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"So that's him huh?", a black silhouette of a large man asked as he stared into a flat holographic screen. "Yes, that's him. That's your target", another black silhouette responded, but this one was more shadowy with menacing red eyes that held an intense glow. Emerging from the shadows, Newdeath revealed an interesting new attire and appearance. His flawless raven hair had grown to near waist-lengths, he now wore black clothing underneath an intimidating red samurai-like armor and a pair of black gloves. And finally, he carried a war fan and his Abysmal Sword with him. And his eyes, his demonic crimson eyes, they looked even more sinister and intense than before. It seems as though the era for war is nearly upon us. "You are to earn his trust and well.. you know the rest", the infamous tyrant smirked as the other man emerged from the shadows. The man was now a ridiculously loyal Tako. Tako was the former guardian of the Shizen Beast that is now in Newdeath's possession. Tako was a very talented Chikara and a master energy manipulator. He was a very tall, muscular dark-skinned man with a plethora of different swords. "Yes. I understand sir", Tako replied respectfully as he knelt before The Boss. "Now go. I'll meet you there soon", nefarious Newdeath smirked as Tako leaped into action and departed. Looking back at the holographic screen, Newdeath said just above a whisper in a sadistic tone, "After this.. you'll wish it was Zella and not me Crow", the notorious super-villain said before the screen disappeared and he too departed Kiseki Island.

The sky was much darker than usual this month. This is because of the recent celestial alignment. It will be here for quite a while and it exponentially enhances the power of all Kisekians. Newdeath himself plans to use this power to his advantage in his approaching master plan. Looking up at the sky and breathing in deeply, The Genius couldn't take his consuming crimson eyes off of the Sun. The Earth's main sequence star has taken a different appearance due to the celestial alignment, it was red and looked strikingly similar to a Kurimuzon Eye due to the numerous patterns on its surface. "Only few Kurimuzon users have ever experienced this kind of power", Newdeath murmured as flew across the sky in a unique futuristic aircraft. In the meantime, Tako had already arrived at the discussed destination. And as he roamed through the dense Amazon forest, the husky Tako heard some rustling near his area. Though he'd usually dismiss it as a mere animal, he detected a massive energy signature in the area, this couldn't be from anything normal. Turning around, he spotted a young man dressed like a cowboy. Still hidden by the large leaves and trees, Tako smiled a little as he kept his thoughts from turning into speech, "So this is Crow. This was easier than I thought". Before he could even attempt to telepathically speak to his master Newdeath, the ruthless warlord jumped down from the trees and mercilessly kicked Tako in the gut, sending him flying in Crow's direction. Hitting a tree right beside Crow, Tako struggled to get to his feet, "He didn't have to hit me that hard", Tako thought, rubbing his gut in pain.

Walking further into the rain forest, The Last Emperor spotted none other than an individual he detests so strongly. "Crow!", The King said, focusing his eyes on the gunslinger. Was he attempting to trap the lightning manipulator in yet another illusion like last time when they first met in Jewel's Bar? Apparently not. Quickly unsheathing his Abysmal Sword, Newdeath held it tightly as the sword's blade instantly radiated a white flame. "No!", Tako shouted as he jumped in front of Crow, falling victim to Newdeath's wave of intense white fire. Though he had saved Crow, Tako had sustained severe burn marks. "You can't protect him from me. Against ND, death is certain", the master manipulator warned. Tako however, put up a great performance. "You villains disgust me. Thinking you can do whatever you want. I'll put you in your place", Tako mocked. However, just as he was about to attack once again, Newdeath halted as something began to beep. "Well, it seems I have more important things to deal with. But just so I don't have to look for you two clowns when I return..", The Genius said as he used his space-time related abilities in conjunction with his teleportation to shoot a colossal invisible wave at both heroes. This wave would almost instantly send them to a remote forest far from civilization, a forest that Newdeath claims to know every inch of. In a matter of seconds, the tyrant had disappeared, leaving the two heroes on their own. However, as he boarded his aircraft, he smirked, "Don't let me down Tako".


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Bang! Bang! Bang! “Damn so close!” Bang! Gun shots echoed though the Amazon rain forest as two men chased each other in hopes of capturing the other. One man was a criminal who hunted the animals of the forest and sold them to poachers, dealers, and drug companies the other was a hero whose goal was to capture the scum that plague the world and make a good buck at the same time. The criminal was Claude Van Decken “The Hunter” he wore a leopard fur cloak over a khaki shirt along with khaki pants and boots made from snake skin, Claude had slick black hair that matched his black eyes and a small goatee under his chin he was a rather built man standing at an imposing height of 6’11 and 255 lbs (of nearly pure muscle), Claude had been known to go toe to toe with alligators, bears, and lions all for the thrill of the kill, The Hunter had a belt around his waist with several weapons that were meant for hunting the most dangerous game including a curved blade, daggers, a short spear, and in case of emergency a pistol in a holster at his waist along with a rifle strapped to his back. Some of The Hunter’s weapons were laced with a deadly dart frog toxin that would paralyze a victim leaving them prey for the Hunter’s other skills. The hero was the Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio, was dressed in his usual attire resembling a cowboy he had a small blue jacket that came halfway down his chest with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, the jacket had pockets on the front that contain various items, over a white t shirt. Crow had on black pants and black shoes that appeared to be cowboy boots the gunslinger also had a bullet belt and holster around his waist he had on his prized cowboy hat and the gift from Toni, a ribbon with a golden bell attached to it. Crow had a double edged knife in sheath that was located behind him on his waist and a grappling wire device on his left wrist that could be used with the knife. Crow had his custom indestructible revolver, Quicksilver, in his right hand as he moved though the rain forest with swiftness and agility chasing the Hunter. Crow was after Claude for his bounty that was supposes to be 5,000$ dollars Claude could care less about Crow he made a deal with someone very powerful just to get the Rail-gunner here.

Crow just come off his training with Valdimius and felt like Claude was a good first opponent to test his new abilities. The Thunderbolt Gunslinger had received anonymous information that Claude was here doing some poaching for some new dealers and this was the opportune time to get the Hunter. Crow was smiling as he hoped from branch to branch then the ground chasing after the poacher who appeared to be like a Tarzan in his natural environment. Crow was shooting at Claude but the trained hunter agility swinging though the rain forest plus the dense nature of the forest itself made it hard to hit. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The gunslinger loaded his gun using “The Trick” smiling “Man Claude you swing pretty good if I didn’t know any better I say you were try to get to Jane. This has been pretty good exercise but I think its time I ended this.” The Hunter turned around to address Crow’s insults but was shocked to see he isn’t there suddenly he turned back around his eyes widen the Rail-gun seemed to appear out of no where, in fact he actually used his electrical abilities to charge his legs and move faster than the hunter’s eyes could track, Crow’s hand surging with metallic blue electricity he sliced though the vine that Van Decken was holding causing him to fall to the ground. The Hunter recovered as he looked up to see a falling gunslinger aiming at him. Bang! Bang! The two bullets pierced though Claude’s shoulder and calf causing him to scream in agony. As Crow landed a device on The Hunter’s risk began to beep altering him that the mission was about to begin his services were no longer needed. Claude smirked at Crow reaching into a pack behind his back, “I’m sorry Cementerio but I have bigger game to hunt than you don’t worry though you have some big game to worry about as well.” With that the poacher tossed a small black pellet that exploded into a large purplish smoke screen.

