CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers RP

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Duel at No Man's Land - Part 2: Explosive Battle, Close Combat Encounter

The attack from Daisuke set off a explosion that shook the bar from cornerstones to rooftop. A massive ball of fire engulfed the place, rising black chemical smoke into the sky, and burning the nearby buildings. The bar was decimated by the explosion, the stench of charred meat filled the air, as the bodies, victims of Eastern Wolf impacience, as he didnt wanted to wait to get a drink, and becouse the townspeople looked at him too much with surprise and fear in their eyes. The whole building was now more akin to a crater than any kind of human ruins. Any regular man would have perished in the blaze of flames created by the young Magus attack, but Falken was far from being regular, and only man in part. His advanced brain, processed the information of 20 cambots placed strategically around the town, granting him 20 different points of view and angles to analize a battlefield. His bionic enhacements allowed him to not only manage that ammount of information flawlessly, but he could also react accordingly to it. The moment he detected the intent of Daisuke to attack the gas tank to trigger a chain of explosion to kill or maim him. The Falcon Eyed Mercenary sensors predicted the power of the explosion and the extension of it. Falken started moving before the arrow reached the tank and took cover, while ordering his nanites and bionic endodermic armor to go full power, shutting down other functions, like breathing and his enhanced eyesight. It was only for seconds, yet his plan worked, as the building besides the bar withstood most of the explosion, and the enhaced defense did the rest of the trick. The Cambots were hidden, cloaked and had their own armor, so it was virtually impossible to destroy them without focusing on them. The Dual Wield Killer didnt used the same plating on himself since it would poison him. The preliminar analisis were ready revealing something that Falken already supposed " I really hate Wizards" were the words in the mind of the Elite Hired Gun.

From his cover, he returned his body settings to normal function, restoring his breathing and the regular armor under his skin. The Cambots were still analizing, yet Falken decided to take a closer approach, he had the utmost confidence on his own skills, and thanks to the still burning remains of the bar the battleground was blurry, as the black smoke was covering the town. Thanks to his bionic parts he could filter the excess of nocive gas in the air, and his eyes, plus the Cambots allowed him to keep track of the battlefield without any problems. The Herald of Death decided to take this battle into a closer range, since he thought he could handle a young hero that was just starting his career, different from him that was a seasoned veteran, killing and completing missions since he was 12 years old, or maybe younger, he didnt kept track of the time under the Project he worked for. This could prove to be overconfidence, but Falken liked challenges, a situation with less chances to get out from allowed him to avoid rusting, since regular killings were not only dull and boring, he also got his skills maimed by the lack of difficulty. Sometimes he reduced his enhacements power, only to have better challenges, yet he never had the chance of a real fight, and this boy could provide that. Walking away from his cover, clouded in the black smoke, almost like a spectral vision, Falken took a running stance, and charged foward with his top speed, the floor, already unstable after the explosion, broke like old breadcrumbs. This explosive dash couldnt last long, so it was only used to shorten the space between them. As he moved foward he dished a volley of bullet with both guns, with amazing accuracy, aiming to cripple Daisuke. The bullets were mixed, some particle beam-like bullets and some exploding tip bullets. As he was about to reach the young Magus he feinted for one side and then to the other with incredible skill, yet he jumped, vaulting over his opponent, while he kept shooting and spinning over him.

Mid-air he summoned two sticky grenades, and using his body as cover, he kicked both in a high arc, hidding them on the black smoke, and with pin-point accuracy to fall behind Daisuke when he timed them to. He landed, while the grenades were still high and charged with increased ferocity, once again making feints and cuts to the side. Yet he passed by the side of Daisuke attacking with both bayonets, the beam blade and the heat blade, and just as he attacked, the sticky bombs fell behind Daisuke, that luckly had turned around to face him. He runned throught the Magus side, and ended his rush by jumping, spinning mid-air and shooting while landing on his back, this time aiming for the bombs that had landed under Daisuke feet. Falken rolled on his back and took cover in a nearby piece of debris...

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Duel at No Man's Land - Part 3: Volatile Exchange

