CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers RP

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3 Days after Crow fight with Western Fairy

Because of Kuro-San idea of airing the fight live to a paying audience the battle had changed dramatically the video had gotten out and was spread around the criminal underworld like a plague. Soon everyone knows of Crow’s battles and worst yet more people wanted in now. Almost every single crime boss, criminal, syndicate leader, etc. who had a grudge against the Last Gunslinger was putting a bounty on his head even random individuals who wanted to make a big name for their selves were getting in on the fight hoping to take out the Rail-gun themselves and cash in. Skilled mercenaries who knew of Crow were stepping up to kill him in order to prove they were the best and become a threat to anyone, like killing the gunslinger would mean they would gain his powers, there were even people who had no clue about anything and were just going with the crowd. Some of the individuals sided with Kuro-san trying to get under his payroll for this job; others were going with the various crime bosses under their payroll, a few were just going free lance and working for their own motives. Rumors circulated that this was all part of the Yakuza Emperor plan, that Kuro-San show the fight live so it would get out and more would go after the gunslinger in his attempt to push Crow to his limits, it seemed that the Numbers were the least of the gunslingers problem. It wasn’t long before bounty papers began to spread though the mercenary, criminal, and hero community as well as anyone who would care; these bounty papers were not government approved but instead were created by the criminals after the Thunderbolt Gunslinger. The paper was simply in the center was a picture of Crow with the words Wanted: Dead above below was the bounty, which was the totaled amount of all the bounties and rewards on the gunslinger’s head, a total of 60,000,000 dollars. Along with this poster news that Crow had been joined by a 12 year old boy also spread and soon people know this boy was Caius Weaver who also now had a similar bounty paper of 1,000,000 dollars. Finally word had it that a woman known as Western Fairy was wanted for questioning by a secret organization. It seemed that the Numbers were stacked against Crow.

In the town of

The moon was high in the sky and cast a pale white glow over the partially destroyed town, where two great warriors and sharp shooters battled 3 days earlier, the stars dotted the sky randomly as a single coyote howled sharing his sadness with anyone who would hear. Within the former mining town in the old medical building, that was a little beat up but for the most part intact, the unusual group stayed. Crow, Caius and Fairy had been staying there on Crow’s advice; that it would be better if they stayed low and healed first before moving out. Fairy had taken the worst beaten out of the two but thanks to the “care” of Caius and Crow she was saved from blood lost and would be able to move soon, Crow had also taken a beaten but again thanks to Caius his wounds were healed and the ones he reopen during his fight were properly cleaned and patched up. Despite the late night Crow was seemingly the only one still awake he was sitting against a wall with a piece of paper and pencil doodling something on the ground next to him was the heavy damaged dual rifles, that Fairy had used they seem to mean as much to her that his revolver meant to him, Fairy Pair. The Last Gunslinger had felt bad that he had nearly destroyed the rifles because they were crafted so well and meant so much to Fairy he had decided that he would rebuild them from what remained and upgrade them for her deep down inside hoped that she would share her Fairy Dust and Star bullets with him. During his fight with her Crow had come to respect Fairy and also wanted something else from her, Fairy is really skilled she is one of the best sharp shooters I seen to date she was able to go toe to toe with me just using her sharp shooting. I just hope she hasn’t been contaminated by these Numbers to the point where I can’t conceive her to join me and Caius. We could really use her skills right now and I would really love to team with her again/

