Crow vs Nova (RP)

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Tokyo, Japan

A silver and chrome motorcycle shown in the night reflected by the full moon that hung over the beautifully lighted city of Ikebukuro, as the city was active and lively with people moving through the nightlife of the Japanese city the hill overlooking the city where the bike sat was calm and peaceful. The bike was a beautiful Hardly Davidson, having been shipped over from the States, it gleamed in the night ready to roar into life; the only part of the bike that wasn’t silver was the black writing on the side that read “Hi-Ho”. The only thing that currently glowed brighter than the silver of the bike was the cobalt blue of the eyes of the owner, Crow Cementerio the Last Gunslinger and a bounty hunter with a fierce reputation over in the U.S. Crow had been over in Japan for a series of jobs that he was getting wrapped in them. The first two dealt with helping the head of one of the biggest corporations in the world, Usso Namae of Garyuu Zaibatsu but this one was from the Japanese government. As a bounty hunter recommended by the BHAJ (Bounty Hunter Association of Japan) the Japanese government had ask the Gunslinger to track down a very high bounty that of a young girl currently going by the name of Feral Nova. The problem was that info on this girl was extremely scarce she wasn’s a criminal and the Japanese government wasn’t giving up any reasons why she was so special but as a bounty hunter Crow wasn’t supposed to question and with a high price on this girl this was becoming a financially beneficial all he had to do was catch the bounty on this Feral Nova and he would be set for a very long time. Unfortunately the only information on this girl was that she was currently in Japan and her last known location was the city below Crow. The Rail-gun straddled onto his beloved motorcycle, appropriately named Silver, and revved the engine bringing the steel beast to life. Crow smirked as he pulled down the goggles from his cowboy hat over his eyes, the lenses outward appearance was one side was frowny face and the other a smiley face, he had one objective tonight to find Feral Nova.

3 Hours Later: Ikebukuro

“Dios mio!” The Last Gunslinger walked into a 24/7 maid café located in the city, immediately all the young girls dressed as French maids greeted him in Japanese but one look at the cowboy themed outfit they know he was a foreign and switched to English. While the maid café was not his favorite place is was the only place open at midnight in Japan, he had been riding around the city on his motorcycle looking for a high bounty called Feral Nova yet could not find one hair of her. He was exhausted, tired, and frustrated now he just wanted a bite to eat. “I turned this city upside down and yet could not found a single lead or anyone who know of this Feral Nova. The problem is that she is not a criminal or at least not one with a record therefore the underworld wouldn’t know where she is. And the sound of a young girl doesn’t fit the idea of hanging out in one the underworld’s shady bars.” Before the gunslinger could finish his rambling a waitress/maid came over smiling at the new comer; “Hello sir welcome to the Loli-POP! I’ll be your neko maid Kimmie. Can I take your order master?” Crow looked up at Kimmie and was immediately disappointed in himself for coming here, the girl was probably no older than 16 dressed in the stereotypical anime French maid outfit with a pair of pink cat ears in her light brown hair. Her face painted like cat whiskers and a smile that reeked of pure innocence the Quicksilver Storm could see pervy guys behind her just dying to catch a pink up her skirt. Crow run his hair through his messy light brown hair and sighed; “Si senorita, but first don’t call me master. Also I’ll take a strawberry sundae with lots of well everything on it.” Young Kimmie smiled as she took his order, “Okay master. Unfortunately I apologize I can’t follow your first order as it’s our café policy to refer all customers as Master or Mistress. I’ll be right back with your order master.” The gunslinger sighed as he realizedthis was probably going to be a long night

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It had been about a year since she crash landed into a rice field, and a year ago since the elderly couple who owned it, welcomed her with open arms. It was a perfect area, not many people traveled through here, which meant no governmental officials snooping around looking for her. It was isolated, quiet and safe the three things that the cloned goddess wanted. But she pulled her weight around the area, doing farming work, running errands for the elderly couple she now lived with and doing chores that were too much for them to do with their age. Right now, she had to go to Ikebukuro to drop off some rice at local restaurant and other facilities that was ordered earlier that week.

