Crow...MUST...Die! RP (Teir 3)

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In a small, simple, and a bit dingy bar sat the Last of the Gunslingers, Crow Cemeneterio, sat trying to drink a soda. The bar was small but cozy enough to stay in and it was quiet no one really caused trouble here there was a few spares rooms up stairs that the gunslinger was staying in. The Railgun sat at the back of the room at a small corner table his prized cowboy hat was pulled over his eyes to hide the bags, he had bandages around his hands, shoulders, legs, one around his head and around his waist evident of all the recent shoot outs he was in. He hands were a bit shaky making it hard for him to drink his beverage not to mention he was completely exhausted he hadn’t sleep in 36 hours because every time he closed his eyes all he could see were bullets coming at him. He didn’t know what started it or why it started all he knew was it started a few days ago after he got back from a Vaquero job someone came up to him and challenged him. As a gunslinger Crow must accept all challenges no matter what it was part of his code, he accepted the challenge and won but after that first person a steady stream challengers had followed varying in talent, ability, skill, size, and difficulty they were almost endless.

He had never seen anything like this he had a challenger come once in a while but never one after another and what was worst was the way they were throwing their lives at him with no regard for what was going to happen to them. All of this was deeply troubling for the cowboy he had become a walking target and he didn’t know how long he could keep going if this kept up; he couldn’t go to Toni and his home for fear of her getting injured in the cross fire or worst. In fact he couldn’t go to anyone for help because of this fear he wouldn’t risk it the truth was death was starting to pile up around him. Anybody who got close to him died getting caught in the entire cross fire and it wasn’t just people it was towns too entire villages and towns were destroyed when he arrived.

It was bad enough for him to even be in this bar be in this town that he didn’t even know the name of, he was a living typhoon a walking death sentence, it was all becoming to much he had always had a problem with killing innocents since he left the Shadow Corps and tried to reduce his casualties to as little as possible but with all the challengers and the innocent people dying from the battles it was pushing his limit. No one is safe around me I need to finish up here as soon as possible and move on just keep wandering stay away from towns and people, the gunslinger gripped his cup and steadied himself to take a drink, Every where I go now death follows maybe it would be better if…In the front of the bar a girl was singing a simple song that Crow recognized from when he was a boy it was calming because it reminded him of a simpler time when he was not the Gunslinger he is today and where he had his family and friends before that “incident”. This song is nice maybe I should just close my eyes someone will end all the pain I feel and stop the suffering I’m causing others. Maybe this will all end if I were….

“Hi!” The Railgun eyes shot open his hand going to Quicksilver, his treasured and indestructible revolver, ready to draw and shoot anyone but when he look up he saw not a man challenging him to a gun fight but a girl smiling at him wearing a waitress outfit. Crow recognize the girl she was the one singing he removed his hand from Quicksilver sighed in relief. “Howdy Stranger you are new around here aren’t you.” Crow didn’t want to say anything the fact that this girl was talking to him put her life in danger. The waitress looks a bit sad she started to walk away, I’m such a sucker for that sad face, “That was pretty song you sang you got a real talent.” The girl cheerfully turns around sitting with him a smile on her face making the gunslinger smile just for a bit, the first time in a while. “Thanks you really think so. My name is Tina.” The Railgun smiled as he tipped his hat to her “Hola Tina. You sing really well this place isn’t right for you should be in Hollywood making a name for yourself.” Tina smiled and blushed a little a sparkle lighting up in her eye “That is my dream to be big one day and everyone know my name around here I’m barely recognize customer don’t even care to learn my name let alone remember it. I’m stuck in this rat hole until I get enough money to make it out there. But trying to save the money up is taking so long I have to pay for bills, groceries and more I’m starting to think my dream is a lost caused.” “Don’t say that there is no such thing as a lost caused.” Tina looked up at Crow confused “There is no such thing as a lost caused at least that is what I was taught. If even one person believes in a caused then it can’t be lost and everyone believes in something.”

As Tina and Crow talked a mysterious stranger wearing a large cloak walked in the bar making his way to Crow’s table. “Well if its means anything one more person knows your name now.” Tina smiled and that sparkle lit her eyes up again for that brief moment she was filled with hope and it made Crow smile for real, this girl’s smile it enough I can make it though this I can stick to my goal to walk forward though life and never stopping even if a river of blood awaits me. There is no such thing as a lost caused. The smile on the gunslinger face quickly vanished as the man who enter a little bit ago stood over his table the gunslinger clenched his teeth and his fist as Tina stood up.  

“Hello sir. Welcome to the Cactus Water bar what may I get you?” The man ignored Tina his eyes set on the cowboy “Are you Crow Cementerio?” The Railgun-slinger kept his head down not looking up only mumbling a little “Please don’t not here this is just a bar filled with simple people.” The man reached in his cloak Tina just stood there looking confused “My concern is not these people I’m here for one reason. That reason is you Crow Cementerio, I’m here to challenge you so DRAW!” The man suddenly pulls out a Thompson sub machinegun from under his cloak people began screaming and running. Crow grabbed the table and flipped it up jumping up and grabbing Tina as the man began firing turning the table into splinters. He littered the bar with bullets shooting everything including the innocent bystanders who were running out of the bar screaming for the lives; Crow had used his electrically enhanced speed to carry Tina and hide behind the bar counter glass bottles and wood exploded from bullets.

The Lightning Shooter turned to the sweet waitress “Tina…Listen to me very carefully I’m going to deal with this guy you run out of here as fast as possible stay small and low to prevent yourself from getting caught in the cross fire.” The Railgun checked Quicksilver it was fully loaded he waited for Tina’s response but the girl remains still and quiet. “Tina did you hear me I want to run the second I start shooting back.” The man kept firing non stop but because of Crow’s gunslinger training he know exactly how many bullets were in the man’s gun how long it would take him to empty it and how long it would take to reload it. “Tina answer me.” The cowboy turned to the girl she was quiet and still and there was a pool of blood growing around her; his eyes widen he titled the girl back to check her pulse there were 3 bullets wounds to her chest, two in the stomach one in the heart, the Lightning Revolver eyes began to sting with tears. It is not right she had a future she didn’t do anything to anyone all she did was talk to me! Why does this keep happening those that get close to me keep dying!

Click! Click! Click! The man’s sub machine gun ran at of ammo Crow moved fast he stood up and fired 4 shots into the man in various places causing him to fall back and drop his gun Crow hopped over the bar and walked to the man slowly tears falling down his face upset over Tina’s death. He walked over destroyed table, shards of glass, and more innocent victims. The man groaning and writhing in pain saw the gunslinger coming and went to grab a gun on the ground to defend him self but Crow was too fast shooting the man in the wrist so that he couldn’t use that hand again. The Railgun sat over the man pressing the barrel of his revolver into a bullet wound in his shoulder. “Why?! Why do you need to cause all these bloodshed these people didn’t deserve this! They didn’t deserve death! Someone is sending you to me who is it and why?!” The man just chuckled a raspy laugh spitting blood at Crow, “This is…just the tip of the iceberg….this won’t stop…till you are dead. I…am just one….a single…in a group of Numbers.” The man suddenly sat up grabbing Crow gun and put in under his chin and then forced the gunslinger to pull the trigger blood splattered across the Railgun’s face his eyes wide in horror in shock. Another person carelessly wasting their life why is this happening?

The gunslinger sat up and holstered his gun and walked outside the now destroyed bar still covered in blood. The moment he got out side a glass bottle smashed against his head knocking him back, he slumped down as blood dripped down his forehead he could see an angry crowd gathered outside the bar. They were screaming and all holding more objects to punish the cowboy with. “I should have recognized you! You are the one called The Railgun, the Last Gunslinger Crow Cemeneterio! You been causing death and destruction everywhere you go! We don’t want you in these town any longer and risk any more lives there were good people in that bar and they are dead because of you get the hell out of here Gunslinger before we have to throw you out! All Crow could do was agree with the townsfolk he had become a harbinger of death because of the promise he caused he only mumble “You are right I’m sorry for the pain I caused you just let me get my things and I will leave.” Suddenly a bag was hurled at him it was his bag “Now get the hell out of here before anyone else gets hurt! NOW!” Crow sat up and began walking not looking back at the bar where Tina died, Tina a waitress who wanted to become a famous singer and everyone know her name, he left the town and kept walking not looking back. I need to stay away from people I need to stay out of towns to prevent more death. Death follows me so if I say away from everyone no one else will die.

