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={ January 3, 2014 }=

={ The Sahara, Egypt. }=

The flying card came to a rest outside the temple entrance, and the group walked in.

Some distance away, watching through a pair of binoculars, a young lady laying under a sheet of multi-terrain pattern camouflage, the same used by the British army in Afghanistan.

Once the group had entered, she drew a phone and sent an email


={ January 3, 2014 }=

={ London, England }=


A young man in a hoodie checked his phone, and smiled, before pocketing it and walking into the tower of London.

Joining the tour group, he cued to go through the metal detectors, beefeaters holding their halberds and smiling for the kids.

“Are they going to be the real crown jewels mummy?” A little boy asked in front of the man in the hood.

“Don’t be thick.” The child’s older sibling said. “The real ones are under lock and key innit? Otherwise yeah, Phantom would’ve filched ‘em years ago, if’e an’t already.”

The man in the hood smiled as it came to his turn. “Keys, camera, phone, wallet and change in the tray sir.” The security guard ordered.

The man in the hood obediently placed a phone and 32p into the tray and walked through the metal detector.

“Thank you very much sir, and enjoy the crown jewels.”

“Will do.” The hooded man said with a smile.


The men in security observed the tourists in the building as they made their way towards the room with the jewels. “Watch that one in the turban.” He instructed, causing his co-worker to turn and look at him.

“What is it with you and turbans?” He asked. “Sikhism’s got nuffink to do with al-queda!”

The senior guardsman downed the rest of his tea and passed the mug to his collegue. “Just go pour me another cuppa.” He ordered, watching the screens closely as the less culturally insensitive guardsman rolled his eyes and headed for the kitchen with the mug.


In the crown room, the young man in the hood pulled out a phone and sent an email.

Sirens started to scream.


In the control room, the guards panicked. “What’s happened?”

“Bomb threat, evacuate the building!”


“Sir?” A guard asked the man in the hood as the tourists hurried out of the door behind him. “We need to get our of here there’s been a-“


The man fell to the ground, bullet hole through his head as his killer held a smoking gun underneath his hood steel security door closed behind them, sealing them both into the room.

Grinning, the attacker removed his hoodie and placed a black mask on his face, laughing as he danced around the glass case that contained his prize.


The alert went to all police in the city of London

Terrorist attack on the tower of London

“Suit up big guy.” Constable Lisa Ainsworth told her partner, who rushed into an alleyway and transformed into something dark and monstrous.


Laughing to himself, the robber summoned another metal spike and casually whirled it in his hands before driving it through the bulletproof glass that protected the crown jewels. It passed through effortlessly, and with a few twists up and down, side to side, the thief dragged the screw out of the barrier with a fierce tug and the whole window smashed into a thousand pieces, glass scattering outward.

Laughing, he cast his weapon aside, flipping the crown onto his head and pulling the robe around his shoulders. He grinned, picking up the orb and sceptre and taking a seat upon the pedestal.

He looked around the room, guardsman bleeding out on the floor, when the thief tossed the orb onto his lap and took out his phone, making a call.


“Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. No one's currently present at the Crown residence, leave your message after the tone.”


A security guard yelped as the hulking dark figure landed behind him. Stood six and half feet tall, with a white star across his chest, the Brunswick Baton demanded the guard’s attention. “Where’s the bomb?” He asked.

“There was none.” The security guard replied. “False alarm, but we can’t get in yet because not everyone’s accounted for.”

“Who’s still missing?”

“Arnold Brooks, a security guard, and a visitor, Demien-“

“It’s a false name.” the masked policeman told him before turning away and speaking into an earpiece.

“Get an assault team here now.” Darren barked into his radio as he made a phone call of his own. “It’s a break-in, and it’s one dangerous sonuva-“



“Hey boss, it’s me, Ghost.” the thief said into the phone, glancing at the security camera. “Listen, I know you said I’d completed my apprenticeship under you, but I need your help. I went in too big on a job and… I screwed up. Turn on the news, you’ll realise where I am. I’m counting on ya big guy.”

He hung up and tossed the phone aside, nervously pacing the chamber as he awaited a rescue that he knew wasn’t coming.


Within minutes, Darren Wallace led a team of gunmen into the crown room of the Tower of London, breaking down the locked door with a Keygrenade and dozens of red lights concentrated themselves on the thief, who lay on the floor, wearing the crown and wearing the cape, looking all the world as the handsome prince.

