Dawn of the Black Year

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Dawn of the Black Year

Chapter I: There was Darkness in the Heart of the Men

-2 months have passed after the war that almost consumed the whole world- A woman voice sounded on the T.V, as a young man watched from a bar deep in Tokyo’s Downtown, the bar was sleazy to say the least, with dirty tables and dusty floor, the stench of old cigarettes and cheap beer surrounded him almost like a stinking mist, a not very friendly looking bartender poured another drink on his glass after being gestured by the man. He looked regular, not really attention worthy, maybe because he was so covered in dirty and his hair was untidy and greasy, maybe if he took a bath and tidied himself up he would look presentable, even handsome. His mood was akin to the one of the other patrons, he stared at the screen almost without even really watching, his brain was too soaked in booze to notice -The dreaded Kisekian Warlord, better known in the world by his nom’d guerre, Newdeath, waged a personal war against the world, taking advantage of a planetary alignment that granted his army, composed by aliens such as himself, a massive boost in power, allowing them to overpower any resistance from the country on our planet. Dozen of heroics denizens of Earth fought bravely against the invasion- The woman took a pause, almost of credible pain, but as the young man knew, after working for 10 years in the showbiz, she was faking that small emotional outburst. Acting needed to be balanced and measured; she was obviously overacting the grief for something that she knew was horrible, but never affected her directly. The young man knew grief, and this crisis was the cause of it. – We have a special guest tonight, one of the men that put his mind into the resolution of the whole world problems, and was a important piece, maybe crucial in saving our world, with us this morning, Prime Minister Usso Namae- The studio gave the newly appointed political leader of Japan a standing ovation. He walked calmly to the sofa assigned to him, with the air that can be only seen in a member of a royal house. A perfect smile, warm and kind lightened up his face, making him look younger than his age, almost 60 years old, but he already didn’t seemed so old as he kept a rigorous training regime, thanks to his company Garyuu Zaibatsu, personal trainer. He was the wealthiest man in , a man known by every inhabitant of the rising sun country, and possibly one of the most known in the world after his involvement in the recent war. The man in the bar took another long sip from the dirty chop of beer. His blurred vision didn’t allow him to focus in the screen quite well, but he knew Usso Namae, he was, sans multiple subordinates, his former boss, when he worked for the Garyuu Talent Agency. – Hello Tsukiame-dono- Usso tone was friendly and open, his voice didn’t get affected by age, so his voice was still firm and unwavering, he bowed at the host and the greeted her in a much informal way, he sat down after her, and kept talking – I’m honored to get invited to your show, I use to watch whenever my timetable allows me- He smiled warmly as the young woman hosting the program, one of Japan most viewed shows, Tsukiame-1Hour-Special, replied to the Prime Minister – The honor is all ours, thank you very much for coming-

The show kept with the interview, but the young man was too drunk to notice, he only overheard phrases and saw glimpses while he rested his head on the bar. He heard the words, Hero, World Savior and other similar words. He wanted to laugh at the T.V; they didn’t know a real hero even if he bit them in the butt. With zigzagging steps, the young man left the bar, after leaving a handful of yen in the bar. He was running low on cash, his former fortune, built working like a dorama actor, and was already gone, taken by the loan sharks and his lawyers. He was stranded in , drowning on booze and blaming himself for the death of his younger brother Taiyou, which died a heroic death protecting people he didn’t even knew in . He blamed himself, but deep inside him he thought that his family was to blame, the Maeda clan had fought in the stupid struggle known as the Crest War for centuries, a battle for supremacy between 9 clans, all of them sending a champion with a particular crest, representing a feeling or virtue. He was the first born in his family and he thought he would get the responsibility, and he disliked it. But in the end, his younger brother, a boy so brave and innocent was assigned with the hazardous task. Hoshi Maeda punched his father in the moment he heard about the Head of the Clan decision, not because he wanted the power, he just didn’t wanted to see his brother suffering. He tried to change their decision, but when he reached his household, almost in the southern borders of , they had already sent his younger brother to train with an old family friend in Sakurajima. He tried to search for his brother, but his family didn’t allow it, he was sent back to his life without any chance to visit his brother. Next the War started, and a week after the riots, when the new Prime Minister was elected, starting a reform over and then the world. That week, Hoshi found out that his brother died, his family knew for almost five days, and they informed him only that the Crest picked a different guardian and that they would contact him later. Hoshi knew what that meant, his younger brother was dead, and he couldn’t do anything to stop that, as he confronted his family, all the support the Clan was making for his career was removed, and he ended up fired from the Talent Agency and lost his job. He decided to drown his sorrow in booze and he was doing a pretty good job. Unknown to him, somebody was watching him; to be exactly three pair of eyes stared at his curved walking from a dark alley.