The Thundering Cowboy jumped back thinking the cloud may be poisonous, it actually was just a simple smoke screen meant to blind the gunslinger and hide Claude as he escaped, once the cloud cleared Crow immediately brought his guard up. Damn I can’t believe I let that stupid smoke screen catch me off guard. Where is he? Where is he going to come from? Crow looked around hoping to spot the hunter but suddenly a noise interrupted him he looked up thinking that Claude was attacking from above. The Rail-gunslinger was shocked as not Claude but a dark toned, muscular, tall man fell from the canopy crashing in to a tree near Crow. “Dios mios!” Crow went to rush over to the man but was a second man quickly came down joining him the Last of the Gunslingers didn’t recognize the man at first but he caught a quick glimpse of the crimson red eyes that burned with the fires of hell and the intensity of a demon king, the man was the notorious villain Newdeath. Crow froze in his spot, he had learned a little about Newdeath while training with Vald, but The Boss appeared differently from the time the two encounter each other at Jewel’s Newdeath hear was longer and his outfit was different but one thing was still the same he still had those demonic crimson eyes expect now they had a evil more sinister intensity to them. Crow looked away from the eyes as he remember what happen last time he looked into them, despite the fact that he had trained with the Vald in order to defeat the deadly Influence, Crow still had the memories of their last encounter fresh in his head and was still terrified of this man, the gunslinger remembered back to where exactly laid him to the Amazon, trying to catch Claude Van Decken, and now this encounter with the one man he was truly afraid of Newdeath.

A Few Days Earlier

The Rail-gun was playing a game of pool by himself at his and Toni’s house/office the juke box was playing in the background; he was wearing current outfit just minus the jacket and weapons and the gunslinger was smiling as he waited for his girlfriend to get home from the grocery store any minute. Just as expected Toni walked in the door smiling cheerfully with his brown eyes and short pure white hair she was carrying a bag of needed groceries in one arm and an unfamiliar box in the other. “Crow-kun I’m hooommeee!” The Last Gunslinger sighed as he tosses the cue stick on the table and helped Toni taking the groceries “What is with the box Toni.” The gunslinger’s girl turned the juke box off as she placed the box on Crow’s desk “I don’t know but it was on the door step and it was address to you.” Crow opened the box and was a little surprise inside was papers and information about Claude Van Decken a bounty he has been after for the past few weeks. The notes said that Decken was in the Amazon looking for big game for his buyers and but Crow could not find a sender any where. This seemed incredible suspicious it could be a trap sent by Decken him self to kill the Lighting Shooter but on the other hand Decken has a good bounty that would pay the bills. Hmmm if it is a trap I should be able to take Decken but still this could be more to this.

Throwing caution to the wind Crow decided that he should catch the criminal no matter what he was a Gunslinger and he wasn’t worried about a silly trap set by some crazed hunter.

Present Time

Crow was practically rooted to the spot approaching the gunslinger and the man who fell from the tree, damn it not again I went though all that training to stop Newdeath and yet here I am unable to move unable to face him. Damn! Do something Crow keep moving don’t just stay still move forward face him this is what Valdimius put you though all the punishment for. FACE HM! Crow summoned some courage and stood up facing the Boss he held Quicksilver with both hands steadying himself as blue electricity started to arc from his body he was charging his signature attack Rail-gun. “Newdeath I don’t care about the rumors that say you are immortal we all got to do sometime and I am going to be the one to remove you from this world!” Newdeath silently removed his sword and held it firmly the blade began to radiate a white flame Crow braced himself, so this is how its going to be a face off with him good let see what is stronger his flames or my lightning! "No!" Suddenly the man that ND had knocked into a tree jumped up and got in the way of Newdeath’s white flames taking the attack and saving Crow from probably certain death. The gunslinger’s eyes widen as he rushed forward catching the man from falling back doing so discharged Rail-gun. The Influence mocked the two for their bravery, "You can't protect him from me. Against ND, death is certain" The man who saved Crow was badly burned but he still had strength to speak, “You villains disgust me. Thinking you can do whatever you want. I'll put you in your place" The Rail-gunner smirked at the man taunt, I don’t know this guy but I’m certain I would like him anyone who believes something like that is A OK in my book. Newdeath prepared to attack again and Crow was ready stepping out from behind the man ready to shoot at the notorious villain with his demon eyes but suddenly something starting beeping and Newdeath stopped. "Well, it seems I have more important things to deal with. But just so I don't have to look for you two clowns when I return.." Crow was determined not to let the villain get away, “Damn it Newdeath you ain’t getting away!” Bang! Bang! Bang! Crow shot at the villain aiming for his eyes and heart but apparently the Devil King had other plans an invisible blast strike both the Last Gunslinger and the other man.

The Electric Cowboy felt the ground leave his feet as he felt like he was being thrown though the air with tremendous speeds everything was spinning then suddenly Crow hit the ground with a thud. Crow stood up slowly feeling like he was going to be sick any moment. He looked around and was shocked not only was The Boss gone but also Crow was in a completely different location; no longer was he surrounded by the dense forest of the Amazon but now he was in an unfamiliar forest. “Dios mios! What the hell was that and where the hell are we?” Crow remember the man who saved him from the Beast’s flames Crow rushed over and noticed the painful looking burns. Crow wrapped the man injuries and put some ointment on them that would heal them a little, having brought medical supplies with him, once the man was wrapped up Crow up and pointed Quicksilver at the man. He was normally a trusting person and in this case where this man saved him he should be grateful but just encountering the villain ND he wasn’t willing to trust anyone just yet. “I’m sorry to do this to you amigo I am grateful for you saving me and I owe you one but there are some things I need to know first. Who are you? I assume you know that man who attacked us was Newdeath but how do you know him and why did he attack you? Do you know where we are? Why did you save me?” Crow had a lot of question that he wanted answers to but as he waited for his savior’s answers the Rail-gun was going over a few things in his head; why was Newdeath in the rain forest to begin with and why did he attack this man? More importantly what was so important that he left us like that? He said he didn’t want to go looking for else did that mean he is coming back for us, damn in that case I’ll be ready I’ll end that bastard here and now but…The gunslinger remembered Newdeath’s appearance; what was with his new look? What is going on?

