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Hi! :D I'm from Comicvine. New here, but I heard it had a RPG forum and I came running! xD I'm using the same character I use on CV because I like him a lot, hope that doesn't muck anything up.

Title: Dr. Noah Octavius
Age: 26  
Sex: Male
Nationality: Australian
Current Home/Living space: Large three-story home in Boston. However, he has several extra areas, including a 'hideout' on a Island off the coast land of South America, which he uses when conducting anything scientifically 'helpful' to himself (AKA building a weapon, robots, or anything else of that matter).
IQ: 199
Height: 5'10 (When E-1 is in dormant mode), 7'1 (When E-1 is in active mode) 
Weight: 176 pounds
Family: Isabella (Mother), Sophia ( Younger Sister), E-1 (Creation, considers it a brother). 
Noah Octavius was born in 1986 in Sydney, Australia, where he started his interest in biology. His family was quite wealthy, but he wasn't brought up well. His mother was dislocated from him, often going weeks without seeing him due to her busy life on business trips. He in the man time spent his money so he could participate in diving as a hobby, exploring the underwater world and meeting it's creatures. One day, however, he got to friendly with an eel that bit three of his fingers off. This left a semi-deep mental wound in his subconscious. When he reached the age of fourteen, he was given the book "Frankenstein" to read by a fellow student (potentially out of pity, for he often stayed away from others in the classroom of his school). He read it and became obsessed with improving the idea of creating life (this could of been a more complex and delayed version of creating an "imaginary friend", though he obviously never got over it like most children). He began experimenting on several creatures that were within his reach (his main basis was upon jellyfish and starfish). 
He continued this experimenting up to becoming the age of 24, all the time before becoming more distanced from the rest of humanity to the point he isolated himself on an private island just for his research. He had created an prototype of what he thought his creation
Noah Octavius
Noah Octavius
would more than likely be, a almost liquid substance made up of microscopic devices working in a similar way to cells. The machines couldn't be activated until they recieved an energy supplement they could base themselves upon (essentially they needed to be fed), in which case he used his injured hand. In his theory, the substance would form around his hand, consume it, and then replace it. The creation would then not need any other energy, and would work effectively well within his entire lifespan. Within a fully controlled environment, he released the substance on to his hand. It painfully consumed the hand, and successfully replaced it. However, it wasn't complete with it's process. The cells had apparently used the energy to become more than sentient, but intelligent. It sent Noah mental images to communicate. For a couple of hours, he just sat in the room he had made for the experiment mumbling to himself like a madman. This was him communicating with the creature, both vocally and mentally. He began to teach it commands, and tricks, as if it were a pet. Eventually he became unable to remove it willingly, and hasn't removed it since. He left the room and, after a bit more of this
 E-1 in Active-Mode
 E-1 in Active-Mode
social interaction and development of the creature, went back to his normal life. He, over a couple of years, made several other successful inventions, becoming richer and much more likable. However, one day he someone from a competing company (presumably) had sent a group of thugs to his home in Boston to vandalize it. He awoke, but he wasn't in control. The creature (Now he declared it "E-1") had formed a sort of monstrous suit around his body, involuntarily frightening the thugs away. Noah later did a few more experiments involving E-1, until he managed to control these transformations. This same incident, however, reopened his emotional wounds, making him almost go insane. He managed to stay sane enough to use the suit to help him deal with such dangers in his life. He burned a building of the competitor he personally found most likely responsible for the thugs to the ground, and on the way stole some plans for new devices, working them into his own and advancing his career. He now continues with this ideal, often robbing banks or stealing experiments from other competitors or even governments. He's found that allies are often good things to make when living by this ideal, and often makes deals with criminal organizations.


E-1 is the entity he created and bonded to himself. It has given him several abilities, dividing itself into two sub-factors, Dormant and Active. When Dormant, it gives Noah a slight healing factor, and small increase in physical senses, and a good mood. When active, it forms a bullet-proof "suit" around him. It has a strength level at excess of 10-tons, high dexterity, appendage-like tendrils, the ability to turn it's limbs into other shapes (I.E. bladed weapons), the ability to climb walls at ease, and amazing senses. It also seems to slowly evolve in certain situations if given time to do so.
Weakness's- E-1 has it's limits when it comes to protection and use.
  • Intense heat can cause E-1's robotic cells to "die" at a rapid rate. These cells will flake off in large amounts, looking like sand.
  • Sonic/EMP technology disrupts E-1. They can't directly shut it down, since it doesn't use electricity as a main power source, but it can disrupt the functions of the cells and cause E-1 to tremor. If used continuously, it can cause the suit to revert to a dormant state.
  •  The suit doesn't protect against Radiation unless given time to adapt against it.
  • Electrical attacks can cause similar affects to the use of intense heat, the only difference being that E-1 may go into a sort of seizure if it hasn't adapted against electricity. This only negates the seizure, not the heat.  
  • E-1 cannot become physically stronger or faster. It is stuck in it's current levels in those regards.
  • If Noah sends E-1's tendrils too far out, the suit will begin to revert off his body to extend the mass in the tendrils, usually starting at Noah's feet.
  • E-1 may refuse orders mid-battle if it has gone through too much punishment, and in turn override Noah's body and attempt to retreat.
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