The show ended with another standing ovation, Usso had to stay for several more minutes, signing autographs and greeting people, but as the people understood he was busy. Usso left the studio in a black limo, provided by the new government, that wanted him to travel by helicopter, but Usso humbly rejected it, and after a grueling negotiation he forcefully accepted the Limo. As the door closed, the newly appointed Prime Minister warm smile vanish, and his face returned to his regular expression, an emotionless mask, lacking of any regard for anything but power. But power as means to reach his ultimate goal, he could savor it. He was about to call Tsukimori-san to talk about the recruitment for the tournament fundraiser he was organizing. This event had multiple objectives, but mostly he wanted information, several new super humans and strange warriors had surfaced after the War, and his intelligence was busy in several hundred assignments. But as he was about to establish the commlink through one of Mangetsu thousands of private satellites, Kuro-san, the true identity of Usso Namae, also known as the Yakuza Emperor, noticed something in the other extreme of the limousine lounge. A woman clad in a kunoichi like attire, with a motif of water or tears, was staring at him with her large, almost shining eyes. She carried a sword behind her back, and several dozens of kunai attached all over her athletic body, she seemed to be in her late 30’s, yet she seemed to be in her physical prime. Her eyes, the only part of his face, half covered by a dark blue mask, that could be seen, had inexplicable sorrow imprinted on them. A medallion of pure silver, and bluish marks, pretty similar to the one used by other of his subordinates, an Assassin called Juro Fuuma, was pinned on the inside of her. According to the Intel and the small bits of exposition that Juro said, those items were linked to an emotional wavelength, or a virtue of some sort, increasing the powers of it’s user by absorbing that emotions and turning them into pure energy. You are Usso Namae, officer from Mangetsu, right? She asked while shifting her crossed legs seductively. Usso could admit she was a beautiful woman, but his heart and his mind lacked any interest for her. You are correct, miss? The woman smiled grimly under her mask. Danzo, Rei Danzo. I’m here looking for a job, sneaking in your Limousine is a good introduction of my skills, don’t you think? She seemed extremely confident, the keyword was seemed, as Kuro-san noticed that she was lying, Rei Danzo seemed almost as good as himself in faking emotions. He also noticed that she wasn’t trying to seem capable; she was only trying to rush her employment. Without speaking his theories out loud he replied, Danzo-dono, I’m really impressed, but considering your relation with a man so capable as Juro, and what that really means, this is the least I’ll expect now that you’ll be working under me. Under her mask she smiled, and the Yakuza Emperor, finished speaking. Please report with the other general Tsukimori-san in , I’ll inform him, he is in… Rei interrupted the Overlord …The Tsukasa Shrine in the old part of town. Kuro-san nodded in approval, and the woman vanished with a puff of smoke. The Yakuza Emperor informed his right hand, the only man alive that knew about his real identity, and then opened a new line of communication, this time a regular one, using the contact information found by his Zaibatsu. Good day, is this Crow Cementerio’s office? I’m want to propose a business proposition, my name is Usso Namae and I could bring him into in 2 hours if he is interested.

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Stasis struggle move his arms over his weighted wrist bands, he was tired of sitting in the side lines watching people die. He was going to fight the next world crisis that came along. Training his human form had challenges but he would keep training. He punched a tree leaving a dent in it. He walked away as the tree fell. He smirked at his carnage of his training grounds. He sat down and got his water bottle out and took a big sip.

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The Dawn of a New Beginning

Nevada, United States of America.