Tossing over the last bag of rice into the back of the older red truck. "I'll be back tomorrow Okaasan." Turning to the elderly woman she gave a hug to before climbing in.

"Ammy, don't forget to tell Sakura hi for us." She smiled waving off the young girl as the engine struggled to turn for a second.

"I wont!" Ammy waved her hand out of the vehicle as she began driving down the dirt road, heading off to the city.


Ammy sighed as she parked behind the last stop, Loli-POP, a 24/7 cafe. Thank goodness they were open so late, it was taking longer to deliver the rice than she hoped. Opening the door the dropped down to the ground, walking to the back door and knocking on it. Standing there for a few seconds she began humming to herself as it suddenly opened, the family friend, Sakura, stood there with a wide smile on her face. "Ammy! It's good to see you!" The two greeted each other with a bow before hugging each other. "Come in, I'll get the boy's to bring down the rice, have a seat and order something, I'll bring the money right now."

'No I should get going' was what she SHOULD have said, but instead an "Ok!" escaped from her mouth. One thing that Ammy loved about this place, was there triple chocolate caramel milkshakes! Even thought she wasn't suppose to have sugar while on the job... she couldn't help it! It was only ONE, what's the WORST that could happen?

Sitting at a table a few of the young girls began surrounding her table, talking to Ammy as they began laughing. The young girl wasn't very social, in fact, she hated being around large crowds, but this was one of the few places she felt comfortable around a group of people.

"It's so late, you're not gonna drive off tonight are you?" One of the girls asked dressed in her french maid outfit, leaning on the table while men whispered a few tables behind her, giggling to themselves.

"Yeah, I have to get going in a few minutes, I have a lot of chores to do tomorrow." She gave a sheepish smile as the girls began 'awing' around her.

"You should just stay here Ammy, you could make more money here than on the rice field." Another spoke, wrapping her arms around her from behind.

"N-no I'm not a city girl like you guys." She gave a nervous smile as she couldn't help but spot a man dressed like a cowboy not too far from her. "Whoa, he looks scary."

"Oh him? He's nice, but he doesn't speak Japanese." A girl walked up to the table, setting down the milkshake before her.

Looking down at her milkshake with excitement she quickly grasped it, taking a sip of it, wiggling in her seat as the sweet chocolaty caramel taste took over her mouth. "This is sooooooo good." She set the cup down for a second as the girls began giggling over her reaction to the milkshake.

Just then Sakura walked over, handing over an envelope. "Here you go Ammy, just like we agreed." she smiled down at the rose haired girl. "Stay as long as you want," She then looked over at the girls standing around. "But you ladies need to get back to work."

The girls began giggling nervously as they walked away from the table, turning their attention back to the other customers, leaving Ammy alone to enjoy her drink.

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As Crow waited for his sweet treat to arrive his notice that a young girl with hair as orange as a raging fire walked in she seemed to be friends with the girls of Loli-POP! As they also immediately began to chat with he. The Gunslinger sighed as he assumed they were talking the latest bands or something else that was dumb as he continued to look around he noticed something interesting. Currently staring at the girls with lewd lustful grins on their was a group of about 5 guys, his impressive vision noticed the various tattoos of dragons and katana along with green and yellow scarves these punks were from one of Ikebukuro’s notorious gangs the Dragon Blades. Crow kept an eye on them as they were said to be extremely violent and a café filled with mostly underage girls in maid outfit was like a hunting ground for them. It didn’t take long for the sundae to arrive with Kimme, “Here you go master one strawberry sundae. Can I get you anything else master?” Crow blushed he really didn’t like the master thing, “No Kimmie this is fine gracias senorita.” The young girl blushed and headed back over to her friends where the red headed girl was sitting when the young neko maid bent over to join in on the conversation she exposed her panties a bit to the lewd punks. Crow began eating his strawberry sundae as he took out a map of Ikebukuro began crossing off the places he had search to no avail. Crow sighed he had only a few places to go but yet there was still no sign of this extremely high bounty known as Feral Nova. Where could she be I been searching all over this city and yet I still can’t find her. Then again I don’t know what she looks like she could be in this café right now and I wouldn’t know. Maybe I should give up and wait for her to surface.

