great cutting power as well as piercing strength. They apply a poison to the wound where they strike, causing further pain if left untreated. Frederica can make the sharp claws elongate to impale enemies over large distances. If an enemy happens to be impaled this way she can "detonate" the claws sending a pulse of energy all the way from her hand to the top if the claws causing a small explosion at the wound and ending the spell at the same time.

Necro Dragon's Saliva - This spell can only be used in combination with her scythe. Frederica licks the scythe's blade leaving a green liquid trail behind, it's quickly absorbed into the scythe becoming one with it. Now every wound made by the cut of the scythe no matter how small it is will induce necrosis. The skin will turn black and start rotting, the cells in it dying off. While the process is very slow, if left untreated it can have nasty results. In that case, losing the entire limb is a very likely scenario.

Necro Scar - Frederica's most common and most often used spell. It's cast by either a swipe of her finger or swing of her scythe. A wave of the green energy is sent flying in that direction cutting and rotting it's way through whatever it encounters. While it's not as powerful as the best spells she has at her disposal, it's cast very quick, takes up little energy and is very effective in combat.

Death Waltz - The advanced and more powerful version of Necro Scar. It's performed by quickly spinning the scythe, using many Necro Scars in quick succession. The energy waves then dance around the enemy striking them from all sides. A variation of the spell relies on quickly spinning with the scythe around one's body sending the waves off into all directions. The third and final version relies on a single big swing usually accompanied by a spin. It releases a large swirling wave of green energy having much more power and speed than the normal Necro Scar. The whirpool of death than dances around the enemy and homes on them. Rather than cutting through once and then disappearing it continues to spin making many cuts at once and providing great suppression.

Gravekeeper's Fireflies - The spell is very simple in both it's use and execution. It creates small green energy orbs somewhat around the size of a human eye. They fly freely around Frederica and seek out enemies. Once they are close to one they detonate exploding into a pulse of green energy. Besides the offensive combat application, they can also serve as defense and support by detonating right in front of an enemies attack, canceling it out. Frederica can also use them as stepping stones during combat.

Death Glare - A green pules leaves Frederica's eyes as she uses the spell, enveloping everyone in her sight. Those that are affected by it are paralyzed with fear and morbid images of their own death flash before their eyes. While it doesn't deal any physical damage to the target, the mental burden and paralysis make it a great supportive ability. It can also be used to quickly scare off animals and common folk which should not be there.

Rotting Touch - Frederica's often used and very basic spell. It simply allows her to rot any kind of organic matter she touches with her hands. The abilities most common use is to rot the ground Frederica and her enemy are standing on. That allows her to use her spells that are tied to controlling the dead. It also finds further application when combined with her other spells as the green energy of her spells can travel through rotten ground. As such Necro Scar can travel through the ground and then burst out below the enemies feet. Death Waltz can travel in a similar fashion, expanding in a spider-web like fashion.

Decaying Breath - Poison-green smoke exists Frederica's mouth when she uses the spell. It quickly spreads enveloping the battlefield. It's much more effective in closed rooms than in the open. The smoke obscures vision and even hurts the eyes if they are not closed. It also affects any open wound on the body, causing more and more pain the longer the target stays inside the smoke screen.

Scare Chase - This spell is performed by Frederica by quickly drawing a pentagram into the air using her finger. The pentagram materializes out of green energy and small sickish-green needless shoot out of it, chasing down any opponent around her or simply circle around Frederica at very high speeds to create a makeshift shield.

Necro Marionette - The signature move of the Necro Dragon Slayer Magic. Using it Frederica can control anything that is dead. She can even rise the dead for a limited time. They are not nearly as powerful as they were during their lives and don't possess any unique powers, but can still hinder the enemies or distract them. Humans, enemies plants and even rotten ground, all can be used. It can simply grab the target by the legs slowing them down or directly face them in combat. There a limit on how many beings Frederica can control at once and usually that number doesn't exceed fifty. The risen can be easily slashed aside, but if ignored and given a chance they can inflict serious damage.

Necropolis Tower - Frederica drains the carbon of all dead things in the ground. The carbon quickly assumes form and rises out of the ground in the form of a giant black tower. The ground and plants close to it all rot. The tower itself doesn't have a direct power, but can be used for other spells. It amplifies Frederica's Necro Marionette and let's her use her most powerful spell. While the tower is there Frederica can rise Flesh Golems. They are huge monsters made out of nothing but rotten organic matter, a combination of many hundreds of life forms, capable of regeneration. Often they have an armor of rotten earth around the soft flesh body. The only real distinctive feature of the creature is the head which takes the shape of a wolf, lion, snake or even a dragon but it doesn't seem like that has any affect.