Two months and six days after the Kisekian War and the world was still trying to pout the pieces back together; countries were slowly being rebuilt thanks to the efforts and donations of several philanthropist none more so then Japanese business man, head of Garyuu Zaibatsu, and currently the prime minster of Japan, Usso Namae. Usso had become the most famous person in the world today, for being a so called “important” player in saving the world during the Kisekian War, everyone wanted a piece of the man who “saved us from Newdeath’s Reign” every new anchor and talk show wanted to speak with him in every country including the United States. Despite Usso Namae’s current fame and glory there were some who dislike the man who help “saved” the world, they were either jealous of the man, wanted to overthrow his power, were suspicious of him, or they knew his part in the War was not what the world painted him to be. Usso’s popularity was at his highest in Japan his home country where he kept the Kisekian Army out, though his highly advanced technology that aided him and supposedly stopping the Kisekian Leader Newdeath, but over in the States particularly Death Vegas, a city located in the desert of Nevada/Arizona (mostly in Nevada though) one particular hero could care less about the current prime mister of Japan and most famous man on the planet, that hero was Crow Cementerio the Last Gunslinger.

Crow was currently walking out of the desert to his city after a training session out there, the last 2 months and six days since the Crimson Eye War, as it had been referred to in the States, was hard. Actually even before the war Crow was struggling having to deal with an organizations of people with gunslinger like skills and abilities like him called the Numbers that fight had pushed me to his limit and nearly sent him over the edge. During the Kisekian War the Rail-gun was tested against Zella and her Vipers, then an insane teen killer known as Masako where Crow had slipped into his inner darkness and Insanity, and the worst test was witnessing the death of friend and ally Raseri. Since the Crimson Eye War the Last Gunslinger had been working and training as much as possible to get stronger to not only protect his friends but also prevent something like Newdeath’s attack on the world from happening again but at the same time Crow had been racked over guilt feeling like it was his fault. It was this guilt that was pushing Crow to become stronger and honor what Raseri gave his life for, the Last of the Gunslinger was determined to not let his memory die in vain. Crow looked up towards the bright sun using his prized cowboy hat and forearm to shield his cobalt blue eyes, the bright sun and clear skies were a exact opposite of the rain and grey of the day that Raseri sacrificed his life; It sure is a nice day out its almost like it’s a normal day and the Crimson Eye War that Newdeath caused didn’t happen. I have a feeling today is going to be the dawn of a new era, a new time, and I got to be ready for whatever lies ahead that is my motto, that is my way to always press on and move forward. With that thought in his head the gunslinger smiled as he walked into his town and city.

As Crow entered the city of Death Vegas saying hello to the various people outside he couldn’t help but notice the few negative looks he got, a few people seemed utterly disgusted by his presence something that was occurring more and more. In the aftermath of ND’s War like many countries the U.S was in a political uncertainty more and more people wanted governors, congressman, and even the president removed from office. The people who were determined to take these political positions were as varied as the colors of the world from people shouting that anyway with superhuman abilities was a threat, a understandable but still fear driven stance using the acts of one man to brand all super humans, to a laid back hippies who were calling them gods and should be worshiped, another fear driven stance. In the end the gunslinger did not worry too much about the political chess game people were always claiming to be the right person to lead after catastrophes it was a reckless and sometimes dangerous threat but they could be dealt with easily. As he walked though the city getting closer to his home/office he noticed the political posters he couldn’t help but sigh a little, Dios mio, people sure do get crazy sometime. Everyone is looking for a leader in these times but they should be looking for strength in their selves this reckless devotion will only lead to idiots and megalomaniacs getting notoriety that I will have the capture their bounties. The bounty hunter pulled his hat low over his eyes, he was wearing a plain white t-shirt, black shorts, and shoes along with his cowboy themed items including his cowboy hat, a gift from his grandfather Alcide, and a holster and gun belt that contain his signature weapon Quicksilver. Crow was also wearing a pink ribbon that had a gold bell attached to it, a gift from his girlfriend and partner Toni, despite the two months since the war Crow was still recovering thankfully though he was almost fully healed. He had a few bandages wrapped around his waist, left wrist, and right shoulder down; despite his injuries the gunslinger insisted on continuing to train his body when, he encountered a Native American tribe who healed him a little during his fight against the Numbers, he learned of the Native American’s connection to the gunslingers and a skill he never heard of before. Crow had been training these past two months to at least achieve these secret abilities he had been getting close but not close enough.