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Somewhere in Yokohama, Japan 

A car pulled over in the streets, just in front of a building. A pair of suited men walked off the car and entered the building with strong pace. AS they climbed the stairs, they could hear a silenced scream, as the soundproof walls were working. The pain induced screams were getting stronger, as they entered they saw a bizarre sight. Usso Namae, a famous japanese businessman, was dressed with suit pants and undershirt, over it a Chiba Lotte Marines jersey, and in a chair, with both legs crushed, and almost and bruises all over was a player of baseball, Daisuke Hayakawa. Usso hitted him with the bat and insulted him for changing teams. The suited men waited for their boss to stop to speak to him. Once the Underworld boss stopped, and lighted a cigar, one of the men walked towards him. With the cigar in the mouth, Usso, that was only an alias for his real identity, spoke. Take care of this, cut him in pieces, take the bones and donate the meat to a homeless diner. Make a Bat with his femur and use it to break his manager skull with it, and the rinse and repeat the meat part. The men nodded, Okay boss, considered it done, the man stopped and looked to the other, but we have another problem. The Number recruit attacked Crow Cementerio. Kuro-san listened silently, and then in a sudden change, from peaceful to rageful, he hitted with the bat once again, breaking in it in the head of his captive. After leaving the half broken bat in the floor he used a towel to clean his sweat, and changed the team jersey for a shirt, and suited up again. 
Okay, it seems we'll have to speed up things, put Mr. Degiraz on the line, Said Usso as he started to walk down the staircase. As he informed the Mercenary about the events, Yes, start with the plan, for this mission the Numbers are your troops, use them as you see fit, but remember in sake of sport you will not know who are the other mercenaries I hired. Wait for my call, I need to get the new guys, and dont even think on placing a tail on me Mr. Degiraz, or you'll be out of the equation and out of the payroll. The suited underling talked between them in whispers, and when Kuro-san finished talking one of them asked Boss? Why are you spending so much money in finding and dealing with this super powered creeps? They never affect our street jobs. Kuro turned around, and without any warning he grabbed the man from the neck of the shirt and pushed him throught the stair railing, and kept him hanging. Imagine that you, even if you arent as intelligent and efficient, represent our business, legal or Illegal, and the gravity is the good guys, Kuro-san shaked the underling that was hanging only from his boss arms,  Now you understand it? If I take out the gravity, you wouldnt fall from this 12th floor and break your bones. The suited man was crying, Boss.. please I wont say anything again, dont let go.... Kuro-san said, You really need to review your physics classes, I prefer to teach by practical example, and after that he released the suited underling, that after some second fell into the ground floor with a loud CRACK, the sound of bones breaking, followed by them puncturing the man organs. Without even  taking a second, the inmoral Underworld boss kept walking down, only stopped in the ground floor to said to the henchman that was left. Clean this and send the wife a good bouquet of Tulips, and pay the children studies, also tell our treasurer to open your friend retirement fund and transfer it to her wife account. With a cold efficiency, Kuro left the henchmen to the task and took the limo, he needed to recruit the other two mercenaries, then the game would begin. 
 Meanwhile a small group of mercenaries, the Iron Eagles, were tailing Crow, as their boss, the aspirant for the 5th number position, Red Eagle was killed by the Lighting Rider, and they wanted revenge. All of them were trained to use Akimbo guns, and they were planning to ambush Crow in an abandoned Village, that was just in front of Crow current trajectory, htey were preparing their guns, unaware that somebody else was watching them, a pair of femenine eyes, looking from a hidden position, in a good sniper nest in the church, for know only looking and waiting for his temporay boss orders as she prepared her vintage Sniper Rifles, Fairy Dust and Fairy Star. Any update boss? Asked the woman in the maid outfit throught a cellphone. Her tone of voice was a sign of her feeling about the situation, as she disliked having an outsider to lead the Numbers, even if the pay was good. She was the best Sharpshooter in the Numbers, 5 The Western Fairy, and still she was scared from the current boss, Falken Degiraz, a self made assasain and wolf of war. Stand down Fairy, our hirer wants to make this a game, and is hiring two other mercenaries too turn this into a competition, the one that kills Crow gets double payment. Falken also sounded pissed, as he didnt wanted to compete with to other monsters for the payment. Even so I'll give you the order first to you, and your combination Bullets. Falken was very intrigued on how the bullets made by the Western Fairy worked, the first Shot released a cloud of some kind of explosive dust, and the second ignited it, but even if he tried to replicate it, Falken never got a hold of the proper formula used by the maid clothed Sniper. Okay boss, I'll wait the order, but update Wolf, Devil and Dragon, they are also impatient of killing Crow, they want this as much as me, All the numbers felt personally insulted by Crow reputation as the last Gunslinger, even if their organization was secretive they were known in the underworld and they felt insulted by it. 
As he was being drived towards the first recruit, Kuro-san checked the broadcast, he had camera bots with a high tech cloaking, following Crow from afar, and hidden cameras in each ambush place, he was paying a lot for the mercenaries, but the illegal broadcasting in the channel he had as a hobbie, always with illegal programming, such as the Torture hour, or How to kill an Tiger with a spoon. now he was broadcasting the whole shootings, and getting ten times the money he spent, tanks to corrupt politicians, powerful arabian kings and rich drug dealers. Never do something for free when you can get pay by it, that was one of Kuro-san rules.
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Caius' small fingers massaged and stroked the burly man's head. The man's eyes were closed and he rocked back an forth with each stroke of Caius' hands. A soft moan escaped the man's lips and Caius chuckled. The soft candlelight flickered at a breeze sighed through the drapes and the man inhaled sharply as Caius' hands rested on his shoulders and worked their way down his chest. The Velikaia grinned and returned his hands to the massive man's head. The man moaned again, this time with each movement of Caius' hands until his moans sounded almost ecstatic. But the man's outburst of pleasure was short lived as the boy's hands moved to where the head meets the neck. The man screamed, shrill and high, which seemed so bizarre in comparison to his appearance. The man fell limp the the chair and Caius crossed his arms. "It's always difficult to separate pleasure and pain with these kind of men." The boy chuckled, then turned on his heel to the door of the cheap motel. With a grin, the boy stepped out into the cool night air and made his way down the steps.
"Well now. That certainly was interesting. It seems that Mr. Crow has gotten involved in the obviously darker crowds. It's a shame I couldn't get more off of that insufferable mobster." Caius whispered to himself. "At least I know that my darling is somewhere near the border of Mexico and America. Not far really. After I gather a few more bits of information I should be able to locate him." Caius continued to mumble as he marched down the stairs of the motel and reached the dusty and dirty ground. The child grinned and sniffed the dry air with disdain. "What on Earth am I doing?"
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The Lightning Revolver wandered for a while heading for an abandon town by the name of Gold Springs, the town was near a local gold mine and during that phrase in the county history it was probably a very popular spot brimming with life and activity. Now the town stands as a ghost town all the citizens probably moving to bigger cities once they got their money or the town’s mine dried up either way is was the perfect spot for Crow. This is what I need a town that is out of the way where no one can get hurt and no one will die. He had bandage up the wound from the glass bottle that was thrown at him and wipes the blood of Tina and the other people off of him but he could still see the bodies, still hear the screams, and still feel their blood on him. He felt completely helpless watching people die around him was the most horrible feeling he could feel it was the one thing that he worked to prevent since he was a child, since that time when he watched his town be destroyed and lost a lot of his family and friends. Crow passed a church as he got closer to the town this only increased his guilt. I wonder how I will be judge for these sins. There already is a special place in hell for what I did in Shadow Corps but after this there is no salvation for me all I am doing is causing more people pain and suffering. What kind of hero am I now? Ha Ha listen to me calling myself a hero I’m a step above a cold blooded mercenary.

Crow wandered into the town exhausted he quickly found a building to hide out in, the building was an old medical center which is what the gunslinger needed. Unfortunately there was barely any medicine and what was there was old and expired he took some leftover bandages and put them in his pack then leaned against a wall and slumped down. What did that guy mean by one in a group of Numbers? Is that some kind of group or organization? I guess it doesn’t matter I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up I’m pretty beat up already and worst yet I can’t deal with the death anymore. I can’t go to family or friends without risking their lives as well I all on my own. It is probably better this way so that no one gets hurt but me. As the gunslinger sat there up against the wall he closed his eyes hoping that sleep with take him to a better place than this but no use all he could see was the bodies, bullets, and blood. The feeling of helpless swept over him sinking his spirit and soul even lower. It just like back then when I was 17 and I watched my town be destroyed back then there was nothing I could do to help. He saw the people of his once calm town attacking each other infected with the deadly Insanity wavelength, he saw his best friends Vergil and Abigail, he remember the red of blood on Abigail’s clothes caused by his bullets fired from the gun he has now, he could still here Vergil screaming at him and the same feeling of helplessness he felt now. The Rail-gunslinger head Quicksilver up the sunlight reflecting out the metal of the gun and he was reminded of something despite the feeling of helpless he felt then and now there was one thing he had that helped him though it. He life motive to keep walking forward no matter what and never to step back as long as he had to legs he will keep walking, there is no such thing as a lost cause, with this in mind Crow stood up he had a feeling more people were coming to come and he wanted to be prepared for them.

The Lightning Cowboy began to fortify the old medical building; turning beds, chairs, cabinets, and anything he could get his hands on into a makeshift barricade. Afterwards the Last of the Gunslingers walked outside and looked at the local clock tower that was some how still in working condition and told the correct time it was nearly five o clock this brought a smile to his face it was the old cliché of the shoot out in a western movie. He just hoped in the end of this movie the hero will come out in one piece.      