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The gunslinger known as Crow was more courageous than he appeared. Usually, most so called heroes tremble in fear when standing before merciless Newdeath. His intense, unblinking crimson eyes could instill fear even in the hearts of the bravest men but today Crow was apparently beyond a mere man. The valiant cowboy stood his ground. And before being instantly teleported to another unknown forest, Crow took the opportunity to shoot the infamous tyrant. Calmly stepping more to his left, the bullets had missed the villain's eyes however, one of them struck his forehead and the other had pierced his lung. "That Crow is certainly a good shot", The Genius murmured as he bled from his wounds. Though they were painful, the bullets were not enough to truly injure him due to his peak-human durability. Physicality was not Newdeath's strongest quality. But soon within a few minutes, his bullet wounds had healed. Once he had boarded his aircraft, Newdeath was quick to activate it's cloaking mode, shielding it from any form of modern detection. "Choosing to let Crow go was but a small price to pay for what is about to come", Newdeath smirked, almost triumphantly. He had set his aircraft's course towards Telos City, a city in the United States that Crow and many other superheroes were familiar with. Newdeath had chosen the perfect day for this plan. Crow was not even in the same continent as Telos City and according to his sources, most of the city's different heroes were around the world with only a few of them present in the thriving metropolis. "They won't even suspect the true mastermind.. well except for a few sharp cookies", The King chuckled.

Finally arriving in Telos City, nefarious Newdeath was pleased. It was night time. Almost every single civilian was sound asleep. It was eerily silent. The night sky was flawlessly clear and the stars twinkled. The moon in particular had an altered appearance just like the Sun in recent times. The moon was blood red and it's surface displayed unique patterns that made it look identical to a Kurimuzon Eye. "It is time to start this slowly", Newdeath thought as he used the power of his magnificent eyes to conceal his presence. Landing his aircraft away from any eyes, Newdeath was being particularly careful by keeping the vehicle's cloaking field on so that it remains invisible to the eye and modern technology. "This is going to be remembered as a dark, very dark day in Telos City", The Last Emperor said to himself just above a whisper. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, his right eye began to generate a dimensional vortex. What was he intending to release into this world? From the vortex stepped out a colossal eighty foot demonic looking bull with glowing red eyes, long devil-like horns and countless large tails. The bull was the Shizen Beast that he had stolen from the Chikara people and soon placed under his control. Soon the vortex had closed. Chuckling to himself, The Genius used the combined power of his Shokan Tattoo and his Demon Kurimuzon to order the Shizen Beast to start a destructive rampage across Telos City. Because no country had any knowledge of the Shizen Beasts, it would be extremely difficult to blame the attack on anybody. Newdeath himself will deny any involvement, he will simply dismiss the attack as a random occurrence. The Shizen Beast's rampage was ruthless, bloody, violent and highly destructive. Many men, women and children died that night. Many of the city's great landmarks were destroyed, most of the city reduced to rubble. The screams of innocent people being slaughtered filled the air. Some people even wondered if this was a punishment from God Himself. But no, it was all Newdeath's doing. After decimating the city that many innocent people and several superheroes call home, Newdeath teleported the Shizen Beast back into his right eye's pocket dimension. "This will make it difficult for the heroes when I make my move", Newdeath smiled sadistically. Boarding his aircraft, the manipulative mastermind left the city, leaving no trace behind of his presence behind. But the Shizen Beast had left an unforgivable trace of bloodshed and destruction. That night will forever be remembered for it's sorrow, many deaths and the wasting of a beautiful metropolis.

Elsewhere, in the mysterious forest that Tako and Crow were lost in, the Lightning Shooter thanked Tako for his help and bravery against notorious Newdeath but he also didn't hesitate to ask him some key questions. First, Crow asked Tako for his identity. Still struggling to get to his feet, Tako managed to fight through the pain of the burn marks and politely answered Crow's question, "I am Tako. I come from an island near Japan. It's called Shishi Island. I am a hero from there and a former warrior of it's army", Tako said. "Hold on a second", Tako winced. Tapping into his energy manipulating powers, the Chikara warrior instantly healed his wounds and was now in perfect physical condition. "Ah! That's much better!", he smiled. Turning to look at Crow, the Last Gunslinger's next question referred to Newdeath's attack on the tall dark-skinned man. "Yeah, I know Newdeath, unfortunately. He attacked me because according to him, he knows of Shishi Island and heard that I'm it's greatest warrior. We from Shishi Island are called Chikara, we are energy manipulators. But I'm more skilled than the others. And because of that, Newdeath wants to capture me so that he can take control of me and make me part of his zombie army or something like that", Tako explained. Aware that Crow might not believe that he was an energy manipulator due to his suspicions, Tako quickly generated an energy ball from his palm, "See? You know, just so you don't think I'm bluffing about the whole energy thing", Tako joked with a light chuckle. Soon Crow asked if Tako knew of their location and why he saved him. "I honestly have no idea where we are. And as for why I saved you, why wouldn't I? It's what any decent person would try to do. I couldn't let that creep take another life. I'm a hero. It's my job to save and protect. Oh and not to seem rude cause I know you've got a lot of questions but I suggest we talk while we try to find a way outta here. So who're you?", Tako asked as he began to wander around the forest, signaling for Crow to tag along. In the meantime, far away from their location in Kiseki Island, Newdeath observed the entire situation through Tako's eyes by using the Shokan Tatto's mystical link. "So I see things are going along nicely. I'll spice things up in a bit", Newdeath chuckled on his throne, sending one of his Hybrid after Crow while Tako makes an award winning performance.


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Crow was quite impressed with Tako, the Shishi warrior and Chikara, little display of enegry manipulation not only healing his wounds but also generating a ball of energy in his palm but there was no need for that formality the Rail-gun believed him after all he was a lightning manipulator himself. Tako chuckled as he answers the rest of Crow’s questions. "I honestly have no idea where we are. And as for why I saved you, why wouldn't I? It's what any decent person would try to do. I couldn't let that creep take another life. I'm a hero. It's my job to save and protect. Oh and not to seem rude cause I know you've got a lot of questions but I suggest we talk while we try to find a way outta here. So who're you?" With that the Shishi energy manipulator began to journey into the mysterious forest signaling for the Last Gunslinger to follow. Crow caught up quickly as he spoke to Tako “My name is Crow Cementerio, some people call me The Rail-gun and others call me the Last Gunslinger. I am a bounty hunter who was after an animal poacher when…well you “drop” in on me.” The Gunslinger of Lightning laughed at his joke a little as he continue using a bit of speed and agility to bounce off the ground and the surrounding trees to get in front of Tako. “Apparently you and I have something in common as Newdeath wants to kill me too. I don’t know much about the man I encountered him at a bar some time ago and the experience was not good to me I only got a nibble of his powers and it was enough to shake me to my core. But there is something off about him this time when I saw him attacking you…he looks different and he is stronger somehow.” The gunslinger randomly took out a piece of paper and pen and drew a rough chibi version of Newdeath when he saw him at Jewel’s wearing a cloak and a conical hat showing the energy manipulator the doodle. The gunslinger then suddenly stopped in front of Tako halting the man in his tracks and stuck out his hand to the energy manipulator. “Gracias amigo for saving my life back there I owe you Tako of . As a Gunslinger my word is my bond and I never go back on my promise.” Crow smiled cheerfully his blue eyes staring in Tako’s as he offered his hand in friendship and alliance.

