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Name: Dante Braveheart

Age: 16

Faction: Neutral


Dante is quite a hard headed person, who can get hyped up very easily. He has a few codes of honor, never attack an unarmed person, never attack a person who is weak or unconscious. Dante is the type of person who would rather fight first and ask questions later, though this does vary in the situation he is in. He is also has a hard time remembering people he really doesn't care about. Dante likes to travel everywhere, around the world because he will get bored being in one place for too long.


Dante is a very handsome young man, with beautiful Grey eyes. He has three tatoo's, one on his right arm, another on his back, another on his left arm. Dante likes to have many colors on his attire because he can get bored with dull colors.


  • Telepathy - Dante can simply read peoples minds, though he cannot corrupt them or influence their thoughts or make them join his side. Since he is still practicing how to use this power, he can't use it efficiently while in a very difficult fight.
  • Telekinesis - Dante can lift 6 tons of materials using his mind. Though Dante prefers stationary targets or targets that move around 15 miles per hour since he is still very new using this power. Dante can use this power in multiple ways, like turn invisible for 5 minutes, fly around mach one speeds for one hour max. Though too much usage of this power will start making Dante weak mentally and physically for the stress it can accumulate in his body and make Dante fall down unconscious.
  • Energy Manipulation - This is a very standard energy blasts kind of ability. Dante cannot control others energy, nor can he make his energy attacks follow his opponents. Dante may charge his attacks, but the downside is that if Dante want's to collect enough energy to destroy a house he would have to keep charging the energy attack for atleast 15 seconds.
  • Emotion Sensing - This ability grants Dante emotion sensing, he can tell whether a person is a friend or foe. Though in battle this power may help Dante get the general idea where his opponent may be, it is practically useless until he can train himself more to pin point where the emotion is coming from.
  • Super Strength - able to pick up 1,000 pounds


Bubble Sphere - Bubble Sphere is a shield that looks like a bubble, but this shield can cut down damage from an opponents attack by half. Sadly, due to this techniques stress on the user, Dante can only use this technique once a day.

Energy Bullets - Energy Bullets are energy blasts that fire at a rapid succession. Ten shots per second, each shot goes up to 5 feet per second in speed. This technique only stuns Dante's opponents.

Energy Blade - Dante can extend the size of his sword by covering it with energy. Dante can do use the same technique on his arms. The longest length Dante could ever keep the Energy Blade is 10 feet. The Energy Blades cut steel very easily.

Flash Bang - This technique allows Dante to stun his opponents senses, this technique is only used for emergencies.

Final Strike - Dante's most powerful technique, like Energy Blade it covers Dante's sword in pure energy. Dante put's all of his power into this one attack, this attack can destroy a small stadium. Dante will only use this as a last resort, since he can get caught by the explosion itself.

Nokian Blade:

On Dante's right arm there is this tatoo, the Nokian Sword tatoo. Once Dante activiates this tatoo, the tatoo will shine and then a sword will appear. This sword is covered by a rare magical metal called Nokian Metal. This metal provides a magical enhancement to any of Dante's sharp weaponry like his sword or his ninjato, the enhancement provides extra durability to the point where all of Dante's blades can hold of to 5 tons of presssure.

Nokian Shield:

A tatoo on Dante's back that can create a shield out of thin air, like the Nokian Blade, this shield can withstand 5 tons of pressure.

Nokian Crossbow:

Unlike the other Nokian tools, this only gives Dante a crossbow, but this crossbow has the ability to poison Dante's foes with energy. Energy poisen as it is called. Energy poison is when Dante put's some of his energy into the tip of the arrow, once the arrow hit's Dante's foe, he or she will start feeling the effects within ten minutes, the effects only go as far as dizziness, nothing letal. This ability only works with people who can control energy. This tatoo is located at Dante's left arm.



