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Name: Daianosuke Amoi
Age: 11
Birthdate: February 14, 2000
Height: 5'0
Weight: 105
Hair Color: Bright Red
Aliases/Nicknames: None currently

Brief History

 Somonosuke and Reika Amoi with newborn Daianosuke.
 Somonosuke and Reika Amoi with newborn Daianosuke.
Raised by his widowed mother, Daianosuke grew up with average life. He goes to school, and is a growing artist and pianist. Daianosuke knows his father died when he was still very young, as his mother told him that he died protecting them from a robber. That was merely a half-truth by his mother Reika to protect her son. In actuality his father Somonosuke was killed in battle against a swarm of demons. Somonosuke was a descendant of the over 800 year old Amoi Exorcist and Demon Hunter Guild, on a nightly basis he would fight against the forces of evil. Its was a very dangerous job for him, but one that needed to be done to protect his family. Daianosuke's mother Reika keeps this a secret from him in order to protect him. Though it seems to be all for naught as recently the Hand of fate has intervened. Recently on a picnic Daianosuke and his mother Reika had they were attacked by horrifying creatures and a man cloaked in black. 


 Transformed Daianosuke ready for battle.
 Transformed Daianosuke ready for battle.
On the outside it would appear that Daianosuke is an average kid with no real abilities. But on the
 Amoi Heirloom Cross
 Amoi Heirloom Cross
inside he has a dormant Holy Power that is very common with those within the Amoi family. Thanks to the power of the Amoi family cross he is able to tap into that power and transform his body and mind into a older being. Armed with the powerful whip of the Amoi's known as Evil's Bane, he can protect himself and other around him. Currently Daianosuke is not aware that he can transform, so the transformation happens only when he is very scared and/or desperately want to save someone.
Appearance while Transformed
Height: 6'4
Weight: 230 mostly muscle
Hair Color: Red Hair and shoulder length 
High Class Olympic Athleticism: Daianosuke's body when transformed is in peak physical condition in terms of strength, speed and agility. Able to do a variety of acrobatics to aid him in combat. He has artifacts (Soon to be discovered by him) that can increase his stats temporarily.
Martial Artist: A master of the Amoi whip style. The whip Evil's Bane is like an extension of his body more so than any other weapon. Able to preform techniques that create strong winds that can repel and/or suck in enemies from long range. He also has some long and short swords he is able to use if the opportunity presents itself.
Holy Magic and Armaments: Daianosuke also has a variety of Holy Items and quick spells to aid him in battle. Pure and very potent  Holy Water vials that when come in contact with creatures of Darkness such as demons and Vampires causes intense burning of their flesh and possible death. He also has Holy Cross Boomerangs that return to his hand when thrown, and ricochet marbles that come in handy for flying adversaries.
More to be added soon


Daianosuke as young boy is highly shy, and at times has trouble talking to others that are older than him. Despite this he is very well manner and very respectful. In his transformed state he is brave and fearless, and will protect those in need at all cost. Daianosuke is not fully aware of his actions as a brave hero when he transforms, its like a dream to him for the most part.
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Cool new good guys to beat the shit out of them
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Very nice. <3
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love it
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@Daianosuke_Amoi: Oooooh cool the kid form is adorable and adult form is so dashing awesome!XD
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@Mesamia: Is he more adorable than Caius? DOES CAIUS HAVE SOME COMPETITION??? D:<
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@Superevil225:  Caius is still my lovable muffin, but he is going to have behave if he wants candy and cookies from auntie Mesa:P
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@Mesamia: The only cookie he wants... naww.... I'm not gunna. XD Well that's good. Nobody shall surpass Caius' cuteness!! >:D
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Hmm not bad, not bat all. 
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Thx Everyone ^_^
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