Series of violent explosions shook the peaceful neighborhood. In a mere instant the entire gas station and its surroundings blew up, engulfing everything in a ball of fire. Of course Daisuke had been caught within the reach of such inferno. "Kih-!" The boy hissed. Waves of intense heat and vibrations flew past him. Fortunately without any serious effect. Daisuke covered himself in his protective overcoat that he only referred as the 'Combat Jacket'. Woven with the combination of many different layers, it was both protective cloth and an exquisite piece of tailorship. Using a blessed burial cloth as a base, it sealed away most forms of magic interference against Daisuke. The middle was a strong fabric of Kevlar, enough to stop a rifle bullet dead on its tracks. In comparison the  top layer served no purpose other than hiding the true details behind this masterpiece, disguising it as a simple overcoat commonly found in the stores. Furthermore Daisuke used his magic to reinforce the 'Combat Jacket', allowing him to survive in the midst of an explosion. 
As quickly as it came, the force of the explosion dissipated under a split-second. The series of blast left a large scar on the site. The entire gas station had disappeared without any remains. Daisuke expressed regret over destroying public property but the ends had to justify the means. But it didn't. The young magus easily picked up the enemy's life signature. "Damn it!" Feeling of bitterness and frustration. Despite all that destruction, his opponent was still alive and kicking. The enemy was calmly emerging from his smoke. Even his barely visible silhouette possessed that awful aura of nil. Daisuke couldn't stand that part about the man. It was like all worries in the world couldn't bother that man the slightest bit. His emotions and character were a complete mystery. Almost like Daisuke was fighting against a machine.All of sudden, the enemy assumed a new stance. He looked almost like an Olympic runner before the championship match. "!!" In the next moment the enemy's body became a blur. (He's fast!) Taken a little aback by the opponent's speed, Daisuke had a hard time to perceive the enemy's movements. Despite that he had already knew what was going to happen next. "Darian Gwalchavad!" The magus had called out to summon the shield of Sir Galahad again. This time to block a mixed volley of bullets and particle beam bursts. Hiding behind a shield was a cowardly tactic, Daisuke knew that. But momentarily he needed every bit of time to devise an effective strategy. Impossible as it seemed, the enemy managed to outsmart Daisuke who could boast the ability to think under the effects of the space-time accelerated many-fold. 
A combined volley of particle beams and gunshots impacted against the shield but apparently without any visible effect. Replica or not, Darian Gwalchavad was a mystic shield famous for its durability. No mere guns could penetrate it. Seeing the futility of the volley, the enemy had a quick change of tactics. Using feints and daring turns, the opponent was circling around Daisuke like a hungry shark. He was sending short bursts from various directions to test Daisuke's defenses. So far without any success. Despite that Daisuke was well aware that he ended up in a losing battle. Darian Gwalchavad offered excellent protection but at a great cost. Daisuke had to sacrifice any option for offense. The opposing volley was so intense that the young magus found no opportunity for a counterattack.  Meanwhile the enemy was rapidly closing in. 
In seconds the distance between the man and Daisuke were reduced to only a few meters. "Huh?" At the same moment the enemy had just disappeared. Daisuke felt a sharp piercing feeling on the back of his neck. "!!" Daisuke made an immediate turn to intercept another stream of projectiles. Apparently, his enemy simply vaulted over Daisuke with a large leap and attempted to shoot the youth from behind. But that was far from the end. Daisuke noticed two strange objects over his head. (Oh crap!) Their shape were slightly odd but Daisuke immediately recognized the purpose of these. That was a pair of explosive grenades!  
BOOM! Echoed the sound of twin explosions. Being smart, by the time of the detonation the enemy had already escaped the blast radius. On the other hand Daisuke wasn't that fortunate.  The fireball of the explosion had swallowed him up entirely. Daisuke's death was almost certain. Yet... 
Before the fireball could finally settle, a pair of foreign objects cut through the screen of smoke and explosions. These were spinning like a pair of deadly circular saws, flying towards the general direction of Falken.  And they weren't alone. With only a slight delay two additional blades were flying against Falken. Their design was familiar to something the mercenary saw a while ago. Yes, 3 sets of Kanshous and Bakuyas were flying at supersonic speeds to catch him. Given the weapons' identity that could mean only one thing... 
Finally, the fireball had cleared up thus revealing the figure of a young boy. Indeed. Daisuke had managed to survive. But how? Sound of clamping could be heard as something heavy and metallic landed behind the youth. It was no mere shield but Darian Gwalchavad. Feeling the immediate danger, the legendary shield of Sir Galahad forced Daisuke to move thus he had managed to block away the explosion in the very last minute. Albeit only through sheer luck but the youth managed to survive the mercenary's trap in one piece. The smoke slowly began to clear, revealing Daisuke's face. His eyes were burning with  "My name is Emiya Daisuke, Japanese. I'm here to investigate a strange cult in the vicinity. You aren't just the run of the mill gun for hire. Who are you? And why did you kill all the innocents in Lukevile?" Out of the blue Daisuke suddenly introduced himself. The exotic weapons and skills of the mercenary made him intrigued. It was a bit embarrassing but Daisuke had to admit that his enemy was far more experienced in the art of warfare. Be it tactics, ranged combat or even close quarters combat the enemy always managed to maintain his superiority. And those guns...they were far above the ordinary. Daisuke was familiar with the term of the so-called 'super technology', devices created by highly advanced science. They are Humanity's answer against the growing number of 'super beings'.  The enemy's weapons were the same. They weren't connected to any of the known manufacturers. Likely every weapon of his were a product of some secret organization.  
Having discerned for all those, Daisuke was prepared for the worst. (Limiter---OFF. Trace inhibitions cancelled. Setting all circuits to maximum!) "I am the bone of my sword!" The youth had exclaimed and released a powerful aura. Each and every one of his circuits were producing magic energy on full throttle. Playtime was over. Daisuke's enemy was someone not to be taken lightly. "Kanshou! Bakuya!" The youth had called, summoning his two most trustworthy swords. He crossed the blades before his chest, ready to intercept the incoming gunshots.
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Duel at No Man's Land - Part 4: A bullet in the head is the best introduction

