Crow Cementerio: The Last Gunslinger (Bio)

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Name: Crow (Crowley) Cementerio

Epithets: The Last Gunslinger, the Rail-gun, Lightning Revolver

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Alliance: BHA: Artemis Branch

Rank: Bronze Star


Crow Cementerio
Crow Cementerio

The Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio is the living embodiment of Gunslinger’s beliefs, methods, and creed. Being born and raised in a family of Gunslingers and being the Grandson of Búho Cementerio, known as being on the Greatest Gunslingers as well as the fastest, Crow idolized them and wanted nothing more to become a Gunslinger himself. Since his childhood Crow has trained himself to follow in the footsteps of those that have walked in front of him. With the loss of his town, family, friends, and ultimately the Gunslingers themselves Crow has also taken it upon himself to carry their legacy and the memory of those he loved.

As a Cementerio, Crow has inherited his family (in)famous eyes a trait every nearly every member of the Cementerio family has. Crow’s eyes are cobalt blue similar to that of very lightning he controls they hold a vibrancy that shines even in the shadows. They enhance every emotion that Crow conveys though them like an amplifier; his anger becomes even more furious, his determination that much more powerful, and his reassure smile becomes that much promising. Crow’s eyes are comparable to that of an eagle (in more ways than one) shut form the sun but as keens as a hawk conveying both vulnerability and unbridled determination. Beneath his treasured cowboy hat rests a pile of messing brown hair. Crow despite its messy look it is not untamed giving him a devil may cry look.

Crow's Mad Face
Crow's Mad Face

A combination of family genetics and spending most of his time out in the sun of the South Western area of the Crow has gain a slight tan to his tone body. This brings out Crow’s vibrant eyes even more than normal. The Rail-gun is a bit on the smaller side and this has given him the edge when it comes to be able to play towards his speed and swiftness however most see this as him being on the weaker side in terms of strengths. This a mistake most who underestimate him never make again; Crow has trained his body from as early as he can remember and despite being slim and tone instead of overly buff and large he is quite strong. Crow body is has a few scars on it in various places a testament to living in such a harsh and lawless world. Crow’s attire resembles of a cowboy or more appropriately a Gunslinger. The Rail-gun usually wears a brown leather jacket, the leather is quite durable can withstand some knife strikes, a gold colored strip down the center of the jacket on either side and around the sleeves. From the sleeves also hands feather like extensions the jacket also has pockets built into the front and the inside of it to contain various items including candy, ammo, and more. While the jacket can be buckled and tied close Crow underneath the frontier worn jacket is a white dress shirt a black line goes down the center where the buttons are leading to a brass belt buckle which has an eagle on it.

Crow’s more cherished accessory is the cowboy hat he is always wearing, the hat was a gift from his grandfather Búho. Crow’s gramps passed the hat onto him when he said he vowed to be a great Gunslinger like his grandpa; the old man gave Crow the hat with some wise words that have stuck with the Last Gunslinger ever since. Crow sees the hat as not only a tribute to his grandpa the Fastest Gunslinger but the morals and codes of the Gunslingers themselves. The hat has been passed down through the ages from one famous Gunslinger to another and now to Crow, while the hat may be old it has been maintained in perfect condition. It is a dark tan color the band of the hat holds a sting of bullet castings around it as was as an eagle feather or two with some beads. No matter what may befall the hat Crow repairs the hat by hand and to damage, take, or lose his hat is worthy of a sentence worse than a hundred deaths by satan.


Skills/Gunslinger Skills

Normal Skills

Enhanced Sight: Crow eye sight is on the level akin to birds of prey, a key asset as a Gunslinger, his eye sight has always been good but through some training and focus he has improved it. He is able to see long distances and the smallest details. This is one of the attributes that has given him such excellent marksman and sharpshooter.