The gunslinger put down the paper and pencil that had the blue print for the upgraded version of Fairy Pair, from what could seen the new gun had a snipe rifle design, written above it was the new name Fairy Pair Revolution. The Rail-gunslinger picked up a map that Caius had with and began looking it over, we can’t stay in this town too long I am sure that another one of these Numbers will be coming sooner rather than later and here we are a sitting duck. Plus are supplies are low we barely have food, medical stuff, and we kinda need clothes at least I do. As Crow thought that last thing he looked at himself his shirt was in tatters, his jeans were filled with holes, and his jacket was in bad shape as well in fact the only thing that seem to remain in one piece was his cowboy hat and the ribbon and bell he wore. Fairy outfit was in pretty bad shape as well, Caius would probably just love the idea of getting a new outfit and picking one out for Crow. As the gunslinger inspected the map he saw there was a town only a few miles from where they were now using the car Caius brought if they left in the morning they could get there by late sundown. This place is good we can eat, shop, rest and relax for a little after all I think money is the one thing we are not short on at the moment. Hmm rest and relax that funny in a time like this I am thinking about something like that I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks now, my entire body is beat up, and mentally I don’t know how much more I can take. As Crow inspected the map his eyes widen suddenly as he noticed a town not to far from where they currently were and where they were going. WHAT?! How could I have not realized that?! I should have realized that it was close I totally forgot about that! Damn it I can’t go there I can’t take Caius and Fairy there! The gunslinger got up tossing the map aside the spot that had made him worry so much was a town called Rayo Rosado and it was Crow’s home town.

The gunslinger needed some air he needed space, I can’t go there! Damn it! I have so much on my plate already and now I have to deal with this! As the Thundering Cowboy walked past Caius he noticed his jacket was lying next to the 12 year old telepath; he carefully place the jacket over the boy as a blanket as he tipped his cowboy hat low over his face walking outside. I swore I won’t kill anymore people or let anyone else die because of me but can I really keep that promise, I seen so much death and destruction already and there is sure more to come. Worst yet I am risking Caius’s life in all this not to mention Fairy if I get her to join us she is just in as much danger as me. The gunslinger walked out into the night looking at the stars as tears watered his eyes, it was ironic how peaceful the night earlier the moon had a reddish glow to it and there appeared to be symbols within it, I can’t do this I can’t go though the same thing as when my town was destroyed, when I lost Abby, when Saki was killed I can’t witness that same thing with Caius or even Fairy. Gramps please help me give me a sign of what to do. I am at my breaking point! Crow began to look at the town for a sign, the bodies of the iron eagles were buried but, there weapons were scattered about rubble covered the whole town and blood stained random spot, then a glint of silver caught the cowboy’s eyes. His super trained eyes could see that it was small and round oval shaped though the gunslinger walked over to it and was shocked once he could determine what it was. It was a pray medal just randomly laying there on the ground but what was shocking was Crow had been though this town already and he never saw it there before it seemed like the item just appeared there a few minutes ago. The Rail-gunner picked up the pray medal and his eyes widen as he inspected it; the medal was for Saint Jude the saint of lost cause. Crow began to remember after his fight with Western Fairy when he caught get up and he prayed to Saint Jude for help and received it allowing him to stand and probably survive. Tears began to fill the gunslinger’s eyes as clenched the pray medal in his heavy bandaged hand a smile coming to his face as he realized what he must do. Thank you Gramps Alcide I understand now I think. My fight is no lost cause because I still believe and more so Caius believes in me, Toni believes in me, all my friends believe in me. I WON”T LOSE!