Falken took cover in the last moment, and the blades sent by Daisuke, spinning like buzz-saws, cutting throught the air with a faint noise, clashed against the debris the Assasain with Falcon Eyes was using like shield. The six blades collisioned wih force against the concrete and wooden barricade, 4 of them didnt reached Falken, yet the remaining two, a Kanshou and a Bakuya managed to pierce the debilitated cover, and reached the Dual Wield Killer. The first one cutted him on the side of the body, scracthing his implants, letting out blood and some sparks. Reacting to the first attack, Falken went to the ground, dodging the second sword by a hair, yet the spinning blade turned around, like if it was homed to the Mercenary. Using the debris as base, the Mercenary did a handstand the second the blade was about to reach him avoiding the danger, and then from that position he vaulted over what remained of the alredy slashed cover and faced Daisuke, that was introducting himself. As the red-haired Magus finished speaking, Falken cracked his neck with evident calm. With an equally calm voice he repplied to the Young Hero, This wont change the fact I need to kill you, at least according to the contract, The handguns vanished to the hyper space arsenal and were replaced by a strange octogonal structure, not bigger than a soccer ball, with a hilt inside and four big apertures in four of it's sides, possibly beam sword proyectors, this was a extreme close combat weapon, suited to face a warrior such as Daisuke , but for the record I didnt killed this people, I was only planning to do the clean-up, two of the blades, from, the opposite sides, started with a faint buzzing, turning this into a double bladed sword, I know about you Emiya, at least some rumours about your exploits. Falken shrugged his shoulder. Yet I dont care about them, as I mentioned I was hired to do certain job, and unluckly for you I cannot let you move further south from here, so please go back from where you came from or you'll get hurt. The buzzing of the blade increased as the Arronax Crossblade was fully heated up, and was ready to rumble. I have a lot of experience in this matters, and thrust me, you wont defeat me, not when there is money involved or a contract to fullfill.

Falken enhanced his eyesight further, as the boy seemed to be a good swordsman, and the Mercenary was more of a gunslinger, yet he was still masterful with every weapon he had made. So, you're going to leave like a good boy and leave the grown ups work in peace, or you'll throw a heroic tantrum? Falken was being offensive on purpose, as he really wanted to fight Daisuke, and pissing the teen off could help him in the fight, as for his investigations he knew that magic was a work of will and focus, such as combat, thus a dispersed enemy, unfocused by rage was better than a cool adversary. The Cambots were taking account of everything that was happening, allowing Falken a better view of the battlefield, and a increased awareness of the moves Daisuke made. The kid had increased his energy, meaning that somehow his magical power had increased, Daisuke had a weapon in each hand, the same as the ones he threw. This would make this battle into two swords against double sword. Falken finished with his last taunt, You better leave kid, before you get hurt, I dont want to take you to the pediatric wing of the nearby hospital, because is too far away and I dont have the time to battle meddling kids...

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The Devil of the North, one of the deadly members of the gunslinger like group the Numbers, flipped though the air after blocking the Last Gunslinger’s La Hoja attack. Devil had use the blade of his own gun blade to block the electric attack but even that wasn’t enough to block Crow’s Burst Bullet it seemed the force of the attack at least knock off Devil’s face plate. When the gun-blade slinger landed on his bike and Crow got a good look at his face his eyes widen in horror and shock instead of the face of a great warrior and eyes burning with the self righteous justice the Fourth Number was saying earlier the gunslinger saw what looked like metallic tendrils mashed with bluish dead looking flesh, instead of a the crimson blood of a normal person some of Devil’s face was covered in a horrid image of black tar like substance, there was no eyes that held conviction and pride but instead there were two metallic eyes the red lenses were cold and lifeless. The Rail-gun could not believe this he was not fighting a fellow gunslinger this entire time but the twisted and defiled corpse of a former sharp shooter and with this the pieces of what had been happening fell into place. No I can’t believe Devil was a cyborg all along but it makes sense the way he was fighting the way I felt that life less machine like feeling I got was just that a machine! Everything I said to him was ignored his replies were probably programmed or someone is controlling him it makes sense but it can’t I won’t believe that a fellow gunslinger would be used for someone twisted plans. As anger began to fill the gunslinger an insane lunatic grimace flashed in his head. Damn them! Damn the Numbers! How could they do something like this someone who probably stood for the values I stand for today and ruin them like this?! I don’t know who Devil really is but I do know he was a person of honor and he does not deserve this treatment. Again the insane grimace flashed in his mind as his anger and emotions fluxed up and down rapidly; I’m going to end this, I’m going to give Devil the proper burial he deserves not this twisted rebirth of injustice. Afterwards I am going to end the Numbers! I am sick and tired of them they turn the very things I stand for into their own twisted motives they turned people like Ann and Devil and ruin them for their plans! I’m going to kill every one of them! For a single moment there maybe it was the sun or something else but Crow’s eyes flashed an evil insane looking crimson color and the way his usual smirk shifted into a frown of anger it looked like a mad lunatic’s grimace.

