Curse of Horus

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Lynn stood with her hands bracing her on the air-carrier as they were being lifted to the last known location of the Eye of Horus; she was still in complete shock that Surkit managed to repel her last attack, and from point blank range.

She didn’t want it to become an obsession, but she knew if she didn’t find where she went wrong then; it’d be exposed by another foe.

“All I can say is I hope this thing isn’t traveling via Dragonite” Emerald said, standing next to Lynn trying to break the silence. “I think a pokemon will be the last of our worries” Lynn said, trying to get a feel for the chi of the monster.

“I’m pretty sure the SIGMAS are already en route to the location, and if Hong Kong were any indication, I’d say the triads are too* (See Hong Kong Nights). Lynn said, eying a map of northern India. “These mountains are going to be a bitch to navigate”. Emerald said, bending over in front of her crew, a small sweat bead poured down Lynn’s back as she watched them hold their nosebleeds in.

“Look at the speed it’s moving…whatever it is, it obviously knows the area” Emerald said, again with a smile on her face.

“Why is this funny…?” Lynn asked, a bit curious.

“It gives me a chance to try out my new mech” She expressed with her hands clasped. “It’s on the Tempest, I’ll join you guys once the preparations have been made.” She said, heading off towards the teleporter.

“Get ready initiating…drop-off” a voice said, over the intercom. “How is skydiving in, subtle?” Lynn scoffed sarcastically again. “It’s not, but it is pretty badass” one of the crewman said, giving them all the thumbs up.

“The town you guys are dropping in has been destroyed by, whatever has the stone…there are very few survivors; you can start by gathering information; before you set off after it, that’ll give us some time to pin-point it.”

Lynn strapped her backpack on, and was the first out of the plane, though technically Emerald would be handling their navigations; she wanted to set the tone with her new “teammates” that she wasn’t playing any games.

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Dave, gloved hand on the window, whistled as he watched Lynn skydive out of the Air-carrier. "Man, that's pretty sick, right Joey?"

He turned to find a gun aimed at his chest.


Dave didn't hear a sound. The text literally appeared before his eyes, blinding him as his teammate continued to point the weapon at him.



Dave wasn't having it. With trained calmness, he tried to calm his teammate "Joey, put the gun-"

There was no sound as a large screw pierced Dave's jaw. He slumped against the wall, and Taylor pushed him aside.

With a grin, he summoned a multitude of screws that pierced every bolt on the sheet of metal that formed the wall. They span, and within seconds the wall flew off into the sky, pulling Taylor with it.

He flipped, then formed a swan dive as he used his All Fiction ability to erase Dave's wounds and death, as well as the damage done to the air-carrier.

The flying wall had returned to the air-carrier, and Taylor was in free-fall.

He kept his eyes focused on Lynn. She wasn't going to know he was following her. He had no chi for her to detect, no physical presence to sense, no aura to... aura out? Whatever. Taylor was completely unnoticeable not by the merit of his stealth, but rather that he was supernaturally easy to ignore.

For the time being, he was somebody else's problem. An unexpected guest that they didn't know about yet.

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Juni sat near the back of the of the air carrier, her Katana Arashi resting between her legs and chest. She had her eyes closed, not as if she were sleeping, but contemplated what was said earlier by Emerald. “A stone that can wipeout an entire planet, it’s too dangerous to be in anyone’s hands even my own.” Juni’s keen senses were lock on to her surroundings, the conversations going on between her new teammates, and the changes in air pressure, and the jerk reactions by Emerald to navigate through them. In mere moments they arrived at the last unknown location of the Eye of Horus.

A voice over the intercom told the other that there were Getting ready to initiate drop-off. Juni got up from her seat and placed her blade Arashi on her back, and walked towards the air-carrier’s jump point. Lynn was the first one there as Juni nearly expected her to be. Lynn was tough and ambitious, that’s what Juni admired about her. Lynn jumped first, and one of the crewmen handed Juni a parachute for herself. “Nah, I’m good that thing just slows me down” Juni said to the crewman with a wink. The crewman had a shocked look on his face as Juni jumped out of the carrier without a chute. Juni shot towards the ground like rocket as a violet colored aura in cased her body. She gave Lynn a small salute in the skies as she went past her. Once Juni was at a comfortable altitude, Juni contorted her body holding her arms out, and started to spin at incredible speeds. Juni was like a human helicopter now, her decent started to slow dramatically. Once she was a mere few feet over the ground she stopped, landing safely on her feet. Juni observed the surroundings, the destruction was sickening. However she stood ready holding the handle of the sword over her back. Juni kept a lookout waited for the others to land safely.

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Ammy couldn't sit still, she was like a hyperactive puppy dashing back and forth from one window to another on the air-carrier, she was so excited about this mission, it was a chance to do something right with her powers, to prove that she just wasn't some rouge experiment, she could be a hero! She wasn't going to let her team down, nope, she was going to be the very best, like no one ever was!