Enhanced Agility and Reflexes: The Last Gunslinger has trained his body to make the best of his slim and lightweight body allowing him to be as agile as a cat, capable of dodging in and out of various threats (bullets, strikes, kicks, projectiles, and people) from all directions. Combined with his electrically enhanced reflexes Crow can dodge attacks from even the fastest opponents his known max seems to be a attack from near sonic levels but that was with his reflexes further increased by his abilities. In fact his has trained himself to pretty much dodge on a subconscious level without him even realizing he is doing it.

Lighting Speed: Crow is naturally one of the faster characters in the Vice, not surprisingly consider his Grandfather was labeled the Fastest Gunslinger, he is capable of keeping of with some of the fastest opponents. However Crow can just as easily be out paced by opponents who can move beyond even the most superhuman speed. Crow is also capable of percieve high speeds movements a useful skill when dodging bullets or fighting opponents who can strike faster than a human eye can see; this also helps Crow when he himself is moving as high speeds prevents him from getting tunnel vision. Crow's speed can be further enhanced through the use of his electrical powers allowing him to move at speeds faster than the human eye (and sometimes superhuman eye) can perceive. When using his electrical abilities to enhance his speed Crow leaves a small trail of lingering electrical energy in his wake allowing one to possibly track his movements.

Super Charged Strength:

Huya Icanma (Lightning/Storm Powers)


Allies/NPCs/Villains (PC and NPC)

Arcs and Dream Kombat Record


Oh Son Where art Thou

Osaka Ablaze

Night at the Castle

Identity Theft

A Moonlit Revival

High Stakes

Lucky Seven

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I will work on this more tomorrow when I get a chance

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: cool a new crow can't wait to see this one in action.

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@chaosknight: Nah it's always the same Crow I'm just refreshing him. Crow is pretty much always been a near perfect character so I never had to change much.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: well yeah I knew that much I meant as in a new look. Also Seth still needs to get revenge on Crow for leaving him to fight that speedster dude.

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@chaosknight: actually this is Crow official look Mario had an artist friend draw him up for the book we are working on.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: ahh I'll be sure to read the book when it comes out.

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Put some of his appearance in

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Did you just put up a whole lot of categories or was there something else you updated your bio with.
Speaking of which, why don't you just copy-paste half of the things you had for your old bio?
I know, this is a different characters but AFAIK his powerset is rather similar.
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@paladin: I through up a whole bunch of categories and put in all the RPs I been in with Crow so far. I probably should just copy and paste :P

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: You definietly should.
It saves time and effort.
The former which you appear to lack with this.
Anyways, if there are some differences you can just quickly edit them after the copy-paste.
New name for a certain ability you had before? Copy-paste then fix.
You no longer destroy cities with your ultimate technique? Copy-paste then fix.
It's relatively easy. 
I planned to do the same with Daisuke before I decided to make Lynx instead.
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@paladin: lol yeah it would save me a crap load of time, unfortunately it's not that I don;t have the time it's that i procrastinate. "Why should I worry about now when I can play a little Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst?":P I think I'm just going to do that for most of this powers, abilities, skills, etc. I'll save the personality for something I can write. Thankfully a lot of people on here (at least the ones I RP a lot with) know me and know I'm not a dick so having my bio done wasn't a problem.

I'm surprised you didn't bring Daisuke back he was kinda cool, my favorite scene being where he recreated Quicksilver to gain Crow's abilities, or at least Keith White :P

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@paladin: I'm surprised you didn't bring Daisuke back he was kinda cool, my favorite scene being where he recreated Quicksilver to gain Crow's abilities, or at least Keith White :P

I wanted and I say that character was probably the easiest to RP with but well.
I talked this out with Kuma and Feha but turned out that there would be some clash with the current setting.
I may have cleared those up and such but instead chose to create a new character from scratch.
I technically thought up this character's concept the moment I read Feha's responses.
Albeit the name caused some problems because I wanted to keep the theme while not completely ripping off Solid Snake.
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@paladin: Ah I see well it is a good to see you back :)

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