The Rail-gunner had not being paying attention the cyborg gunslinger as his programmed rant but now he took notice as the Fourth Numbers dropped down into a seating position on his bike. Northern Devil inserted his gun-blade into a socket as he shouted, “Ultra Devil Battlelizer Mode Engage!” The gunslinger’s eyes widen a little he know this wasn’t going to be good; if my childhood years of watching Power Rangers taught me anything its that when the good guys put ultra in front of anything its not good for the bad guy and according to Devil I’m the bad guy. That doesn’t mean anything though I won’t lose I won’t be a lost cause! Crow watched in shock as the Devil of the North transformed into a half motorcycle, half gunslinger, half robot like warrior two revolvers pop out of his shoulders and landed in his hands. To make matters worst the charge Crow received from Overcharged was being to fade away; his weaken body just could not keep up and Overcharged was ending prematurely fading in and out leaving Crow in a slow down state. Suddenly the Ultra Battlelizer Mode Devil charged at Crow at speeds faster than a bullet as he began to fire the revolvers; unfortunately for Crow the faded vision cause by the after effects of Overcharged meant he couldn’t read the bullets trajectory, holding up Quicksilver Crow managing to block only a few bullets but one pierce though his right shoulder and another though his left hip making him scream in pain, “AAAHHHHHHH!” Crow slammed to the ground hard writing in pain as his blood pooled around him but there was no time to lay around in a very clumsy display the gunslinger manages to roll out of the way of the charging Devil. Crow got up sluggishly still suffering from the effects of the fading Overcharged trying to found a way to win; Damn it Crow come on think of something, Devil’s Battlelizer mode currently is out pacing he. He got you in speed and strength now and standing around as he runs circles around you isn’t the way to go you need to take this fight to the road. But how Jack and Fairy have the damn Jeep I need a pair of wheel….PAIR OF WHEELS! The Last of Gunslinger’s suddenly remembered the bike that was outside of the gas station they were out but it was old probably considered a lost cause but so was he. Crow look for the bike and was heart broken to see it was behind Devil. Blood droplets fell to the ground around Crow his breathing was heavy and his vision was becoming blurry it was now that he started to realize he was becoming dehydrated, the effects of Overcharged were gone but the side effects were minimal now he needed a plan to get to the bike. The Last of the Gunslingers had a plan but it was risky he was relying on a new Gunslinger skill that he had not yet perfected just yet but in this battle it was either all or nothing.

Meanwhile the deadly sniper Fatal Shot took aim at the duo of Ann Mary Wheelock and Jack planning to eliminate them before he deals with Crow Cementerio. Fairy had taken a shot at the sniper but unfortunately she was out ranged in this fight; the deadly sniper loaded a bullet and fired it at Fairy’s shot the bullet suddenly exploded releasing hundreds of thousands of small marble sized object that acted like intercepts stopping the bullet before it hit Fatal Shot. Using his Red Eye device, Fatal quickly found Jack and Ann though the smoke screen that the Wind Archer created; it only took a few seconds for the robotic red eye to calculate the exact information on each shot the chance for error was exactly 1/1000 percent. Fairy quickly scrambled with Jack listening to his order of staying close to him she quickly ran towards a rock the Sniper Maiden jumped for cover as suddenly a second bullet hit right above her head just missing her causing Fatal to curse to himself. “Damn you! I won’t miss next time Fairy.” Fatal loaded another bullet that was programmed with the information on Jack so that the bullet could not miss; “It’s your turn now Archer.” Ann was hidden crotched down behind the rock that was protecting her form Fatal Shot’s bullets she shouted over to Jack, “Jack can’t you use your wind abilities like you did with Blitzkrieg?” Fatal began to take aim at Jack and fired again hoping to kill the Arrow of Storms aim for his heart; the former Fifth Number decided to use this as a chance to strike trying to calculate the distance and are where the sniper was but unfortunately the high tech suppressing system build into the high powered rifle made it nearly impossible all she knew was he was about a mile and a half way. “Jack I can’t track him from here he must be using some sort of rifle that suppresses muzzle flash and noise I need a way to find him so I can shoot him.” Fairy began to stick her scope up over the rock she was using for cover but suddenly the scope exploded, the high tech sniper having put a bullet though it the second he saw the flash of the south western sun being reflected off it, “Damn! Now my distance is reduce even more I can’t even see him and not I have to use the iron sights of the rifle to guide me!” The Archer of the Wind and the Fairy of the West were at a clear disadvantage not only did their opponent have them pinned down, but he also had them out gunned and out ranged, Fatal smirk a little to himself he was annoyed that he hadn’t killed his targets yet but he had them trapped like rats, “This is over they might as well give themselves up I hate wasting ammo because my victims are too stubborn to die. I need to drive them out good thing I brought the multi-shot rounds.” Fatal loaded a special bullet meant to take out multiple enemies at once the sniper fired the bullet that suddenly split into at least 100 splinters sized bullets that smashed into Jack and Fairy’s cover. Fairy hurled down holding the rifle unable to move as Fatal continued the shrapnel of splinter bullets raining down on them. “Jack we are pinned down if we get up to shoot back he will kill us with a single shot but if we stay here either the sharpnel or the bullets will rip us to shreds. Damn where is Crow when we need him?” No mater how skilled I am Crow out matched me he could easily pin point where the sniper is and take him out with a single shot. Crow was trained since he was a kid he knows a lot more then me and he is always calm and collected. Despite the fact he is in a battle for his life with the Numbers he has not show that he is cracking. Damn what do I do? It was then that the Sniping Maiden notice a object in the back seat of the jeep that took here; the item was wrapped in a cloth the shape of the item was unmistakable it was her signature weapon Fairy Pair.