"OH MY GOSH LOOK AT ALL THOSE CLOUDS!" She grabbed the collar of one crew man's shirt, jerking him forcefully towards the window.

"Y-yes it's very nice." He chuckled nervously, struggling to pry the small yet powerful hand off of him.

The rose haired goddess let her grasped go, moving on to the next window as she suddenly saw a couple of blurred figures falling downwards back towards the earth. "OH WOW LOOK IT'S A GIANT BIRD!" She pressed her face against the window. Only to realize... they were too BIG to be birds. "Wait no... is that plane?" She squinted her blue eyes. "No... too small..." What where those? "Hey guys-" She turned around to talk to her teammates only to see that half of them were already GONE! "OH CRAP!" She yelled out realizing it was her own teammates skydiving down to the mission point!

"WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!" Running as fast as she could to the opening of the carrier. Getting ready to jump, one of the crew members called out to her.


Turning her body awkwardly towards the voice as she was running, a parachute pack slammed into her face, her head jerking back as her force of momentum caused her to somersault out of the carrier and began spiraling out of control downwards towards the Earth, her pink hair being whipped around and her arms and legs waving frantically to regain control of herself she reached and passed Nana quickly. "....aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." was all that was heard as the parachute backpack quickly followed her.

Finally regaining control of herself she could see she was almost at ground level. Gritting her teeth her body suddenly became aflame Her golden fire surrounding her body as she struggled to slow the rate of her speed down. Landing feet first on the ground her feet skid along the dirt road a few feet forward, passing Juni just about five feet before coming to a stop. With a wide smile her flames went out. "Yatta!" She didn't exactly yell out loudly, mostly just to herself as she threw her arms up in victory only to get hit in the back of her head by her free falling parachute, causing her to crouch downward, holding the back of her head as the pack landed by her feet. "...itai..." Rubbing the back of her head she began looking around, the entire town they landed in was mostly destroyed, some parts of it completely leveled down.

Rising back up from the ground she grasped the parachute with one hand as she walked over towards Juni, a weak 'squeak' heard from below as her blue eyes glanced down to see a partially dismantled panda plushy laying on the ground. Crouching down she gently picked it up, her eyes slowly looking over at Juni for a moment as it finally hit her. This mission had lives at stake, real lives of people who had already been killed by this stone they were looking for.

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Tap,Tap,Tap, Tap

Bishop bobs his afro in the whipping wind to the sound of his pre battle playlist while clicking on the backpack strap nonchalantely.


He takes two steps like there was a long road ahead and sinks into the sky towards the ground, eyes squinted and watering as his thin muscular frame glides through the air like an arrow towards the ground. The other's chutes dropping to the ground as he opens his own. On the drift down he lights a 'cigarette', lost in thought wondering exactly who Captain Canary actually was...

Closing in on the group he unclicks the back pack and slams into the dirt. The sand that kicks up sends a cold familiar shake down his spine, as the bodies of a dozen people are revealed. The eye of horus did this. Maybe not with the power inside of it but the allure of it, causing a level of greed so deep it crossed the span of entire universes. Rolling his fingers across the hilt of his waste hung blade, he stands ready with the others in a close formation, the sound of the crackle of the ember of his cigarette the only sound heard other than the wind

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“TORI WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!” The bruised Maya screamed as electricity ravaged her body, she was being suspended over a fire pit; with electrified nipple clamps on her naked body. Y stood looking getting slowly aroused from the screams of the redhead.

“Maya, I know you don’t know who I am, but we’ve met many times before; though you haven’t done anything to me now; historically you’ve always gotten in my way…” The Flower of Carnage stood, grouping her own boobs careful not to touch her scar; though almost healed; she owed the Keyblade’s chosen one a visit.

“Mistress, we have a target on the Rock; but it appears that an organization is already in pursuit of the stone.” One of her attendants reported, watching as Maya hang from the crucifix...

“T-the…Sigma’s have the rock…you’re too late” Maya said, slowing down her organs to the point of apparent death.

Opening a portal to the coordinates set, Y stepped through just as Lynn landed on the ground. She let loose a devious smile, her eye’s surveyed the area and picked out two familiar spirit signatures. “Ahhh there you two are…” she said, glancing at both Nova and Surkit.

“You’re so cute here…” she said, unsheathing her Black Rose Blade; laced with the deadly snake venom. “I know you don’t know wha I’m talking about; but the universe has fused me with a former ally of ours” she said, twisting the legendary mask of Cortez on her face.

“What are you talking about?” Lynn screamed, stepping up to face her former ally with her chi burning. “Oh… you must be…” before she could finish, Lynn fired a massive chi burst at Y; however the blast went right through her and did no damage.

“As long as the mask is in my hand, I can cast myself anywhere within a mile radius” she said, cackling. “I see, but you can’t hide your chi from me!” she screamed, getting ready to take off in the direction of Y’s chi signature.

