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The evil alt of Kashif1

Real name: Vlad

Wt: 200 lbs

Ht; 6'5"

Real Age: 2011

Appearance: An aged, pale man with a white beard and white hair

Power Level: 4

Alignment: Lawful evil


Perhaps the most powerful Vampire of all, he was born on the day the common era began. No one knows who his sire was, or if he even had one but within a hundred years he had risen as a force to be reckoned with. His action were what made the vampire a permanent resident in mortal myth.

His first servant had been the grand daughter of a titan, Medea. He found that he rather enjoyed breaking her will, it was long and difficult but that was what made it enjoyable.

His next target was the most powerful business woman in the Mediterranean, a woman named Carmilla. He had been artful in how he killed her, leaving her alone and in despair before he came and took her life.

He had transformed many common girls in his time, he gave them to his servants, these commoners would keep the castle in order and attend to the needs of his servants.

He tried to be good once, he had taken the name Vlad Tepes and had by his own estimation been a good king. But his violent heart had shown through and he had been given the name the impaler. He was forever remembered as a hero by his people but he knew that he was not the leader they needed.

He took others as servants, women who had made their reputations as warriors, as merchants and as murderers. Perhaps the most famous being Elizabeth Báthory, a woman who had his taste for blood. She willingly transformed and became his true bride.

The greatest shock for him in his long years within the castle was when Carmilla escaped. For the first time in a thousand years she had shown willpower and ran. Leaving behind a stake in her master's heart.

To Be Continued


He is strong, the highest he has ever tested was nearly 30 tons of ruble from the collapse of his castle in 1709.

He is fast, not to the point of teleporting but very close

His senses are strong, he can see further than a hawk, hear better than a cat, and smell better than a dog

He has honed his skill with the blade over his 2 thousand years.

He can regenerate from any wound given enough time

He can transform into any beast he desires

He can also turn into a fine mist

He can resist the power of the Sun, of religious symbols and of garlic

His abilities with Black Magic, the magic of demons, is peerless.


Wt: 160 lbs

Ht; 5'11"

Real Age: 2400

Appearance: An extremely pale woman with long dark hair

Power Level: 4

Alignment: True Neutral

Life in myth

(As taken from Encyclopedia Mythica)

Medea was a devotee of the goddess Hecate, and one of the great sorceresses of the ancient world. She was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, and the granddaughter of Helios, the sun god.

King Aeetes' most valuable possession was a golden ram's fleece. When Jason and the crew of the Argo arrived at Colchis seeking the Golden Fleece, Aeetes was unwilling to relinquish it and set Jason a series of seemingly impossible tasks as the price of obtaining it. Medea fell in love with Jason and agreed to use her magic to help him, in return for Jason's promise to marry her.

Jason fled in the Argo after obtaining the golden fleece, taking Medea and her younger brother, Absyrtis, with him. King Aeetes pursued them. In order to delay the pursuit, Medea killed her brother and cut his body into pieces, scattering the parts behind the ship. The pursuers had to stop and collect Absyrtis' dismembered body in order to give it proper burial, and so Jason, Medea and the Argonauts escaped.

After the Argo returned safely to Iolcus, Jason's home, Medea continued using her sorcery. She restored the youth of Jason's aged father, Aeson, by cutting his throat and filling his body with a magical potion. She then offered to do the same for Pelias the king of Iolcus who had usurped Aeson's throne. She tricked Pelias' daughters into killing him, but left the corpse without any youth-restoring potion.

After the murder of Pelias, Jason and Medea had to flee Iolcus; they settled next in Corinth. There Medea bore Jason two children before Jason forsook her in order to marry the daughter of Creon, the king of Corinth. Medea got revenge for Jason's desertion by killing the new bride with a poisoned robe and crown which burned the flesh from her body; King Creon died as well when he tried to embrace his dying daughter. Medea fled Corinth in a chariot, drawn by winged dragons, which belonged to her grandfather Helios. She took with her the bodies of her two children, whom she had murdered in order to give Jason further pain.

Medea then took refuge with Aegeus, the old king of Athens, having promised him that she would use her magic to enable him to have more children. She married Aegeus and bore him a son, Medus. But Aegeus had another son, Theseus. When Theseus returned to Athens, Medea tried to trick her husband into poisoning him. She was unsuccessful, and had to flee Athens, taking Medus with her. After leaving Athens, Medus became king of the country which was later called Media.

Life after myth

Having managed to secure her legacy Medea did the natural thing a woman her age would do, died. But she did not descend to Hades, instead her aunt caught her. That was her punishment, while her children had all earned Elysium she herself would never be allowed in the underworld. Still Circe's island was by no means a bad place to spend eternity, from there she could practice sorcery and watch the growth of her son's empire.

But over the centuries even that grew tiresome, eventually she decided to go back down to the mortal world. She found herself fascinated at the changes the world had gone through since the gods had left. And then she met Vlad...

Powers and equipment

At one time the sun would have strengthened her considerably, however because she is also a vampire the contradiction between those two components has taken that advantage from her. She is however completely protected from the sun and any solar based attacks.

The contradiction between her sources of power has also affected her healing and durability. What she essentially has is true immortality, she cannot die under any circumstance and she can heal from any wound, its just that her healing is so slow that it does not amount to anything in combat.

She still has her talents with herbs and potions as well as one incredibly draining attack she can use where she concentrates solar energy stored within her and releases it.

Her main source of power is her weaponry which she has aquired through raiding ancient greek tombs and temples, they include

  • Apollo's bow- While she can't use its full powers she can channel the power of the sun through it, merely wielding it causes a quiver with an endless supply of arrows to appear on her back. At its absolute most powerful it can destroy a city block.
  • The golden fleece- Something she stole with great glee, it can deflect most attacks but is not very large, Medea wears it on her shoulders like a cape
  • The Hermes's winged sandals- She had them converted into boots, they allow her to fly and run very quickly, their full power lets her go to supersonic speeds but her brain can't process information fast enough to match so she is generally much slower.
  • The Pelian Spear- once the weapon of Achilles, it had been created by Hephaestus and polished by Athena
  • Cap of Invisibility- the cap once worn by Perseus, it allows her to turn invisible should she need to run
  • Artemis's hunting knives- twin knives of silver that can cut through nearly everything.
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@Count_Dracula:I'll tell you something curious.

Gerad in his bios had killed Dracula once

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@Asune:That is troublesome, the link in your minibio is broken, could you like me to his bio and I'll see if I can make our accounts match

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@kashif1: Naaa, that's no necessary, Gerad states that as long as people had imagination fiction will be countless, thus there are many Draculas, he killed just one of those.

Besides that Dracula had an spear that empowered with its own blood, and was able to became intangible and phase through walls

Also I haven't yet wrote all that, I just post that he killed one of the many Draculas, all the other will be updated in its bios, but I'll fix Gerad's link anyway xD

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Now we can have the fight we all have been waiting for The Count vs Dracula:P

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@Dahlia_Magenta: So true. LOL

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began work on medea's bio, its been long overdue

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@Count_Dracula: i really wanted you to post that bio, thanks

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