Before the modern cowboy went he gathered a few things like weapons for both Caius and Fairy for Caius he got a pair of small dual revolvers figuring the Weaver Heir would like to be with Crow and for Fairy, until he finished with Fairy Pair Revolution, he got her a rifle and pistol. Crow place the guns on the ground and threw on a shirt that he had found, it was too big for him but it last, he still had the pray medal clutched in his hand as he noticed that Caius was still sleeping with his jacket on. Crow smiled as he turned to look outside again sighing a little he wasn’t sure if Caius or Fairy was awake but he suddenly felt the need to speak, at least to Caius. “Hey Caius…you are probably not awake which is okay but if you are can I tell you something all you have to do is listen. I want to say thank you for coming for me unfortunately you are now apart of my problems but this may sound hard to believe but I am grateful you are here. I was close to losing it but you being here helps I would have gone crazy out of sheer loneliness I needed a friend or at least someone to help me though this hell and thankfully it was you.” A world of emotions ran thought the gunslinger as he continued clutching the pray medal in his bruned and sore hands, “Do you remember when we were in the Dream World and you were torturing Kaine and I told you I did things I regret? I was only 5 years older than you are now when I lost everything and everyone I love.” The gunslinger couldn’t believe what he was about to reveal but felt it should be done strangely it had to be to Caius. “I grew up in a town called Rayo Rosado it was quite peaceful and normal I grew up there with pretty much most of my family in that one town; I was trained by my grandfather to be a gunslinger there so it holds a lot of emotional value to me. I had quite a lot of friends at the time but my best friends were Vergil and Abigail. You see me and Vergil were always friends growing up and we both had the same dream to be great gunslinger we trained together, played together, and pretty much did everything together. We met Abigail some time and we instantly liked her; the three of us became the best of friends especially Abby and Vergil they seemed to get closer with everyday. Eventually I past my gunslinger test and with that I had to do missions for the town; small things retrieving this item for this person, deliver supplies to other towns, represent our town in peace talks, you known random jobs but no matter what is was I always took Abby and Verg with me and the town began to call us the Gunslinger Trio or the Next Gen Heroes my favorite was Brown, Black, and Blonde because of our hair color.” Crow began to get choke up as he talked about his hard past and the saddest part was coming he took a deep breath gathering himself. “We continued this way for years till I was 17 then…it happen. The three of us were on a job for the town and when we came back we were horror struck for a mile out we could see smoke but we never thought it was our town. Once we got close enough we saw that our town was in flames we couldn’t believe it we had no idea what happen, it turns out while we were away a villain came in town and gave the adults a ultimatum for them to side with him or be destroyed the town had a big debate but in the end some of the turns icons had convince almost everyone to turn away from the man offer.”

“The man filling disrespected and angry with my town decided to punish the people he infected the town with Insanity wavelength they corrupted almost everyone the wavelength turns anyone infected by it into a berserk maniac.” Tears were now sliding down Crow face as he kept telling his story he didn’t care if Caius or Fairy was listening anymore he needed to get this out “The people affected by the Insanity began to kill and slaughter everyone in town the acts of violence would make those who weren’t corrupted weaken and they would be infected and it spread like a plague. There were a few who remained resistant to the Insanity and they were force to fight and protect the others. Me, Verg and Abby rushed in town panic to see if our families were okay we decided to spilt up and reunited to help the ones fighting. I learn that most of my family were okay and not affected we all had pretty much strong wills and could resist the Insanity; my grandfather was fighting and defending the town he had told me to get back with my friends and get out of town. So me and Verg met up I never learned what happen to his family, he didn’t talk about but from what I learned later not a single one of them survived.” The tears were coming hard now and there was no stopping them Crow choked on his words as he forces himself to continue. “Abby hadn’t come back yet so we went looking for her…if only…if only we had stayed together…if only we had got to her sooner!” The gunslinger violently slammed his fist into the wall, “When we got to her…she was being attack by…by her own father,…I would learn later…that he trapped the rest…rest of her family in the house and burned them alive. He…he was trying to…to kill his daughter…me and Vergil did the only thing we could…the man was corrupted by Insanity…we had to kill him in front of her! Maybe...Maybe if did something else…maybe then it wouldn’t have happen.” Crow was becoming an emotionally wreck in front of Caius and Fairy he was squeezing the pray metal so hard it would have hurt if his whole body wasn’t numb. “As we were trying to leave the town…Abby started acting differently, her personality…began to change. Me and Verg didn’t even realize it…we didn’t realize she had been affected by Insanity. I think…it was seeing her father killing her family…or maybe just the horror of everything but she was affected. She attacked Vergil with a knife he had given…given her to protect herself.” Crow was crying he could barely talk as he relived every detail of the worst day of his life he was sure that Caius was awake now but it didn’t matter the world had shrunk to just him he was alone on a planet of darkness. “She was going to…she was going to kill him! I tried…I tried to stop her but…but there wasn’t nothing I could do I was weak…I was weak and I couldn’t save my best friend! All my training and I couldn’t save the two people who meant to the world to me! I…panic I knew that if she killed him…she was coming for me after…I was scared I didn’t want to die…I didn’t want anyone to die. So in a moment of desperation and panic…I shot her!” Crow punched the wall again this time his hand going though it as the pray medal dug into his hand and was making it bleed tears blinded him. “I shot one of my best friends because I wasn’t strong enough to save her! There was nothing else…I could do! Damn it! I was scared and weak…and wanted to live…I wanted to survive! What is wrong with just SURVIVING! Now I am trapped in this never ending war and I want to survive…its just like back then all I want to do SURVIVE!”