A hulking creature over took them, “What the f#ck is that?!” Lynn screamed, jumping back to the spot where ‘Tori’ had emerged from. Even the Illusion of Y-intercept stood in awe at the sight of the beast. “It’s a Terra-Destroyer” Lynn said, backing up; Y gritted her teeth, deep down she knew Maya was right.

SIGMA was the first on the scene, and the TD managed to track the stone first, “Tori…if you’re in there…” Lynn said, glancing at Y’s direction, but the Jaded Dragon was already gone. “Damn it.

“KIKOSHO!” she screamed, firing a proto-chun directly into the chest of the TD; the beast didn’t even feel it, strange markings from the beast began to shine brightly, showing the power of the stone. With one smack, Lynn was knocked half-way across the plains.

One smack knocked the chi, almost completely from her body; she instantly began to lose consciousness. The last thing she remembered seeing was the grass dying at an alarming rate.

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Taylor rushed along the dying grass, panting for breath as he did so. One hand held a gun at the Terra Destroyer, the other hand touching the dying grass.

Instantly, green life began to spread from the tip of his fingers. "Eli Hess, healer." Taylor shouted, firing a couple of rounds at the beast before rushing towards Lynn. The grass turned green wherever his feet trod, spreading out to combat the decay, and he slid towards the comatose Lynn, using his All Fiction to erase her wounds, just as he was using his All Fiction to erase the effects of the stone.

Of course, to the rest of the team, it would look like he was very proficient in his professed field- healing, despite the fact this his actual ability was nothing of the sort.

However, if he could bring glass to life and cure people from mortal wounds, it would be easy for them to believe his story.

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The smells of smoke with the scent of burning flesh filled the area. Juni looked around in disbelief; she has never seen this level of destruction in her life. It didn’t take long for Lynn, Surkit and Nova to touchdown alongside her. Nova appeared to have landed without the aid of a chute. The chute that belonged to Nova hit her directly in the face,”Ooh” Juni squinted as she watched feeling Nova’s pain. A woman suddenly appeared before the group. Juni didn’t recognize her, but Lynn did. She drew her blade towards Juni and the others. Juni quickly drew Arashi from her sheath “What is this woman talking about? universe!? I don’t know who this woman is, but already don’t like the vibe she is giving. If she wants a fight then bring it on!” Juni thought to herself. Then Lynn being her usual brash self interrupted the woman’s monologue and attacked. Juni followed behind having Lynn’s back.

Lynn attacked, but it went straight threw he strange woman. Juni stopped in her tracks kicking up the dirt to reduce her traction. “A projection!?” Juni mumbled under breath, but there was no time to think about that as a large monster jumped for seemingly out of nowhere got in front of Lynn and Juni. “W-What the hell is that thing!!!!!” Jun shouted out and did back flip to get out of its path. Juni overheard Lynn call the monster a Terra-Destroyer. “The hell.. Juni said looking at the beast while gripping the handle of Arashi tightly…whatever it is its strong. Juni charged the beast, trying to use her speed to blitz the monster with deadly slashes from her blade. She used enough force slice steel in half like butter, but to no avail the terra destroyer remand unfazed. “Damn, his skin is strong enough to withstand my sword” Juni said in disbelief. Juni watched as Lynn gave it a try with her Kikosho, It still wasn't enough as Lynn received a devastating back hand for her. “LYNNNN!!!!” Juni shouted out as her friend was sent flying several feet away. Juni never felt such power, the force of the terra destroyer’s blow made her feel a rumble in her soul.

Juni had to get to Lynn fast, she could feel her energy slipping away. Using her speed once more Juni ran towards the beast, quickly focusing her energy to her feet “FUJIN!”Juni shouted. Juni for a brief moment was lighter than air, and had a sudden increase in speed. Leaving slight afterimages behind her as she ran up the back of the beast and down his chest, The Terra Destroyer was slightly confused not knowing which one was the real Juni. He punched his own arm, giving Juni a slight opening. Pulling some explosive kunai from her pocket she launched them at the face of the Terra Destroyer as she jumped in the air twisting and contorting her body for a flip. Landing perfectly on her feet as the explosion happened behind her. It would only slow him down for a second, Juni rushed off towards Lynn’s direction hoping to get to her in time. As she ran she yelled toward Bishop and Nova,”HOLD HIM OFF WHILE I GO AFTER LYNN!”

Juni ran and she saw Lynn lying unconscious, but she saw something else that was odd to her. A strange boy was with Lynn and the greenery was starting to return in the area. Juni had her sword ready she didn’t understand what was going on “Hey you!! Juni shouted at the stranger don’t you dare touch..” Juni stopped speaking when she got close to Lynn and the mysterious boy. She just observed what she was seeing, it appeared that he was the cause for the damage done in the area to be undone. Juni knelled down beside Lynn and planet her sword in the soil. “How is he doing this, he is healing Lynn returning the color to her face, but I don’t feel anything from him. Like he is taking an eraser and undoing mistakes. That’s the only way I can describe it.” Juni thought to herself while looking at both Lynn and the stranger. “Thank you for helping my friend, but who or what exactly are you?” Juni asked.

