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Name: Kiro Shinra

Age: 14

Powers: Dragon Slayer of Time/Gears, Can freeze time for up to five secconds, can use the normal dragon slayer roar which slows enemies, and other dragon slayer abilities.

height: 5 ft. 1 in.

weight: 92 lbs.


Kiro was raised by a dragon named Chronaf. Chronaf taught Kiro his magic and everything he could about life. Kiro's parents died when he was a baby...by the hands of a dragon. The dragon had two companions one who agreed with his hatred for humans and one who disagreed. When Kiro's parents were killed the one who disagreed took Kiro and raised him. Kiro was devastated though when his beloved master and father left on the day 7/7/7. He wondered everywhere looking for him becoming increasingly less involved in his social life losing his ability to communicate well with others. One day he heard the news of a attack on a wizard guild...The attack was done by a dragon. Kiro is now on his way there to find out if it has anything to do with Chronaf.


Being a wizard and dragon slayer of time Kiro is slightly obsessed with gears and clock works. He even possess a sword made of gears and trinkets! He tinkers constantly and has even made some inventions most notable a bike in which the wheels spin when he spins a gear on the handles. Some of his spells even include using some inventions.


Roar of the Time Dragon-Dispels a wave of energy slowing down time around his enemy (lasts up to fifteen seconds)

Claws of the Time Dragon-Gains a pare of gear like blade in which he uses has hand weapons

Clockwork Fields-A spell where the ground (in a circumference of about fifteen feet) become a giant clock spin fingers attack the enemy at high speeds

Time Freeze-Can freeze time for up to five seconds.

Clockwork Tail of the Time Dragon-his feet gain boot made entirely of gears which he whips around in a type of break dancing style

Clockwork Blade-A sword made entirely of gears and razors

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@aephon: this if the first character and i was wondering can my chracter behost to dragon

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@Galenbeta: yes but you have this uniquely meaning nobody else ask for this

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@aephon: alright

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@aephon: is he the same kind of dragon slayer as the ones from fairy tail?

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@othus12: yes he is for the RP

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@aephon: how is he in battle he seems more like support. so does he have attacks that hurt people because he doesn't seem like a threat alone.

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@ninja2170: He could always punch you while you move at crawl speed....

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The Ruby dragon slayer

Name: akane hoshi

age: 15

height: 140cm

weight: 37kg


Roar of the Ruby Dragon: a whirlwind mixed up with sharp Ruby stones

Carmesi Armor: she envelops herself in a flexible armor of Ruby

Wings of the Ruby Dragon: she can attach wings to her armor in order to jump higher or do some damage

wealthy carpet: akane summons sharp pillars of ruby from the ground in a linear form

weapon form: akane can make weapons made of ruby.


when akane enters dragonforce not only she becomes stronger but all he abilities amp up. this mode lasts for a few minutes

-her ruby evolves into crimson ruby which is indestructible

-she can turn any other mineral into ruby

-her skin turns into a crimson ruby armor


Akane was raised by Netsuraga the Ruby Dragon, he was the only living being she ever spoke with until the age of 13, akane learned Dragonslayer magic since 4 and she has shown to be naturally gifted in the way of magic. when she arrived to Fiore she went to look for a Guild called Fairy tail due to instructions of Netsuraga but she never found it. perhaps it was due to her timid nature of asking for things. so in the end she got lost and began traveling as a wanderer, little she knew that her adventure was only beggining....

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name: Igneous Colloid

Age: 18


magma dragon slayer magic: with this element he can use the earths crust to create as well as replenish his magma there is a limit to what he can eat but through training he can ration his magic also through training he can harden and melt his magma at his will and use them as well as incorporate his magma with hand 2 hand combat to increase there power.

magma dragon eruption: he forces the magma to expand in his stomach and it spouts out his mouth with great quantity and force.

magma dragon rock fist: he covers his hands in magma then hardens it which increases the force of his fist while protecting them.

magma dragon magma ball: he gathers magma in his hand and throws them like snow balls.

magma dragon armor: he releases magma from all over covering his body then hardens it like armor.

magma dragon make: he creates different objects or weapons mostly sculptures which are a complement to his adept art skills

demons eye: a vast amount of Magic Power is released.

telekinesis:A type of Magic that allows its user to move and take control of things with their mind

height: 6 ft. 1 in.

weight: 180 lbs.


raised by Kota the dragon. after his parents were sentenced to death for mass murder and being a friend of Iggy's parents Kota raised the child like a brother the older he got the more they argued and reviled each other but had a close relationship to the point where if a dragon attacked his brother he would defend him earning him respect among dragons and his brother. And once 7/7/7 happened he trained his hardest everyday to keep his mind from thinking the worse until his hearing of a dragon attack which he hesitated but forced his self to go.