Crow turned around his was enraged, more with himself than anyone or anything else, tears were sliding down his face he was a little surprise that both Fairy and Caius were awake and staring at him, but he to be honest he should have known that his rant would wake them, he took a deep breath and regained his composure wiping the tears away. “I realize that I don’t just want to survive anymore I want to win! I want to keep fighting and moving forward; if I have to fight a million Numbers then I will I will continue to walk forward no matter what even if an army of mercenaries await me. I am going to win this and when I find who sending these mercenaries after me I am going to stomp him into the ground.” A smile forming on his face of the gunslinger as he looked at the Sniping Maiden and the Weaver’s Heir. “This is my battle and mine only I understand if you want to walk away. Caius I appreciate you coming to help me but I don’t want to risk your life an Fairy I understand if you want to leave you are and therefore my enemy. If you two want to join then so be it but I can’t promise you what will happen but I can promise I will protect you no matter what. On my word as a Gunslinger I will protect you!” Despite the smile Crow eyes were charged with his determination as he unclenched his fist a little to reveal the pray medal for lost causes. Fairy suddenly bows catching Crow off guard for a minute unsure of what she was doing as the Fifth number bows her head in respect. “Crow Cementerio you save my life despite the fact I am your enemy and tried to kill you moments earlier. My honor, dignity, and respect dictates that I indebt to you. My rifles, my body, my life is yours to command until I repay my debt to you. I Ann Mary Wheelock also known as Western Fairy am at your command” Crow was surprisingly blushing a little he put his hand behind his head laughing a little, he had saved the Sniper Maiden because he felt it was the right thing to do she was an amazing warrior and sharp shooter and he had sworn no body else would die. “Wow thank Fairy…I mean Ann. So your name is Ann Mary that is very pretty. What about the Numbers aren’t they going to come after you now?” Ann Mary was blushing even worst then Crow currently was when he said her name was pretty she fumbled her words from embarrassment. “What…oh um…thank you Cemen…I mean Crow.” She quickly regained her composure and became serious once again, “I am done with the Numbers it seems to me that I wasn’t meant to be you I was just a tool to them. I am nobody’s tool! Besides I failed my mission and therefore failed the Numbers even if I were to go back to them alive they would view me as a disgrace and have me killed anyway.” Crow smiled but on the inside he was filled anger towards the Numbers that threaten to boil over, damn these Number I don’t know who they are but I don’t care just because Fairy lost to me they would have her killed. That is sick she is a one of their own for god sake and they would kill her. I swear I am going to beat each and every single Number no matter what! Crow smiled and noticed that Fairy was still bowing he realized what he must do. “Oh right…I Crow Cementerio, the Last Gunslinger accept your service Ann Mary Wheelock, Western Fairy until your debt is paid to me.”