A normal person would still have been suspicious of Tako and the recent events and definitely wouldn’t be offering their hand in friendship so soon but Crow was not normal. He was more trusting than the normal person he life had taught him it was better to trust people than dwell on the negative besides Tako statement about being a hero and protecting people was enough for Crow to trust him. The Thundering Cowboy also it was his group to protect his friends in fact that is what he trained so hard with Valdimius and was determined to kill Newdeath to protect his friends from the Demon Eyes King. I don’t know this guy or anything about him but anyone who is willing to get in the way of Newdeath to protect someone else is okay in my books. Crow then looked around his hands on his hips as he tried to figure a way to go in this forest that The Boss had sent them. “I agree we should keep moving but at the same time we don’t know where we are or where to go. Maybe it would be best to wait for Newdeath because I doubt he is done with us.” Something doesn’t feel right apparently Newdeath desired Tako enough he attacked him like that and I know he hates and wants me, probably for the same reason putting me a zombie army of evil. If that is the case then why did he leave us? Why send us here specifically? “Tako I think we should stay here for a bit it may sound crazy but it could save our lives. Newdeath wouldn’t just send us to a random island without any reasoning he probably knows this island like the back of his evil hand. I would bet my a$$ to Zella that this place is rigged with all kinds of traps that he wants us to walk into. I say we stay here and wait for him talk him head on that what us heroes do right fight their enemies face to face. If we are going to move around I think we need a base of operation and keep track of where we are going and where we been. I say we make this our base or at least look for some water nearby where we can stop.” Suddenly the gunslinger drew Quicksilver and fired a shot into a nearby tree then holstered his gun all within a fraction of a second, maybe even the blink of an eye, one would need super vision see Crow’s movements drawing his gun. “There now we will be able to tell we have been here its like Hansel and Gretel bread crumbs but with bullets.” With that Crow laughed and began to look around not moving too far away from Tako just seeing if he can find a source of water. Despite healing himself Tako took a big hit from Newdeath. No body can recover from a hit that bad and just walk away from just because he did some energy manipulating. Crow smiled despite the fact that he was deep in hostel territory and had no clue where he was let alone whether the one man he feared as much as he hated would attack again, he kept his smile and retain a cool head. The Gunslinger of Lightning may usually have a carefree attitude but he was a perceptive and tactically sound fighter often considering all the little facts and details in battle. The gunslinger know of The Influence’s reputation as a calm collected manipulator able to out plan anybody and he was not trying to beat The Beast in a game of wits but he was going to make sure he survived this with his new ally Tako.

Meanwhile at Crow’s office/house

Toni Leone d’argento, the Last Gunslinger’s girlfriend and partner, sat on the couch in her pajamas her pure white hair pulled up in a messy pony tail as she watched the news. There was a breaking news story that was attacked and many lives were lost; no one knew who was responsible for the attack but the reports of survivors told of a giant beast that ravaged the metropolis which was home to some heroes. The attack left tremors that were felt all the way to Shingami City where Toni currently was, this was one of the things that woke her, the report told of hundreds of death, destruction like never seen before and how this was a tragic night in the city and the world’s history. The Ignition Witch held a picture of her and Crow they took at a recent carnival while on a mission it was one of the few pictures that contain the two of them where he was truly smiling. She whispered to herself in the dark watching tv ‘Please Crow be safe and come home in one piece.” She knew that Crow recently had a crisis of self and faith it was only training with someone he called Valdimius that her boyfriend began to return to his own self but she was worried that he was still thinking of the events that put him in that dark state and it wouldn’t take much for him to go back there.

Back in the

Crow was still looking around for a water source when the golden bell hanging from a pink ribbon, a gift from his girlfriend Toni, rang making him smile a little. Don’t worry Toni I’ll come back safe and sound. Suddenly a noise rustled in the trees making the gunslinger turn his head he had his hand on his indestructible revolver ready for whatever may attack them even if it was Newdeath himself again.

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The progress was exceptional. In the form of a menacing black silhouette with soulless glowing red eyes, Newdeath silently on his throne with a vaunted smirk. Chuckling to himself, nefarious Newdeath was truly impressed with the progress that Tako was making. Though he wasn't using the power of his Shokan Tattoo to retain complete control of Tako, he did use the mystical tattoo's power to influence and manipulate Tako. "Good.. Crow's guard has been lowered", The Genius celebrated calmly. However, before he could experience any more satisfaction by watching Crow suffer through Tako's eyes, Newdeath was approached by one of his elder advisers. "Sir, your plan involving Telos City, the Shizen Beast's attack.. it is on the news", the adviser informed, kneeling before his master. "Ah good. And I assume I'm not being suspected by anyone important. Maybe some small time heroes and neutrals may suspect me because I'm the only one resourceful enough to leave such an impact without being caught but.. I doubt it", Newdeath replied with eternal composure. "You are not suspected sir. That was all I was required to tell you", and without uttering another word, the adviser left the palace. "So I see that my actions have already been noticed. But it isn't important. What's done is done. Now.. time to see through Tako's eyes", Newdeath thought, using his Shokan Tattoo powers to link his mind with Tako's.

Meanwhile, in the mysterious dense forest, Tako conversed with his new acquaintance Crow. After the Last Gunslinger had introduced himself, Tako held his friendly smile as he replied, "Well nice to meet you Crow. You're right about that. We share a common enemy, a very dangerous one at that. I can tell you some stuff about Newdeath. I'm pretty sure the whole world knows he's a tyrant but he's a lot stronger than you think. With all his power, he's still not the kind to use it directly. He likes to mess with people, often mentally. He manipulates them and all that", Tako said as he cut down some trees and plants with an energy blade as he cleared the way. Overhearing Crow's question regarding The King's new appearance, Tako was quick to answer. "Oh that. That's easy to explain. Cause our islands are so close to each other, our people know a lot about them and vice versa. You see the Sun?", Tako asked, pointing at the Sun with his index finger. "See how it's all red and looks like Newdeath's eye? That's part of some weird celestial alignment that takes place from time to time and it enhances the power of Newdeath's people. That's why he looks stronger", however, as Tako explained, Crow stopped in his tracks and extended his hand. So it's a handshake he wants eh? Tako gladly shook his companion's hand, "You're welcome man. Any decent human being would've done the same thing", Tako smiled cheerfully. While the two heroes kept on moving deeper into the forest, Crow suggested that instead of searching for a way out, they should instead find a temporary base where they can wait for Newdeath to arrive so that they may battle him. "I guess you're right man. But I don't know where we should stay. Maybe there's some civilization here", Tako replied.

Soon, Crow in a display of athleticism and agility, maneuvered around the forest to get in front of Tako. "That's a good form you got there. But I can't move like that right now. Even though my wounds are healed, I can still feel the impact of that Newdeath hit", Tako joked. Without warning, a rustling sound began to emerge from the bushes and trees nearby. Crow had already noticed and was ready for whatever was stalking them. "Something's here!", Tako said, a little alarmed as his body began to radiate a blue flame-like aura of energy. He too was ready for combat. And from the bushes emerged a strange humanoid creature with two large venus fly-trap extensions that enveloped the creature's head and upper body. The extensions soon opened, revealing some human characteristics. The creature had yellow eyes and short green hair. It's body was separated in two colors, it had a white half and a black half. "Byoki!", Tako shouted, as the creature began to hiss menacingly. "Watch out Crow, these things are stronger than they look. It's one of Newdeath's monsters", Tako warned.