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Tokyo Seafront, Japan 

Usso was enjoying himself in the travel, the helicopter he took after be driven to the heliport. He had a really good cellphone and watched an old entretaiment show, Takeshi's Castle, that he watched as a teen, when he was just starting in the Yakuza. He had fond memories of his first years in the organized crime, everything was simpler and easier, he had to take orders and break legs, he got payed really good and had a lot of liberty. This changed a lot when he was a full-fledged member of the clan he entered in his early 20's, but that isnt a fond memory, or even a passable one, it was one of the moments the now powerful Underworld Emperor wanted to forget, but sweared not to. Thanks to the wonders of modern, and even secret technology, he was constanly in touch with his underlings and the mercenaries working for him, getting the news that one of the talent hunters he sent to get more mercenaries was dead, chopped into pieces by a really dangerous swordsman, with a swords almost as big as his enormous battle hunger. That was one emotion that Usso didnt understood, since his mid 20's he never felt the urge of killing or maiming, he used violence as a mean or a tool to achieve a goal, he found stupid and illogical the search for violence only for the sake of it and not to for an clear benefit. That's how he kept a nearly constant flux of replacement henchmen and underlings, the whole underworld, at least the really important ones, knew tha working for Kuro-san was better than working in a real productive job. The organization, sometimes refered as Mangetsu, directed by Kuro-san, gave their employes retirement funds, medical care and multiple other services, such as discounts in important departament stores and other shops. Usso discovered that having happy underlings was the best thing in the world, but he aslo found out that this benefit made them pretty lazy, and so he started to used the violence as a measure to keep his men alert and ready, and luckily they started to get back into shape, and now the Underworld Emperor tends to kill or break the worst elements of his organization, and forces the rest to be better, so it works quite nicely, the underlings are fiercily loyal and always strive to be better, hoping to get the place of somebody killed by imcompentece. 
The phone ringed, and Usso paused the video, Who is it? Asked Usso with calm and composed voice, his tone had a note of boredom, as he had to stop watching his favourite TV show to answer the call. Aniki, said Tsukimori-san, one of the most trusted advisors of Mangetus higher-ups, I'm here monitoring the advance of the Iron Eagles, the Mercenaries that are tracking Mr. Cementerio. They say that the target is fortifying a position in the same town were they prepared the ambush, and just 50 mts from the fifth number location. Tsukimori stopped, letting Kuro-san asses the situation. After some seconds of humming a catchy tune from an old and forgotten american series, Usso spoke to his advisor, sent them in, I cannot send Fairy to attack Mr. Cementerio until I get information of the other mercenary I planned on recruiting. That was one of Falken Degiraz conditions on his contract. Let the eagles hunt free. Tsukimori-san touched some buttons of the consoles and connected both calls, and transmitted Kuro-san orders to them, Whenever you're ready Aniki, after receiving the affirmative repply from his underling Kuro-san spoke directly to Jeremy Brolin, the leader of the Iron Eagles, Gentlemen, go a fetch the head of Crow Cementerio, and bring it to me in a Silver platter. The Stout and brave mercenary almsot shouted his repply, and his voice was accompanied by all his men, YES SIR WE WILL! From the other side of the phone Kuro-san had a sinister smile, as he knew that they didnt had a chance if half of the stories about Crow were true, but at least their loyalty to his money would make them really good cannon fodder to tire out Crow before Fairy attacked.
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All we need are some banjos and we have a classic western. Caius thought to himself with a slight smirk as he marched into the town. It hadn’t taken Caius long to steal a car and drive himself there. The town was desolate, and the sun was hot, although the heat was slowly dissipating as the sun lowered below the horizon and the sky ignited into a rainbow of oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows. There wasn’t a cloud in sight, making the town look like a dessert, without the scolding heat. Caius even needed to wear a coat, mainly because his immune system and internal body temperature was all out of whack.


He could sense Crow’s position, and see the faint silhouette staring up at the clock tower. Caius smiled and chuckled; glad he had found the gunslinger before the mercenaries had. But deep down, Caius was dead serious. There was something wrong with Crow, Caius could sense the muddled brain waves. Caius picked up his pace until he was running, and it didn’t take long for the Velikaia to jump and sling his arms around Crow’s neck. “Hey there hot cheeks!” Caius exclaimed. He squeezed Crow and smiled so sweetly. Suddenly, with out a single word, or hint the twisted child planted his lips on Crow’s.


Caius let go of Crow with a chuckle, and grinned. “Sweetie, what on Earth have you gotten yourself into?” He asked, not even mentioning the disturbing kiss he had just given to Crow.   “This is going to be quite the clean-up, darling.” Caius chuckled. The boy clasped his long blue frock coat tighter around his small body and stared up at Crow with his one good eye. Although he did not express his thoughts through words or facial expression, Caius was calculating what was wrong with Crow.

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Crow looked to the sky standing there in the middle of the town baking in the sun a little he used his arm to block the sun from getting into his eyes. It is so calm and yet I know this place will be a war zones soon enough it like the calm before a storm. Why can’t it just stay this way for a while longer? Even as the Lightning Revolver had his eyes close he couldn’t help but see the blood of all the people that died because of him recently, he saw the bullet flying at him, and heard the wars cries of those challenging him. But even with all this death and destruction a light at the end of the tunnel shown though he saw the light of hope in Tina eyes, Toni smile as he came back home from all this, his family and friends cheering him on and all the good deeds he had done tears started to fill his eyes and run down his cheek as he smiled and then started to laugh. That right this fight is not over I got people I got to get back to and I’m not done I still have things on this earth to do. This fight is not a lost cause and neither am I. As he thought about being a lost cause he couldn’t help but remember training with his grandfather and the very conversation that had about lost causes.         

11 years Ago The Town of Rayo Rosado

Crow, 12 years old at the time, is with his grandfather, Alcide, training to help Crow take the gunslinger test which he will take when he is 14 years old. Crow was running from his grandfather as fast as he could he was looking for the old gunslinger as it was apart of his training, a game of tag, yes I think I lost the old man. I won I won! The young gunslinger in training smiled cheerfully until a voice came from above him “I told you Crow if you want to win you are going to have to be a hell of a lot faster than that.” Crow looked up comically shocked to see his grandfather above him. “Oh CRAP!” Crow closed his eyes and forced his body faster leaping onto the roof of a building and hopping from roof to roof until suddenly his grandfather appearing in front of him in a blinding flash of yellow lightning “Sorry Crow still not fast enough but good attempt.” Crow barely had time to react when he saw Alcide’s right arm surging with yellow lightning the Yellow Flash raised his arm and shot the bolt directly at Crow hitting dead on. The bolt of lightning hit him causing a small explosion as Crow fell to the ground but before he could hit Alcide caught him and landed on the ground in an instant. Alcide had Crow by the back of his shirt holding only a few feet off the ground, the young gunslinger’s eyes were comical swirly design seemingly KO but his grandfather’s attack. Crow came though in a few seconds and began kicking and squirming “What the hell old man you said no Relampago powers for this session! You god damn liar I bet I could beat you if I was using my abilities.” Suddenly Alcide dropped Crow looking down at him with a smug smile “That what you get for calling me old you whipper snapper. Yeah I said no Relampago but one I said you couldn’t use your powers I never said I couldn’t and two even if you did you barely have any control over them so I doubt it would help you.” Crow dusted him self off before getting back up “That is cheating how the hell am I suppose to beat you if you are using your powers.” Alcide just yawn scratching the back of his head “I don’t that is your job what kind of training would this be if I gave you all the answers.” Crow kicked the dirt frustrated then suddenly leaned down and delivered a spinning round house kick (or at least attempted to) Alcide caught the young Rail-gun foot and lifted him upside ‘Man what kind of gunslinger are you going to be if you telegraph your moves like that you might as well had a billboard up that said I’m going to kick you it probably would have been more subtle.” Alcide laugh holding Crow upside down for a bit before dropping him on his head. As Crow looked up he noticed a silver medal hanging from Alcide’s neck. “Hey old timer what is that?” The Yellow Flash noticed what Crow was pointing at “This is a pray medal Crow.” Crow got up a little confuse as to why his grandfather had a pray metal. “A pray medal but what for you don’t believe in god.” Alcide smiled at Crow as he took off his medal showed it to the young Crow “That is the saint of lost causes, Saint Jude Crow almost all gunslingers in history prayed to Saint Jude in times of desperation.” Crow inspected the metal “There is a saint for lost causes that is stupid if it’s a lost cause then who cares give up on it.” Suddenly Alcide smacked Crow upside his head “You know what Crow this is our last training session you proved to me today that you just don’t have what it takes to be a gunslinger.” Crow was suddenly on his fist his eyes beaming with anger “I can be a gunslinger I just need to train harder! I’m going to be the best gunslinger the world has ever seen you mark my words…” “Don’t kid yourself Crow it doesn’t matter how hard you try you can never be a gunslinger let alone the best. Give it up go home and try for something else Crow. It’s a lost caused you will never be a real gunslinger.” Crow was burning with anger his clenched his fist and fought back tears “NO! I can be a gunslinger you ain’t seen anything yet! This is not a lost caused I’m not giving up!” Suddenly Crow stopped shouting and understood he unclenched his fist and looked at the pray metal of Saint Jude of Lost Causes; Alcide simply turned to Crow smiling “There is no such thing as a lost cause Crow because if one person believes in it then it is not lost. This is properly one of the most important things you need to remember; gunslingers have been called lost causes for ages and we’ve never given up. Remember Crow there is no such thing as a lost cause as long as you believe it is not lost.” Crow smiled as he understood his grandfather’s lesson to him and handed him back his pray medal then Alcide started to walk away and before Crow could follow he called back to the young hero “For failing training today do 100 push ups and 100 sit ups 5 sets each see you later whipper snapper.” Crow stood dumb struck on his work load and started doing his push ups his grandfathers words still in his head; There is no such thing as a lost cause.

