Dragon Slayer Frankenstein, Elizabeth

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  • Name: Elizabeth Frankenstein
  • Alias: Lizzy (by sister)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 12
  • Sexual Orientation: What's sex?
  • Race: Human, Mage, Dragon Slayer
  • Classification: First Generation Dragon Slayer
  • Alignament: Cute neutral


The simplest way to describe Elizabeth is with the word caring. She loves spending her time outside, in the forest, surrounded by wildlife. She loves the smells of flowers and the sounds the animals make. She loves taking care of hurt animals and damaged flowers. It brings joy to her innocent heart. She seems completely oblivious to the cruelty and dangers of life, despite her sisters occupation as a mercenery. AS far as she's concerned, life is sun and rainbows for everyone. That idea is not easy to get out of her head as even the gloomies people are touched by the light that is Elizabeth, taking away all their thoughts.

While her cheerfullness and kindness attract attention to Elizabeth she is not that fond of it. She is rather shy and doesn't like talking to people who aren't her sister. She tends to avoid discussions and is bad at voicing her opinions. She also tends to blush whenever someone asks her something, even if it's as simple as asking her for the time. While she seems like a sweet child, which Elizabeth actually is, unless her sister orders her to do something she will most likely ignore orders if she deems them not fun.

There aren't that many things that can anger Elizabeth, the only thing fitting that category being her sister getting hurt. However, there is almost an infinite amount of things that make her happy. It can be a simple thing as a butterfly flying past her, a cat purring within hearin distance, or just the sight of her sister smiling, a very rare occurance.


Elizabeth is of average hight for a twelve year old girl. She is pretty thin, but she doesn't exactly eat much so it's not that strange.Her hair is the thing she get's thr most compliments towards. It is medium length and blond, with some people comparing to pure gold. Her eyes are grass green, and there is nothing special or distinctive about them.

Elizabeth's clothes aren't that special either. Like most little girls she likes wearing dresses. Her most common outfit is a white dress and a blue apron, with a pink ribbon tied around her waist. She wears black stockings and tall brown boots. She likes to wear a pink ribbon, matching the one around her waist, as hair decoration.

There is one thing Elizabehth never leaves without. That would be a small doll with strings tied to it's limbs so that it could be manipulated like a marionette. It was a gift from Rosalia and Elizabeth named it Flora. She likes it almost as much as she likes her sister and she often talks to it as if it was a human being.

Powers and abilities:

Elisabeth is a 1st generation Dragon Slayer and her magic is Flower dragon slayer magic. It is not very combat oriented, and is more the magic of supporters, used for healing, buffs/debuffs and manipulation, but she is not without offensive capabilities.

Her spells are as follows:

Flower Dragon's Roar - Befitting her cute and whimsical nature, Elizabeth fires a rainbow-colored beem from her mouth. On the ground that the beam passes above flowers start growing. However, that doesn't make the beam harmless. In fact, it burns and has a pricking sensation, as if someone is sticking rose thorns into your body.

Sunflower staff - Elizabeth makes a sunflower appear in her hand. The flower has only two uses. the first one is to gather sunlight and fire a beam at a target. The longer the sunflower was exposed to the sun, the stronger the beam gets. The other use is to produce light, the light being stronger the longer it was exposed to sunlight, kind of killing the point of needing light to be produced in the first place. Elizabeth mostly uses it for the second reason.

Camellia Sasanqua - A pink flower appears infront of anyone Elizabeth wants and acts as a shield. The shield blocks attacks both physical and mental with the same effectivnes.

Rosa Canina - A small flower sprouts out of the ground at any locations Elizabeth wants. Whoever holds the flower will instead of pain feel pleasure, and instead of being hurt, will be healed. However, the flower works the other way around, as well.

Rose Scent - A rose appears in Elizabeth's hand. The scent that it radiates will make anyone who sells it to be infatuated with any other person Elizabeth wants. The infatuation s purely platonic of course, because Elizabeth does not know of any other form of love. She can freelly manipulate where the scent goes and can make it surround a single person or fill an entire room.

Bittersweat Scent - A Solanum Dulcamara aka bittersweet flower appears in Elizabeths hand. The scent that it radiates will make anyone who smells it be unable to tell anything but the truth and only the truth.She can freelly manipulate where the scent goes and can make it surround a single person or fill an entire room.

Chrysanthemum Indicum - A Chrysanthemum flower appears in Elizabeths hand. Any two people that Elizabeth wants share a single stant such as speed, streangth, durability etc. The spell can be broken by Elizabeth droping the flower or simply decidedng that it's no longer needed.

Lavandula Angustifolia - A small lavender flower sprouts put of the ground at any point Elizabeth wants. Whoever hols the flower gains a boost to their regeneration.

Tulip's blessing - A tulip appears in Elizabeth's hand. The flowerhead glows for a second and anyone Elizabeth wants gets healed. A single tulip has three uses before another one needs to be made. A single use completely heals minor wounds and stops bleeding from more serious wounds, at the same time numbing pain.