Crow stopped for a second taking a long slip from his bottle of water and wiping some sweat from his brow physically he had changed a little; because of his training he was a little more built especially in the upper body. His skin had tanned a little bit more from the heat and light of the Nevada sun also the Rail-gun’s hair grow a bit longer and somewhat straight though he prefer his light brown hair a bit messy. The Lightning Quick Revolver looked around his town of also known as the “Desert Oasis” because of the Crimson Eye War it had received some damage but fortunately not enough to ruin the town. Crow finally arrived at his office/home was located in-between the Hard Place Bar and the Rabbit Hole Strip Club. The Thunderbolt Gunslinger lifted the garage door and entered though there instead of the front wanting to avoid his girlfriend’s typical pounce hug when he came home. The Thundering Cowboy smiled as he entered the cool garage which smelled of motor oil, gun powder, and metal like usual his work space was a mess there were motorcycle parts, papers, bullets, various tools, and projects he was working on. Silver, Crow’s beloved motorcycle in the process of be taking apart, so that the gunslinger can upgrade her, he lean down and rub the gas tank and seat of his bike. “Hey baby I miss you so much, I’m sorry daddy had to leave you like that but I need to train to get stronger. Did you and Toni get along…sush ssshh…it’s okay I understand she will never understand the love I have for you.” Crow laughed a little after he finished his “conversation” with his bike then moved over to his work desk which was a cluster fuck of a mess. His work desk was covered in a layer of papers, pictures, parts for the various items he was working on since he began to teach himself some engineering and gun smiting. Most notable among the various pictures were several pictures of allies, friends, and other heroes he has encountered; they were inside various folders and some had other images attached to them. Among the pictures were Akhana the Red Demon, the gunslinger had encountered her recently at Jewel’s, the picture had what appeared to be the design of a new weapon attached to it, another was a picture of Callis one of Crow’s friends which had a map with several spots with big red Xs though them, some others were Daisuke Emiya the Hero of Justice, Falken the Angel of Death, Caius Weaver, and Ann Mary Wheellock former Number 5 of the Numbers.

Crow picked up the folder that contain Akhana’s information and the design of the new weapon, underneath was even more papers that had several images of the new prototype of the gunslinger variation of Western Fairy’s Fairy Dust and Fairy Star bullets, a piece of Devil blade, and a new design for a revolver. Crow sighs a little as he realized how much work he had to do; “Dios Mio so much to do but only one me. Why can’t I have clones or a team to do this work for me? I barely got started on any of this and if Toni comes in here and sees my mess she will kill me. Speaking of her I might as well go see what she is up to.” Crow tossed the Hana’s folder back on the desk and walk though the door that connected the house to the garage. “Hola Toni, I’m home what’s up did you get some cleaning done?” Crow could here the television in the other room but no reply from Toni; as the Last Gunslinger noticed the news was talking about Usso Namae yet again, apparently the famous Japanese business man had just been on a Japanese television show and everybody had an opinion on what he said and the importance of it. The gunslinger angrily grabbed the remote and changes the channel to Dragon Ball Z (not Kai but the original unedited version), “Bastard!! Why the hell is Usso Namae on I can’t stand him; he came in the last second and stopped Newdeath now he is a hero. Not Raseri who sacrificed himself for us all not one person has honored his memory!” Crow walked into the next room and saw Toni holding the phone looking like she just saw a ghost; “Toni what is wrong, what happen? The gunslinger’s girl took a deep breath as she turned to him, “Usso Namae just called he wants to business proposition, he said he get you there in 2 hours if you interested. I didn’t want to answer for you but I answer if you refuse Crow?” Crow stood there as shocked as his girlfriend was, the one man Crow currently despised was requesting a business meeting with the Last Gunslinger; what does Usso Namae want with me? This could be about anything from a bounty he wants to go after to an offer to be his body guard. Whatever it is I guess I got to make up my mind now? Dios Mio this is going to be interesting. Crow smirked a little to himself as he looked at Toni, “Tell the so called savior of the world I will meet with him I’ll be ready in a half hour.” With that the Rail-gun walked upstairs leaving his girlfriend shocked but she replied the message to Usso, “Yes Mr. Namae he will meet with you he said he will be ready in half an hour. Thank you for calling sir.” Crow smiled as he got to top of the steps; whatever Usso Namae wants with me should be fun besides I want to pay a visit and pay my respects to the Ebisu base and that kid who died there. Today is truly the beginning of a new era.