With it's size, strength and regeneration paired up with the corosive blasts and it's ability to shoot out bones from it's body to pierce and slash enemies make Flesh Golem is a very powerful creature, but they are still weak to holy attacks and will not regenerate if struck by one. Frederica can only sustain two of them at once and if she does so the resources of that area are drained and she can no longer summon the dead as all of the organic matter was used up to create the Golems. Furthermore Necropolis can only be used once in a single battle which makes Frederica think twice before using it.

Necro Nova - The most powerful spell in Frederica's arsenal. It can only be used while the Necropolis Tower is there which means it can only be used once in a battle as well. When activated the tower falls apart, converting all organic matter and carbon into a large pool of magical energy. The energy is of the same color as all of Frederica's spells and her eyes, poisonous green. All the energy is condensed into a spear and then travels up high into the sky. It becomes so small that it could be mistaken for a unusual green star. At Frederica's command it comes racing down causing a huge explosion at impact. As it clears out it reveals a giant crater filled out with nothing but rotten earth. Anything organic decays in that explosion and it leaves nothing but destruction behind.

Frederica rarely uses it unless she recognizes the enemy as a serious threat and has no other way to deal with them.


Frederica grew up in a small peaceful town. While the town people themselves hardly used magic, there were many mages present either taking on mercenary missions or just spending a night or two to rest on their travels. Frederica didn't actually live inside the town, but rather in a castle just outside of it. It was in the possession of her family for dozens of generations and they were once a wealthy and respected family. But that was all past and now they were nothing but a shadow of their former self. In the castle lived Frederica, her little sister and their father, Hans Frankenstein. Much like his daughter is in the present, so what Hans Frankenstein obsessed with his science and the idea of resurrecting the dead. Despite that he was still a caring father. Besides his science he worked at the town university, though because of his doings and ambitions he wasn't liked very much by the local people. His wife Anne died of illness shortly after Elizabeth was born and so the two girls had to grow up without a mother.

While most kids in town would admire mages that came to the town and beg them to become their teachers, Frederica barely payed any attention to them. Instead she admired her father, his work and what ultimately his life goal as well. As early as six years old, Frederica started helping her father, by carrying his equipment and anything alike. It wasn't only fun for her but it also distracted her from the death of her mother. As the years went by Frederica's everyday life was reduced to some simple things such as studying, helping her father and taking care of her little sister Elizabeth. All in all it was a happy and peaceful life, but that quickly changed. It happened when Frederica expressed her wishes to follow in her father's footsteps and to study science just like him. Her father did not approve of it, he'd yell at her, take her books away and send her to her room.

It was all very frustrating for Frederica, mostly because she did not understand why he was like that. From that point on it didn't get any better. Her father lost his job and the university and at that point their existence depended on what little money they had saved up. Hans started drinking, falling into a deep depression because of the loss of his wife and job. He'd spend entire nights awake and drunk cursing the day he ever took up science. That's also the time when he became much more aggressive towards Frederica. He'd often beat her whenever he saw her study anything. If he was sober those would be mild hits like expected from a parent, but while drunk he hardly had any control over it and Frederica would often end up with broken bones because of that. The only person who'd comfort her during those times was her little sister Elizabeth.

Frederica slowly began hating her own father. For her it was obvious, he was an old-fashioned, traditional sexist, that was the only reason why he wouldn't allow her to study science. Little did she know that he meant it only good, he didn't want her to throw her life away as he did. He didn't want her to become obsessed to the point where she wouldn't enjoy life anymore. But it was already too late for any kind of explanation, the family was destroyed. One day when Frederica was seventeen and was as usual beaten up again and had her books ripped apart and burned she decided that she had enough. She waited till he didn't get drunk late in the night. She took a kitchen knife and stabbed the sleeping man multiple times in the back. He died shortly after.