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@Juni_Hinamura: @Jlynnana: @Surkit: @Feral_Nova:

"I'm a freaking medic!" Taylor shouted at the crazy swordswoman. "You can't feel my life-force because I radiate as I take in! I am one with my environment so I can control the flow and use that life-force to heal others. All is one and one is all."

To prove his point, Taylor erased a few of the scratches Juni had picked up, either from the Terra Destroyer or from the landing, making sure not to erase the damage to her clothing while he did so. He also performed the surgery bit-by-bit, so she would actually feel it 'healing'.

"Like I said, Eli Hess." Taylor said with a pleasant smile. "Nice to be working with you, miss Hinamura. And I know your names from the operations file, not because I'm a creepy spy. Because I'm not a spy. Or creep-" Taylor- or Eli, slapped his own forehead at his apparent stupidity. He was a brilliant liar. Faking the tells, completely immersing those around him in this character he was weaving for them. Like his name suggested, he was perfectly fabricating a whole new identity out of whole cloth, and the best part was how the computer systems around the world were actually re-rewriting their data as he spoke, so when the team looked him up, they would actually find his details on the ship

They might find Joey's too, but Joey was a different character. A loud, gruff veteran of a soldier that liked to drink and kinda got a bit rough with the girls on the weekend. Nothing like this young teenager who was laughing at his own social awkwardness.

"Do over." Eli said with a sheepish smile. "My name's Eli Hess. I'm a healer. I'm on your side. It's nice to meet you."

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Arriving in a chicken mobile the mad cock decides to interject as he plans to obtain this rock to raise his turkey roast to life, a sidekick is necessary as his chicken flock are everywhere at once. They are developing a reanimated-turkey powered death ray.

Having fought and established a chicken republic in an alternate world he knew things would only escalate from there, he needs to raise an army of birds.

The chicken mobile is literally nothing special, just a modified Volkswagen with fried chicken taped into its sides. This way he looks like a harmless idiot, a man in a chicken suit driving with junk food plastered all over. Totally not-dangerous.

The dangerous after-effects are not that bad from his own eyes, as he can redirect its energy properties for a transformative effect. No longer will it be an object of lifewiping, yet it would be one that will give everything a second glimpse of evolution. He can make its effect convert others into being therianthropes, a world of chicken people. Not his end game yet it felt seemingly fun.

<<How are you with that raygun? I am in the proximity of the object, the disguise is working well and there is even this hobo that is eating off the front bumper>> Buck relayed a telepathic message across intercontinental borders, as he runs over the homeless man trying to kiss a chicken wing.

<<Bawk bawk, bawk bawk bawk. Bawk. Bawk Bawk.>> Buck takes in the encrypted message as he feels the bump of rubber tire running over a pair of testicles

Then the lights went red, traffic was annoying as usual so with that he plays his casette. His favorite song in all of human culture, the Numa Numa. Singing along as he lifts his hands, putting the volume on max as the lights turn green.

The clone at the end of the relay heard the song as well, all chickens connected to the neuronet danced to their anthem. For 3 minutes and 41 seconds the whole world felt an odd phenomena that they cant explain, a notion that something is dancing. A lingering feeling of seeming absurdity that caused an american by the name of Jeff Ruth to spontaneously combust. A woman in japan to beat up her employer and some Spaniard to run over an arabic immigrant with a wheelchair.

A motorcyclist knocks at his window to interrupt his dance, since it is a serious offense Buck unhooked his seat belt and grabbed something from the backseat. An ordinary baseball bat that is tarred and feathered.

Getting out of the car as the motorcyclist told him to move, he was aggravated by this demand "Don't fvck with me asshole, I was hearing that song and you can die for all I care" the cyclist pushed Buck so hard that his back cracked the window in his VW. Retaliation comes in the form of a homerun swing against the man's ear, then repeated beating on a downed man.

After seeing that the man was not moving anymore the mad cock pulls down his pants and took a big dump on the man's face, a large log of wet turd. Covered in pieces of corn and some undigested worms. Then wiping off with his helmet.

Then the feces covered man came back to life, it appears that the influence of the stone is greater than initially expected. Yet the undead is no match to the power of glued feathers. The gift that keeps on coming, several swings at once.

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The woman suddenly emerged before the group, she seemed to have known Ammy and Sukrit... but she defiantly didn't know her! "Universe?" Her blue eyes looked over at Surkit, did he know what she was talking about? But it seemed that Nana knew who she was, and the cobalt warrior along with the ninja princess went on attack. Ammy balled up her fists, ready to charge into battle herself, until she watched the chi blast going right through the unknown woman, a hologram? The goddess was confused, what the hell was going on? But before she could ask, a giant monster thingy appeared on the battlefield!

"WHA-!?" Ammy blurted out as she took a few steps back as Nana and Juni were the first to attack it. Nana sending one of her chi attacks while Juni ran her blade along the beast's skin, neither attacks taking effect. Then, Nana was attacked by the beast, her body literally flew pass Nova, her heart almost stopped as her head whipped in the direction her teammate was just sent. "N-NANA!" Ammy yelled out in horror she wasn't moving! She felt overwhelmed, her body tingling from the anxiety that was building up inside her, she didn't know what to do, what should she do!?