Dante grew up in a small town in Europe, the town was not in any map. Dante was only four years old. It was a peaceful place, Dante would be playing with his friends near a lake, blue as the sky was the lake. The town was filled with happy and nice people. The town was filled with harmony, all the mystical creatures and humans coexisted and have lived with joy being together. Though the town took a vow to the mystical creatures to never reveal them to the world. Dante would have so many competitions, yet lose them all. Though Dante's spirit did not hinder even after all those failures. He lived in peace, he thought that peace was going to remain surpreme in that little town forever.

That was until a dark force came from nowhere, and destroyed his beautiful land, and his only home in the world. After the dark being's onslaught had past, Dante was afraid, he was the only survivor yet he didn't know why. He went into the woods, looking for someone to help him. He had found no one, Dante kept walking, to the point he exhausted himself and fell unconscious.

He woke up with a strange looking man looking down on him, the man was wearing only black. His eyes looked into Dante's as if he knew what Dante was feeling. The man in black told Dante his name, his name was Raven. Raven since then had taken Dante under his wing.

Teenage years:

After Raven took Dante under his wing, he trained Dante to become a powerful warrior. When Dante became ten years old, Raven gave Dante his first mission. Dante's first mission was to go home and find a secret pathway to find the realm where all the mystical creatures have lived. Raven told Dante that before he found Dante unconscious, he was the town in ruins. Raven saw the mystical creatures around him, the mystical creatures were guarding something, something that who ever attacked the town failed to find. Raven gave up his search since the creatures made him follow them, the creatures led him to Dante.

Dante began his mission the next day. It took him 4 months to finally find his hometown, since his hometown was not on any map. Dante developed a ability that allowed him to sense emotions. Dante was able to sense the mystical creatures emotions, he felt that they have trust in him. Dante didn't know why these creatures trusted him, they just did. These creatures had lead Dante into a cave, Dante didn't recongize the this cave, yet it was right next to the town. Dante entered to cave, it as dark, cold, and very frightening. Dante made it to the end of the cave, there was nothing there, yet these creatures feelings kept telling Dante that there was more than what meets the eye.

These strange creatures have shown themselves to Dante, they were bright, like an orb of light, and intagible. They didn't speak, they just changed colors to tell one another what was going on. They all combined their powers and open a portal within the cave. Dante couldn't see a thing because he had spent so much time within the cave that the sudden bright light from the portal nearly made Dante blind. The creatures were able to tell Dante through their colors to follow them, Dante didn't know how he knew that's what the colors meant, he just did. After Dante got out of the portal, he saw that he was on a magical land, with forest untouched by any form of modern civilizations.

These creatures made a pathway for Dante into the forest. Dante followed their trace. Dante walked for days without any taking any breaks along the way. He kept walking until he saw a wall, the wall was atleast 500 feet tall. Dante looked at the great wall in astoundishment. The creatures that led Dante to the wall have disappeared, Dante couldn't sense their emotions. But Dante could sense the emotions of others within the wall. Dante flew until he was ontop of the great wall. He saw something that he had never thought to see in this mystical realm, people. Dante went down without anyone noticing that he had jumped down from the wall. Dante began his journey to find some anwsers of this place. Dante use his invisiblity powers and flight to be not noticed by the populas.

That plan has failed though, someone knew that Dante was there in the air scanning the area and attacked Dante. Dante was able to sense his foes emotions and was able to dodge his attack. But what Dante couldn't do is be able to react to his opponents amazing speed. Dante was brought down and hard by his new foe. Dante then use his Emotion Sensing powers to see what his opponent intent was. Dante only sensed that his opponent was suspicious and took him down just in case if Dante was a real threat the the city inside of the wall. Dante was worried that he could not prove his innocence, though something else did just that for Dante. The mystical creatures have shown themselves again infront of Dante and the mysteries man. Apparently these mystical creatures were worpshipped by these people. Dante was proven innocent just by the mere fact that these creatures have shown up for his time in trouble.

The man that attacked Dante was a man named Torok. Torok was a soldier of the empirical gaurd of the city within the walls, he loved to train and refine his skill just to protect that people that hold dear the most. He apologized to Dante for his harsh actions, Dante didn't mind.

