Dragon slayer Igneous (Bio)

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name: Igneous Colloid

Age: 18


magma dragon slayer magic: with this element he can use the earths crust to create as well as replenish his magma there is a limit to what he can eat but through training he can ration his magic also through training he can harden and melt his magma at his will and use them as well as incorporate his magma with hand 2 hand combat to increase there power.

magma dragon eruption: he forces the magma to expand in his stomach and it spouts out his mouth with great quantity and force.

magma dragon rock fist: he covers his hands in magma then hardens it which increases the force of his fist while protecting them.

magma dragon magma ball: he gathers magma in his hand and throws them like snow balls.

magma dragon armor: he releases magma from all over covering his body then hardens it like armor.

magma dragon make: he creates different objects or weapons mostly sculptures which are a complement to his adept art skills

demons eye

height: 6 ft. 1 in.

weight: 180 lbs.


raised by kota the dragon. after his parents were sentenced to death for mass murder and being a friend of Iggy's parents kota raised the child like a brother the older he got the more they argued and reviled each other but had a close relationship to the point where if a dragon attacked his brother he would defend him earning him respect among dragons and his brother. And once 7/7/7 happened he trained his hardest everyday to keep his mind from thinking the worse until his hearing of a dragon attack which he hesitated but forced his self to go.

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