While the bounty hunter was contemplating giving up the chase one of the Dragon Blades got him, his name was Shen Fei and he wasn’t just any member of the Dragon Blades he was their founder and leader. While Shen was a bit on the scrawny side and not much of a fighter his word carried weight seeing as his father was the head of a yakuza gang and Shen got want he wanted he was a spoiled 27 year old child trying to play gangsta and right now Shen wanted some sweet, sweet maid girl. The punk always had a thing for young girls and that is what he enjoyed the various maid café, and Loli-POP!, was his favorite. Crow looked up as he saw Shen approaching the young girls and sighed, damn I knew those punks were going to do something. Just when I was enjoying my sundae I’m pissed now. Shen forced his way between the girls as Crow got up, the street rat couldn’t help but eyeball the girl’s chest, especially Kimmie and Nova’s. “Hey girlie what the hell is with this service? My friends and I have been sitting over there by ourselves and not one of you have come over. If you were real maids this would warrant a spanking?” Shen and his friends snickered when suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder one belonging to Crow Cementerio. “Who the hell do you think you are you cowboy hat wearing freak? Get your hand off me if you want to kee…” Suddenly Crow kicked the Dragon Blade leader’s legs out from under him while driving him into the table head first then the Gunslinger preceded to throw the loser of the café…through the window. The girls were screaming as Kimmie shouted at him in disbelief and anger, “What the hell do you think you are doing? Violence is forbidden in Loli-POP!” Crow turned towards the young girl and smiled an innocent smirk, “Lo siento senorita I’ll pay for that I promise.” The now battered leader of the Dragon Blades got up staggering, the Rail-gun then grabbed the Heroine of Flames chocolate treat before she could take another bite and chucked the glass dished at his head shattering it into a million pieces of glass and chocolate. Crow turned towards her and also apoglize, “Lo siento, I’ll buy you a new one, make that double I promise senorita.” The remaining Dragon Blades got up glaring in anger vengeance burning in their eyes, “I don’t know who you think you are freak but we are the Dragon Blades and we are going to fuck you up for that one.”

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Ammy sat at quietly at her table when she saw some scrawny looking guy walk in. She didn't pay much attention to him, just continued with her drink as she looked over at the clock on the wall, it was so late! She had to get moving. She looked back up to see that same scrawny guy's eyes landing on her... but not her eyes... but her breasts. Ammy arched her brow, was he REALLY gazing at her breasts?! He then turned his attention to one of the girls, the way he spoke to her made Nova want to slam her fist into his face. She grasped the edge of the table, she couldn't afford to get invovled in stuff like this... it would get her in trouble... draw attention.

But then the silent cowboy confronted the man, and actually went on the attack! Ammy gasped as some of the girls screamed, Kimmie yelling at him angry. She couldn't believe it, this guy just stood up for them and they were MAD at him? She watched as the pistolero sprung into action, snatching her drink and chucking it at the shady man. "Don't apologize " Ammy spoke, her English just as good as her Japanese as she then pointed behind him. "BEHIND YOU!"

One of the Dragon Blade came up behind him, raising one of the steel chairs over his head, about to slam it into the vaqueros' back, only to have Crow spin around with lightning fast reflex, slamming his fist into the man's stomach, forcing him to drop the steel seat on top of his own head. "AAAHH GET HIM!!"

A group of men then leaped forward, almost at the same as Crow gave off a cocky smirk. Each of the Dragon Blades swinging and kicking at the Spanish hero who seemed to almost be toying with them, dodging the attacks and even landing a few attacks of his own. Just when things were looking good, Shen came out of no where, grabbing Kimmie, she screamed in fear as he pulled out a kunai from his back pocket that had a symbol of a golden dragon printed on the blade itself. The edge of the blade pressed against the girls delicate skin, the girls gasped in fear, gathering to one side of the room as the rest of the Dragon Blades began surrounding Crow.

"Not such a big hotshot now, are you?" Shen yelled out, his hair disheveled and nose bleeding from Crow's attack on him just a minute ago.

Kimmie's eyes swelled with tears of fear as the pistolero stood still, "Let the dama go, this is between you and I." He didn't want to make any sudden movements, he didn't want to set off Shen.