Later that day Dante meet another person, her name was Roxanne. Dante was amazed by Roxanne's beauty. Dante never believed in love first site, until now anyways. Roxanne had beautiful blue eyes that matched with her smooth beautiful blue hair. She loved to help those in need, and she was a very curious person by nature, she always wanted to explore her world. Sadly she couldn't because mages were not allowed outside the wall, but she still dreamed of the outside world.

Dante had spent 5 years at that magical place. He had refined his swordsmanship to the point he was a sword master. Dante also learned new techniques to aid with his powers like Bubble Sphere, Energy Missiles, and many more. Dante in a short amount of time became a general of the military. What started as a mission, became Dante's new home. He married Roxanne when he became 15, in this world you can marry someone at the age of 15.

Dante was happy until he sensed a diabolical force. The same force that destroyed his town. Dante warned the entire military, and they were ready for a war. The civilians were evacuated, and the military was ready, Dante was ready for this fight. Nothing appeared, everyone including Dante was confused. Dante tried to sense this being's emotions, yet he couldn't find anything. Then a explosion that made a hole within the wall appeared. Everyone was in shock since they didn't expect anything to happen because they didn't believe Dante. Everyone went to check the hole on the wall, then another explosion came for the otherside of the wall. The horns of war have been blown, but it was too late.

The bright blue sky turned into a pitch black night and monsters started to show up from the sky bombarding the city. Flying black creatures were using a form of fireballs that once hit a target exploded immedaitely causing huge amounts of damage. Then huge monsters, Kaiju like destroyed the walls, minions were right on top of them and those minions ran killed all of the empirical soldeirs. Even with Dante's powers he couldn't stop this dark force. the entire city was destroyed in a matter of minutes.

Kaiju that attacked
Kaiju that attacked

Dante lead Roxanne and Torok to where the creatures made the portal for Dante. Sadly the creatures could only take Dante because he was not of this world. Dante refused to go with Roxanne. Then Dante was knocked out by Roxanne and Roxanne told the creatures to put him back to his world, the creatures did what Roxanne wished. Torok used Final Strike to make sure that the place where the portal could have been opened was destroyed, it so to make sure that this evil force won't leave this world. Roxanne left a note to Dante in his jacket saying that he doesn't have to worry, they will be just fine. Dante knew that they would be okay.

But he knew he had more training to do, so he returned Raven. Dante forgot what was the mission, Raven laughed a bit. Dante needed Raven to train him to become stronger, Raven agreed. Dante told Raven his story and asked Raven if he had ever seen such creatures. Raven didn't have any answers, though he was happy that Dante returned alive from the mission. Raven told Dante that he will train him, Dante smiled and promised Raven to be his servant as long as Raven needs Dante. Till this day Dante is still trying to figure out how to reopen the portal and if he is strong enough to take down this evil force.

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@AnimeDefender: he seems kind of hax don't you think. My character Jayden will pick up other powers along his travels through the RPG world

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@Galenbeta: He isn't hax your characters are hax and besides he needs to be strong he is hanging with Raven the most potential danger on the vice.

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@Shadowchaos: i didn't read the whole bio and my charcters are not hax they don't posess any kind of mental abillity

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@Galenbeta: So the other stuff they have are. Also you tend to godmodd but yeah this dude is nothing copmared to the top tiers such as SamJaz, Raven, Stasis, Abyss, Jardsam, what ever Sonata's character's name was cause I forgot, the there is Kuro_san who with prep solos everybody.

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@Shadowchaos: how hurtful man that's cold

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@Galenbeta: well its the truth though honestly those powers up there are just about a fraction of the total powers Raven has. Also the character you have at Jewels well he is in Raven's range.

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@Galenbeta: How is Dante hax?! If anything he is only fodder compared to what the other players have! Though he will gain some new powers along the way, I doubt they will be many.

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@AnimeDefender: Maybe him and Jayden should travel together,you interested in my Attack on Titan rpg

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@Galenbeta: you can have him be at Jewel's and in a rp at the same time its a sort of area where time doesn't matter.

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@Galenbeta: still he was in range for Raven to copy his powers.

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