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Delma Battle-Cox Weight: 275

Height: 7’1”

Age: 28

Appearance: pale skin, amber eyes, muscular build, and long, unkempt black hair.

Delma Battle-Cox tries as hard as she can to cover her face. She always has a hood up and her hair is always in her face. She only puts her hood down and pulls back her hair when she has to fight. Her ultimate goal is to save people in danger. She works sort of as a vigilante, but never kills anyone unless there’s no other option. A few of the people she has saved have snuck a glance at her face. A long scar runs all the way down the right side of her forehead and her right cheek, and keeps going down her neck and shoulder. No one has seen where the scar actually stops. She barely talks to anyone. Before anyone can thank her for saving their life, she runs away, as long as they’re safe.

Powers: Delma doesn’t have any supernatural powers. She’s completely human, but in peak physical condition. She’s fast, smart, and most importantly, very strong. She’s an amazing fighter and can carry hurt and unconscious people to safety. Her pain tolerance is high. She can shoot a gun, throw a knife, and swing an axe extremely well, but she usually chooses not to use any weapons. Unless she’s fighting supernatural beings.

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Cool Bio, flesh it out a bit!

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Wow she would be an excellent center for basketball. Nice start to the bio.
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@SacrificialLove18: Nicely done on your character, just flesh it out a bit. And possibly add a picture or two of her?


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