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From the bush emerge a strange humanoid like creature with a body that was half black and half white colored body sickening yellow eyes and green hair two venus fly trap like extensions enveloped its upper torso and head. Tako who seemed to know what this creature was alarmed Crow immediately “Byoki!” The disturbing creature began to hiss menacing as Crow looked over at the Chikara warrior, who was now radiating a blue flame like aura around his body, now actually sure what a Byoki was thinking it was some kind of adorable Pokémon and not the monster in front of them, “Watch out Crow, these things are stronger than they look. It’s one of Newdeath’s monsters.” The Thunderbolt Gunslinger’s hand was on Quicksilver ready to draw it at a moment notice ready for the Byoki attack. “Damn just like the evil bastard to send one of his pets after us instead of fighting us himself. It’s great to know this thing looks stronger than it looks Tako…because it looks pretty strong to begin with.” The Last Gunslinger smirked as he sarcastically joked with his new ally and friend. ‘Are you sure you are able to fight Tako? When I came across you Newdeath gave you a beating who knows what he did to you before hand; I can handle this Byoki thing.” I hope you are watching this Newdeath because I want you to see what you up against. You are no longer dealing with some third rate punk you are dealing with the Last Gunslinger. Crow body began to pump with a surge of adrenaline and fear but on the outside he had a wide smile on face like he was having fun in this terrible situation.

Crow drew Quicksilver in less than a blink of an eye and shot at the Boss’s Byoki shooting all six shots aimed right between Venus fly trap opening in between the monster’s eyes. The using the “The Trick” he loaded his gun with speeds not even trained eyes could detect his movements, the gunslinger made sure to load the indestructible revolver with a few of his Special rounds. The Gunslinger of Lightning then sent an electrical surge into his legs to increase his speed beyond that of a normal human he quickly launched himself at a tree and began to push off of them with a few series of lightning quick aerobatic and swift moves getting right behind the monster his gun pointing at the back of its head. “Tako go head take this thing head off!” Crow smirked hoping that he had confused the Byoki monster enough to give the energy manipulator an opening, Crow fired again but this no normal but Crow’s special Dragon rounds that fire a blast of 1000 degree fire blast the close range assault would hopefully send the plant looking creature ablaze. Shockingly the Byoki turned to face Crow its neck seemingly twisting horribly revealing that the bullets that Crow had shot at it earlier barely scratched it one bullet hole that was located just right to eye healed completely with in seconds’ right in front of the gunslinger. Crow’s eyes widen in horror and shock; what the hell is this thing, The Byoki ducked under the fire as spikes began to protrude from its Venus fly trap extensions then the spikes fired at incredible speeds at the gunslinger. Lucky for Crow projectiles were a bit of specialty of his; using his superior vision Crow could see every spike and could dodge them using his electrically enhanced speed. The onslaught of spikes forced Crow a few meters from Tako and behind a tree for cover; damn I should have known that a Newdeath’s plant monster would just turn carbon dioxide in oxygen. How am I supposed to beat this thing it healed from those bullet wounds like it was nothing? Crow called out to his Chikara ally “Hey Tako, amigos are you okay? Listen you said that your people know about ND right well got any tips how you kill these Byoki thing?”

The Rail-gun looked around the area it was currently littered with the Byoki’s spikes which were covered with of it deadly poison that was dissolving the and rotting everything around where it penetrated; trees were already dead and losing leafs and the grass died instantly leaving the ground looking decay and rotten. It’s a good thing I dodge those spikes this creature seems to produce a poison on something one scratch and I be pushing up daisy. Okay so getting close to this thing is out of the question. Before Crow could think of a plan anymore the Byoki began to create a deadly poison in its mouth and spit it in small bullet like projectiles at the tree where the gunslinger was hidden. The extremely acidic poison burned though the tree with ease causing it to fall but Crow was already on the move running towards the Demon Eye King’s monsters with his super electrical speed zig zagging in and out to dodge to “bullets”. Crow smiled as he aimed his revolver towards the bottom of the plant monster one of his Freeze rounds in the chamber of the gun. ‘If this thing is a plant than I think it time to get it the cold shoulder Tako!” Crow smirked at his joked as he fired the bullet which hit it mark taking affect immediately it began to freeze the monster from the bottom up in ice. Crow then covered his in metallic blue electrical energy which then extended a few feet from his hand. “La Lanza!” Then the gunslinger accelerated as much as he could without using Overcharged becoming a blue blur he sliced the lightning lance upwards cutting the Byoki perfectly in half vertically separating black half from the white. Crow smiled as he appeared on the other side of the Byoki panting a little his lightning lance discharging; “Now Tako finish this poor excuse for a weed off! Show Newdeath just what he is dealing with!” Crow smiled the two heroes battled the villain’s monster under the blood red moon bathing everything it’s a red light in the center of the moon symbols that mimicked the Boss’s deadly and infamous Kurimuzon Eyes like the Beast himself was watching these fight and everything.

Meanwhile outside the island that Tako and Crow were now on news of the attack on was on every news station, every channel, and every radio as the world began to learn more and more about the tragic attack. Heroes promise that they will find the villain and bring them to justice, police chiefs said that working with the heroes and finding who did this to be their top priority, mayors vowed that the day would be a day of mourning and remembrance for those who lost their lives and presidents declared war on the people who performed this attack. But even though that everyone wanted justice for this horrific attack on innocents lives not one person knew who had done it.

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Things were going quite well, Crow was trusting Tako like a loyal dog would its owner. However, the dynamic duo's encounter with the monstrous Byoki would put Crow to the test. This, Newdeath had to see. As the venomous creature hissed at Crow and his comrade, the Lightning Shooter was quick to reach for Quicksilver and was more than ready to defend himself against the Byoki. "Damn just like the evil bastard to send one of his pets after us instead of fighting us himself. It's great to know this thing looks stronger than it looks Tako...because it looks pretty strong to begin with", Crow said, replying to Tako's previous warning not to underestimate the Byoki. While Crow's joke did lighten the atmosphere a little, Tako took the encounter seriously. Possibly concerned that he might not be able to defeat the Byoki on his own, Crow asked Tako if he was physically fit enough to fight, remembering when Newdeath had thrashed the Chikara warrior. "I think I'm good enough to fight. But if I get then my wounds will reopen. I'll need some time to completely recover by gathering up some energy. In the meantime, hold off the Byoki will I charge up", Tako replied as the blue flame-like aura around him began to grow in size. This would be an excellent way to test Crow's abilities without having to use his own powers in combat, exerting himself for these kinds of tests was not something Newdeath would usually do.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Crow shot at the Byoki, aiming at the Venus fly trap opening that revealed its humanoid head. Enhancing himself with a precise surge of electricity, Crow acrobatically maneuvered around the beast with great speed and skill as he landed behind the Byoki and was now pointing the gun at the back of its head. But would that really kill a creature designed to be so difficult to deal with permanently? "Tako go ahead take this thing's head off!", Crow said with content however, unfortunately Tako was not yet done charging up. "Sorry Crow, almost there. I just need a little more time to power up a little more", Tako replied, wincing in slight pain. Meanwhile, Crow shot the Byoki with a flame-like attack however, the Byoki was quick to turn in a rather disturbing manner, revealing that Crow's initial attack hardly affected it. The fire that Crow had shot narrowly missed the Byoki as it instinctively ducked under the fire. Without a moment to spare, the creature shot the spikes of its Venus fly trap extensions at Crow, it was at the moment the only threat it recognized because Tako was not attacking it yet. Unfortunately however, Crow's supervision was simply too flawless and coupled with his electrically enhanced speed, the Last Gunslinger managed to dodge the plethora of spikes that would no doubt poisoned him. Finding some cover behind a tree as some spikes were still being shot, Crow called out for Tako, "Hey Tako, amigos are you okay? Listen you said that your people know about ND right well got any tips how you kill these Byoki thing?", Crow asked. Before he could answer his ally's question though, Tako spotted the incoming spikes and instantly erected a spherical energy shield around himself, causing the spikes to bounce off it. "That was close", he thought. "Yes there is one way. The Byoki are not very durable, they can just regenerate from nearly anything. You have to vaporize them with a powerful enough blast", a charging Tako replied, answering Crow's question.