Present Time

Crow stood in the town smiling remembering that day, I promise old man I’m never going to stop believing in my cause so there is no such thing as lost cause. I fight till the day I die and that is not today. The Rail-gunner could hear a car coming from behind him he assumed it was more mercenaries come to challenge him hoping to end the gunslinger life until he heard the voice “Hey there hot cheeks!” Crow eyes widen in horror there was no way it could be as he turned around two arms slung around his neck it was none other than Caius Weaver. Even since Crow met Caius the 12 year old heir to the Weaver estate made his life hell but yet in this entire Crow had grown to care for the kid for strange reason he still couldn’t figure out. Crow was horror struck as Caius smiled at him. No. No. No! No! NO! NOOO!! What is Caius doing here? No he can’t be here I’m a harbinger of death no I can’t let him get hurt. Everyone who been around has died I can’t let that happen to Caius! No why god why him! Without a warning or without a word Caius suddenly kissed Crow on the lips then hopped down smiling like all was right in the world. “Sweetie, what on Earth have you gotten yourself into?” Caius was in a cheery mood not even mention the kiss a moment ago but Crow was terrified his heart was racing and his knee trembling “This is going to be quite the clean-up, darling.” Caius chuckled lighting staring up at the gunslinger with his one good blue eye suddenly Crow feel to his knees and grabbed Caius by the shoulder staring back at him with a look of poor panic and terror “Caius what are you doing here?! How did you find me?! What is wrong with you why did you come after me?! You need to go Caius YOU NEED TO GO NOW!?” The Rail-gunslinger was shaking the young heir by the shoulders lightly “GO CAIUS PLEASE GO AS FAR AS YOU CAN! Get away from me and stay away please I’m begging you Caius! People die around me that can’t happen to you please I can’t let anything happen to you.” As Crow was on the verge of an emotional break down the members of the Iron Eagles hired by Kuro-san had moved into position one was on a roof no more them a block away from Caius and Crow.

The man on the roof had sniper and had Crow in his sights Caius would be caught in the cross fire, the bullet would more or likely go straight though Caius’s right eye and hit Crow in the shoulder, the man was just waiting for his leader Jeremy Brolin to give the order. Crow was still on his knees holding Caius when a light hit his eyes he looked up and saw where the light was coming from. It was being reflected from the mercenary’s sniper scoop; Crow eyes widen realizing what about to go down as the sniper had gotten the order to shoot “Caius run get down into the hospital I fortified it!” Crow stood up quickly tossing Caius to the side as he drew Quicksilver while the sniper began to pull the trigger Crow was faster though. The Last Gunslinger pulled the trigger fired a bullet straight thought he scope and into the man’s eye and out the back of his head but the sniper bullet grazed across Crow shoulder causing him to wince in pain unfortunately this was only the beginning.  More Iron Eagles began to come out from behind buildings carrying sub machine guns they began to fire at Crow he ran dodging the bullets with incredible speed he fired back hitting the shooters in various spots but their body armor helped them to keep fighting. As Crow began to reload his gun a mercenary with a shotgun came out from behind him firing it point blank “Escudo!” Crow raised his hand creating an electromagnetic barrier in from it to stop the buck shots mid air he release the field making the pellets fall to the ground then ran out the man his hand surging with metallic blue electricity “Hoja!” Crow rammed his hand into the man electrocuting him from behind him the sub machine gunners had ran out of ammo giving the Lightning Shooter an opportunity to strike. He ran at the Iron Eagles as more began to appear from everywhere firing at the gunslinger; who bobbed and weave out of the way of the bullets then he used a old horse hitching post leaping over and pushing off with his hands to deliver a kick to one man face. The mercenary feel back as Crow landed on his hands and knees the other finally reloading their weapons but too late; Crow placed his hand on the ground “Lago!” Electricity surged from Crow’s hand to the ground forming a web like pattern around him electrocuting the Iron Eagles. There were so many carrying all kinds of fire arms the Lightning Revolver leapt into the closest building for cover it was an post office bullet soared into the building tearing holes in the wood sending splinters and shrapnel in all directions. Crow was trying to think of a plan to deal with all of these mercenaries until he heard one screaming “HEY CEMENTERIO! Say goodbye to your little fort!” The Rail-gun peeked out from the window his eyes widen in shock the screaming fool had a god damn bazooka and was aiming at the medical building Crow had fortified. The man fired the rocket turning the medical building into a burning destroyed husk as Crow stared horror struck remembering he told Caius to go in there “CAIUS!”                                  

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Tokyo Seafront

The Underworld Emperor was watching the gunfight with evident glee, eating a rice cookie once in a while. His profits of broadcasting this shooting was more than enough to cover the cost of all the mercenaries, and he even gained several millions of dollars thanks to his clever economical manuevers. One of his underlings respectfully knocked the door and  proceeded to inform him about the progress of the mercenray headhunt. Sorry sir, but the other mercenary was also unavailable, should I inform Mr. Degiraz about it? Falken turned his head, and with calm he said, I think I'll do it myself, this mercenary gets nervous if he doesnt talks with the hirer. The henchman left the room, and Usso grabbed his personal phone, unique in it's kind and called Falken, using a voice changer and a codifier, Mr. Degiraz, I think you have green light, and so does the Numbers, let them act as planned. Kuro-san was sure of Falken professionalism,  but the strange behaviours of the Numbers had him worried, Western Fairy for example was known to be the most honorable of the group, and surely she didnt liked to wait for Crow to be slowly weakened by the constant attacks, at least he knew she wouldnt turn away from the challenge and change sides. Okay sir, I'll inform her and the other Numbers. It's a real shame you didnt got the other mercenaries, I work my best when I compete, but this time I'll make an exception. The Mercenary hanged up, and Kuro-san smile only widen as his eyes discovered the new events happening in the shooting, as a new and unexpected player got into the game. 
Meanwhile Fairy got the permission to act, and from her sniper nest she shoot with uncanny speed and precision, and started killing the mercenaries, helping Crow to clean the ambush up, and even used her Fairy Pairy to create a cloud around the rocket saving Caius life. She didnt knew about Dreamweaver real identity, and she thought about him as a boy that got mixed up in this. Once she killed the remaining troops she jumped down to the higher building nearby, with the sun in her back, 15 mts above ground level and shouted, Crow Cementerio! I challenge you to a duel, face me and my Fairy Pair in fair combat
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Caius had ran into the building as Crow had asked. But he had a different intention. Caius was well aware of the other team's possession of the bazooka and was on the top floor of the building by the time the trigger had been pulled. The telepath was ready to spin the rocket around, when suddenly a strange cloud of dust just stopped it. Caius leaned over the edge of the building and spotted the sniper. How didn't I sense her? Caius thought. "EXCUSE ME!" Caius roared at the sniper. "That was my kill!" Furious, Caius jumped off of the building, and caught his fall in a cradle of telekinetic energy. He stepped onto the ground with such sass it was ridiculous. 
"Lady, I don't care how perfect those breasts are... You stole my kill and now you're threatening my Darling." Caius explained crossing his arms over his small chest. "Go ahead and make a move on my man. But I assure you, you'll wish you had a lobotomy." Caius grinned and wrapped his arms around Crow. "Darling, don't worry. I'll kick her ass so hard, you'll be jealous."
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Crow’s anger, grief, hatred, fear had become overwhelming even though he disliked Caius for teasing him and constantly hitting him with inappropriate remarks he felt a connection to Caius and had grown to like him at most care for him. The thought of Caius being hurt or worst was too much but what drove the point home was the fact it was Crow’s own fault was too much for him to bear this was not the first person he had cause to died but this was someone close to Caius. Tears blinded him as lightning surged off his body he was so overwhelmed with emotion he didn’t notice that the mercenaries were being taken out by sniper bullets. The electricity that he was creating changed from its normal metallic blue color to a deep crimson red without Crow even realizing. The sound of one man’s dying screams snap Crow out of his anger and the red lightning faded away turning back to its normal metallic blue color this is when Crow saw Caius, the 12 year old boy was fine he was on top of the building that was just nearly destroyed and seemed furious, this is also when Crow saw the mysterious sniper she was on top a building 15 meters off the ground she was wearing a maid’s outfit and was holding two snipers. Crow heard the woman call him out “C row Cementerio! I challenge you to a duel, face me and my Fairy Pair in fair combat.”