It was Juni that snapped her out of it. "HOLD HIM OFF WHILE I GO AFTER LYNN!"

Her word brought her back as the young goddess crouched down just slightly, her eyes fixing on Surkit for a moment while the monster let out a soul numbing roar. Nodding at her teammate, she went on the attack. Pulling both hands back they began to charge with her flame then threw both hands forward, the blast shooting outward like a beam, colliding into the powerful creature. The beast was shaken by the attack, it's feet digging into the ground as the attack collided with his chest, struggling to keep it's stance, but when the attack was done, the beast sound like it almost made a chuckle at her. "I-is it laughing at me!?" She took into offense.

Ammy's body engulfed by her own fire, now levitating just about a two feet above ground level. "Surkit, distract him for a few seconds!" The young fire goddess yelled out at the deadly samurai before flying straight up into the sky. Her body picking up speed with every second as she broke the sound barrier a 'BOOM' echoing through the air as she began to make her decent back downward, leaving a stream of fire behind her. Her eyes focused on the beast as she jet head on. Outstretching her arms at the last second she wrapped her arms around it as best she could as she spear tackled him, lifting it's body off the ground she rushed upward into the blue atmospherics before letting him go, the momentum she was going at caused the beast to fly up a couple more feet before beginning to make his descend back to the earth. Pulling both hands above her head balled them up into fists, bringing them forcefully downward into the monsters head, using all the strength she had to send him free falling back to the ground.

The beast landed forcefully into the earth, the battleground trembled as a wave of dust and debris kicked up from the monsters landing. Making her own descend breathing heavily as she put her flame out, a satisfied grin on her face as the dust began to settle, showing a crater that was created from the terra monster thingy's landing. Not a single sound was coming from it. "I call that, the Inferno Rush!" she gave exclaimed with a huge grin on her face, turning her back towards where the monster laid, assuming victory.

But it was a premature victory the terra beast leap out of it's suppose grave. Orange blood trickling from it's mouth as it let out a roar before attacking the goddess from behind, grasping her by the waist and throwing her behind him like a rag-doll into an already partially destroyed building. The pissed off monster turned it's attention to Surkit as it got ready to push forward in an attack.

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"The hell is that noise?" Baseball bat became scratched up, bone particulates smeared across the dirtied feathers. Throwing back the bat to the back seat of the car then shutting down the door shut. Slamming the handle of the bat. The stone is having a weird effect on him, his hand began to choke his own neck. This chicken began to choke, gagging his mouth as the grip became tighter. The neck began to pulsate as the face throbs. Buckaroo picks a piece of broken glass and stabs his own arm, digging in his fingers. Half the side of his face is speaking at him, it seems that the rock is more potent than initially expected. Mark Anthony had somehow return back to life, as in the current host body. A face overlaps his face as an eye appears out of the side of his face, a cheek bone turning into a skeleton. Legs sprouted from his belly, an arm appeared over his shoulder and another one under his left armpit. His body was ripping in half, the rooster is working his best not to pass out here. A skinny man erected from his sternum, ripping out skin along with layers of flesh. A tumor evolved into a lifeform. "Imma kill you motherfvcker!, after all those years of being inside you!" The legs still attached two torsos occupy the same hip. Mark starts to strangle Buckaroo, the chicken did not hesitate to fight back as he sinks both thumbs inside the man's eyes. Bursting open vitreous fluid and sending the man into a violent scream. As the legs began to separate the genitalia follows through, pulling out of Buck's thigh as the rooster decides to act against it. Grabbing the shaft and ripping it along with the scrotum before crushing the whole set. The eyeless eunuch began to mutate further as it still possesses constituents from its progenitor, which in this case happens to be Buck. "You did this to me! you bas" Buck pushed the thing against the car window, shutting it up. He then tries to open the back door as he is interrupted by the thing .Pushed down and mounted upon as an elbow drops against Buck's neck. Grabbing a drumstick from the car the mad cock shoves one inside the eye socket of the eunuch, effectively plugging out the disgusting hole with a tasty snack. The skinless bastard rolls over writhing in pain, and Buck desperately crawls to reach the back door. Something drags him back by the ankle, Buck kicks back with his sole smashing the nose of the bloody thing.