Along with Crow, Tako took the time to take a look at the forest and noticed that the scattered spikes shot by the Byoki had affected quite a lot of flora. Anything that the spikes had pierced was rotting or already dead. It looked like the forest was a battlefield for some sort of chemical warfare. It was eerie how deadly the Byoki's poison was. With very little time to conduct yet another plan, Crow noticed that the Byoki was creating another poison, this time from its mouth. Shooting some odd senbon-like projectiles that contained the poison at Crow. The projectiles struck the tree that Crow hid behind and in a matter of seconds, the acidic poison released by the projectiles had already eaten more than half of the tree as it fell apart. Crow on the other hand was not one to remain motionless. He ran circles around the creature in a zigzag pattern in order to dodge and evade the poisonous projectiles. "Just a few more minutes Crow", Tako said. Crow still busy with the creature, fired a bullet at the Byoki, somehow causing it to freeze in what appeared to be ice. Wasting no time, Crow used a blade of lightning to vertically cut the Byoki in half, separating the black half from the white half. Panting in possible exhaustion, Crow asked Tako to finish the grotesque creature off with a final attack. But suddenly, the two halves of the creature began to move and were on the verge of regenerating! Now completely charged up, Tako was in optimum physical condition and he instantly shot two large energy blasts at both halves of the Byoki, completely vaporizing them. "Now imagine if there were two of them", Tako joked as he walked over to Crow, patting him on the back for his heroic and brave efforts against the Byoki. However, unknown to Crow and secretly known to Tako, nefarious Newdeath was observing the entire battle. This enabled him to gather some vital information on Crow's techniques and abilities as well as some of his physical limits. This was far too perfect a plan to be true. Oh but it was, and it of course emerged from the malevolent mind of Newdeath.

Meanwhile, sitting on his glorious throne in Kiseki Island, The Genius was pleased with Tako's progress with Crow. Exploiting the meddlesome hero's trusting nature was proving to be quite beneficial. Not only did Newdeath obtain some new information on Crow's super-powers, but he will most likely gain some knowledge on the hero's personal insecurities as his relationship with Tako develops. "This is good. This is simply too good", a chuckling Newdeath said, his menacing Kurimuzon glowing intensely as a shadow enveloped him, giving him the appearance of a mysterious black silhouette with two demonic glowing red eyes that pierced into anybody's soul. And as he watched the news as well, The King was particularly overjoyed that his Shizen Beast's attack on Telos City was receiving a large amount of media coverage. And it was even better that they could not blame the attack on anyone.. yet. There was no evidence to be found. And though some insane glory-seekers might claim to be responsible, there are only a few individuals in the world who could orchestrate such a masterpiece of a plan. "Time to use the Shokan Tattoo to see more of Tako and Crow. Then soon, maybe I'll send some more creatures to test Crow's abilities", little did Crow know that Newdeath was controlling Tako word for word.


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Crow smiled as he stood up wiping the sweat off his brow he twirled Quicksilver on his finger and blew off the smoke on the barrel then holstered the gun, this was Crow unique signal that the battle was over. Crow looked at the smoldering remains of the Byoki and then his new ally and friend Tako. Crow smiled as he patted the Chikara on the back. “Not bad amigo we make a pretty good team. We stomped that plant’s a$$ into the ground. Now that is what I call you’re a$$ is grass.” Crow laughed at his own stupid joke a little, “I think we should get moving knowing Newdeath I bet that he is planning on sending more of his monsters at us any minute.” With that the two began to journey though the mysterious forest making sure to stay close to one another Crow was ever the vigilant stopping at every rustle in the bushes or snap of a twig. Even though we beat one monster there is probably plenty of more just waiting around the corner. It is not the best of ideas of just walking blindingly and beating everything on this island until Newdeath shows his face my stamina may be improved but I am not an energizer bunny that can go forever plus Tako is still injured from Newdeath’s earlier attack. Speaking of the devil if we were to encounter him I doubt we could take him Newdeath was out of my league the first time we met and now he is even more powerful. Tako said he was his island more powerful warrior and Newdeath nearly killed him; we need back up we need to get to place where I can call someone. But the question is who? Toni…no she can’t help, hmmm maybe Raseri or another hero. Hmm what to do Tako is still sore so he can’t go much further without rest but I don’t want to wait around for another attack. Oh that right I have those! Crow stopped suddenly turning to the Shishi island warrior as he reached in one of the pockets on his jackets. “Hold up Tako I got something that will recharge you.” Crow then pulled out a small black pill and toss it lightly to Tako, “Don’t worry that is not poison; my friend made those they are a form of medicine. They are a blend of herbs and medicine that rejuvenates the body they will heal your injuries enough that you can keep fighting. Plus they basically recharge your battery and give you second wind which is what we need if we are going to survive. I warn you though once you take them your body will feel overheated and like you are going to have a heart attack. Those side effects past though once your body gets use to it. I got 5 of them with me, 4 after this one I am fine for now so I don’t need one. You need more then me so bottoms up amigo.” Crow smiled a little thinking that he had helped his new ally; this is good now that Tako took a Body Awakening pill he should be rejuvenated enough to continue on.