The Rail-gunner clenched his fist in anger and pulled his hat over his eyes he didn’t know if he could take he thought this woman was a ally came to save him from this horror but instead she is just another person trying to hurt him Crow didn’t know if he could duel her and kill her. He jumped out from the building his hat still over his eyes as he heard Caius shouting at the new challenger EXCUSE ME!" Crow smiled a little, "That was my kill!" the telepathic child leapt down catching himself with his abilities and crossed him arms, I can’t believe I’m saying this but when he acts like this he is kinda cute. HA! I guess fearing for his safety made me appreciate him a little more. "Lady, I don't care how perfect those breasts are... You stole my kill and now you're threatening my Darling." The feelings that Crow had felt were slowly fading away and were being replace by a new found resolve "Go ahead and make a move on my man. But I assure you, you'll wish you had a lobotomy." Coyote Eyes sighed a little as he felt Caius small arms wrap around him "Darling, don't worry. I'll kick her ass so hard, you'll be jealous." Crow did something that he didn’t think the boy expected he calmly placed his hand on Caius and pushed his cowboy hat up to smile at Caius with his calm reassuring smile and Cobalt eyes that were wet a moment ago with tears he spoke so only Caius would hear him “Thank god you are okay. I don’t know what I would do if something happen to you Caius. I would really appreciate your help with this woman.” With that the gunslinger turned back to the female sniper and smiled at his with his normal cheerful and carefree smile “I am Crow Cementerio, the Last of the Gunslinger I accept your challenge but only on a few conditions. First I want to know your name senorita. Second I want to know who are you working for why are there mercenaries coming after me. Third I want to know if you are part of the “Numbers” the last guy I killed mention them and I wasn’t sure what he meant.” Crow aim Quicksilver directly at the sniper a smile on his hand and his hand still on Caius’s hand, there is no such thing as a lost cause with Caius here I can handle anything these guys throw at me.  

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Tokyo Seafront, Japan

Wonderful, this is perfect! Kuro-san was enjoying the situation, with Caius involved his ratings grew, as many women that were doubtful about this transmission were enchanted with the little bastard and his wicked love for Crow. And the sudden challenge of the Western Fairy only increased the ratings further, as everybody liked a clean and frontal battle. The course of the events couldnt be better, as now the battle would last longer, and the longer the broadcast was the more money Mangetsu would win by it, and he not only had payed up the money he lost with the mercenaries, but he doubled his initial inversion and was still increasing. He would use the Garyuu Banks to invest it in the Merval, or any other shares of enterprises he was interested in, and he would obviously destroy the other companies with his ocntrol of the underworld, to help his stocks, then he would plan the fall of the enterprises he bought stock of and sell the shares at their highest point and then destory the companies and burn the files tying them to his business. This was good, and he even had the idea of make merchandazing out of the fight. The business of broadcasting fights of superhuman fighters seemed a profitable business, with a quick series of notes he placed the idea in his pad, as he watched the fight to start. Takane-chan, Can you bring me another plate of Salmon nigiri? he said with familiarity, talking to one of his bodyguards/chef, a fearsome woman named Takane Ryuugamine, the middle child of the Ryuugamine Clan, a group of world recknowed Martial Artists that train several foreigner armies in close combat, and the Hyotora Clan, a family of expert Battle maidens, specialized in the use of the Naginata. She trained as a child but she didnt wanted to follow the path of his families and turned into a Sushi chef. She got into trouble while defending her shop from a group of Yakuza, and she got help from Usso, that was a great judge of talent and he hired her without a doubt. Takane had troubles with her boss inmoral actions and business, but after a talk with him, in which Usso lied very convincingly, and she decided to start a politic of dont ask dont tell, since she was happy with the pay and the job. She entered the room with a calm smile and left the plate on the desk, Bon apetit Namae-dono. She bowed and Usso repplied, Thank you very much Takane-chan, Usso took a glance at his watch, I think its getting to late, do you want to me to ask the security crew to take you home? Asked Kuro-san to his underling with a worried tone. She bowed again and repplied with a serene voice, but with a great deal of confidence behind it. I can take care of myself, but I'm greatly honored for your worried Namae-dono. She showed a cute smile and walked towards the door, but before se left she asked, since she got intrigued by the monitors images, Are you watching a movie Namae-dono? Usso smiled and repplied to her inquiry, This?, he said while pointing the monitor, Yes it's a movie, but is business, a friend that works in the movie industry asked me the favour to watch the movie before the premier, as a screen test, and I told you to call me Usso, Takane-chan, you've been working here for 2 years, and with a warmer, and kind of dumb smile he added I dont like formalities. She smiled and bowed again before leaving.

Meanwhile Tsukimori-san, one of Kuro-san most trusted advisor was in the town were Crow was about to face of with the first of the Numbers that he met, Number 5, the Western Fairy. Tsukimori-san had worked several international espionage agencies, and was the perfect man for this job, and he was hidden in a bunker under the city, coordinating with the help of his two underlings, Nuke and Mucha, the cameras and the edition of the video of the fight. Their cameras were cloaked and were movible, some in helicopters, and others in moving tnak-like platforms. All of them were heavily fortified and insulated to avoid being destroy by colateral damage. The scene was ready, the actors in their place, and the show was about to start. The inclusion of a guest star, and one as dangerous as Caius wasnt predicted but it would work for their advantage, as improvisation was something important in any script. Tsukimori was a man of several talents, and he was a rabid movie fan, and when he heared about this plan from Kuro-san himself he offered for the job as he always wanted to film a movie, and had some experience in setting up scenes. The only variable was that their bunker poorly protected them against mental intrusions, something Caius specialized, but Tsukimori-san hoped that the boy didnt realized of them, since the battle would surely occupy the wicked child concentration. Back into the main stage, The Sniping Maid of the West heared Caius taunts and insults with indifference, only focusing her hazel eyes on Crow. The Western Fairy was the most honorable of the Numbers, and possibly the best shooter at long distance except for the Numbers 1 and 2. She had a perfect record of missions, since she never losed her target from her crosshair, and not like the some of the other numbers that were in this job to kill and destroy without remorse she was in this business to get money and fame. Crow Cementerio, I'll accept your conditions, at least the ones I'm allowed or capable to reveal, I'm the Number 5 of the Numbers Organization, my codename is Western Fairy, and you can call me that, as I disposed of my real name long time ago, her stern expression and regal voice were distorted by a sad expression for a second as she remembered the circumstances in which she ended up working for a group as despicable as the Numbers. About my hirer, I cannot reveal his name under the terms of the contract, I think you'll understand that fact, as we mercenaries and gun-for-hire have only one real boss, and thats the money. She spinned both sniper rifles with precision and grace, and now she seemed even more serious than before, I explained what I could, The sound of her bullets moving from the cartridge and entering the barrel revealed her intentions Now rest in peace Crow Cementerio! She followed that phrase with the sound of the rifles shooting, the first one hitted the ground under the Lighting Gunslinger feet, and released a massive cloud of iridiscent dust, and miliseconds after it the second rifle shooted and ignited the cloud of nanites, as she hoped to engulf Crow in a powerful but self contained explosion. She heared a lot about Crow, and even if she thought that she beated him with only that, Fairy decided to take cover, jumping from the building and landing on the alleyway, using a low wall as cover.

She started remembering the past, when she was only a child, and her family household was attacked, by a man with a blue and a red eye.

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Crow smiled as he never lowered his gun or his guard against Western Fairy as his cobalt blue eyes met her hazel ones his mind was analyzing her as he was sure she was doing the same to him, Hmm this girl doesn’t look much older than I am if at all and her petite frame and small body tells me that she is probably not a brawler. She definitely a sniper and a long range fighter that means she will want to keep the distance to fit her advantage. Those guns of her are pretty unique I never seen any weapon like that before. But it doesn’t matter how good of a sniper she is I am the Last Gunslinger damn it and no one can beat me when it comes to shooting especially some cosplay princess. Crow couldn’t help but smirk at Fairy’s outfit it was certainly unique and she certainly was cute this made the Rail-gun feel worse about fighting her he always had a problem fighting woman but with the recent circumstances and all the death surrounding him he didn’t think he could kill her. As much as I doubt this will work maybe I can get though to her and we can stop this fight before someone else suffers. Fairy gazed down at Crow her unique weapons in hand Crow Cementerio, I'll accept your conditions, at least the ones I'm allowed or capable to reveal, I'm the Number 5 of the Numbers Organization, my codename is Western Fairy, and you can call me that, as I disposed of my real name long time ago.”   As the Sniping Maid stare the Lightning Revolver down he couldn’t help but notice a twinge of sadness in her face but he brushed it of and focus on what she said, Numbers that is what that guy said she must be one of them but she is only number 5 is that good or bad. I never heard of these Numbers before I wonder what exactly they are Alcide would have told me about them if they were important. The Maid of the West continued About my hirer, I cannot reveal his name under the terms of the contract, I think you'll understand that fact, as we mercenaries and gun-for-hire have only one real boss, and thats the money.” Crow smirked about her comment about them being mercenaries he clenched his gun that was pushing a line for him; Fairy spun her guns her face becoming serious once more, the battle is about to begin, “I explained what I could”, bring it Western Fairy you ain’t no daisy compared to the Last Gunslinger. Everything was silence expect for the sound of Fairy loading her Fairy Pair sniper rifles and Crow loading his Quicksilver revolver, he did this with such speed that even Caius who was standing right next to him wouldn’t realize it.

