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Name: Dojima Kiryu

Age: 35

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Hair color: Blonde (Brown after using his ability)

Eye color: Blue (Brown after using his ability)

Nationality: English-American

Aliases: None

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Race: Half Human Half Demon

Place of Birth: London,England

Place of re-birth: America


Dojima is a tall and slender middle-aged man who always dresses formally. Dojima is very good looking with his facial features and nice slick hair that make him look 10 years younger than he really is, thus making him very popular with the ladies. Dojima sports an all purple suit with a tie that has a demonic design that usually results in stares at his work. Once Dojima uses his Demon Coating his hair is changed from blonde yo brown and his eyes change brown as well.


Dojima can be classified as borderline psychotic, when around people Dojima acts like a hard and diligent worker, keeping to himself all the time. Dojima has no real friends, no remaining family, and no real reputation, despite this Dojima has a wonderful love life; dating women's severed hands. His erotic fetish for humans hands causes him to stay in hiding and become anti-social. Because of his anti-social behavior Dojima is known are being a extremely boring guy around the office and among the actual women he used to date. Dojima even made an effort to not stick out even at work or during his school days, choosing to come in third place in every sport he used to play, meeting deadlines at work around the same time as everyone else, and even refusing promotions. Despite this, Dojima is a very intelligent and successful man, scoring an I.Q of 213 while in his senior year of high school and owning his own house at the young age of 24 and then buying a beach house only a year later. Dojima does not want any children but instead wishes to have a harem of hands from the most beautiful people, when Dojima was 15 years old he went on a class trip to a museum where he saw a picture of the Mona Lisa, there he fell in love, with her hands, even claiming to wanting to make love to them, because of this fascination few even wished to go near Dojima. While at home Dojima's hobbies consist of cooking and cutting the fingernails of his severed hands and collecting their nail clippings, he uses these clippings to measure his chances of a successful kill, he measures this by clipping the nails of his latest victim and and earlier victim, he then compares the lengths of the two clippings and if his most recent kill has nails that are longer or the same length as his previous kill that means his chances of not getting caught are great, however if the clipping is shorter that means that he is sure to get caught, if that happens Dojima will wait until the two nails grow back to regular size and then try again. Dojima's life long dream is to bring acceptance of his fetish to the world and to get rid of the entire male population, then he will be able to achieve his dream of a true harem. Dojima's main method of killing is seducing women to his home and then brutally stabbing them to death with his prized knife, after that he would chop of both hands and get rid of the body in his incinerator that he keeps in his back yard. He keeps his 'girlfriends' inside his coat pocket, taking them on dates, making out with them and among other things. When the hand begins to rot and stink Dojima will 'dump' them and burn them before going out to hook up with another one. Dojima even talks to the hands as if they were real women, usually giving them the personalities of the women he killed, Dojima himself usually has to fight to urge to cheat on his girlfriend with another hand, therefore Dojima kills only one woman at a time, at least until he can get his harem. Of course even Dojima knows that what he does is viewed as wrong to most, because of that he will stop at nothing to keep his true identity a secret, if someone starts to become suspicious and talk about him or finds out about him he will stop at noting to erase that person and anyone that person has made contact with. When not killing Dojima likes to watch horror movies, polish his gun, and listen to opera. For as long ans he can remember, Dojima had always idolized villains rather than heroes.


Back in 1893 Dojima was a infamous killer in London, following in the footsteps of his hero, Jack the ripper. He was only known as The Hand and his true identity was unknown to the public. Dojima idolized Jack the ripper from a very young age, he found the whole idea of committing the worst crime and forever being on a adrenaline inducing chase exciting, and to be able to get that kind of reputation was great. When Dojima turned 18 years old, he decided that he would attempt to revive the fear that jack the ripper had brought upon London, so Dojima decided that he would start by killing his own family, his mother, his father, his little sister, and even the family dog. They were all brutally stabbed to death in their sleep, the bodies were so badly mutilated that photos were banned from the public eye. For the next 3 years Dojima succeeded in making a name for himself by killing woman and taking their hands the men he killed were stabbed brutally but their hands were intact.Dojima had succeeded in striking fear into the heart of London until one night he was caught in the act by patrolling officers while in the middle of disposing the body of a young woman, when Dojima attempted to run he was shot and killed, once his identity was revealed the town was mortified, surprisingly the the young man who had been striking fear into the hearts of everyone for the last 3 years was the pride and joy of the richest family in London, Dojima was well like around the town, although he kept to himself he was kind to everyone and very popular with the woman, this incident became know as The Great Upset of 1896, as Dojima himself was just accepted into the city's most prestigious university and had a bright future in the medical field.

