CVnU Invasion: Antarctic Portal

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Was still good

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His adversary showcased an intimate comprehension of combat, dismissing the attempted coercion of the Mauler's implemented boxing combination, and instead, exploited Espada's greatest disadvantage. Though remarkably tall and built with the physique of a robust tank, it rendered him susceptible to lower body attacks. He could pump his abnormal reach advantage, abuse his enormity and strength in clinch wrestling, but his hips, to a shorter opponent were always exposed to a shot towards his hips. With bold pragmatism, the Saint of Seas' arms wrapped themselves around Espada, his hands hooking behind his lower back. Indignant, the Martial Mammoth offered little deterrence as his opponent facilely lifted him off the ground, blasting off into a sprint. Instinctively, Espada made use of their close proximity, executing a successive series of lacerating elbow strikes, targeting his adversary's exposed head. Though it was fruitless. Ruinously, his back collided with icy body of the previous glacier.

Fragmented ice violently flung into the air as Espada was forced deeper into the glacier, his back heavily bruised from the impact, bone structure giving way, cracking. And though wincing in evident pain, the Mauler would not yield, his regenerative faculties would ensure his quick healing. And as he readied himself to wrestle free of the Aquatic Deity's body-lock, the Hoodaki Heavyweight de-materialized. A spontaneous luminosity enveloping his frame, external, temporal forces transporting him elsewhere in time, 1940, unfortunately leaving behind his friend Amaranth to the mercy of the Modern-day Poseidon.

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@La_Espada: [ I really enjoyed your post in Genesis, BTW. ]

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@Amaranth_Strix: Thank you :)

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Karnak approached the portal each step smaller then the last he did not expect to be heading to another universe and yet here he was after a large company paid him to go scout this portal and see how dangerous the denizens were ,probably before they tried to move their business their takeover , he had triple checked his suit the night before.Because if something went wrong in their he would not have a plan b he was going to have to make up his entire plan on the fly which is not how he liked to do things .

His large suit of armor caused the ice to shake he took one deep breath before charging headfirst into the portal not knowing what terror lurked behind it.

(Sorry this was short just something to get us started ). (info on karnak ).

The welcoming party is already here as a colony of penguins ominously flutter towards the floating light, but they seem innocent yet their numbers are enough to block the sheet of ice below them. It was almost an ocean of black feathers and squawk, It was somewhat of the mad cock's way of saying 'hello' but minus the hug and the multiple stabbing to the back of the spine. He can see them yet they are probably confused as of why there are so many goddamn penguin lying around when they are supposed to be migrating elsewhere. The man will eventually notice something is wrong with the dead, naked british guy under the bottom of the big penguin.

Buck entered the fray by rising upwards from a layer of snow, ready to greet this guest as they are both isolated in a field of birds. The british man is one man known as 'Jamie Oliver', he tried to spread healthy eating. For that he has to die.

Seth looked to the side and saw a strange man exiit a portal then the arrival of several strange penguins. The very existence of a portal traveled made him sick as it spoke that he was from another world. He created a terriotory and made two limitless ammo handguns then dispersed his world all in a few seconds. He then started shooting rapidly paying no mind as to who the person was.

(sorry it took a while the snow kept me from getting on)

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@Masterofdeath: @Amaranth_Strix: @Sparrow_of_Aces:

WellI guess I'm back since I'm bored and now an actual Vicer is in

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@SekiryuuteiDxD: sorry I got snowed in

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@SekiryuuteiDxD: sorry I got snowed in

Lol doing in Antarctica and you get snowed in

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@SekiryuuteiDxD: yeah I live in the south we ain't made for the cold.

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The sounds of ice splintering apart screeches through the air as Aleixandre's huge opponent is smashed into the wall of the glacier. The Golden Guardian was readying a uppercut when the giant before him began to glow... and within seconds, he disappears in the yellow light. Backing away with a surprised look on his face, the Saint of Seas looks around; expecting some sort of invisible attack... but it never comes. Before he can decipher the situation, the roars of battle behind him force him to shift his attention.

Staring out, he recognizes the last invader still on the battlefield; an ancient mutant, legendary for his skill and wisdom... the warrior known as Amaranth. The Saint grimaces, finding it hard to believe a man of such legend would resort to an barbaric act like this. Shaking his head in disappointment, he reaches out to the sky towards his glowing weapon. " Ut mihi , meus vetus amicus; permissum nos terminus is." The Saint whispers as his trident flies down into his hands.

The ice around Aleixandre began to animate, and liquidize into water in defiance to the cold. Soon, a torrent rose to his waist, and lifted him into the air above the battlefield. "Vos have no a valde erroris in coming hic ancient unus; quod iam vos must persolvo pro vestri vitium!" The Saint of Seas yells angrily in the direction of the blademaster. Pointing his ancient weapon towards the Strix, and the entire continent begins to quake; as if in anticipation. A huge fissure begins to open up in the thick ice, spreading out towards the feet of the ancient swordsman. Deep below the fissure opened up to the black, freezing waters below.

"Pro vestri vitium obviam rectus universitas, illa extrarius aequora mos fio vestri sepulchrum!" Aleixandre yells out, and as if Hades had heard the condemnation, oily black tentacles rose out of the waters below; the Saint of Seas had called some great, old monstrosity of the blackest depths of the oceans to this battle, and obviously planned on finishing it. The oily beast lashed out towards the Strix, wrapping it's oily tentacles around his body, and tried to squeeze the fight and life from him, before pulling him down into the black depths below. Soon after the invader was dragged into the hellish black waters below, the Golden Guardian wills the fissure to close. This battle was over... or so he thought.

(Writer's block, half arsed, and it took me way too long. Sorry :()

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The portal in Antarctica was causing a great dimensional distortion. This is something all too noticablor to the man who was in Kyoto one moment and here the next.

[True Longinus]

The great Longinus spear radiating with power shown into his hand.

[Regulus Nemea]

The spear turns a bit gold, symbolizing Regulus Nemea being mixed with True Longinus

[Balance Break: Longinus Scale mail] which is the mix of his armor balance breaks

Green armor with blue and green jewels with a golden tint appeared on him.

He also activated

[Polar Night Longinus Chakravartin]

Seven orbs all looking them same appeared. Helooked down on the beast below break through the ice and grabbing some samurai mutant.

He could easily distinguished who's who.


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Buck observed from where he stood as it appeared that a stranger is shooting a gun, every penguin remains perfectly calm and thus resumed in their common activities. The Mad Cock however started to scream, to those that can listen it is a mental equivalent to a chalkboard being grated by a piece of glass. It did not affect avian life as it is directed indiscriminately towards any and all humanoid types within reach of the soundwaves.

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Just as Amaranth finished his assault against his boxing opponent he saw Espada vanish a burst of light. The Saint of the Seas! It had to be. Who else possessed the versatility to teleport a few away in the midst of battle? Perhaps his connections with the gods had allowed him to send Espada back to his own realm? Sheathing his adamantium blade Amaranth elected to engage the sea going warrior at a distance, snatching a pistol from his holster. But just as he took aim the ice beneath him cracked open and a vast sea squid seized him, crushing his diamond ablative layer and squeezing the air from his lungs before dragging him under the waters.

Snarling he turned his attention to his new foe..

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