He smiled, sending shivers down their spines.






[ PAIN ]


[ LOSS ]













={ March 3, 2014 }=

={ London, England }=

In a hotel room in central London, Hitomi out a hand on Aleister’s.

“You’re gonna get through this.” She told him with a smile. “You’ve got a great lawyer, everyone here knows what kind of monster Taylor is. You’re gonna be fine.”

Darren and Miranda Fawkes looked at each other, then Darren coughed. “You ready to go Mister Crown?” he asked as Hitomi slipped the magic-cancelling handcuff to his right wrist, which was attached to her own. She slipped her hand into his, hanging a jacket over the two interlocking wrists to hide the handcuffs.

That was one of the conditions of her being able to come support Crown in the trial. She was there to stop him from running away.

The door opened, and the press started to take their photographs.

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Crown nodded silently to Hitomi's remark. He wasn't quiet sure himself, he didn't know what awaited him. What's more he handcuffs made him feel strangely uncomfortable. It was just a different experience, going to court with free hands or bound ones. Something like some sort of bad omen.

"Alright." he replied silently to Darren as he lowered his head and slowly started walking.

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@Fehafare: @taylor:

The policeman and the agent pushed the paparazzi aside, shouting over their questions and leading Hitomi and Crown out of the hotel and into the taxi.

Inside was HE_IS, dressed in a dark suit, and also Aleister's lawyer. Due to the Hidden World nature of the trial, it was to be held according to the international Hidden World Court method, without barristers.

HE_IS seemed to be in an unusually good mood, considering the situation. "You're in luck with the Judge." He told his future father. "He's a soft touch, and has given Not Guilty verdicts in previous cases."


"Elias?" Hitomi asked him. "Most judges give Not Guilty verdicts when the defendant is innocent."

That news came as a shock to the marine. "Back home, a plea of innocence is grounds to be charged with wasting court time and causes the defendant to be immediately found guilty."

"Kermit, you should take legal advice from your lawyer, not your future son." Hitomi suggested.

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@SamJaz: @taylor:

Crown got confused and worried at the same time. It was a big day for him and he certainly didn't have the brain power to think this through and make a rational decision. Especially if it was concerning Elias. Early on the whole "son from the future" thing seemed like a lame joke, but the Space Marine was rather serious about it. Furthermore there was that picture. He had studied it for some time and it was kinda fascinating. Of course he didn't feel anything for the girl on it, but the very idea the picture conveyed made him feel strange. And besides, Crown couldn't think of anyone to be his lawyer right now. There was that one guy who was kinda his friend, but as things stood right now he wouldn't trust him with a jaywalking case, let alone this.

Both his physical and mental health haven't been at their best lately so all he could do was hold his head up, turn to Hitomi and ask "Is there any alternative?"

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@Fehafare: @taylor:

There was a cough to the side of Aleister, from a dark haired woman dressed in a dark suit. "Sam asked me to represent you, your butler's already paid my fees." She said. "Alexis Romanov, you might remember me from when you burnt down the law academy I used to run. And when you set me on fire. Try not to do that in court today, it doesn't impress the judge."

Darren waved at her politely. "Constable Williams, try to focus on your role today and I will do the same.' Alexis told the officer. Your training will resume after my client receives a complete acquittal and Taylor is incarcerated within a padded cell."

Turning back to Aleister as as the police officer looked down, she snapped her fingers in front of Crown's eyes. "Focus." She told him. "Today isn't just about defending you. This whole mess is a personal attack that Taylor launched while you were at your lowest. It's going to get worse and you need to fight back if you have any intention of ending this. Are you with me?"

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@SamJaz: @taylor:

Crown had not even noticed the woman. He must have been that much stressed out. "I'm sorry..." he replied as the woman reminded him of what happened in the Hellscraper. Truth be told he didn't even remember it, but he'd hardly go against her word on this one. He didn't have the confidence nor will to justify any of that.

He lost track of things for a moment again, but was taken back with Alexis snapping her fingers in front of his face. A standard motivational speech and a completely reasonable suggestion. He forced a smile on his lips the best he could, though his words hardly suggested optimism.

"I can't promise anything."

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

The moment Aleister arrived in the court house, someone tossed an object into his hands.

Clare's head.

Still bleeding.

Tears in her eyes.

Her mouth saying something silent.

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@taylor: @SamJaz:

Crown caught the object thrown at him, instinctively his reflexes took over.

