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Rage Albenaki

name: Rage Albenaki a.k.a Crimson

age: 16

place of birth: Rome

height: 5ft 11in

weight: 130lbs

sex: male

hair color: white


the rage inside

Crimson gets his nickname from all the crimson red he wears and that's all they see in the coliseum. He has some... anger problems which lead to his powers. He spends his time in Rome joining tournaments winning money to get him by. In these tournaments everyone fights to the death in a very large arena.

that fateful day

When inside the arena there is no turning back so if you team up with somebody you will have to kill them in the end. crimson made that mistake he befriended a small boy named Char Rezarer. who is a fourteen year old kid ( who's bio i will create soon ). nearing the end of the tournament they were the last two left. crimson realized he couldn't kill him he walked near a wall and did something he did not know he could do. He screamed at the top of his lungs and the whole coliseum exploded. they both ran out of the stadium crimson realizing char was laughing.


sonic scream: which can be all different levels of detructive capacity depending on how loud he screams

rage: has he fights he get's angrier and angrier causing different colors of smoke to rise off him depending on how angry he get's.

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this was an accident the real creator of this bio is realife102

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@rpgirl101: Copy-paste this bio into a .doc file then ask a mod to delete this thread. 
Following that log on with realife102 and re-create this thread. 
That's the easiest solution.
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yeah sorry logged onto the wrong acount!

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