Crow said he would rebuild and upgrade my Fairy Pair but he needed supplies there no way its done yet he was sleeping in the back with Jack or was he. If he did finish it could get the advantage over the sniper instead of using this piece of junk. I could use Fairy Dust and Fairy Star to not only blow away his intercepts but him. As Fairy considered the idea of using her signature weapon the deadly sniper continued to fire the multi-bullets hoping to draw out the two. “Damn them this is getting annoying they are not budging I am going to need something with more push.” Fatal Shot loaded his high tech sniper with a explosive bullet that was equivalent to a shot from a tank because of the size of the rifle and the fact that he could absorb most of the recoil. “Their smoke screen is lifting as well not that it helped them much in the beginning anyway.” The deadly long range killer fired the bullet with massive force, the down side to this incredible powerful bullet was that the built in suppressor could not handle it and there was some muzzle flash to give away his location, Fairy turned to Jack as he made up her mind. “Jack I need to get my Fairy Pair from the jeep can you….” BOOM! Suddenly Fatal Shot explosive bullet hit their cover causing it t explode violently Fairy was thrown a couple feet along the ground causing the wound she received from fighting Crow to open. Fairy lied on the ground in pain as blood pooled around her she looked up she could see Fairy Pair; I need to get up and get Fairy Pair if I lay here I’ll die I need to keep moving. The Western Fairy slowly got up as Fatal Shot began to fire upon them with his tracer bullets hoping to kill them with one shot; Fairy rolled in pain as she dodged a bullet (literally) causing the sniper to become frustrated firing shot after shot of his tracers bullets. Ann Mary dodges and moves the bullets just missing her because of her evasive movements receiving only a few cuts as she bled from her reopen wound. “Damn girl just die already! I am the greatest sniper alive no one can best me in my own game!” With every missed shot the anger and anxiety built in the deadly sniper as he remembered his abusive father and the wrath of the townspeople for missing a crucial shot in a tournament. “My tracer bullet should be hitting her they are programmed to her location via my Red Eye! Why can’t I hit her!?” The voice of his father rang though his head calling him a failure and pathetic unbeknownst to him his missed shot were not just from Fairy lucky dodges but also technical malfunction created by a certain Lightning Gunslinger. Despite the distance between the two battles areas Crow massive use of his electrical abilities created a slight residual interference in the air; it was not enough to cause severe effects on the environment but just enough to cause a slight malfunction in Fatal’s high tech equipment it caused an error percentage of .00000009% which was just enough to though off the tracer bullets. Fairy scrambled towards the jeep in pain clutching her side trying to prevent herself from bleeding out. Come on I can make it just a little further I need to be strong like Crow is, I’ll follow him till my debt is repaid and beyond that I will fight along side Crow till I die! Meanwhile Fatal Shot anger was boiling over he switched from his tracer bullets to the explosive tank like shots; he was firing in practically randomly and spastic shots all over the place causing massive damage to the area where Jack and Fairy was. Fairy mustered her strength and jumped behind the jeep grabbing the cloth wrapped weapon. I made it now let’s see what Crow did to my Fairy Pair….BOOM!!!!! Suddenly the jeep exploded as Fatal Shot put a bullet straight though the jeep causing it to explode now a pillar of black smoke, flames, and raining debris was where the jeep and Ann Mary was leaving Jack alone.