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Stasis finished his intense training session with one final kick to the air before collapsing unconscious into a very fitful sleep. When he awoke he had the most odd sense of foreboding like he had important information he could not remember. Not knowing the exact reason he ran to the spot where he left his sword and shirt and released his light angel wings and took off at a fast speed into the air looking for what could be causing his uneasiness. Closing his eyes in concentration he cleared his mind to let it travel for him. As he touched down he opened his eyes to find a huge stone temple where the skeletal remains of a body remained. Take a look around he could make out old fading imaged depicting a ancient battle between two unstoppable warriors. From what he could figure out two warriors of opposite thoughts would fight for the fate of the world. Ignoring the warning he began to take a look at what this place had in store. Stasis approached a huge stone bowl where a gold ring with a blood red gem resided. The ring looked new except being covered in cobwebs. Reaching into the bowl he grabbed a hold of the ring where a large beam of light erupted from the bowl easily being seen from all parts of the United States. Those who could not see it could have easily located it with a computer. Watching the dazzling light show he put the ring on his finger where the light promptly vanished as if it was never there. Amazed by the power Stasis decided to keep looking and camp the night there when he lost light.

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At Castle Dracula...

Medea woke with a scream, tearing the crimson sheets to shreds. The cold stone walls of the room around her were bare,they reflected the moonlight streaming in from the skylight. Her breathing felt constricted, she found that she was tightly wrapped in bandages from the neck down. She felt along the walls, looking for any sort of opening, no secret entrance revealed itself. She made her own entrance.

She stepped over the rubble, holding her hand in pain. The hallway was dark, lit only by a single candle. Her footsteps echoed off of the walls, she turned a corner and saw the impossible.

“Quite magnificent isn’t it?” said the reporter.

Medea jumped, she turned around and saw a thin girl about a head shorter than her wearing a white collared shirt and brown pants. She had a camera dangling from her neck and a shoulder bag that seemed to contain several notebooks. Her hair was short and blond but what gave away her identity were the eyes hidden behind thick glasses. They were grey and even behind the glasses they were piercing.

“Are you who I think you are?” Medea asked hesitantly.

“At one time it was customary to bow. Then again that time was long ago. Yes I am Athena.”

“And you’re a reporter now?”

“It seemed appropriate, especially given my assignment.”

“Look,” Medea said defensively, “If its about the artifacts I don’t really have them at the moment so...”

“That is an issue, we’d prefer them to be in your hands. Now ask the obvious question.”

“Since when has Dracula’a castle been so big?” Medea asked gesturing to the cavernous room behind her. There were stairs, doorways and walkways as far as she could see. There were even staircases upside down upon the ceiling. Monsters walked everywhere, some indistinguishable from humans, many less so. Minotaurs, skeletons, bats, succubi, walking suits of armor, cyclops, gargoyles, wisps, wolfmen.... the list went on. She saw one skeleton open a door and another door on the opposite side of the room opened. The skeleton walked out.

“The enchantment used to raise this castle fed upon the blood of the Kisekian invaders. The result was a castle that is massive in the day and comes alive at night. The geometry of the castle ceases to become Euclidean, the castle becomes larger than the space it occupies, location and even gravity cease to become consistent.” Athena explained.

“Did he hire Escher as a designer or something?”

“The inspiration is certainly there, now then we have something important to do don’t we.”

“Yes my weapons.” Athena suddenly started running and dove off of a ledge, Medea followed her. They fell downwards for a good while before suddenly falling sideways. “Are you sure this is the right way?” Medea yelled.

“Mostly, brace yourself.” They were moving towards a wall, they hit the wall which suddenly became the floor. Athena landed on her feet, Medea did not. “Are you alright?”

“I just fell sideways into the floor and I think the gravity is three times as strong as normal, just peachy.” She struggled to her feet and found that she was on the platform directly above where she had started. “WHO DESIGNED THIS CASTLE!?”

“No need to scream, we are almost there.” She opened a door which lead to a hallway covered with windows. The moonlit view showed several small villages nestled in a spectacular countryside. “He is beyond this door.”