To Hell and Back

Dojima slowly opened his eyes as he could smell what he thought was burning flesh, no, he was sure of it, he could never forget that smell. "Where am I?" Dojima thought he was killed, he felt the hot lead twisting through his body as he fell to the cold, dark floor, Dojima opened his eye and looked around, he was mortified, he was surrounded by mutilated and burned bodies, in fact he was laying on a pile of them. Dojima jumped up and screamed, Dojima then he heard laughter coming from behind, he looked behind him to see the butchered bodies of his family pointing and laughing at him, the raspy voice of his mother spoke "Why are you so scared, Dojima? This is all your handy work!" Dojima looked around, they were right, Dojima could recognize every single face of the people he killed, "My...handy work, I did all this by myself?" Dojima's voice started to shake. "That's right, you little demon!" Dojima's mother yelled "You did this, you did this to the people who loved yo-"

"Hahahahahaha! Incredible, I did it! I achieved my dream! I bet non of you thought I could do it! So this is supposed to be Hell or something!? This is heaven! To be eternally surrounded by your dream, your art, your hard work! This is truly great!" Just then a huge clocked figure appeared behind Dojima and spoke to him in a loud and dominant voice,

"You, Dojima Kiryu, you are the dark soul I have wanted to use for so long! You wish to continue your work, don't you? Why stop here, why not achieve your dream? Give me the souls I desire and I will give you the power you need to realize this dream, you will be born again, however. This means you will have to life life from birth, however I shall make sure you are born without parents, after all, you are a son of Satan now."

Dojima starred at who he believed was the devil himself, "So let me get this straight, Satan is asking me, out of all the souls in Hell if he wants a second chance to do what he was doing in the first place only more easier? Who would say no?! Give the power I desire! I wont disappoint, I don't care what your plans are, or why you chose me, but I wont look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Very Well... Go my demon spawn, live the dream, live MY dream!"

Dojima felt an incredible surge of power come over him and he began to ascend into a bright light above him, as Dojima looked down he could see the hands of the dammed reach up in vain to grab and drag him back down, Dojima smiled "A new era is upon this world..." And so Dojima was reborn and began his silent assault on the world

Powers and abilities

Dojima has the ability to transform into a demonic being, giving him all sorts of enhancements, such as super strength, allowing Dojima to life up to 80 tons and rip through steel like butter, as well as super speed, allowing Dojima to move at near super sonic speeds. Dojima's primary ability while in this form is bomb/explosion creation and manipulation, allowing him to completely get rid of people making him the perfect killer as he can leave no evidence.Dojima's primary bombs are actually booby traps, he touches a cohesive object (doorknobs, coins, even living bodies) and charges it. When someone touches it, the energy will be conducted into it, creating an internal explosion that completely disintegrates the target. On occasion, he will charge an object not to conduct explosive energy, but simply to explode when he finds the time to be right. This explosion will harm anything it touches, Dojima can even charge his own fist, creating explosive punches to increase damage (These explosion do not harm Dojima.) Dojima can also charge coins or other small objects and throw them to create long rang explosions. Dojima utilize his control over air and produce invisible air bombs. Although even Dojima himself can not see the bomb, he is skilled in determining its trajectory using basic mathematical skills, however whatever the bomb touches it will disintegrate, the bomb itself is the size of a basketball, so it will leave a basket ball shaped hole in whatever it touches, if Dojima wishes, he can blow up the bomb causing a explosion with a blast radius of only 5 feet but with the same properties. The down side of this move is that Dojima can only create one air-bomb at a time, and he must pay attention to it at all times as even he can be hurt by it, therefor if the wind blows in his direction he will blow up the bomb for fear the wind will push the air back at him. One can see where the bomb is by spraying water, sand or anything to cause it to give away it's location as it eats anything in it's way, thus if it is raining one can tell where the bomb is by the patches in the rain.

