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The evil alt of Kashif1

Real name: Vlad

Wt: 200 lbs

Ht; 6'5"

Real Age: 2011

Appearance: An aged, pale man with a white beard and white hair

Power Level: 4

Alignment: Lawful evil


Perhaps the most powerful Vampire of all, he was born on the day the common era began. No one knows who his sire was, or if he even had one but within a hundred years he had risen as a force to be reckoned with. His action were what made the vampire a permanent resident in mortal myth.

His first servant had been the grand daughter of a titan, Medea. He found that he rather enjoyed breaking her will, it was long and difficult but that was what made it enjoyable.

His next target was the most powerful business woman in the Mediterranean, a woman named Carmilla. He had been artful in how he killed her, leaving her alone and in despair before he came and took her life.

He had transformed many common girls in his time, he gave them to his servants, these commoners would keep the castle in order and attend to the needs of his servants.

He tried to be good once, he had taken the name Vlad Tepes and had by his own estimation been a good king. But his violent heart had shown through and he had been given the name the impaler. He was forever remembered as a hero by his people but he knew that he was not the leader they needed.

He took others as servants, women who had made their reputations as warriors, as merchants and as murderers. Perhaps the most famous being Elizabeth Báthory, a woman who had his taste for blood. She willingly transformed and became his true bride.

The greatest shock for him in his long years within the castle was when Carmilla escaped. For the first time in a thousand years she had shown willpower and ran. Leaving behind a stake in her master's heart.

To Be Continued


He is strong, the highest he has ever tested was nearly 30 tons of ruble from the collapse of his castle in 1709.

He is fast, not to the point of teleporting but very close

His senses are strong, he can see further than a hawk, hear better than a cat, and smell better than a dog

He has honed his skill with the blade over his 2 thousand years.

He can regenerate from any wound given enough time

He can transform into any beast he desires

He can resist the power of the Sun, of religious symbols and of garlic

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