The Last of the Gunslinger began to look around again, they had traveled a good couple of meters away from where they fought the Byoki but still they had no clue where they were. Needing time to think of a way out of this the Thundering Cowboy leaned up against a tree. “So I am lost I have no clue how to get out of this forest let alone what to do once get somewhere I thought of maybe finding some cell phone service and calling back up but I doubt that will work. I am open to suggestions from you Tako.” Crow thought back to killing the Byoki, that Byoki thing was a monster the thought that Newdeath created that thing is disturbing. I can only imagine what else he might have waiting for us. I really owe Tako one he saved me twice. He protected me from Newdeath’s flame blast and without his help I probably wouldn’t have beaten the Byoki. Crow smiled to himself a little and figure he might as well share some of himself with his new friend, “So Tako back on Shishi island do you have any special lady friends. Sorry for the small talk I just figure we might as well get know each other it is not like we are doing anything else.” The Rail-gun laughed a little after all this was him trusting his friends no matter what and the elemental manipulator had certainly proven himself as a friend. “I do she is a bit annoying sometimes and drives me up the wall but she is the one thing that can keep me fighting. Her name is Toni she is my girlfriend and partner. Hmm now that I think about she is probably crying her eyes out right now because I am not there and the second I get back I will probably have to take her on some romantic date or something. I swore I would protect her and that is why I am fighting Newdeath right now to protect her and all my friends. I guess that is my hero way of life to protect people after all isn’t that why you saved me. Truth be told I encountered Newdeath once before at a restaurant it will small encounter but I was never more afraid in my life. When I saw him after you drop in all those fears resurface and I was frozen in place but at the same time I felt this surge of adrenaline hit him. In that moment with all my fears and worries I knew that it was going to be me or him. Life or Death. Either I was going to kill him or he was going to kill me. Even now I feel that way that if I don’t kill him he will kill me and worst hurt those I care about.” Suddenly the gunslinger got an idea it was crazy but the Thunderbolt Gunslinger was known for his crazy schemes.

“Hey Tako, Newdeath sent us to this island for a reason right? And that Byoki I don’t think it was walking by us and decided that we would make a good snack. Newdeath must have known where we were right? This must mean that his is watching us some how monitoring our moves and skills and guiding our paths so we walk into a trap. If he is watching then he must be listening to us.” Crow suddenly walked around looking for a camera of some sort to look into or anything that the Boss might be using to monitor the Shishi warrior and the Modern Cowboy. “Hey Newdeath! It’s me Crow you know the kid who going to stomp your face into the ground. If you want me so bad then come get me stop sending your pets to fight me. I am right here come fight me yourself or are you afraid I am going to give you an a$$ beating! Come on Newdeath if you want to kill me so badly then let’s go you and me mano-a-mano no Byoki, no monsters!” With that Crow looked at Tako and whispered so only the Chikara would hear him, “You may want to protect yourself amigo.” Suddenly Crow placed his hand on the ground and sent a massive electrical discharge in all directions trying to short circuit any device that may be monitoring them. The gunslinger hurried over to Tako smiling a little, “Don’t worry that wasn’t just random taunting. Newdeath doesn’t do anything without a reason. When we first encountered each other he could have killed you and me no problemo but he didn’t. He must need us for some reason he woulnd’t risk killing us I figure maybe we could draw him out and use that to our advantage.” Crow snickered as he plotted with the Shishi island warrior unbeknownst to him it was Tako who was being used to monitor the Last Gunslinger from being controlled by the Nefarious Newdeath.

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Minutes after incinerating the demonic Byoki creature, Tako had exhausted himself somewhat. How can such a great warrior perform so poorly on the battlefield? Well Newdeath's earlier attack was quite ruthless and powerful and though he did artificially heal it, the injury was indeed impairing Tako's performance. The Chikara Warrior required a few more hours before his energy is completely replenished. "Not bad amigo we make a pretty good team. We stomped that plant's ass into the ground. Now that is what I call you're ass is grass", Crow joked, causing Tako to chuckle out of amusement. "I think we should get moving knowing Newdeath I bet that he is planning on sending more of his monsters at us any minute", nodding his in agreement, Tako followed his new friend around the dense forest. After walking a few meters, Crow suddenly stopped as he turned to face a curious Tako. Pulling something out of one of his pockets, Crow claimed that he had something that would completely replenish Tako's energy. Catching the pill in his palms, Tako listened as Crow reassured him that the pill isn't poison but did explain the side effects. "Alright. Thanks Crow", a fatigued Tako smiled before taking the pill. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, Tako's body heated up, it was like he had caught a fever and soon his heart began to tighten. However, being trained as a tough warrior, Tako fought through the discomfort quite impressively. "You weren't kidding about the side effects", Tako laughed jokingly. Soon Crow jumped on to a tree and revealed that he honestly had no idea where he was going. Asking Tako if he knew of anything, the Chikara Warrior replied, "Well I don't know where we are but I think its better that I lead the way. With my energy-sensing powers, I can keep us from encountering any threats and I can detect the energy-signatures of people in a nearby civilization if there is one", Tako explained. "Oh and really, thanks for the pill. It worked pretty well", Tako continued, in perfect physical condition.

As he led the way, Tako was relatively silent, he wasn't known for being a conversationalist although he does try from time to time.. or used to when his consciousness was free from nefarious Newdeath's control. Soon Crow asked Tako if there was any interesting woman in his life and proceeded to talk about his own girlfriend. Patiently listening to his friend's words, Tako soon replied, "Well Crow, I gotta tell you that there was this woman way back. But there was no way it would work. I was raised as a warrior and was tasked with guarding a supernatural creature belonging to my island. And that meant no time for my woman, I was literally on the other side of the island away from civilization. We tried to make it work but eventually it just dissolved. Your girlfriend, Toni, sounds like a wonderful woman", Tako smiled, sounding completely sincere. But of course, these were in fact Newdeath's words. The Boss was speaking through the Chikara Warrior. Soon Crow spoke of his first encounter with notorious Newdeath. It clearly instilled fear in him and listening to Crow speak of this brought delight to Newdeath's face. "Well Crow.. looks like we have some common objectives. We both want to kill that SOB as soon as possible. But there's a problem you know. Apparently Newdeath is immortal.. or so he claims to be and knowing him, I wouldn't call it a bluff just yet. But according to what little information I have, the source of his immortality is his eyes. So if we gouge them out, he's done for. But that's easier said than done", Tako explained, sounding a little serious for a moment. Almost like he was brainstorming while Tako spoke, Crow made a suggestion. Realizing that Newdeath sent them to the mysterious island for a purpose, Crow went on to add that he was certain that the Byoki was indeed sent by the infamous tyrant. But what was even more shocking was that Crow suggested that Newdeath was most likely listening to their entire conversation. And in truth he was however, in manners that Crow probably does not suspect.. at least not yet. "You might be right. He could be listening and if he is.. he just heard everything you and I both said. Damn it!", Tako replied, honestly, Newdeath deserved an award for this performance of his. It was virtually flawless.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Crow began to shout at the top of his lungs. He was calling Newdeath out. Challenging him. Watching the entire thing from Tako's eyes, the Kisekian Warlord simply found this amusing. He couldn't help but chuckle at Crow's challenge. "You may want to protect yourself amigo", Crow warned. Without even questioning his friend's words, Tako covered himself in a protective aura of energy as his new comrade sent a deadly electrical discharge in all directions in a clever but fruitless attempt to destroy any hidden devices possibly placed there by Newdeath. While Tako wasn't exactly certain of what Crow was attempting to do, the gunslinger soon explained his actions with a faint smile, "Don't worry that wasn't just random taunting. Newdeath doesn't do anything without a reason. When we first encountered each other he could have killed you and me no problemo but he didn't. He must need us for some reason he wouldn't risk killing us I figure maybe we could draw him out and use that to our advantage", while it was a reasonable plan, it certainly wouldn't work.. not after Newdeath heard the entire thing through Tako's ears. "That's not a bad idea. We can-", however, before Tako could finish his sentence, the nearby bushes began to rustle as the sky darkened, night was coming but what was hiding in the bushes. Suddenly, as an eerie atmosphere enveloped the area, a swarm of Byoki emerged from the ground, ready to attack as they viciously hissed at the two heroes. "Get your guns ready Crow. It's time to incinerate these things again. Looks like Newdeath is listening", Tako suggested as his fists began to radiate bright bulging energy spheres. Little did Crow know that Newdeath was indeed listening, but in ways the Last Gunslinger least expects.