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Lucero the Light Dragon Slayer

Name : Lucero Albion

Age: 20

Alignment Good

Dragon Slayer Magic: Light


He was rejected by both his parents from when he was a little boy. He wandered aimlessley until a dragon named Albion found him onthe brink or death. The dragon decided to raise the boy as his own. He was trained in the art of Dragon Slayer Magic. One day he had a Lacrima put in him by Albion making him a Third Generation Dragon Slayer. Albion was different from most dragons. He taught Lucero light magic not white magic. Albion said" It's a rare abillity he developed when he was young. Lucero then took the last name Albion since he felt the dragon was his true father. His real patents tried to take him back being he was now a dragon slayer but he denied them and went the y tried by force he obliterated them. Albion was amazed at how much the samll boy grew into a young man. Then 7/7/7 happened but instead of vanishing Albion imbedded himself in Lucero.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Light Dragon Slayer Magic This magic allows Lucius to generate light from his body and hislungs. Allowing him to increase his strength, speed, and defense.The light is far stronger then any other Light Magic. It even allows him to move at lightspeed and in dragon force h can move at 10x lightspeed. It can burn less then a second and disinegrates anything pass five seconds. Light Dragon Slayers can generate, bend, transfer, disperse, scatter and/or generally manipulate light to various degrees, making this branch of Dragon Slayer Magic a very versatile one.

The magic also allows him to manipultae light from outside sources. Consuming light with special magic properties can enhance his power and dragon force teorarily. Lights like that of eclispes, moon light and su light them self.

List of spells

Light Dragon Roar: By roraing a blast of light comes out his mouth. Mostly a destructive move but can be made for a more piercing damage.

Light Dragon Concealment: Able to make himself invisble and even make himself intangible with this technique. It can also bend light to create illusions.

Light Dragon Force: Enter Dragon Force with light, dragon foorce increases his stats to match that of an actual dragon.

Light Dragon: Sacred Fist: Covers his fist(s) in solid light increase the power in his hands.

Light Dragon: Sacred Kick: Like his fist, he covers his feet with light to enhance the damage of his kick. He can also use this technique to his speed for a short amount of time.

Light Dragon: Tail Whip: By covering his feet, he spinns on the floor and creats multiply streams of light that whip everybody and everything around him. It can also be used as a defense.

Light Dragon: Wing Attack: Covering his arms, he can release long whips of light towards the oppoents infront of him. Works well with a large group of people.

Light Dragon: Joust Horn: He surrounds his body with light, charges towards his oppoents and headbutts his oppoents stomachs. If his oppoents not strong enough, he can go right through them.

Light Dragon: Shining Bomb: He summons light into a ball above his head. The more he waits, the more powerful it is. When it hits his oppoent, it will cause a massive explision and will leave a auroa for 5 seconds.

Light Dragon: Heavens Pillars: Lucius summons a tower of light above his body or anywhere in his sight. He can summon more then one.

Light Dragon Mental Light: Makes him immune to pyschic attacks.

Dragon Slayer Secret Art

Healing Light: Using light from an outside source and intense concentration he can heal himself completely.

Juggernaut Dragon Force: By merging his power with Albion's is dragon force gets increased tenfold.

Light Make : He can create whatever comes to mind out of light. He can solidify the light or keep it in energy form. His creations can even move on thier own.

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@aephon: how do you like m chacter

his powers aren't finished yet

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@ninja2170: He has many attack which include more then time you could say he is also the dragon slayer of gears or technology

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I liked him better then the other one for sure!@Galenbeta:

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@aephon: Can we have two dragon slayers of the same element?....... Galen and I had the same idea......

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@AnimeDefender: who created one first and talk to eachother you would have to have been trained by the same dragon if so...@Galenbeta:

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@aephon: He did post first..... I am still finishing mine...... Plus, our dragon parents are different.........

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@AnimeDefender: I would have to say no then I think you can come up with something new just try

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@aephon: *Looks at everyone elses Slayer* I call dibs on ice!!!!

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@AnimeDefender: perfect that will be fine! lol

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