Dragon Slayer Akane

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The Ruby dragon slayer

Name: akane hoshi

age: 15

height: 140cm

weight: 37kg


Roar of the Ruby Dragon: a whirlwind mixed up with sharp Ruby stones

Carmesi Armor: she envelops herself in a flexible armor of Ruby

Wings of the Ruby Dragon: she can attach wings to her armor in order to jump higher or do some damage

wealthy carpet: akane summons sharp pillars of ruby from the ground in a linear form

weapon form: akane can make weapons made of ruby.


when akane enters dragonforce not only she becomes stronger but all he abilities amp up. this mode lasts for a few minutes

-her ruby evolves into crimson ruby which is indestructible

-she can turn any other mineral into ruby

-her skin turns into a crimson ruby armor


Akane was raised by Netsuraga the Ruby Dragon, he was the only living being she ever spoke with until the age of 13, akane learned Dragonslayer magic since 4 and she has shown to be naturally gifted in the way of magic. when she arrived to Fiore she went to look for a Guild called Fairy tail due to instructions of Netsuraga but she never found it. perhaps it was due to her timid nature of asking for things. so in the end she got lost and began traveling as a wanderer, little she knew that her adventure was only beggining....

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@othus12: I like the idea but like I said on ninja's I told you in previous comments to do this below my bio....otherwise I enjoyed it

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@aephon: thanks im gonna post it below yours

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