Pollen infirmitas - A large area is filled with pollen. The pollen drains strength from all the people inside of the area, however, Elizabeth can make exceptions. The longer you are inside the area the weaker you become, but the effects are nullified if you leave it.

Scent of Narcissus - A flower commonly known as Narcissus appears in Lizzy's hand. The scent that that flower radiates brings happines to anyone who smells it. All selfestime issues are resolved and problems seem non-existant to the person as long as it has itself. However, prolongd exposure to the scent can make a person cruel and twisted, eventually even making them deel great disappointment in the world for not being as great as them. At that point powerful depresssion strikes and the person will gain a sudden urge to get away from this world which they start to see pitifull, and are quite likely to attemp to commit suicide.

Thorn Blanket - Elizabeth makes rose thorns grow out of an object, inflicting pain on anyone who dares touch it.

Odor Debilitatio - A bouquet of flower appears in Lizzy's hand. The scent that it radiates makes anyone who smells it suddenly lose control of their muscles, paralyzing them. Elizabeth can freely manipulate where the scent goes and can make it fill an entire room or surround a single person.

Horto Fregrance - A large garden of flowers, all kinds of flwers, blooms in a large area. The combined scent of the flowers is so strong, so beautiful, that it provokes illusions in other people. They see their greates desires and nothing but. There are a rare few who could withstand the scent even for a minute before the illusions come, and the only one who is entirely safe would be Elizabeth herself. Elizabeth doesn't have perfect control over this scent as it is actually a combination of many, and as such she is reluctant to use it, since it would affect her sister as well.

Floral Cannon - A large flowerhead appears before Elizabeth and fires a powefull beam of energy, causing far more destruction then you would expect from someone like Lizzy.

Floral barrage - six to twelve normal-sized flowers appear floating around Elizabeth, firing beams of energy in any direction Elizabeth wants.

There might be more... probably most likely won't be, but there is an extremely small chance that there will.


Elizabeth doesn't remember much about her past, probably because she is still a very young child. She doesn't remember her mother, for she died when Elizabeth was still extremely young. She remembers living with in a big castle and that her father was a scientist and that for some reason frederica didn't like him. She remembers Frederica crying a lot and coming to Elizabeth, who seemed to be the only person that could cheer her up.

And then she remembers being woken up by her sister one night. Frederica told Elizabeth that they had to leave, that she alreaddy packed all the bagsElizabeth'sr still sleeping mind didn't have any questions so she followed her sister. it was much later that she found out that something happened to her father. Elizabeth knew that it couldn't have been anything good since they had to leave town and she is ashamed to say to this day, that she felt a slight tingle of joy that he wouldn't make her big sister cry anymore.

It wasn't long before the two sisters met Rosalia, the flower dragon.She was their foster mother and Elizabeth loved her very much. Even Frederica seemed to like her. rosalia ofered the two sister training in magic, but Frederica refused. On the other hand, Elizabeth was all to glad to learn it because "flowers are pretty". She trained long and hard, but not too hard and Lizzy enjoyed it. She injoyed the life over theier. Whenever she wasn't training, she was running around and helping hurt animals throough the use of her magic.

But the tame spent there quickly ended. The day of the disappearnce came and Elizabeth was crying. She herself couldn't tell how much or how long. It might have been hours, or it might have been days. And for a change, Frederica came to cheer her up. She promised to find Rosalia with her so the two set of. They waled all over, going from village to city to city, seeking information on Rosalia and the other dragons. In the meantime, Frederica became a mercenery doing jobs so she could bring food on the table. However, sometimes she would just look herself up in a room and read a book. Still, Elizabeth wasn't houngry even then, for the townspeople, charmed by her innicenc, would give her food and money, not to mention that she doesn't eat much anyway.

The last thing they heard is that a dragon was spotted somewhere and they decided that that place would be the best place to look for clues on Rosalia.

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Hi sis!

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@Fehafare: Onee-chan! You came! Now where's my birthday gift?

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*slaps her slightly on the back of the head*

How many times have i told you not to call me that?

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@Fehafare: *Seemingly unfazed by the slap* About onebillionsevenhoundredthirtytwomillioneighthoudredeightyonethousandfivehoundredeleven times onee-chan.

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Sigh... when will your learn.

*Gives little sis a hug*

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Perrrrrrfect I love it Now we Can finally start!

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@aephon: Speaking of which Aephon.

Would it be okay for the two of us to have Unison Raid?

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@aephon said:

Perrrrrrfect I love it Now we Can finally start!

awwwww yeaaaa

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finally a support character that is what we need, im a defensive type so i hope we get along!

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@Fehafare: of course!

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@othus12: What can I say, I prefer support roles unless I'm playing MMOs. I see no reason not to get along. As long as you don't call Elizabeth Lizzy, that is. That's a nickname reserved just for Frederica.

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