The Lightning Rider stood in front of the Northern Battlezier Devil peering at the motorcycle behind the Number member. Sweat and blood dripped from Crow as he began to feel the fatigue and beginning effects of dehydration combined with the lack of sleep, blood lost, and exhaustion were beginning to wear him out. Crow’s grip on his weapon tighten as his vision blurred a little and the smile that was usually present on his face had somewhat faded revealing for the first time the toll this battle against the Numbers have taken out of him. Even the cobalt blue eyes that once were charged with the gunslinger’s conviction were now faded from the heat and light of the Mexican-American border was beginning to appear a little gray symbolic of the Rail-gun’s fading spirit. Crow’s plan to get the motorcycle was extremely risky one because if it didn’t work he would die here. I don’t have much left I’m exhausted I don’t even know if I have enough strength left to pull this out but I got to try. I came this far I am not giving up I will beat the Numbers, I won’t lose! Crow straight up as he reached in his pocket, the Thunderbolt Cowboy spat a little blood as he faced the 4 Number Northern Devil. Despite knowing that his words could no longer reach Devil he had to say one more thing; “Devil I know you can’t hear me, my words will never reach the man that you once were because of the monster you have been turned into. I hate what the Numbers have done to you Devil I won’t let what them get away with this. I swear I am going to give you the proper respect when I bury you.” Crow pulled out a handful of Flash Round bullets; 5 left damn I thought I had a bit more but I guess this will do I’ll have to use all of them. The Last of the Gunslingers pop open of the cylinder of his indestructible revolver, Quicksilver, he turned the gun up letting the ammo drop out causing a slight metallic pinging from the bullets hitting the ground. The Rail-gunner loaded the Flash rounds one at a time his hand a trembling a little; once they were all loaded Crow snap the cylinder closed and raised the gun slowly. “Devil you been one of my strongest opponents to dates and you will not have died in vain thank you for being my opponent.” Crow plan was to use the Flash bullets to cause a sensory overload in Devil but he had to fire all 5 Flash bullets at once or the trick would fail and there was a certain gunslinger technique that he was practicing before this all began now it was time to test it out, the skill would allow him to fire all 5 shots at once but he would be pulling the trigger so fast it would sound like one shot. Crow just smiled a little as he pulled the trigger as fast as possible all 5 shots came out within a fraction of a second of each other because he was new to the skill the single gun shot sound sounded more like 2 really loud shots. All five shots went off creating a blinding flash of light meant to overload the sensors in the 4 Number vision. Crow then ran up shifting and moving diagonally using the blinding light that was probably equal to having a police spot light shine in yours eyes for over a minute, the Last Gunslinger protected himself by using his cowboy hat to shield his eyes. The gunslinger knew that the Battlzeir mode warrior would fire back and counter that why he had one more trick up his sleeve, Crow used his electrical powers to push his speed to its limit moving fast enough that a human eye could not track and possibly not ever Devil’s sensors could track him. What the gunslinger left behind was a phantom image of his last actions a ghost of what was an after image this is why he dubbed this new technique, Fantasma, the after image was of Crow making a straight charge at Devil slicing with La Hoja but if the 4 Number fell for the trick the attack would dissipate the image and he would learn Crow was a lot closer.

Crow suddenly appear above the Northern Devil slamming his hand down on his metallic cowboy hat, “Tocar!” the gunslinger sent a jolt of electricity though the cyborg kamen rider that would kill a normal person but it was only an attempt to mess with the electronics that possibly controlled him. Crow vaulted off devil and landed on the ground rolling in pain as the impact did some internal damage, the gunslinger sprinted as fast as he could to the old bike hoping it had some gas or at least worked. A smile formed on his face as he heard the familiar swishing sound of oil in the tank, the owner of the bike had occasionally filled it in case someone wanted to test ride it but that was highly unlikely, the gunslinger hopped on the bike and went to rev the engine but to no avail, Dios mio! Of course I get to the bike, it has fuel but won’t run just my damn luck! Come on what is wrong with it? The Last Gunslinger knew he probably had only a few seconds before Devil came after him he mentally went over the bike in his head checking everything that could be wrong and realized it was the simplest thing dead battery. The Lightning Rider revved the engine again but this time he used his powers to conduct electricity though the bike powering the battery; the old once forgotten motorcycle roared to life as it now had arcs of metallic blue electricity peeling off it revealing the silver and black color scheme hidden by the dust and rust. Lo siento Silver but Daddy needs to cheat on you for this fight, Crow smirked as he peeled away on the bike leaving a trail of electrical sparks in his wake; taking the fight against the Devil of the North to the road. Come on Devil follow me let’s take finish this fight.

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High Speed Rush

A new pack of brainwashed children entered the warehouse, guided by John. They were at least 200 hundred children that followed him from 4 schools nearby to this seaside warehouse in the docks. Dear Sister, the fuel is here, he said with a sweet voice, as he walked towards his sister, which was with her arms covered in the ash like substance that left behind the consumed corpses of their “fuel” up to her elbows. Dear Brother, how wonderful to see you again, I was starting to get worried about you… Mary gave her brother a tight hug, that he replied with a warm kiss, these kids were broken beyond redemption; no force in the world could save them from the horrible existence they were living and correct their perverted values. The world hit them like a hammer, and they shattered like a mirror, that now reflects the same horrors they suffered to the whole world. Dear Sister, I think is time to change the fuel, right? He asked after taking his lips away from hers, while pointing the almost completely consumed carcass in the chair… Dear Brother you are correct, let me handle it and you rest for a while. She moved towards the chair, as his brother went to the room, she changed the corpses for a fresh child and then heard her brother calling her, Mary, put it in automatic and come with me, with this amount not even his Ultra mode will be a problem. She smiled with glee, with a sinister glow in her eyes as he strapped the new fuel and used the mental commands over the mind control serum to direct the line of fuel to be automatic. The door closed behind her, as the line slowly started to move, consuming the bodies of the poor young boys faster than before.