Crow handed the Sniping Fairy of the West the rifle her got for her she looked up confused and took the rifle gingerly like she was unsure of what this was, “Thank you…I think. Um…where are my rifles? Where is my Fairy Pair?” Crow smiled and laughed again a little, “Oh well um…you see your rifles were damaged in our fight and I felt so bad for ruining guns that were crafted so well and probably meant something to you. I took the guns and I decided to rebuild and upgrade them for you they were due for one.” The gunslinger suddenly noticed the confuse look on the former Fifth Number’s face, “Oh…don’t worry I work on my bike and my Quicksilver all the time so I know a few things about engineering and gunsmithing. But um..if you don’t want me to…um I won’t I haven’t done a lot to them yet.” Fairy looked at the gunslinger taking the rifle he given her blush brightly this was possibly the nicest if not the first nice thing someone did for her and what shocked her it was coming from someone she was trying to kill 3 days earlier. ‘No…um its okay thank you I really appreciate that Crow.” Embrass Ann Mary became silent not saying much after that; the Rail-gun then looked at Caius smiling brightly “Well Caius what about you are you going to go home to your mansion or are you staying with me?” After listening to Caius the gunslinger smiled brightly he now had two new allies in this fight and even though he was worried about their safety he was determined to protect them, the Lightning Revolver got the map and put it between the three of them. “There is a town not to far from here where we can resupply ourselves and get new clothes plus I will get the items I need to upgrade Fairy’s weapons. It is not to far from here we could probably make it there late tomorrow evening if we left in the morning but it will take us a little longer. If you two don’t mind I want to make a personal stop before we do anything I want to go…home.” Crow pointed down at the map at a location in-between where they were and where they were going it was his home town Rayo Rosado.

Meanwhile the bounty posters of Crow were spreading and more people were getting into this deadly game against the Last Gunslinger. Eventually several mercenaries had gotten the paper; a boy playing a hand held video games smiled seeing the bounty then continued his game, man in a god armor smoked a cigar then preceded to put it out on the picture of Crow’s smiling face, another man wearing a trench coat and holding a black pistol shot at a dummy with Crow written across it chest the bullet blew the dummy up, a Russian woman drinking a deep red wine her sharpen fangs showing chuckled a little as she saw the bounty poster. These scenes echoed themselves throughout the criminal and mercenary world even heroes were getting wind of this it seemed Crow, Fairy, and Caius may be up against the world along with the Numbers. Everything was going accordingly to the Underworld’s Emperor, Kuro-San, plan.

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Jack was surprised when he saw the bounty, $60,000,000 was absurdly high even for a criminal bounty.  Crow would have every bounty hunter in the continent after him, Jack didn't want him to take those odds alone.  He was flying quite high, the leathery wings making him look like a rather large bird, his destination was Rayo Rosado, the hometown of the bounty head and the first place anyone looking for Crow would go to for clues.  His earpiece rang, "Hello." Jack said.
"Jack its me Lan Fan.  You heard right?"
"About the bounty, yeah I'm going to help the guy."  Jack answered.  He swerved to the right to avoid a flock of birds.  "He's the one I told you about."
"How will he recognize you, all he knows about you is that your a good wizard."
"I'll work it out."  Jack heard a bang and looked down, there seemed to be a small group of mercenaries fighting a tank.  He was only a 50 miles or so from Rayo Rosado, those two groups must have both been going for the bounty.  "His hometown is going to be a very violent free for all tomorrow."
"Your going into that?"
"Turn down the volume unless you want hear tank shots up close."  Jack went into a dive, straight down at more than 200 miles per hour.  He had a sphere of air surrounding him, cushioning his fall.  The dust from the impact cleared and Jack stood, his wings away and his bow out. The combatants had no idea what to make of this new participant.  Jack took that second to attack, sending an arrow straight into the tanks cannon.  The tank exploded and Jack vanished in the smoke.  The body armor clad mercenaries regrouped, looking for their opponent.  The five of them were standing back to back.  It took a single explosive arrow to kill them.  "I'm done, you still there?"
"Yeah, I didn't get my promised tank shot."  
Jack jumped into the air, the exploding tank made for some very interesting shrapnel.  He flew on, he would be in Rayo Rosado in a few minutes.  "So how is school."
"Nearly got killed already but I made some friends."
"That's good," Jack replied.  He was over the town now, he dropped down, it was quiet and there was a layer of dirt over everything as if no one had visited in a while.  Jack walked out of the park he had landed in an found himself at a graveyard, there were many unmarked graves but they all had the same death date, the day the insanity wave length had hit this town.  Jack suddenly felt he understood Crow better, he had lost all of this in one day, that was something even Jack could not relate to.
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Events during the 3 days after Crow duel against Western Fairy.

