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So I told you all of my plan to create my own RP site; I want to keep you all up to date and what's going on but leave with some suspense to keep you guessing. Also give you the chance to offer advice


So me and Kuma have been working on the world we are still working on details. He is coming up with the skeletons and I'm fleshing it out. What we have so far is similar to what we have on the Vice. There is not one set world but it is broken up by anime/manga genre so anyone could make a character from any anime that like. The template is similar to the Union of 7 here there are 7 segments as I mention broken up by location and genre but they all exist in one world. The 7 segments are designed to be completely different from one another and like a giant game of rock paper sisters each one has an advantage over another. This is what is preventing from the countries waging war. We are including ever genre out there to fit everyone perfernces; Western, Steam/Diesel Punk, Mecha, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Supernatural etc. It is a completely made up universe so no real world setting or anything similar. I will give more info when we get more done.

Rules for Battle and etc.

I been coming up with some fair rules that will even the playing field during fights. I'm still just throwing things around in my head so there is nothing concrete. I also been thinking of ways to prevent the same thing that happen here on this new site including time limits, rules for villains to prevent one character from attacking everyone. Rules for interaction between characters of different segments. Also more to come.

The Site itself

This part is a bit harder I have alot to consider for the site and I don't know where to start. I got some advice from my teacher to use a free bulletin creator site but I want it to be my own site that I control.

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