It took him but a moment to realize what was going on.

He head flew out of his hand as he fell backwards, pulling Hitomi down with himself too. Tears started flowing again and he did his best not to throw up right there. Not a minute into the hearing and he was already at his limit. He didn't want to endure it any longer nor could he do that to himself.

He had to get out.

He really had to get out.

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@Fehafare: @taylor:

'Kermit, wha-AGH!" Hitomi shouted, falling to the floor. "The HELL's wrong with you?!"

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@SamJaz: @taylor:

"T-take me home! Please, just take me home." Crown was literally begging Hitomi. He was the only person he could truly turn to in this room. The idea was genuinely stupid and absurd. Crown wasn't a little child and this wasn't the playground, it was a court.

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"You can't go home!" Hitomi shouted, dragging Crown to his feet. "You're on trial! Now what the hell's gotten into you?" She asked, stamping into Clare's head and crushing the skull.

Blood and brain started spreading along the corridor floor.

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"I don't care! Please, just let us go, please." he kept begging with his eyes closed. Luckily for him as he did not see what happened to the head. The usual confident Crown would have never allowed himself something like this. But the fact remained that, that Crown would be absent for quiet some time.

He was pushing against Hitomi trying to hug her with his hand cuffed behind his back.

Crown just felt horrible right now.

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@Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Laughter filled the corridor.


Looking down the completely clean corridor, a familiar face smirked at Aleister and Hitomi, causing his vision to blur.

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@taylor: @SamJaz:

Crown gritted his teeth, to the point breaking. It was a good thing, the momentary surge of rage made him come to his senses again. He certainly didn't like the whole idea, but it's not like he could run away. He'd sit through it and endure as good as he could. And Hitomi was there too. He gripped her hand. "I'm sorry... i'm alright now."

With slow steps he walked over to his place doing his best to not be agitated by Taylor.

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Taylor smirked as he was walked towards the courtroom alongside Crown, who now had Darren escorting him.



Taylor breathed deeply, recalling a memory from Hellscraper and causing the image to appear on the floor ahead of them.


Taylor added, stepping over the naked woman posing in the oil beneath their feet.

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Crown ignored everything Taylor said.... but what was ahead couldn't be ignored. He stopped for a moment, the bad feelings again flooded him. His head felt like it was going to burst and he really wanted to turn around. Still he didn't have that option. He closed his eyes, squeezed Hitomi's hand as hard as he could and walked over the body that was on the floor.

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"You're doing great." A friendly voice to the side of Aleister said as they walked into the coatroom. "Just hang in there. We'll get through this."

"Will the defendants please take their seats." The bailiff ordered, leading Crown and his companion to one side of the room and Taylor to another side.

They were only sat down for a minute, when the bailiff spoke again. "All rise for the honourable Judge Carter."

"Come on." Another friendly voice said, from the same side of Aliester as Clare's, and Al was tugged to his feet once more as the Judge walked in.

The judge took his seat and declared. "Court is now in session." BANG went the gavel. "Be seated."

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"Huh?" Crown was confused for a moment, shaking his head before smiling at Hitomi and then doing as he was instructed.

From now on it was for real.

He had to give it all and concentrate.

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"Will the prosecution please present the case to the court?" The judge asked.

"Yes your honour." A woman said, flicking her long white hair out as she stepped up to the courtroom floor, Miranda standing guard by the exit.

"The defendants of this case are one Aleister Crown and one Taylor Schmitt." The prosecutor said. "Mister Schmitt was arrested by the police on the third of January while in the process of stealing the crown jewels from the Tower of London. During the heist, Mister Schmitt left a message on the answer machine of Aleister Crown's household. During questioning, Schmitt indicted Aleister Crown as the internationally wanted thief known as The Phantom. They are both hereby being tried for plotting to steal the crown jewels and many other art heists throughout the last three years."

"I see." The judge nodded as Hitomi squeezed Aleister's hand. "And how do the defendants plea?"

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Crown listed to the charge carefully, doing his best to keep his eyes at the floor rather than to look at the judge. Either something was really wrong with him and his brain or Taylor was screwing with him. He wasn't even sure which one of the two was worse. If he was found guilty, it would be a disaster, his life would end that very moment. As such he couldn't lose this no matter what.

As Hitomi squeezed his hand his stood up and spoke in a fairly calm voice.

"Not guilty Your Honor."

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