His hands finally got a hold on the door, this time in the midst of panic he accidentally pulled off the handle. Impatiently biding his time the roost punched through the window to pull out his baseball bat. When he looks back at the thing the body was gone. He was strangled from the back, and the chicken had to fight back. The baseball bat had a shaped handle, and the eunuch had a hole where his genitalia should be. Insertion. Mark screamed as the baseball enters his groin, Buck ran a circle around the car. Coming back to dropkick the thing inside the car. Buck threw up shortly after, walking to the back of the trunk to pick up another weapon. Something that can put down this thing for good, luckily it's not as good as the original in terms of recuperation. A boomstick that comes along with grapeshot is held between his feathery hands. Using the wooden stock of the gun to break away at the back of the car window, followed by a mozambique. Two to the heart, one to the head as Buck did not want to take any precautions. Taking enough shells and spare gasoline from the back buck took a breath before dousing the interior with fuel. In his hand is a Zippo lighter, courtesy of the motorcyclist. He lights up the car by throwing it inside, now taking time to wait to see if the corpse is moving again. Sad for the fried chicken getting burnt on the outside. Now he takes a motorcycle and drives to the center of the commotion, yet the heavy traffic prevents him from doing so. With a bit of creativity and a lack of moral compass the mad cock finally paved a way through a maze of dead bodies. Thanks to the now empty shotgun that is discarded inside the stomach of a paraplegic hanging off the noose made from a seatbelt of a prius. Taking the alternative route while following the commotion the roost encountered yet another oddity. "Now what the hell is it now?" He is not believing himself right now, there is a monster made of feces. Human feces. What's a chicken to do but to fight, last time it was a zombie and a tumor humanoid. In this world it seriously cannot get any worse, hopefully. Now he has a tire iron plus the only thing blocking his way is an excremental.

It takes him fifteen minutes to clean up all that poop. Using wet towels and unused menstrual pads taken out of the dead, taking his shoes Buck started moving towards his destination. Hearing the sounds of conflict, ten steps forward before falling down from exhaustion. Pulling a wheel-board under his sh!tstained coat as he lays belly down on its surface, moving with his hands to reach out and 'walk' towards the mess. Pulling both hands above her head balled them up into fists, bringing them forcefully downward into the monsters head, using all the strength she had to send him free falling back to the ground.

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Watching project Feral's offense from the other side was a good change, she was fierce, powerful and relentless. It only took one moment of pause for her to be caught off guard, the deceptively fast monster throwing it's golem like thick bladed arm at the small girl and tossing her into a destroyed complex, it's glowing red eyes turn from his victory to his next prey.

Taking stance Surkit holds his blade with outstretched arms at the front of his torso, watching the Terra Destroyer begin to build momentum and run head first at the silent Samurai. He only closes his eyes and focuses on the rumble of the ground, the sound of it's diaphragm with every huff of magma broiling inside it's chest. It's chest.

Opening his eyes Bishop pulls the blade into his right side with both hands and runs at the TD, not watching it's eyes but it's shoulders. As if on cue it takes an anxious swipe at his body, the warrior using his speed to vault upwards, flipping 180° and landing on it's back. A loud carnivorous roar leaves it's maw as the fourty two inch blade dug into it's neck at the spine and twisted, he was surprised when the twist made it turn in the same direction, it gave him an idea but the alchemic creatures arms were slowly reaching closer to the hero, turning it's body made the arms flail but he still needed help. With Feral down he didn't know who to call on to dislodge the Stone he now saw pulsating with energy in the hole feral left in it's back, close enough to see, but too far the samurai to grab.

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After taking moments of rest he moves towards the center of trouble, having killed his leather shoes and his belt by repeatedly bashing a stone against it. Everything that once came from a living organism is dead, he had crudely re-killed them. Reanimation is more troublesome than initially thought, yet after seeing the sights he did not wan to fight the stone giant which they are currently having fun with. Taking a detour around the forest, so that he can either find the stone for himself or kidnap one of the women for questioning. They all looked strong yet his sensors determined which of them is the strongest, it is not the males. Taking a huff of air he watches them, recording their movements and storing the data within his cyber library for later.

There is also a boy that looks out of place, something about the kid makes Buck want to vivisect it for reverse engineering. Mass production, as there is a quality that he cannot yet explain but is willing to explore as a new seed to be planted for the totality of his race. He is now in observation mode, similar to how those reporters in wildlife channels view certain birds of prey, he seeks to monitor this child in every moment of its life to pick up data. Valuable information that can hopefully be translated to ascendancy into a greater collective. Turning the tide in the arena of space so that his kind can spread farther than established superpowers. Toppling previous status quo merely by imposing its presence. A bulb of idea had just sparked, and his mission is slowly changing.

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Lynn lifted up slightly, her attention went pass both Juni and Taylor to the mammoth of a monster fighting both Surkit and Nova. The grass around them spurred to life; it didn’t make any sense especially given the power of the stone. “Did you heal me…thanks” she said, turning her attention to Taylor; double backing to Juni she gave her a thumbs up.

“That beast packs a punch…but we’re going about this all wrong…” Lynn said, struggling to her feet; Taylor was able to take away her wounds, but the pain still lingered. “Juni…let’s attack from its front right and left flanks” she said, noticing the monster’s tunnel vision.

“If we attack its blind-side’s we won’t have too much of a problem dislodging the stone!” she screamed, charging her energy over hands. “Nova, back left, Juni you’re on the right, I’ll take the left…Bishop…” she said, calling out to him.