Meanwhile in New Mexico, the first offensive of Northern Devil, the Third Number, while using his Ultra Mode, resulted in a bullet through Crow’s shoulder tainting the Gunslinger clothes with his own blood. The Lighting cowboy was barely standing, exhausted by the using the Overcharge, managing to still look fine, out of guts and resolve, but his wounded body didn’t looked like it would last long. The Gunslinger spoke to Devil “Devil I know you can’t hear me, my words will never reach the man that you once were because of the monster you have been turned into. I hate what the Numbers have done to you Devil I won’t let what them get away with this. I swear I am going to give you the proper respect when I bury you.” Crow pulled out a handful of Flash Round bullets; and after removing the other bullets, and one by one, he charged the bullets with his shaking hands. “Devil you been one of my strongest opponents to dates and you will not have died in vain thank you for being my opponent.” The Gunslinger closed the cylinder with one move as he spoke; resolve filled his eyes, shining like a twin sparks of electricity. With blinding, pun intended, speed, he shot the five bullets almost in the same instant, trying to blind Northern Devil. Thanks to the attack Crow landed before, that shattered the face mask, Devil eye was exposed, and not even the cybernetic enhancements could protect him from such sudden attack. The explosion of light blinded him, as he covered his eyes with his now massive mechanized limbs. You Villain, your cheap tricks won’t stop the power of Justice! He roared as he swatted his arm blindly. As the light faded away, Devil reacted to the incoming attack from Crow, barely managing to attack, now with his blade popping out from the wrist of his mechanized body.

He only slashed an after image made of pure lighting, something called Fantasma by Crow. A faint current of electricity coursed through the cyborg body, stunning him for precious moments, that couldn’t be afforded to be lost in a battle. Crow used that advantage at its fullest, as he vaulted over Devil with uncanny agility and touched the 4th Number, releasing a powerful electric current he nicknamed Tocar. This time around Devil wasn’t only stunned, he was injured, as several circuits around his body were overcharged by the electricity sent by the Lighting Cowboy, and miniature detonations appeared here and there, with small lines of smoke after it. The system crashed for some crucial seconds that were used by the Last Gunslinger to restart an old motorcycle and rush towards Devil. The 4th Number system rebooted just in time, and the wheels attached to the end of his battleized legs started spinning, running on parallel to Crow’s motorcycle. I?”$•$’ll d-dd-d-d$•%•$%•%-efeat y-yo•$•%•-you C-c%•45-cemen-1010101012-terio, m-m-m-5453-my Ju-jus-ju3534-justic32432-e w-34434-il-54%$%-will p-p-p-r-34322%&-evail… Devil’s voice circuits were vastly damaged by The Lighting Rider’s “Tocar”. He started shooting wildly at Crow, while both moved fast through the desert terrain. The aiming system was also busted, and most of the bullets impacted around Crow, lifting geysers of dust and earth, that only obscured The Gunslinger position further to the damaged optical circuits. Black slimy liquid was falling from several places of Devil’s body, and it further increased by the second, he accelerated in front of Crow, and while he spun around, facing his target while still moving forward, and started shooting once again, failing most of the shots, but at least aiming two or three good enough to reach Crow.

Meanwhile back in the warehouse, unknown to the Twins, the fuel was running dangerously low, most of the children were reduced to piles of dust, void of any human shape…

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Jack and Fairy ran for cover, the nearby rock being part of the reason they had chosen their position. He allowed himself to hope that Fairy had hit the sniper, then a bullet flew straight over Fairy’s head. “Jack can’t you use your wind abilities like you did with Blitzkrieg?”

“He’s too far away for me to affect him directly, I’ve altered the wind conditions to throw off his aim.” and yet, Jack thought, he is somehow compensating for it. Jack decided to try something different, he closed his eyes, concentrating on the air around him. He felt the bullet coming for his heart, he didn’t try to deflect it. The wind was now blowing towards the bullet, slowing it down but not changing its trajectory. His sword appeared in front of him, the bullet dented the sword, the tip creating a small tear in the metal. Jack dematerialized his sword and gave the bullet a closer look.

“Jack I can’t track him from here he must be using some sort of rifle that suppresses muzzle flash and noise I need a way to find him so I can shoot him.”

“He’s directly in front of me. He hasn’t moved yet.”

Fairy aimed, the lens flash gave away her position, her scope exploded. “Damn! Now my distance is reduce even more I can’t even see him and not I have to use the iron sights of the rifle to guide me!”

The bullet was interesting, it seemed to have some sort of guidance system. Jack felt more projectiles coming towards him, they curved away in the wind. The sand around them was suddenly filled with holes.