She couldn't stay there anymore, her father had massive debts in the town. She took her little sister and ran away, leaving a burning castle behind. The only thing they had other than the clothes they were wearing was a book with their fathers experiment notes. The two of them wandered the forest beyond the two for a few days when they were found hungry and sleeping by a dragon. Rosalia the Flower Dragon. She took them in and was like a mother to the two. Of course Frederica being the older one of them was the first one to get the offer to study Flower Dragon Slayer Magic, but she refused it. She found science to be much more interesting and had little use for Magic at that point. So it was her sister Elizabeth who was learned Magic from Rosalia. They lived a fairly good life together, in the meantime Frederica learned Magic herself through the use of a Lacrima she herself created. She did so because she wanted to take on mercenary mission to help her little sister and ensure a better life for her.

But the peaceful lifestyle didn't last too long. One day Rosalia simply disappeared. While Frederica herself could deal with it, Elizabeth could not.

As such they started travelling, they traveled from town to town till they didn't hear about an incident where a Dragon had destroyed something.

With that information, the two sisters knew where they were going next.

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@Galenbeta: so the light dragon is lightspeed? pretty powerful i hope you wont get offended by this but why dont you make it lightspeed only in dragonforce mode?

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Doing legwork for Chronowolf because he can't copy/paste over the phone.

@ChronoWolf said:

  • Name: Elizabeth Frankenstein
  • Alias: Lizzy (by sister)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 12
  • Sexual Orientation: What's sex?
  • Race: Human, Mage, Dragon Slayer
  • Classification: First Generation Dragon Slayer
  • Alignament: Cute neutral


The simplest way to describe Elizabeth is with the word caring. She loves spending her time outside, in the forest, surrounded by wildlife. She loves the smells of flowers and the sounds the animals make. She loves taking care of hurt animals and damaged flowers. It brings joy to her innocent heart. She seems completely oblivious to the cruelty and dangers of life, despite her sisters occupation as a mercenery. AS far as she's concerned, life is sun and rainbows for everyone. That idea is not easy to get out of her head as even the gloomies people are touched by the light that is Elizabeth, taking away all their thoughts.

While her cheerfullness and kindness attract attention to Elizabeth she is not that fond of it. She is rather shy and doesn't like talking to people who aren't her sister. She tends to avoid discussions and is bad at voicing her opinions. She also tends to blush whenever someone asks her something, even if it's as simple as asking her for the time. While she seems like a sweet child, which Elizabeth actually is, unless her sister orders her to do something she will most likely ignore orders if she deems them not fun.

There aren't that many things that can anger Elizabeth, the only thing fitting that category being her sister getting hurt. However, there is almost an infinite amount of things that make her happy. It can be a simple thing as a butterfly flying past her, a cat purring within hearin distance, or just the sight of her sister smiling, a very rare occurance.


Elizabeth is of average hight for a twelve year old girl. She is pretty thin, but she doesn't exactly eat much so it's not that strange.Her hair is the thing she get's thr most compliments towards. It is medium length and blond, with some people comparing to pure gold. Her eyes are grass green, and there is nothing special or distinctive about them.

Elizabeth's clothes aren't that special either. Like most little girls she likes wearing dresses. Her most common outfit is a white dress and a blue apron, with a pink ribbon tied around her waist. She wears black stockings and tall brown boots. She likes to wear a pink ribbon, matching the one around her waist, as hair decoration.

There is one thing Elizabehth never leaves without. That would be a small doll with strings tied to it's limbs so that it could be manipulated like a marionette. It was a gift from Rosalia and Elizabeth named it Flora. She likes it almost as much as she likes her sister and she often talks to it as if it was a human being.

Powers and abilities:

Elisabeth is a 1st generation Dragon Slayer and her magic is Flower dragon slayer magic. It is not very combat oriented, and is more the magic of supporters, used for healing, buffs/debuffs and manipulation, but she is not without offensive capabilities.

Her spells are as follows:

Flower Dragon's Roar - Befitting her cute and whimsical nature, Elizabeth fires a rainbow-colored beem from her mouth. On the ground that the beam passes above flowers start growing. However, that doesn't make the beam harmless. In fact, it burns and has a pricking sensation, as if someone is sticking rose thorns into your body.

Sunflower staff - Elizabeth makes a sunflower appear in her hand. The flower has only two uses. the first one is to gather sunlight and fire a beam at a target. The longer the sunflower was exposed to the sun, the stronger the beam gets. The other use is to produce light, the light being stronger the longer it was exposed to sunlight, kind of killing the point of needing light to be produced in the first place. Elizabeth mostly uses it for the second reason.

Camellia Sasanqua - A pink flower appears infront of anyone Elizabeth wants and acts as a shield. The shield blocks attacks both physical and mental with the same effectivnes.