As she called out to him a swift wind blew through her hair; she knew there was unfinished business between the two of them, something they’d have to settle later. “Get the rock from its back…we’ll cover you” Lynn said, dashing forward fully enhanced by her chi.

Everything around her was a blur, everything except the monster, leaping into the air with cerulean energy swirling over her fingers she punched into the ground caving in the side that was housing the golem’s mammoth sized foot.

The beast’s left sized caved in; placing it’s attention directly on Lynn; “It worked…!” she screamed, over to Juni.

“You guys need to hurry up, I’m picking up 5 mechs speeding in your direction”

Emerald advised from the Tempest; other organizations had come for the stone and it was clear now; that it was also the reason Tori showed up.

Post by Juni_Hinamura (613 posts) See mini bio Level 10

The stranger that helped revive Lynn of her wound went by the name Eli Hess. He was an odd ball in Juni’s eyes, knowing their names. However she looked past that mostly for him helping Lynn. “Sorry about what I did I was unsure of your actions, but still thanks for helping my friend” Juni said sincerely. Juni looked over at the at the action taking place as Nova and Surkit were fighting the Terra-destroyer, doing all they could to hold it back. Lynn began to awake, and looked over towards the Terra destroyer“That beast packs a punch…but we’re going about this all wrong…” Lynn said as Juni helped Lynn get back on her feet.. Juni looked over toward the destroyer once more, and replied back to Lynn saying “You’re right, a frontal attack isn't getting us anywhere. Have any ideas?” Then Lynn answered “Juni…let’s attack from its front right and left flanks” Juni nodded her head in approval of the plan, and quickly dashed off into position.

Lynn shouted out the Idea towards the rest of the team in Nova and Surkit. Juni got to her designated spot, and few meters front left of the beast. “That monsters body is very tough, simple slashes from Arashi won’t work. I have to use my piercing storm attack. It will take some power though" Juni thought to herself. Juni pointed her Katana with both her hands at beast. She closed her eyes and focused her power. Grey storm clouds started to appear over the area, sparking with Lightning. It appears Juni was affecting the nearby atmosphere with her energy raise. Juni started to be struck by lightning and then her body was engulfed by violet flame of her own energy. Crackling with sparks of pure electricity in her aura,as her blade also started to glow in a purple energy. Juni was ready to strike and just in time as Lynn used a devastating punch on the ground causing it to split apart sinking the destroyers foot in the Earth. “It worked…!” Lynn shouted towards Juni. Juni looked over towards Lynn “Good Work Lynn!! Now it’s my turn to strike!” Juni shouted back. Lynn maneuver was perfect, the destroyer didn’t have any good leverage. Juni then let out a warrior’s roar “YAHHH!!” and rushed towards the destroyer at blazing speeds leaving afterimages behind her. Once in range she gripped Arashi’s handle with hand, and using the momentum of her dash stabbed through the side of the beast. The Terra destroyer let out a scream of agony, but Juni wasn't finished. Turning her Katana like turning a key in a car ignition, she released all the energy Arashi had and ignited it inside the beast. The sounds of explosions could be heard inside the beast as it jerked back and forth from the force. A purple smoke was coming out of its ear’s and mouth. Juni pulled Arashi from the destroyers body and quickly jumped backward. “NOVA!! Juni shouted HE’S ALL YOURS!!!”

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Nature calls at the most awkward of moments, especially after fighting a poop golem earlier. The mad cock had to take a dump behind a bush which is natural as he is a chicken. Squatting down after making sure that there are no snakes nor any dangerous animals, especially weasels. Buckas hate weasels, it is the only reason that the earth is still in one piece. An ancestral terror of a species that held them back, the strength of the ferocious marsupial that strikes fear deep into their hearts. Fear that defeats constipation as a smooth slurry of feces exits his stool. No tissue paper or a steady stream of water, there is a banana peel though. He has magic ( a bit, hardly enough to pull off miracles), gadgets (but nothing sanitary), telekinesis (for wiping his ass?) so he sticks with what mother nature has offered. Applying the pelt of fruit as he had finished his business. A wedge of lemon is what is used to clean his hand, since his gloves are dirtied and discarded from the poop golem from a while ago. He then decides to walk stealthily again, into the fray. This time hoping to take somebody out. Gently.


Summoning a rifle from his lab coat as he enters a hidden location the rooster takes aim into the iron sights, gazing towards the angel of flame. Carefully monitoring her movements, taking breaths and stabilizing. Then taking a break as they are still fighting, his finger on above the trigger as he observes her motion. He wants her shot with a special tranquilizer bullet, he does not know how strong she is in exact specifications. With that in mind he made the bullet out of special jelly, one that will melt through the skin to deliver the drug. He needs her down as a form of distraction before he can carry out his real intent, there is a moped somewhere hidden along the wooden branches.Another breath was taken in, now he has her sights where he wants it to be. Locked on her heart. The rifle is the kind that can only fire one, a discard-able construct that will melt thirty seconds after use. The gel is vulcanized so at first it will hurt, but then nothing would be felt after. Like a bee sting, one that packs enough sedatives to put a whale into slumber.