Blood rockets: Dojima makes a rocket of bloodshoot brom his feet allowing him to fly, this blood comes from the dammed in Hell.

Hell Tank:

This secondary bomb is normally contained within Dojima's left hand. It is a completely autonomous bomb with unlimited range, looking like a tank-treaded ball with a fox-skull face. Its method is to seek out whatever the warmest thing in the vicinity is, then induce an explosion there, with a power proportional to the energy of whatever it makes contact with. The hell tank is nearly invincible being able to blow up as many times as Dojima wants and withstand attacks that can even shatter diamond, however the weakness to this is that just like the air bomb, Dojima can only use this one at a time, not only this but smart opponents can trick the bomb by creating a larger heat source, the bomb will automatically chase it down until it finds a great source of heat, Dojima himself can not control the bomb except to call it back, meaning the bomb can attack him as well. Because of this Dojima makes sure not to exert himself too much in his battles.

One More Day:

This bomb grants Dojima a tertiary bomb. This bomb is actually a distinct, miniaturized form of Dojima in his Demonic form, which normally stays with someone who knows Dojimas secrets. If someone tries to interrogate that person about Dojima, the tertiary bomb will enter their field of vision, get into their eye that way, and induce an explosion. Until Dojima finds out who the bomb killed, he lets a brief temporal loop occur to one hour or day earlier. Even if the victim doesn't ask questions this time around, One More Day will still kill them. Only if Dojima is confident about who died will he let time flow normally. Still, if he has to protect himself right away (he can't maintain more than one potential bomb at a time), he will dispel the bomb. In all three cases, internal explosions can potentially completely disintegrate the victim. This bomb allows Dojima to potentially never be caught, however once time flows normally all those killed by One More Day are brought back to life, of course this give Dojima a chance to kill again with more caution. One More day can only be used once a week.

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We now have a new villain. :)

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Wow, cool character!! :D Haha, so he's popular with the ladies eh? ;P

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@UsachanMaN: Very popular, would you like to let him take one of your female character on a date, although it might be a different date than usual.

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@Dojima_Kiryu: ....Your sick dude just sick XD He reminds of Christian Bale's character in American Psycho

One problem I have is I didn't understand One More Day but may be because of me being a bit slow and its early for me :)

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@Dojima_Kiryu: Very nice love his psychotic personality. The Union of Seven will definitely be keeping a close eye on his movements:)
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@Dojima_Kiryu said:

@UsachanMaN: Very popular, would you like to let him take one of your female character on a date, although it might be a different date than usual.

Oh yea? I was kinda thinking of making my new RP character a dude tho :P (if I come back to Rping that is XD)

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@Dojima_Kiryu: Seeing this character makes me want create a villain myself to add variety; I have a few ideas that I been tossing around one of the being a possible Broly+Akuma+Bane like character. Someone who is a Bruiser/Tank/Powerhouse villain but is as intelligent as he is strong.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: You want another ND?

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Actually I already see Crow and Captain Sho as villains already because they are rebels against the order of things:P
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@Sonata: Yeah they are for now because they have refused to register at least Crow didn't I can't speak for Rio. So they can play fight heroes and villains while still being heroes themselves.

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Heck no, no offense to ND but I don't intend to create someone who would be super powerful but at the same time a master planner. So if you did eventual get through the plan they would curb stomp you into the ground. :P I would like to see more street based villains or at the most a street base villain who slowly rises to the top.

Like I said that was just one idea I was playing with I don't even know if I'll be able to make and play as a villain.

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