“Now rest in peace Crow Cementerio!” The deafening silence with split by the sound of rifle fire, Western Fire fired a bullet at Crow; the Lightning Gunslinger went to deflect it with his revolver but the bullet hit right between his feet he was confuse, someone with the skill of Fairy shouldn’t miss me…unless! Before Crow could react the bullet exploded releasing a dust cloud that unbeknownst to him contains millions of nanites. Then the sound of a second rifle this time Crow was ready, even though he had dealt with tactics like this in the past and he would have react in time to get out all the fights and emotional baggage he had were starting to wear him out, he deflected the second shot off to the right but it was too little too late the bullet exploded igniting the dust cloud. The explosion was powerful and amplified by the some space he it was contain in; Crow reacted at the last second using his electrical powers to increase his speed but still he caught the blunt of the force being thrown back into the ground.   Strangely though despite taking the force of the blast he was relatively unscratched, he clothes were burnt and torn in some places and he had a couple cuts but he was fine for the most part, it was like something had shielded him from the explosion. The Rail-gunner rolled pushing himself to his knees both hands on Quicksilver he gave a look around to see if Caius was already then looked for Fairy his 20/2 vision spotted the sniping maiden behind a low wall covering. Crow charged electricity in his gun preparing his signature attack, Rail-gun, “I’m sorry to disappoint Fairy but you better bring more than that to kill me I’m a Gunslinger. Now I’ll show you my hand. Rail-gun!” Crow was seconds from pulling the trigger and releasing the devasting attack the bullet would come out with incredible speed and pierce though anything especially Fairy’s current cover the lightning bolt that guided the bullet would electrocute her to near death if not kill her but then something hit him, NO! I can’t kill her I won’t kill or cause anymore death I don’t care even if they are my enemy. Crow pulled the trigger but at the last second turned his hand so that the shot would miss Fairy but at least 4 inches the lightning guided bullet blew apart the side of the building Western Fairy was just standing on, and continued for about another mile or two destroying all in its path before the friction melted the bullet, the gun heated up quickly burning Crow’s hand a little making him wince in pain. I just need to talk to her and maybe we can stop this fight just as long as no one else dies from my hand. Crow got up and used his charged his legs to increase his speed running towards the low wall Fairy was behind deciding to take her on in close range putting her at the disadvantage. He smiled at he leapt over the wall smirking at the Sniper Maid of the West then swung the still cooling Quicksilver at her horizontally.   “If you wanted to play hide and seek all you had to do was ask Fairy instead of shooting at me.” Crow smirked at he pushed towards her with the butt of his gun aiming for her gut.

The Lightning Shooter continued trying to keep at close to Fairy as possible swinging his gun at her in all directions hoping to hit her with the butt of his indestructible revolver to do damage. He was using his electrical powers to increase the strength in his arms temporarily just for the moment of impact to add an extra little bit of force. As he attacked he never left Fairy’s eyes he pushed towards her again swinging the gun at an angel as he turned his body to right. The gunslinger decided to use this time to press his point “Fairy listen to me we don’t have to fight I don’t know how much your boss is paying you but you don’t have to do this.” Crow used a bit of acrobatics to flip over the Sniping Maid and bring his gun down vertically at her “You said something earlier about both of us being mercenaries your wrong. I may be a mercenary but I walk my own path and I never let money compromise my free will. Please Fairy do the same turn back let end this fighting before anyone else has to suffer.” Crow jumped back a few feet there was something off about how he was fighting Western Fairy normally he could quickly over power her but he wasn’t this was for two reasons one of them was the previous fights and emotional strain was beginning to take its toll on him the other was because Fairy was a girl. The gunslinger always had a problem when fighting girls because he was taught to never hit a woman since he was a kid so normally he would just not fight but because that luxury was not hear he simply was holding back….ALOT. The Electric Revolver continue his attack on The Sniping Maid he ducked down and perform a spinning sweep kick and aimed his gun at her if she jumped the dodge the kicked he would shoot at her with a Flash round the non lethal bullet would blind her then he round use deliver a punch into her gut and use Tocar to stun her.       

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Caius simply stood and watched the fight progress. It wasn't really his place to interfere. Caius casually stood and watched Crow and the woman duel it out. If the woman fired a shot Crow couldn't handle, it would take Caius fractions of a millisecond to stop a bullet or knife. But now Crow had Fairy cornered, his gun was aimed at her and he spoke,  “You said something earlier about both of us being mercenaries your wrong. I may be a mercenary but I walk my own path and I never let money compromise my free will. Please Fairy do the same turn back let end this fighting before anyone else has to suffer.” Crow said. Caius scoffed as he slowly made his way to stand next to the gunslinger. Naive, Caius thought, and crossed his arms over his small chest.
Caius looked up at Crow, to the woman, then back to Crow. "I could always lobotomize her if she doesn't listen. To be honest I smell she's up to no good." The boy stated casually. He glanced back at the woman and peeled his eye patch off, revealing his glowing eye. "As a warning, Tinker Bell, I wouldn't suggest pulling that trigger or running to hurt my man. I've got my sights set on you, and I wont be afraid to mess up your motor functions." Although Caius' acting was Academy Award Winning, he was lying through his prefect white teeth. He wouldn't lay a finger of Fairy. Crow didn't want it. Of course, if Crow was going to be killed, Caius would have to go through with his threats. But for the time being, the last thing Caius wanted was to upset Crow.
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HEHEHE, a mechanical laughter-like sound came out from Kuro-san mouth, as he watched how the fight was ensuing, each minute gave him almost half a million dollars, and this fight could last a lot more than it seemed, giving Kuro-san a good reason to celebrate. The Secret Ruler of the Underworld was satisfied, and in his mind thousands of new ideas and scheme were being crafted with cold and professional efficiency. Usso Namae was the perfect public identity, a man capable of luring the best and the brightest to work for him, using excuse and lies, very well crafted and extremely believable lies, and got them to build weapons and other secret technology to feed the mosnter Mangetsu corp was starting to turn into. This Corporation was the facade Kuro-san showed to the depths of the criminal underworld, supplying equipment and weapons for anyone with money. The legal activities of Garyuu overseas Trading Company were the perfect mean to do money laundering. Kuro-san had a perfect cover and a continuous stream of money, legal and illegal alike, and that was only the start, since he got in contact with the morally reprehensible superhuman population his keen mind started hatching really wicked and longer scale plans, almost a strategy for a war. The Wicked Crimelord only needed to gather the intel he needed to finish his plans. While he rested in his comfy black leather chair, the things were different for Tsukimori-san, that was trying his best to follow the movements of the duelists, and to edit the video, placing some well placed adverstisment, to increase even more the profits gained from this broadcast. " This is going very well, Usso and Kuro-san will be pleased!" Tsukimori-san said to his underlings Nuke and Mucha, with a cheerful grin. Yeah boss! This'll be a masterpiece of editing! Said the taller Nuke, while Mucha drank some sake.

Crow barely avoided the Fairy Dust Detonation (F.D.D), receiving only a small part of the damage that could had easily destroy him and torn him into pieces. The Last Gunslinger rolled to cover, and gazed upon the battlefield, as his keen eyesight easily detected the Sniping maid in her hideout. Crow Cementerio didnt wanted to let this fight last, and decided to pull out the ace at the start of the game, and with perfect aim and coordination he summoned his own power and channeled it to his gun, Quicksilver, and a powerful electrical arc surged from his body, connecting it to his Custom Handgun. “I’m sorry to disappoint Fairy but you better bring more than that to kill me I’m a Gunslinger. Now I’ll show you my hand. Rail-gun!” Crow taunted Fairy, insulting not only her skill but her weapon, the only thing she was proud off. The Western Fairy past was dark and troubled, born in a noblehouse in England. As the only child of her house she was forced to learn the trade of his family, the art of gunsmithing, a trade that granted the Wheelock house it's noble status. Fairy was trained to shoot and build weapons since she was a young girl. The pressure of her status was hard on her, and the loss of her mother only increased her suffering, since her mother cared about her, while her father was obsessed in passin the knowledge and training her to new heights. After years of toerment she managed to outsmart her father, and out of hate and pain she built her masterpiece, the Fairy Pair, one named Elizabeth, and the other Sophie, one for her mother, and the other for her unborn sister, that died with her mother. She managed to fight off her father, and in the heat of the battle she killed him. Chased by the police and without anyplace to go she had to turn to the underbelly of the criminal world, and work as gunsmith or mercenary when the time was right.

