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Somewhere near Tokyo, on a hill, hidden deep inside a forest lays a temple. Around it are several villages, their population lives cut off from rest of the world and any modern technology. That is the Demon Hunter Organization, an alliance of several families focusing on the extermination of the unnatural. Though the willingness of the young members to stay there forever without leaving the ancient lifestyle varies and is certainly not always present, they all still respect the organization and have a certain amount of loyalty towards it. While the temple is already enough protected by the sea of trees around it, the steep hill as well as the river cutting it off from the main forest, that would still not protect it's secret from the inventions of the modern time. For that purpose the entire complex is protected with various charms and seals, making it impossible for any normal human or any technological device to find or locate the temple. Despite the apparent sleepiness of the villages, the life and people in the were rather active. Actually, right now dozens of scouts were returning to the temple in the middle of the complex, which served as a main base of operations. The reason the scouts were sent out in the first place was a disturbance felt in Tokyo. Various report confirmed the source to be a Tengu-like God, though the newest reports had little to do with the God himself. In fact the current discussion that caused many urgent meetings wasn't about the Tengu Lord, but about what was left after his death, a forest blooming in the middle of Tokyo. While it was something more for the local authorities to take care of, the Demon Hunter Organization was still concerned because the origin of the forest was supernatural and as such demanded further examination. Even though the Organization did not directly react to the appearance of Arashi, they were still somehow involved in his extermination. It was one of their members who was there when he appeared and that member in fact fought the Tengu and with the help of two other unknown combatants brought the God down to his knees.

That same member was now climbing the stairs, taking countless steps, towards the center of the HQ. It was Alice Fujinn and she was on her way towards the small shrine next to the temple. The members there dedicated their entire life to healing and medicine. When one looked at her it was obvious what she wanted there. Her left arm was hanging from her shoulder, the only motion present was the swinging with each step taken, she also had a very deep cut just below her eye. When she arrives at the shrine she doesn't even have to make a request and two men in robes take care of her in an instant. A herb leaf with various signs written on it is pressed against her left shoulder and it slips through her skin like it was water that poured onto dry ground. Her arm regains movement just a moment after. The other man takes care of the ugly scar in her face, he needs nothing more than a swift swipe with two of his fingers over her cheek to make it completely disappear. She heads out of the shrine starts walking towards her own village.

Just as she stepped out of the temple, a silver flash crosses her field of vision. It was the tip of a katana, with a slash aimed at Alice's chest. It was an attack with the intent to kill, it would cut Alice in half from shoulder to hip. But the blade never makes contact with her. In one fluid motion Alice makes the reserve knife hidden inside her fame arm fall out and uses it to block the strike. With a strong step forward she throws he attacker of balance and pushes the blade to the side. Using her other hand she punches her enemy's chest. The katana falls to the ground and so does it's wielder. The person coughs rapidly while trying to get up and Alice takes a better look at him. "Ayano? Is that you? How many times have i told you to stop those idiotic ambushes, i'll kill you one day.". The attacker turned out to be a girl going by the name of Ayano Kisaragi. She was younger than Alice with long black hair, she was from a sub-family serving the Fujinns for many years. Though she was young, she was very ambitious as she has made her goal to defeat Alice in combat. They were rivals since they were children, or so thought Ayano as that rivalry was rather one-sided and Alice never acknowledge her only fueling the younger's rage and desire to beat her. Alice walks past her without paying any attention to the cries that were leaving her mouth over the pain of a few broken ribs.

After more than an hour of walking Alice reaches her village. Beyond the main village itself was a Japanese styled mansion on a small hill. It was surrounded by a bamboo forest and the moon revealed a narrow path leading to it. That was Alice's home.

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