All this time Ammy stood by her table, which was left to Shen and Kimmie, she couldn't stand back anymore, she had to do something. Her eyes began focusing on the blade that Shen held, her eyes beginning to glow a dark red for a split second, the blade suddenly began sizzling in the Dragon Blade leaders hand. Cursing he yelled out in pain, dropping the bladed weapon as Nova rushed up to Kimmie, forcefully jerking her away form his grasp with one hand and using her other hand to slam into his abdomen in a upward motion, her natural strength forced him to hurl forward as his dinner spilled onto the floor.

The other men yelled in anger at Ammy as two of them pulled out their guns at her. The girl's screams were louder than before as they began scrambling to the back of the building, leaving Crow, Nova and the blades to their dance. "NO ONE DOES THAT TO THE BOSS!" One of them yelled out.

Nova played the part, a fearful look upon her face as she gazed into the barrel of the gun. She was already working on a way out. "No please, have mercy!" She yelled out. "I-I'm sorry just don't hurt me!" Her eyes glowed just a half of a second again, you would have missed it if you weren't paying attention But as soon as it happened the man's gun suddenly explode on itself! The Dragon blade yelled out as the others jumped back, Nova grasping one of the tables and throwing it like a discus into the other man that held a gun. "Get em!" She yelled at Crow.

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Crow smirked as he heard the young girl who had helped him deal with the Dragon Blades through a table like a discus as one of the remaining street urchins who had a gun, but the Gunslinger was thinking of something else entirely, did that girl just used a fire ability to blow up that guy’s gun. It was brief but I’m sure I saw it that wasn’t a malfunction that type of gun wouldn’t malfunction like that it was a heat explosion. I also saw it earlier when Shen dropped his Kunai the blade glowed a bit red and so did that girl’s eyes. She couldn’t possibly be…. The Dragon Eyes widen as the table and Crow came charging at him, “Get you back you cowboy freak!” The terrified punk began firing at Crow but the Rail-gun was a bit quicker he grabbed the table and flipped it vertically using it as a shield to block the incoming bullets. The table crash into the gun wielding Dragon Blade sending him to the floor with the table on top of him followed up by using the table to vault over the man pressing down on to knock the wind out of him. Then Crow preceded to deliver a swift kick from dumb punk’s face knocking him out. There only one way to find out if this girl is who I think she is. Crow could see Shen getting up behind the young red head grabbing his gold dragon Kunai that was still a little warm from earlier. I hope this works but if my hunch is correct. Crow didn’t say anything as he watch Shen get up on wobbling legs spin the kunai on his finger then tossed it at the fire goddess’s clone from behind. The Lightning Revolver shouted towards the girl, “NOVA! Look at behind you!” Crow had called the girl by the name that was listed on the bounty hoping she would react to it and see the kunai then use her powers to stop the somehow. In the end the Rail-gunslinger fully intended to catch the kunai in fact he was already in the process of using his electrical powers to enhance his speed getting between the kunai and the girl he believed was Feral Nova.

Meanwhile behind the Loli-POP! Kimmie was panting and holding her chest as she couldn’t believe her fast things got out of hand; she was there for a simple reason and then because of some cowboy hat wearing foreigner and Ammy getting involved this was too much for her. “Damn that information broker! He didn’t tell me I would have to deal with this fucking shit! I could handle that fucking perv Shen but this is way to fucking much! God Damn it! What the hell am I going to tell him?” Kimmie was practically pacing as she said profanity that no 16 year old should ever know. Finally the girl took out her phone from her froggie purse and went to the number that connected her to a certain British information broker, who had helped in the past to bring down several teachers she particularly dislike by exposing them as the perverts and dirt bags they were, Kimmie nervously called the number. It didn’t take long for the cheerful voice of Enigma to reply on the other line, “Ello my dear Kimmie how are you? I hope because you are calling me it means that you manage to seduce and secure Shen Fei of the Dragon Blades? Because I haven’t been having a lot of luck recently.” Kimmie laughed nervously as she wiggled and squirm, Enigma continued “Oh Kimmie from the slight sound of feet rustling on the ground and the pattern of your breathing I would take it you have bad news.” The not so sweet 16 year old began crying a little as she tried to explain what happen to the man she worshiped like a god, “Well you see everything was going according to your plan Nigma-chan, to let that pervy fuck Shen into my pants so you could blackmail him when…well this stranger dude showed up in cowboy hat showed up.” From the other side of the phone Kimme could hear the sound of a woman laughter it was Olivia Verde the woman who was supposed to marry her Nigma-chan. “What the fuck is that cow laughing at?! Like I was saying this dude in a cowboy hat showed up…” “Kimmie my dear let me ask you something about this stranger did he have cobalt blue eyes.” The 16 informant thought for a moment a little confused and answer back, “Yeah he did Nigma-chain” “And did this blue eye cowboy have a revolver on him?” Again