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It seemed that Tako liked Crow’s plan of drawing out Newdeath and using whatever he wanted them for against him but before Tako could express anymore more the two heroes were attacked by a swarm of the vicious and deadly Byoki. "Get your guns ready Crow. It's time to incinerate these things again. Looks like Newdeath is listening", Crow smirked a little as he drew Quicksilver as the Chikara warrior fist began to radiate with energy and the Tyrant’s monsters hissed violently. “Good I’m glad he is listening it means he is probably watching too. I hope he sees what is waiting for him.” With that Crow began to surge with electrical energy and his overall power increased his eyes began to glow cobalt blue and arcs of electricity peeled off his body, “Overcharged.” Crow was now in his Overcharged state which increased every attribute; strength, speed, focus, power, etc. The Gunslinger of Lightning disappeared leaving only a trace feeling of static electricity the gunslinger was now moving so fast he was practically invisible to the normal naked eye it seemed he was actually teleporting. The Thundering Cowboy reappeared just above a Byoki and delivered a super charged kick to its head that was so powerful it spun the plant monster’s head around almost completely 180 degrees, something that would have killed a normal being. The Byoki retaliated by causing the spikes on its venus fly trap like mouth to extend towards the gunslinger but fortunately the gunslinger was faster dodging the poison coated spikes by performing several acrobatic flips at lightning speeds. Unfortunately unlike last time there was more than one of these creatures and now they were all pursuing the gunslinger; a group of them began to slice at Crow with their person coated nails but using the increased focus that Overcharged granted him he could see the movements of the monsters moving slowly around him. Even with Overcharged the Byoki were beginning to outpace the gunslinger and they were pushing deeper into the forest and separating him from Tako; damn these creatures are seperating us it wouldn’t surprise me if this is all part of Newdeath’s plan keep the two of us apart then he will sneak in and take us out one at a time. I need to fight back and get off the defensive. The last one we killed needed to be completely incinerated. Suddenly both of the gunslinger hands were coated with metallic blue electricity, “Doble Hoja!” Now time to cut these weeds down!

Crow began to dodge the Byoki as they sliced at him with their poison coated nails then as they missed Crow began to slice their arms, legs, necks, shoulders and anywhere else he could get out but just as fast as he was cutting them they were regenerating. Suddenly the Byoki began to reeled back like they were going to spit something; the gunslinger’s eyes widen remembering his last encounter with a Byoki he knew what was coming he quickly moved behind a tree using his lightning speed as the Byoki group spat a large ball of acidic poison that formed together to make a giant ball of poison Crow saw this out of the corner of his eye and got out from behind the tree as fast as possible as the ball hit it and burned away the tree like it was nothing. The now rotting tree collapsed from the dust it created the gunslinger emegred smiling Overcharged still in effect, I need the Byoki to line up if I want to have a chance of winning and I need to do it quick to get back to Tako. I wonder how he is faring with all these plant bastards. Crow drew Quicksilver faster than a trained eye could see and fired several of his Burst Bullets up at the Byoki causing a large explosion that rumbled though the forest. Crow smirked as he looked around his eyes widen as suddenly the Byoki appeared around regenerating missing chunks of flesh the Byoki then began to firing the spikes from the Venus fly trap mouth at the gunslinger. Normally these would prove to be fatal to almost everyone but luckily Overcharged with still active the increased focus and speed saved the gunslinger he could see all the spikes coming at him in slow motion and used his speed to move out the way of the upcoming poisonous barrage letting the spikes pierce the Demon’s monsters. The Rail-gun landed on a tree branch panting a little, crap one of these was nearly impossible now that there is more it’s overwhelming. I just been getting by thanks to Overcharged but I don’t think it will last much longer its beginning to reach its limit. The Byoki began to come after the gunslinger ready to rip the flesh from his bones but lucky for the gunslinger the way they were lined up was perfect for the gunslinger. Crow smirked as he charged his signature attack waiting for the right second for them to line up just the right way then it happen the gunslinger leapt backwards off the branch as a Byoki slashed at him, “Rail-gun!” The Last Gunslinger pulled the trigger firing his signature move the shot was perfectly aimed to piece though the same spot of all the Byoki, thanks to the way the monsters came after Crow they set themselves up, the super charged lightning guided bullet pierce though the plants creature shocking them also the heat generated from the attack instantly set the monsters on four incinerating them.

Unfortunately this attack was not without it draw backs to Crow; Rail-gun super heated Quicksilver burning Crow’s hands and the recoil of the blast because he was in air and not planted on the ground he thrown backwards though the air. The Last Gunslinger smashed though braches and crashed into the ground with a loud thud. Crow smirks as he laid they in pain covered in bruises and starches his hands covered in burns. See Newdeath like I said I hope you are watching because that is what is waiting you. Crow was unable to move and his vision was nearly completely black he had used the enegry of Overcharged to speed up the charging of Rail-gun so the ability ended sooner leaving the side effects of faded vision and slower reflexes. As the Rail-gunner waited for the effects of Overcharge to wear off a several more Byoki emerged from the ground, Crow began to panic his vision slowly coming back “Damn it these things just don’t end!” The Tyrant’s Beast extended it spikes looking to pierce and kill the gunslinger. Crow moved as fast as he can grabbing the still burning hot revolver and loaded with more explosive shots using a few well placed shots on a few trees to cause them to fall down and overlap but not crush the gun toting hero. The trees acted as shields so that the Byoki’s spikes hit them instead of Crow while he rolled out of the way still slow but not for long. Using the butt of his gun he block a few more spikes the indestructible metal that the revolver was made of allowed him block the attacks without the gun being damaged. Crow began to shout hoping his energy manipulating ally would hear me, “Tako can you hear me how are you holding up? We need to get away and fast amigo!” Once the gunslinger knew that a bit of his original speed was back he quickly moved in between the Byoki the lightning blade reappearing on his hand this time extending to form a lance. “La Lanza!” Crow used a bit more of Relampago to increase the speed of his arm as he move it around him slicing up the Byoki the heat of the lightning incinerating the bits of Byoki.

Once that was done Crow began to limp a little towards where he left Tako hoping to encounter his ally; his body was sore and his hands were burned badly plus one of the trees he use to save his life landed on him and he was sure it cracked a rip or two. The gunslinger was still smiling as he leaned up against a tree for support, “You see that Newdeath it doesn’t matter what you send after me I am going to beat and kill it you might as well come after me yourself. But I understand if you are afraid after that little display.” Crow smirked as he continues to taunt the Devil King he was sure that he was not only listening but watching he needed to draw the villain out so that they could get off this island but he had a feeling the taunts were not working. Still though Crow had a feeling that Newdeath was using some deadly way of watching him.

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