Rosa Canina - A small flower sprouts out of the ground at any locations Elizabeth wants. Whoever holds the flower will instead of pain feel pleasure, and instead of being hurt, will be healed. However, the flower works the other way around, as well.

Rose Scent - A rose appears in Elizabeth's hand. The scent that it radiates will make anyone who sells it to be infatuated with any other person Elizabeth wants. The infatuation s purely platonic of course, because Elizabeth does not know of any other form of love. She can freelly manipulate where the scent goes and can make it surround a single person or fill an entire room.

Bittersweat Scent - A Solanum Dulcamara aka bittersweet flower appears in Elizabeths hand. The scent that it radiates will make anyone who smells it be unable to tell anything but the truth and only the truth.She can freelly manipulate where the scent goes and can make it surround a single person or fill an entire room.

Chrysanthemum Indicum - A Chrysanthemum flower appears in Elizabeths hand. Any two people that Elizabeth wants share a single stant such as speed, streangth, durability etc. The spell can be broken by Elizabeth droping the flower or simply decidedng that it's no longer needed.

There is more, but since I'm too lazy right now (read: can't remember/think of more right now) I will just edit them in later.4


Elizabeth doesn't remember much about her past, probably because she is still a very young child. She doesn't remember her mother, for she died when Elizabeth was still extremely young. She remembers living with in a big castle and that her father was a scientist and that for some reason frederica didn't like him. She remembers Frederica crying a lot and coming to Elizabeth, who seemed to be the only person that could cheer her up.

And then she remembers being woken up by her sister one night. Frederica told Elizabeth that they had to leave, that she alreaddy packed all the bagsElizabeth'sr still sleeping mind didn't have any questions so she followed her sister. it was much later that she found out that something happened to her father. Elizabeth knew that it couldn't have been anything good since they had to leave town and she is ashamed to say to this day, that she felt a slight tingle of joy that he wouldn't make her big sister cry anymore.

It wasn't long before the two sisters met Rosalia, the flower dragon.She was their foster mother and Elizabeth loved her very much. Even Frederica seemed to like her. rosalia ofered the two sister training in magic, but Frederica refused. On the other hand, Elizabeth was all to glad to learn it because "flowers are pretty". She trained long and hard, but not too hard and Lizzy enjoyed it. She injoyed the life over theier. Whenever she wasn't training, she was running around and helping hurt animals throough the use of her magic.

But the tame spent there quickly ended. The day of the disappearnce came and Elizabeth was crying. She herself couldn't tell how much or how long. It might have been hours, or it might have been days. And for a change, Frederica came to cheer her up. She promised to find Rosalia with her so the two set of. They waled all over, going from village to city to city, seeking information on Rosalia and the other dragons. In the meantime, Frederica became a mercenery doing jobs so she could bring food on the table. However, sometimes she would just look herself up in a room and read a book. Still, Elizabeth wasn't houngry even then, for the townspeople, charmed by her innicenc, would give her food and money, not to mention that she doesn't eat much anyway.

The last thing they heard is that a dragon was spotted somewhere and they decided that that place would be the best place to look for clues on Rosalia.

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Heads up i decided to change Lucero's look from Vali to Minato

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@Galenbeta: Minato Namikaze or the awesome Minato?

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@SamJaz: The awesome Yellow Flash Minato Namikaze

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You mean the sucky Minato from Naruto. That Minato from Naruto sucks.

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@SamJaz: Yeah, he's nothing compared to Minato Arisoto. Or even his less awesome counterpart, Minato Arisato.

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@ChronoWolf: The former bears a shocking resemblance to Simon.

Just look at that blood running down the right side of his face. Tell me you don't see the resemblance.

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@SamJaz: I... Suppose.

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@ChronoWolf: I'm pretty sure he spent the majority of that fic bleeding.

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@SamJaz: At least 51%, yes. But that just made him look more badass. Especially when he fought against the Nyxists without any spirit power and had to rely on Johnny's rewind ability.

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@ChronoWolf: I'm pretty sure that entire sequence was the inspiration for Cole, if not then some homestuck character.

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@SamJaz: That's exactly what I thought as I read it. The part about Coleen at least.

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@ChronoWolf: I should probably recreate that with her at some point.

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@SamJaz: Nah. Leave that piece of awesomeness where it belongs.

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@ChronoWolf: I guess. So, feel like posting in something awesome?

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@SamJaz: It's exactly 00:00. So no.

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@ChronoWolf: Gasp.

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