Kimmie thought even more confused, “Yeah now that I think about he did have a gun in a holster he was like a…” “Gunslinger Kimmie the word you were about to say is Gunslinger because that god damn stranger was none other than the man I sent to Kuro-san not too long ago. Crow Cementerio. And this would be the second time he cost me a move.” Kimmie could not believe what she was hearing that someone ruined one of her beloved Nigma-chan’s plans a rag burned in her. “What the fuck?! Give me the world Nigma chan and I’ll go back in there and kill that fucking bastard for what he did to you?” Enigma chuckled a little through the phone as he replied to Kimmie zealous reaction, “Now my dear Kimmie there is no need for that. Crow may be a thorn sometimes but he is a valuable piece to my game. He is just a wild card, besides Shen is no lost and I rather you not lose your “innocence” for such a pawn.” Kimmie blushed as her beloved talk of her virginity when he know the truth. “Okay Nigma-chan I’ll head home now…” Enigma voice held a smirk, “Hold on Kimmie I believe you weren’t finish telling me what happen.”

Back in the café a bang of a gunshot rang in the air the Last Gunslinger stood between the Fire Goddess and the Dragon Blade leader. In one hand Shen’s kunai was twirling on his finger in the other was his signature weapon Quicksilver smoke coming from the barrel of the revolver. Shen was standing there holding his shoulder as blood spilled from a fresh bullet wound. Meanwhile Crow’s cowboy hat was casting a shadow over his cobalt blue eyes he did not like the conclusion he just came to that the girl who was helping him was his bounty, his target, Feral Nova.

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Ammy watched the Spanish gunner fight off gang members, she couldn't help but have this wide smile on her face, it was exciting! For the first time, ever, she was helping someone take down bad guys! THIS was what she wanted! To use her powers not to hurt people, but to save people! To make a difference in the world!

"NOVA! Look out behind you!"

She reacted on pure instinct, spinning on the balls of her feet and threw out her right hand, a fireball escaping from the palm of her hand, but the counter attack didn't hit anything, in almost a second ahead, the gunslinger hand rushed to her side and caught the blade himself, twirling the blade between his fingers. She suddenly realized something...

"Wait... did you just call me-" before she could finish Shen began yelling out.

"HOLY FCKEN SHT DID THAT BTCH JUST THROW FIRE FROM HER HAND!?" His voice was panicky as he grasped tightly onto his shoulder, stumbling back as he looked at the gang members that were still left standing. "FCK NO LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" The cowardly gang leader scrambled out of the building with his followers closely behind, leaving those who were wounded or unconscious laying on the ground.

Ammy stayed silent for a few seconds, her head lowered, almost as if in shame. "You know who I am... which means..." Her pacific eyes gazed up into his. "They sent you here to try and take me back?" It was more of a statement than a question, no one knew who she was, so it was obvious to her that the government had to have sent the pistolero to fetch her. "I'm not going back, I can't go back. P-please, just let me go."she slowly began backing away from him, making a distance between the two."I don't... I don't want to hurt you." she plead with him, the last thing she wanted to do was hurt the man who stood up for the women she called friend, who beat the snot out of those lowly gangsters. He seemed honorable and kind, but would his pride in his work force his hand into a battle she wanted to fully avoid?