“Jack we are pinned down if we get up to shoot back he will kill us with a single shot but if we stay here either the shrapnel or the bullets will rip us to shreds. Damn where is Crow when we need him?”

“His speed would certainly be useful.” Jack replied. He needed to close the distance as quickly as Crow could. <Miracle any ideas?>

<That you don’t follow through with that idea you having.>

<I’m considering my options.>

“Jack I need to get my Fairy Pair from the jeep can you-” BOOM!

“Jack,” Lan Fan said from his headset, “I know I wanted a tank shot but what the hell?”

“Look I’ll tell you later.”

Jack had done his best to minimize the blast but it had been so unexpected that he hadn’t been able to do much. He had been thrown in the opposite direction from Fairy and could not see her through the cloud of dust. Jack heard more shots, they seemed to be aimed at Fairy but were not hitting her. Jack got to his feet, wondering why the shots were missing their mark, then his own cape shocked him. He could actually see little sparks of electricity moving between the dust particles in the air. “Damn Crow.” From what the trajectory of the bullets he guessed that Fairy was moving towards the jeep, but why there? A cloth wrapped package... some guns Crow was tweaking... the reports of Fairy’s customized rifles. It suddenly clicked. Jack felt a bullet fly past him and realized where it would land. He moved his arm forward, desperately altering the air. Redirecting the bullet? Not enough power or time. He had to direct the force of the explosion as well as he could while it was happening. He decreased the oxygen content in the air and tried to minimize the shockwave. He saw Fairy fly into the sand...

<Jack calm down, she’s alive, stop worrying.> Then she saw what Jack saw. <Oh. The face is burnt with a hot poker, eyelids are cut out, hair is mostly gone and signs of scarring on the scalp, cuts nearly everywhere else,l broken limbs and a pool of blood. Was that really your last sight of me?>


<Jack? Listen to me damn it. Jack.>


>>Kill sniper.

>>Keep girl alive.

>Goal one: Kill sniper

>>Problem one: Distance

>>>Solution fly

>>>>Problem one-a: not enough speed.

>>>>>Solution explosion.

<Jack what’s happening?>

<Huh, oh I just went mad.>

>Goal two: save girl

>>Problem one: sniper

>>>problem already solved

<And what exactly are these thoughts I’m seeing.>

<Oh those are my thoughts. You know how I’ve spent a lot of time with witches?>


<Well they have a trick where they can maintain two strings of thought at once, I can do it too.>

<Except that’s not exactly what’s happening.>

<Now you're catching on, my complete psyche couldn’t handle it so it split into about 4 independent pieces, all running independently.>


<Look its more like 3 and a quart- it doesn’t matter. The bit thats running my body has my logic and resolve.>

<And the bit that I’m talking to.>

<Figure that one out on your own.>

>>Problem two: lack of magical power

>>>Solution bullet

>Full Solution

>>Explosion to close distance

>>Bullet to gain power

>>Neutralize sniper

>>Save girl.


Jack jumped as far away from Fairy as he was capable of, which was a good 20 feet. He stabbed his sword into the sand, attached to the sword was a shaped explosive. He ran forward, thickened his armor and extended his wings, the bomb blew, Jack rode the shockwave increasing, he closed the distance in less than a second. He broke his fall with a blast of air to the ground.

Jack blew away the dust on his own, he finally got a decent view of his opponent, he recognized the red cybernetic eye.. “Austin Durham, quite possibly the greatest sharpshooter in the world. Do I have to kill you as well?” The sniper responded by drawing two revolvers and firing. Jack’s sword materialized in his hand, he deflected 10 bullets with his sword, the eleventh hit his armor causing it to shatter, the twelfth went through his heart.

Jack stumbled back, hunching over, his hand over his heart. Suddenly sparks flew between his fingertips. He stood tall, in his hand was the bullet. “I apologize for this.”

<I stand corrected, that bit of me is my logic, resolve and theatrical side.>

Austin attempted to reload but Jack was too quick, he slashed cutting both revolvers in half, taking a few fingers besides. The sniper felt an explosion behind him, his rifle had been destroyed. Jack’s sword dematerialized, the hand that it was in suddenly jammed into the sniper’s left eye. A blast of air separated the two of them, and separated the sniper from his eye. Jack pocketed the eye and flew back to Fairy, leaving the defeated sniper on the ground clutching his bleeding socket.

<That was...> Miracle attempted.

<...Uncharacteristically brutal?> Jack finished.


<Look that personality is what I became for a few years after you died. I was very very cold.>

Jack landed next to Fairy, he placed his hand on the bleeding wound, sparks flew into her, the wound began to close. Fairy’s eyes opened. <I should be able to take over again without another breakdown.>

<Are you...?>

<Now you’re getting it, I’m the part of me you created, you could almost refer to me as your son>

<What were you like before I met you?>

<I’ll tell you later.>

“Fairy the sniper is incapacitated but now I’m almost completely out of magic, you're going to have to protect Crow with your own power.”

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