“What would you have me do goddess of wisdom?” Medea asked, her hand shaking.

“Take his offer,” she advised.

“But he-he...”

“Kidnapped you, tortured you, attempted to break your will and when that didn’t work he and his wife used a mixture of dark magic and narcotics to turn you into a passive zombie which is how you were for at least three centuries.”

“You’ve done your research.”

Athena shrugged. “I’ve had a busy week. Now tell me, after that Carmilla and the wind mage killed the count, that much I know. What happened to you?”

“Jack dropped me off in a convent.”



Both of them burst out laughing. “Seriously?” Athena asked, “You a nun?”

“They took care of me until I recovered but yeah it was pretty bad.”

“But you didn’t resurface until the gulf war and Dracula died during world war 2.”

“It was a long recovery.” She threw open the door to see the count slouching in his throne with a calculated amount of villainy. He even had a glass of red liquid, which was almost certainly blood.

“Medea I have been expecting you.” He said in perfect english without a trace of an accent. “You have been asleep for two months, I am pleased to see that you have recovered.”

Medea pointed her open palm towards Dracula, Athena put a hand on her shoulder. “Hear him out.”

“It would be wise of you to listen to the goddess of wisdom, would it not?” He held the glass in front of Medea. “Now drink and listen. After I defeated you I set about repelling the invasion of my ancestral home. For my work in defeating the invaders I was given my old lands and the ‘resources’ needed for this castle. I am now hailed as a hero throughout this part of the world and my servants have infiltrated the civil service in every country from Ukraine to the Czech Republic.”

Medea drank the blood as he exposited, “So you basically run eastern europe and knowing you, you’ve probably already made headway into taking over the rest of the world.”

“Indeed, Russia Spain, Britain and France will all soon be mine as well. I tell you all this so that you understand just what sort of enemy I’d be. Now here is my offer, work for me.”

“And what may I ask does that work entail?”

“Oh the occasional errand, sending messages, assassinations, that sort of thing. Otherwise you would be allowed to live your life as you choose, either inside or out of the castle.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Then I throw you out of the castle with nothing but those bandages on and use my connections to make life as difficult for you as I can.”

She thought it over for a second. A white beam of energy flew out of her palm, barely missing the count but utterly vaporizing the wall behind him. The count did not flinch. “I accept, now give me my weapons and I’ll be on my way.”

“Second level ceiling first door on the right.”

“Medea go on ahead,” Athena ordered. Medea knew better than to disobey. “Now then count I think you know why I am here.”

“I do not know the official reason but I know the real one.”

“And what is that?”

“A little nymph told me that you volunteered for this job, even if she didn't have the specifics. You’ve grown bored of Olympus haven't you, so you decided to come here, knowing that your power would be weakened, because you want to be involved in our confusing little world again.”

“There was a time where I would have destroyed you for such impertinence.” Athena warned.

“That time has long since past, now tell me the official reason why you are here.”

“Its to warn you against defiling more of our legacy.”

“And when, pray tell, did I become guilty of this crime?”

“When you turned Medea into a vampire.” Athena answered. “And do not think this threat is empty.”

“I think nothing of the sort, the world has undergone a dramatic shift, it would not surprise me to hear the gods are returning.”

“Now that I have answered your question I want you to answer one of mine. Your political influence extends far, why have you not done anything?”

“Athena you confuse me for a comic book villain.” Dracula answered. “I am unrepentantly evil but I am in no hurry to take over the world. I can wait until the time is right. Until then why waste such a good public image. The world sees me as a hero and I don’t benefit from changing that.”

“And until then you shall enjoy your vices.”

“Thats the plan. Now if you care for your legacy I suggest you help Medea find her way. She was never very good at navigation.” The goddess walked out of the room. The door shut on its own behind her. The count walked to the back wall and phased though it. On one side was a computer with the names and locations of all of his servants. It had been a busy few months but there were little white dots all over the map. He walked to his private quarters, stripping off the formal clothing he had worn. His coffin, filled with the dirt from the village where he was born awaited him. It was almost morning.