She was even more insulted, when she discovered, after rolling towards another cover, that Crow, a world reckonwed marksman, failed a shoot so easy like the one he just made. Fairy was now furious, as there wasnt any way that her opponent could miss, unless it was intentional. But she didnt had time to get angry about it, as Crow charged to her position with speed that could be catalogued as unnatural. He reached her cover and vaulted over it, and aimed the butt of his gun towards her guts as he said “If you wanted to play hide and seek all you had to do was ask Fairy instead of shooting at me.” The Sniping maid was now pissed, she disliked being treated like a fool, and that was what Crow was doing. Before the gut of the gun reached her guts, she slided away from the Lighting Gunslinger, using her legs push her body away from her opponent, using the wall as a stepping stone. She stood up in a milisecond and aimed her guns towards Crow, placing both contenders in what's commonly known as a Mexican Stand-off. The Last Gunslinger tried to reason with her as he continued attacking, with the butt of his gun, that let out sparkles of lighting with each swing, giving away the enhanced nature of this attacks. “Fairy listen to me we don’t have to fight I don’t know how much your boss is paying you but you don’t have to do this.” Crow used a bit of acrobatics to flip over the Sniping Maid and bring his gun down vertically at her “You said something earlier about both of us being mercenaries your wrong. I may be a mercenary but I walk my own path and I never let money compromise my free will. Please Fairy do the same turn back let end this fighting before anyone else has to suffer.” The Fairy blocked the first attack with incredible skill, but she was overwhelmed with Crow incredible display of acrobatics.

The close combat range wasnt the Fairy Dust Shooter strong point, and the narrow combat space, a problem of her cover, thouhgt for a longer range combat, was also something that was slowly giving Crow the edge. But she was surprised when she saw her opponent jump back, when he was about to drop the killing stroke over her. For some reason she felt relieved of not being killed, even if she lived in guilt. But that feeling was replaced by blind rage, when she realized that she was getting loose out of compassion of pity, after starting a duel. Fairy went nuts, and instead of repplying to Crow arguments, she decided to shoot him from short distances, and several bullets of Fairy dust hitted around Crow, changing the shape of the cloud of nanites to form a cupule around the Last Gunslinger. Nobody bloody looks down on me Cementerio! Nobody! she screamed and shooted the activation bullet that would surround the Lighting Gunslinger with a incredibly powerful detonation. Meanwhile she shooted another charge into her feet, ready to jump backwards and blast this charge as well is Crow got near her again.

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The Last of the Gunslingers was merely trying to talk Western Fairy out of fighting him and resolving this conflict sooner rather than later but his plans hit a snag instead of calming her or making her another side to this she went into a blind rage. Something deep must be driving this chick from within I have her against the ropes and I’m trying to talk to her and she just snaps. The sniping Maiden fired several rounds from her rifle similar to her early rounds these exploded in ball of dust taking the form of a cupule around the Rail-gun. Crow realizing what was coming had no where to go this time as Fairy shouted “Nobody bloody looks down on me Cementerio! Nobody!” Fairy shot the second round that Crow knew would activate the explosion; I need to get out this but how she creates a contain explosion which amplifies the explosion…Wait she needs something that contains it you can’t pickle without a jar she must have some machine probably nanobots! I need to short circuit the bots so that the explosion is disrupts! Just before the activation round from Fairy ignited the explosion Crow in a last ditch last second move created a large EMP burst. Metallic blue arcs of electricity surge though the cloud short circuiting all the nanites releasing the contain blast , which still happen catching the gunslinger in the blast, Crow’s last minute save resulted in something unexpected. When the EMP ended a static charge was left over causing one of the nanite to explode the spark of that one nanite igniting the dust creating a dust explosion in the form of fireball adding to the already powerful explosion from Fariy’s Fairy Pair not only catching Crow in its fury but also she din’t escape in time Fairy as well. The devastation from the combined explosion was immense a cloud of smoke the old buildings of the mining town were rocked to their foundation, what remained of the windows were completely shattered, a column of black smoke rose into the sky pieces of timber and other debris rain from the sky in the middle of the point of origin a beaten and battered gunslinger.

Crow lie in the middle of the wreckage from the two explosion random pieces of debris raining around him he twitched a little showing signs of life. Crow shirt was completely gone burn away from the flames and his heat strangely though his cowboy hat remained and his jacket also remained in one piece it was caught in the air drifting down somehow straight to Caius. The gunslinger’s body was covered in cuts, bruises and signed marks from the powerful blast; he slowly turned over coughing up blood he was dazed and confused he took a minute to gather himself he wasn’t sure where Fairy was and didn’t care. The Lightning Shooter reached over grabbing Quicksilver from some rubble, the revolver was unscratched unlike its owner, Crow checked the cylinder it had 2 shots left in it. Crow slowly stood up and turned around to face the Sniping Maid of the West his body was covered in scars and bandages from the battles that he been forced though this past week. The gunslinger stood in blood dripping from him, shirtless, covered in wounds, and panting a little (somewhere fan girls were wishing they could snap pictures and Zella was creaming herself) Crow stood in front of Western Fairy gritting his teeth a little. Damn I don’t know how much longer I can keep up my batteries have been pushed far already and Fairy is basically fresh. I won’t kill her I swear it but I need to do something it doesn’t help that she is a girl as well and I can’t hit a girl no matter what. Crow turned seeing Caius and sighed as he realized what he must do he concentrated hard focusing on the connection that had open between his and the young heir’s mind when Crow was trapped in Caius dream world. He his young friend “Caius if you can here me then I need you to do me a favor. I can’t fight this chick like this I can’t hit a woman it just part of my honor code I won’t do it. I need you to use your telepathic abilities to put me in hypnosis so that I see her as something else.” Crow swallowed a little realizing that he needed to take in account the worst possible scenario. And if necessary Caius I need you to control my movements my body is reaching its limit and I need someone to move me even if it’s against my wishes. Please Caius can you do this for me.”

The Modern Cowboy gripped his gun in his hand facing the Sniping Maiden “Fairy please there is no need to fight your skills are excellent don’t waist them on by letting someone buy your talents. I won’t kill you Fairy I refuse to play this game of death any longer.” With the use of “The Trick” Crow reloaded his gun adding a special Flash round in there. Crow spun the cylinder aiming at her once the cylinder stop spinning Crow smiled knowing that the Flash round was in the chamber. Crow fired the flash round that when it exploded it would create a blinding light that would stun Fairy for a few milliseconds. Crow used his speed to appear just to right of the Sniper Fairy a little in the air he continued to shoot at her aiming for her legs and shoulders but nothing vital. Crow landed on the ground and coughed up a little blood, argh! My body can’t take this I’m really beginning to push my limits. The gunslingers hand surged with blue electricty he waved it though the air creating a dozen needles made of electricity “Agujas!” The needles flew directly at Fairy aiming at nothing in particular. Crow fighting style has changed he wasn’t getting up close to the Maiden which put her at a disadvantage he was so beat up he didn’t know if he could survive another explosion like the last one so he wanted to keep his distance at least for now. As Fairy and Crow fought the smoke from the explosion rose into the sky into the clouds slowly turning them gray. Crow looked up real quick noticing this he realized it was a step up for one of his strongest attacks. No I won’t use that it is too powerful and I don’t think I could control it I so weak right now. Besides I won’t kill Fairy I swear!

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Crow's EMP saved him from a near death. The explosion of the Fairy Dust was diminished, and it's effect, that could nuke the whole town into a charred ruins was only partial, as the range of explosion wasnt as great as she wanted, and only two of her special bullets withstood the electro magnetic pulse created by Crow Cementerio. Two bullet detonating were still incredibly powerful, but werent enough to kill the Last Gunslinger. Fairy grunted, since the shockwave reached her, as the Nanites were fast enough to generate the explosion, but the Emp caught them after it, and they couldnt contain it all. The Sniping Maiden was pushed back, slamming into a wall and a shattered window, that had a piece of glass still atached to it, cutted her. Fairy side got pierced by it, and slowly blood started to stain her white apron. Western Fairy never talked to the other Numbers about her past, and never answered they questions about her maid outfit. Eastern Wolf and Northern Devil always joked about it, but she ignored them, as the Maid outfit had a very personal and special meaning for her. The Western Fairy worked her way up in the criminal underworld, from down below. Her first job was working as a maid in a gambling parlor in Liverpool. She learnt a lot about the underworld thanks to her boss, a woman only known as Madame Azure, part of a small group of informant known as Caihong, created in Hong Kong in the 20's. The blood stains in her white apron were blows harder than anything Crow could do. Her weakpoint was pride, and she took pride in never staining her clothes while on a jbo, for harder it seemed she would always end up with her clothes immaculately clean as she started. Having her outfit soiled like this was the ultimate insult.

