Credo Vs Kenzo

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It was a dark gloomy night, the type of night were the air was filled with guilt and depression. A man dressed in normal street clothes, a far stretch from the ninja gear he was use to wearing, walked the dark streets, as the sound of broken bottles cracked undreneath his feet.

Credo continued on walking, even in the midst of the drunken man who was hurling abusive remarks towards him. The moon was only half full, the stars were practically non existant, and with the flicker of only one street light, finding your way was difficult.

It was only the slightest of noises that caught his attention, the quiet sound of a broken bottle somewhere in the distance, behind him. A cat maybe, or pehaps the drunken man from before, well thats what most people would think, but a ninja had a much greater intuition.

Turning around Credo could feel something was not right. "Ahhhhhh the master of the nature............SHARINGAN" Suddenly looking up, he noticed a man with black hair, standing on top of a run down building, his eyes crimson red from the Sharingan. Credo knew at an instant who he was.......Kenzo an S-Class ninja who is a member of the new Uchiha clan. He knew this would end only in death.

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