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I'm gonna make it easy for myself. I'm gonna post the blogs from Comic Vine here to. Saves me a lot of work^^ So my blog is actually the journal of my evil alter ego Claws. Excuse me in advance for my horrible English, it's not my mother tongue.


Day 1.

It's been a day since I've been bitten, also a day since I've decided to write a new journal. The old one does not suffice anymore for I already feel I am no longer a normal person. Yesterday at 12 PM while walking my dog, I was attacked by an unusually large bat. I still have no clue where this attack came from, I did nothing to startle or provoke the creature. The bat just came flying down like a freaking unicorn and bit me right in the neck. Rarely have I felt a pain this violently. I wasn't even able to finish walking the dog. Instead I fell unconscious and a random passerby read my military dog tag, I am a artillery staff sergeant on a two weeks leave, brought me to the hospital. I was released this morning but I know something's not right. When I walked home, it's only five blocks away, and stared in the mirror for a long while and I swear I could see myself change. For one the bites in my neck, this morning still painful and swollen, just healed like that. And I swear my eyes have turned a lighter shade. Also my left hand shows symptoms of an upcoming rash I think. I don't know what's going on but it hurts. If this something hasn't left my body by tomorrow, I shall return to the hospital.

One last thing, my dog is scared witless of me. I can't pet him, I can't feed him, I can't do anything. Creature won't come near me.

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