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Ammy let out a groan, pushing the rubble off her body as she crawled her way through the collapsed building, pulling herself up to the surface, her chest rising and descending quickly as she breathed. Her cobalt eyes looked over at the Terra-Destroyer that was still on it's rampage. How could what she did had no effect on it!? She was about to go in to the attack when she saw Nana, giving out orders to the group. “Nova, back left" The young hero nod her head as her body explode into her roaring golden flames, she watched as Nana attacked, then Juni, both of their attacks precise and deadly to the beast. “NOVA!! Juni shouted HE’S ALL YOURS!!!”

Nova didn't waist time, her body flew forward at an amazing speed, the flames dancing around her as she aimed for the beasts head. With it still trapped from Nana's attack and it still recovering from Juni's attack, it left it vulnerable for the fire goddess' attack. Rising both hands above her head she balled them like a fist as she rose up behind him, bringing her hands down forcefully behind it's head. The force of her attack caused the monster to fall forward to the ground, struggling to get back up and leaving the monster's back exposed for Surkit to grasp the stone.

Landing on the ground next to Juni Nova's flames dissipated as she smiled with excitement working as a team was more fun than she thought.

“You guys need to hurry up, I’m picking up 5 mechs speeding in your direction”

Ammy laughed, with the four of them, there was no one anyone was going to be able to take them down! "Let them come! We’ll take them all on! her blood was pumping through her body, she was ready for war to being, after all, it was she was trained for.

Post by Nerx (13,852 posts) See mini bio Level 12


Now he has her in between the bosoms, his aim held stable with air resistance and trajectories perfectly calculated. The projectile crafted down to the very nanoangstrom to carry her to the island of dreams. Watching her chest expand and return with every exhalation, inhaling as she breathes. Focusing on that one task at hand while he ignores the rest, the battle is getting heated. Now he erases his presence as he blends in with the nature, insects and wildlife walking over him. Leaves covering his very body as he became one with the bushes. They can look at the bird away in the distance yet they will only see a branch jutting out from a floral formation.

At the moment she is accelerating at tremendous velocities as pyric aura build a sheath around her as she encloses with the head of the beast. Commencing a team combination attack after the thing is staggered by her friends, it almost made the chicken feel bad for putting down such a majestic animal. She then made an odd gesture before diverting her forward motion for a quick strike behind its blind spot. Carrying enough energy to cause the gigantic thing to tumble over to the ground, in terms of melee Bucka would be doomed so that is why he is here. Inside nowhere,

Now she has done her business as she is beside her friend, a cute smile for a non rooster. She seems rather pleasant for a hairless ape.

"Now stand still you little thin...'

He was robbed, somebody else took the shot, It appears that one of his Xox had taken an order to literally. She was smiling and conversing in the little time she had, until it was too late. She was hit. He now know how Lee Harvey Oswald felt when the man became the fall guy for the death of Kennedy. Luckily the Xox downloaded the exact specification of the rifle from their shared neuronet. 'Printing' it to the exact specification as it melted, then as the job is done the chicken faded into obscurity. There is not one, but two gunmen.

It has taken effect as it seems that she was groggy in her movement, laggish and seemingly slower than her vibrant self a while ago. She knows where to look, yet does she know who to find? There are two of them, it seems that she has noticed only one. Her senses point to Buck, and thus he broke his gun before riding off in his moped. The real shooter however is still at a hidden vantage point, now taking aim for yet another hero. @Jlynnana: The clucker takes another breath as he lines up the next shot, with a newly materialized shooter. No sights, all eyes.

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Nodding to Lynn and guiding the beast by his blade to each of the teammates for a flawlessly executed collaboration of assaults that left the earth breaker on his chest with the left side of it's body blown out, the right arm weakly trying to shove the last of it's body upwards as smoke leaks to the sky out of a stone mouth like blood drips from a persons. It was dying.

Bending down with a stone cold face tje warrior whispers an apology, before hopping into it's open back and grabbing the stone, light literally extinguishing from it's eyes. Walking out of it's mouth like it were a cave Surkit approaches Lynn, staring her in the eye as he tosses the stone up and down. He could have infinite power right now, he could wipe out the entire team and the world would ripe.

Catching it he smirks and extends it with an open palm. Just as she grabs it Captain Canary opens up a channel, "You guys need to hurry up, I'm picking up 5 mechs speeding in your direction" Pulling his blade and preparing Surkit looks to the Horizon but speaks to the team, "That was...impressive. I think we should get back to base though, five mechs is only the start." As they look at him the Samurai continues as he sees the small dots of five mechs aligned in formation and ready, rockets roaring. "The only advantage we have is they don't know where we live, all we need to do is lose these five to avoid being followed." Looking to Lynn as a sort of leader to the group then to the Ninja mistress Juni and the excited enhanced soldier Nova to see what they thought of the strategy.

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