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Crow had a true conflict of heart here he was standing a few feet from an innocent girl who was currently pleading with him to let her go, yet this girl was also a target submitted by the Japanese government to track her down. As a bounty hunter with the BHA Crow had no choice he had to catch and turn this girl in but at the same time he didn’t see anything wrong with her she was a good girl and had helped him against the Dragon Blades. The Gunslinger was truly confused about what he should do; unlike the previous targets he had caught he knew they were bad people. They looked like bad people and did bad things but Nova did neither she was just a normal girl and as far as he knew she didn’t do anything wrong. The Electrical Pistolero turned towards Nova slowly taking a couple steps towards her; “Now hold on senorita. Let me properly introduce myself I’m Crow Cementerio, I’m a bounty hunter with BHA United States branch. It seems like the Japanese government has submitted you as a bounty and a big one at that. Now I don’t know what you did to make them made but I’m sure we can work something out. So…just…relax.” Crow reached out his hand that smile on his face trying to reassure her that he didn’t want to fight her unfortunately just as he got close enough Kimmie reappeared her clothes slightly torn and a few cuts littered tears filled her eyes as she shouted towards Ammy, “AMMY! Don’t listen to him he is a bad man it’s a trick he’s been tracking you. He forced me to tell him everything about you! I’m so sorry Ammy run please! Before that big scary man forces himself on a sweet, innocent, girl like he did with me!” Kimmie held back a smirk as she played the role that her beloved Nijma-chan had assigned her to force the fire goddess and lightning pistolero to fight each other. She had purposely injured herself to make it seem like Crow has forced information from her. The Last Gunslinger turned towards Kimmie shocked his eyes widening, “What the hell are you talking about?! I don’t even know you just served me ice cream you crazy chick!” The deceitful 16 year old continued her academy award winning portrayal. “Don’t listen to Ammy he is crazy he told me if I tell you he would kill me!” Crow rushed at the little liar but she just ran away shrieking unaware of Nova’s reaction behind him.

Meanwhile Shen was panting in an alleyway with the members of his gang who could still move after the beat down both Crow and Ammy laid on them. One of the delinquents asks their leader. “Hey boss what are we going to do now? Are we going to show those two freaks what’s happens when you mess with the Dragon Blades?!” Shen reaction was one his underlings didn’t expect. “Are you fucking kidding me did you see that chick she could shoot fire from her hands? We aren’t fucking with that freak!” Shen looked around and noticed the looks of concern on his fellow Dragon Blades faces, the gang leader remembered something his father said about never showing weakness in front of your underlings because it leads to them questioning your decisions. Shen quickly deseeded to change his wording and save face in front of his gang members; “We aren’t going to fuck with that freak we are going to FUCK her. Yeah and make her cowboy boyfriend watch call up every single guy you know. Get as many fucking guns and weapons as you can! We are going to show those two freaks that when you mess with the Dragon you feel its blade!” The delinquents let out a violent cheer as they split up and got out their phones, the Dragon blades began calling up their comrades with the same message with the intention of bring an entire army of delinquents against Ammy and Crow.

Meanwhile Kimme snickered as she left the Last Gunslinger to feel the wrath of Ammy while she never know that the girl who had been delivering stuff to the Loli-POP had any powers from the small glimpse she had seen she was going to give Crow a hard time. She smirked as she thought of the orders that Enigma gave her regarding Crow and Ammy. To keep him posted on the situation no matter what and also try to get Ammy to keep pushing Crow more and more. While she held the information on a pedestal he confused her sometimes and this was one of them, the Superior Strategist seemed fixated on Crow now that he had interfered in one of his plans recently but to what end. What made Crow special and what was he so determined to keep pushing him; not that it matter she owed Enigma her life and more so his word was her holy scripture so she would do everything she could to keep Crow and Ammy fighting no matter what lies or games she had to play with the two of them. “Ha! Boy is that girl stupid all I did was turn on the water works and she probably flipped shit on him. And that Crow he is just as dumb his reaction was perfect it only made me seem more believable. I can’t wait to see what she does to him maybe I should video it…oh man the looks on their faces would get me so hot.” Kimmie skipped on intending to get a better spot to watch a fight between Lightning and Fire.

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