The Western Fairy decided to keep pushing, but with the smoke and sut lifted by her attack she didnt noticed what Crow was doing. She re-charged her weapons, and when she was about to aim towards the cloaked silhouette, a barrage of lighting blue needles pierced throught the dust in her direction. The fifth Number leaped backward, using both her rifles to push her upwards. This manuever wont put her out of danger but allowed her to change her position and to be able to shoot the cloud of nanites she left under her feet before. The detonation pushed her upwards, breaking several wooden planks, that were bridges from building to building, and with a loud THUMP! she landed on the rooftop, with her weapons barely in one piece, and her body charred by the explosion. Suffering horrible burns, maybe even worse than Crow's, she forced her body to move, in a show of inhuman willpower, or maybe just an overdeveloped sense of duty, or work ethics. Either way she managed to muster her strenght to jump from rooftop to rooftop, and while she flew over Crow she shooted the Nanites and the Activation bullets with only a milisecond of difference before collapsing and falling asleep out of the pain and loss of blood, that now was covering almost all her apron and dress. Fairy whipered something, but she didnt had strenght to muster some words out of her mouth. Fairy hoped that she fullfilled her mission, but unknown to her, that was never expected from her. From afar the Northern Devil watched the fight with interest, as he waited for his chance to taste Cementerio blood.

Back in Tokyo, Kuro-san was leaving towards a meeting, and decided to leave everything in the capable hands of Tsukimori-san and Falken. Only this broadcast got him double of what he spent to hire the mercenaries

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The Last of the Gunslingers was shocked to say the least that Fairy had enough strength leap from building to building and even more so when the Sniping Maid manage to fire two more shots off of her unique Fairy Pair weapon. Crow’s eyes widen as first the fairy dust exploded covering every thing above him and around him then the Fairy Star activated the dust causing an explosion. Crow with no other option quickly popped out one of the bullets from the gun and began to charge it with his electrical powers he aimed at the center of the cloud and pulled the trigger “Rail-gun!” The lightning bolt bullet fired from the indestructible revolver heating it up so that it burned the gunslinger’s hands even worst the bullet shot though the exploding cloud creating a big hole in it the lightning from the attack created another emp that short circuited the nanobots allowing the explosion to disrupts itself over the town. The two signature attacks from the sharp shooters collided a massive explosion rocked the town echoing though the are as a lightning bolt shot upwards into the sky from Rail-gun the bullet itself burning up from the friction and heat of the attack, it was a fantastic sight for anyone around to witness it seemed like a storm with thunder and lighting a black cloud now hanging over the town. A storm fitting the clash of two extremely talented sharp shooters, The Sniping Fairy of the West versus the Last Gunslinger to those who watched this fight via Kuro-san they just saw a treat that could possibly go down in ages as the greatest gun fight ever.

The two attacks took their toll on the warriors Fairy passed out from blood lost on the roof of a building as Crow was slammed into the ground from the explosion and recoil of his own attacks debris flew towards him cutting deep gashes across his shoulders, arms, right leg, and waist. He rolled along the ground landing on his back facing up to the sky; strangely his cowboy hat was unscratched by the events, his hands had smoke coming from them and Quicksilver was a little red from being heated up it lied by Crow hands just out of finger touch reach. The gunslinger was sure he opened some past wounds from that the bandages that were wrapped around him were now turned and some singed. With both sharp shooters on their back; beaten, bloodied, bruised and exhausted, the sun set vanishing over the horizon turning the orange sky to a deep dark blue color night was soon to begin. Then with a feat that was not short of a miracle Crow began to get up slowly thought but still rising up with Cauis Weaver watching him. The Last Gunslinger got to his hands and knees breathing hard coughing up blood, Come on Crow get up you are no lost cause! Get Up! Come on are you going to be beaten now are you going to stand still and die or are you going to GET UP! As Crow stayed there trying to gather himself now only did his words ring though his head but grandfather’s as well. That is the saint of lost causes, Saint Jude Crow almost all gunslingers in history prayed to Saint Jude in times of desperation.”… St. Jude here my pray, help me get up help me stand please Saint Jude show me this is not a lost cause!... “There is no such thing as a lost cause Crow because if one person believes in it then it is not lost.”…I believe Saint Jude. I believe in my self and my cause. Help me stand help me get up! Like a miracle the Gunslinger began to push himself off his hands and knees slowly and trembling a little blood dripping off him forming a small puddles around him. YES that right get up Crow do not stay still get up! Prove to them you are no lost cause! GET UP! Inch by inch Crow stood up taking deep breathes he fixed his cowboy hat so it was straight on his head and then reached down grabbing the still warm revolver. Thank you Saint Jude. With a show of his determination the Rail-gun stood up straight a smile on his face as he twirled Quicksilver around his finger and held it up straight blowing the smoke away from the barrel then twirl it down and setting it in its holster. Signaling that Crow had won in his battle against the Fifth Number Western Fairy.

Still smiling Crow suddenly realized he was forgetting about Western Fairy, Oh crap Fairy I need to get to her. She is not dying not now I won’t let her no one else will die. I won’t kill any more people and it starts with Fairy. The gunslinger rushed over gingerly, even though he had managed to stand he was still sore and weak, Crow spotted the roof the Sniping Maiden had landed on with her last attack he climbed up the building as fast as the Lightning Shooter’s exhausted body would let him. Crow saw the puddle of blood and blood stained dress he quickly knelt down next to her founding the wound that a piece of glass had created earlier he quickly applied pressure trying to save her from blood lost. “Stay with me Fairy, you are not dying not this world has better things for you then dying on a roof stained in blood.” Crow looked around and began to tear a piece of Fairy’s dress off and tie it around his wound to applied pressure and stop the bleeding until he got her some real medical attention. “Fairy just stay with my voice. You are amazing sharp shooter one of the best I ever seen you definitely pushed me to my limits. You are far to skill to die like this bleeding out on a roof in a random town.” The gunslinger wrapped the fabric tightly around the wound and then lifted her up and got her on his back piggy back style he looked down at Caius. “Caius I need your help we need to heal Fairy I have some medical supplies in my bag in that medical building, please tell me you brought supplies of your own! Hello darling this girl is going to bleed out if we don’t save her!.” Crow leapt off the building but not before grabbing the Sniping Maid’s guns they were in bad condition but he was sure he could fix them up he had worked on his own gun over the years these two rifles shouldn’t be that hard. Crow began to head towards Caius carrying Western Fairy on his back smiling when suddenly it hit him, he was already exhausted but over exerting him self to help Fairy was too much his vision became blurry and he saw not doubles but triples of Caius. All the energy left his body and with one last use of his breath his called to Caius. “Sweets you may want to help me to.” BAM! Without any warning Crow fell flat on his face exhausted sleeping almost soundly with Fairy on his back.

One would have thought that the gunslinger was finally finished but the worst battles were just beginning.

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Caius chuckled cutely as Crow fell asleep. I suppose I should have helped in the fight, he thought silently, but perhaps this was something he needed to do by himself. Caius shrugged his shoulders, and Crow and Fairy began to levitate in the air. He 'carried' them towards one of the hospital rooms and laid each down on their own dusty bed. "My, my who to work on first?" Caius mumbled to himself. Both gunslingers were in awful condition, but Caius really cared only for Crow. The young boy moved to Crow... then stopped himself. He looked back to Fairy and watched as red oozed from a sizable wound in her body. Caius knew how to heal her with his powers. It would hurt like hell, and be a weak closure of the wound, but the young boy wasn't able to stitch anyone up.

Caius moved to a medicine cabinet, and pulled out iodine to clean Fairy's wounds. The Velikaia placed the bottle of iodine and gauze on the table. He hovered his hand over Fairy's would and with his telekinetic powers, he ripped out the tiny shards of glass that broke off and into her wound. He judged the size of the wound, and deemed it fairly life threatening. He looked back at Crow and a faint smile touched his lips. "I'll help you next, darling." He said softly.

The Weaver heir poured some of the iodine onto the gauze and pressed it against Fairy's wounds. "This will sting sweetie." He said calmly. Already, his hands were covered in blood and the yellow stains of the 'surgery'. "And this will sting much more." He assured. Closing his eyes, Caius poured his telekinetic energy into Fairy's body, and pulled her wound closed. Then the air and flesh began to heat up, until the wound was being burnt closed. "Ah!" Caius said, once the wound was sealed. "I forgot the pain killers." The boy left the room, and returned with a needle. He injected the morphine into Fairy's leg, and tossed the syringe away. "Don't try and hurt Crow, ever again." He warned, bringing his face close to the woman's.

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