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Dawn of the Black Year

Chapter II: The Island in The Shadow of Tokyo

The plane landed in without making any noise, the new technology, reverse engineered from the Kisekian advanced technology that Mangetsu and Dr. Shishido managed to loot from the invading army vehicles and outposts. The remnants of the army formed a coalition and took shelter in their island, hiding it from the world with their technology, licking their wounds and hiding. Kuro-san knew that their return was only a matter of time, but he was sure that he would already taken over the rest of the world, and using it as a stepping stool for his real goal. As he walked down the stairs of the plane, Tsukimori-san, his right hand was already there, flanked by the beautiful Rei Danzo, the Shinobi that asked him for a job. She was wearing a secretary-like outfit, and it was noticeable that Tsukimori didn’t like her around. Usso used the Mangetsu Intelligence Network, a massive branch of his criminal empire focused only in information gathering and espionage, to investigate Rei Danzo background. Most of the information he got was fake, but he finally uncovered the truth in roughly 35 min of flight. She was the last member of a Shinobi clan, and seemingly used to be a housewife and mother, that had forsaken her past as an assassin and turned a new leaf, but something changed that and the woman that once was known as the Princess of the Danzo clan was known working for her. Tsukimori greeted him, with a note of nerves in his voice, surely about the mysterious newcomer.- Good Morning aniki, thanks for coming to Kyoto, we are already escorting Crow Cementerio to the meeting point, and we are making the last arrangements for project Inazuma, as we captured the man Juro recommended and we are in process of recruiting him-. Tsukimori bowed as he spoke, and Kuro replied with a similar bow and calm tone. -Perfect, Kuro-san will be very pleased-, he looked at Rei and continued.-So you met Danzo-hime, perfect, this saves me the bother of the introductions-. The kunoichi was visible shocked at Usso’s choice of honorific, she always thought that her past was hidden and almost let out a gasp of surprise. Tsukimori smiled upon his boss cunning taunt, and left the landing pad and gestured Rei to follow him. Kuro cold smile, a predatory grin, got wider as he felt the cold wind in his face and he knew that he was taking his first step for his goal. For a moment he stood in that place, while the plane left the private airport and he looked at his wallet and a picture in it, for a second his face showed a glimpse of infinite sadness and sorrow, and the feeling was so strong, that Rei Danzo Crest Medal, even more than a hundred meters away reacted to it with a bright light. The glimpse of feeling he let out vanished as fast as it surged, and he went towards the main building of his private airport, the same he used months ago to de-brief the Numbers upon their mission against Ebisu HQ. He took a car for , the meeting point with Crow, that luckily would be there by now.

Back in , the trio in the shadows tailed the drunken Hoshi Maeda, former Idol and actor through the darkest alleys of the city. He tried to enter to other bars, but was kicked out by the bouncers thanks to his horrible looks and stench. The men in the shadows kept following him. They were huge, massive silhouettes that seemed to be at least twice a normal man height. Hoshi knew he was being tailed, after suffering through a dozen or more stalkers he knew when somebody was watching him. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and turned around, shouting angrily at them, -What the HICK! Fuck do you want from me!- his drunken hiccup interrupted his words, and one of the men laughed, Hoshi lost his mind and charged forward – Do you think is funny!? I’m going to kick your but no matter how big you are!- Hoshi rushed towards the one that laughed raising his fist ready to strike but his attack was blocked, and strangely the impact seemed to diffuse against the hard palm of the laughing man. –GHAHAHAHA, it seems this one haves some spirit! You were right all along Daishiro! - The tallest of the three was the one talking, and the shortest of the trio was the one his was referring. They were old, veteran warriors of a simpler time. Ichigan Nagare, the man called the Natural Predator of Mountains, a master of his own style of Karate, and a man that was forbidden to participate in any competitive Karate fight because of his crushing power, he was the one talking. Daishiro Shimazu was a broad man with a bushy beard and no hair in his head, he as ridiculous ripped and only used simple monk clothes. The only luxury he had was a golden medallion in his chest, tied by a silver chain. The third man had a sad tone in his eyes and remained silent, he was only refered as Shogun, former leader of the Japanese Self Defense Force. –What the hell do you want old farts!? - Shouted Hoshi. The three old Masters looked at him and Ichigan once again talked for them, -What do we want? We’re going to help you get even from the man guilty of your brother dead, but you’ll have to train first. We need you ready for the Inazumaken Tournament- Hoshi was confused, - The what now!?-

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