Tokyo, Japan

"Namae-dono! The money just keeps coming, all the viewers are paying for more! Their numbers keep increasings!" the voice in the phone was too enthusiastic and surprised for Kuro-san taste. Great, keep the good job, he said that words while hanging the with his usual calmed tone, even if he wanted to laugh at his underling stupidity and lack of faith. The Underworld Emperor had predicted this outcome a day before the fight took place, his knowledge of economics was unmatched in the whole world. Most of the criminals, even the top players in the criminal, thought of Kuro-san just as another weapon dealer, one that was very secretive about his identity but nothing more. The real top players of the world knew only a little bit more about him. The Yakuza Lord was an intelligent man, maybe one of the most intellgient that had ever lived, his expertise in multiple fields was as good as the experts that researched for a lifetime in only one. But his main strenght wasnt his brilliant mind, but his pragmatic nature and the ability to know when to strike or when to move. For Kuro-san life was as a massive game of chess, planning ahead and predicting the opponent move was the only way to win. But victory wasnt what he was searching for, since most people would say that his current life was good, he could even forget any illegal activity and his legal activities would let him stay filthy rich, richer than most men in the world. Kuro-san goal was secret, something hidden deep inside what was left of his heart. The reason he took this path and became so big, the fuel that pushed him foward and allowed him to keep doing the horrible things he do was tied to the tragedy that scarred him for life, and all his money, his tech and his effort, all the spilled blood and guts was only for that goal. Kuro-san could barely remember her face, buried deep down in his mind, obscured by hundred of horrible and disgusting memories. Maybe that was God's punishment for him, too commit so much evil in the world that the weights of that sins would shatter his most precious memory.

Under this thought he finally fell asleep in his chair. Since this operation started he had only slept two hours each day, half of what he used to sleep. A voice in the communication woke him up, ---bzzt Falcon to Black Nest, repply Black Nest bzzzt---, Kuro-san slapped his face and called his aid, Takane Ryuugamine to bring him a tea and some rice, while he activated the voice codifier and the signal cloaker. Hello Falcon, here is Black Nest, Status Report is requiered, Kuro-san repplied with the code names he started to use with Falken since the operation started, it was a suggestion from Falken and as he liked anonimity so much Kuro-san accepted. This was the first time that Kuro-san spoke directly to the Falcon Eyed Mercenary, all the other times he talked to Usso Namae, one of the higher ups of the organization, and one of Kuro-san alias, in fact most of the higher ups excepts for Dr. Shishido, the Mangetsu Tech Supervisor.----bzzzt We are close to the targets, your men are still recording both they arent broadcasting, just as you ordered, Northern Devil is with me, and he wants to fight Cementerio, dont ask me the reasons. Falken voice, only a hint in his tone barely noticeable by an expert but clear as spring water to Kuro-san, had a mix of suprise, fatigue and disgust. Eastern Wolf is patrolling the Northern patch, and causing some troubles in the U.S Mexican border out of his impatience, that... man, isnt disciplined bbzzzt--- Usso listened that throught the earphone as he received the tea and rice brought by Takane with a smile and waited until she left the room. Targets must be taken down by a Number, not by other Mercenaries, I repeat, Targets must be taken down by a Member of the Numbers. Kuro-san had a lot in stake here, as he decided, after receiving the corroboration of his prediction he started to take bets by the Mangetsu network, a secondary Internet Network that Dr. Shishido developed to hide under the real connections. Having a stranger entering the game wouldnt be good, as the massive ammounts of money he was gaining throught this would vanish if the rules were breaked.

-----b-bzzt Okay, roger that. I'll take care of informing Cementerio about your offering of a truce, while Northern Devil takes on the small fish on the south and Eastern Wolf of the ones in the north. My payment will have to be three times the ammount we had set, Cementerio haves a telepath in his group and I need special equipment to handle this stuation without giving away some details. b-b-zz-zzzt----- Falken cutted down the communication knowing that Kuro-san would pay and wouldnt raise any complain.

Present Time

The Town (Underground)

Maaaaan, what a drag! this seems like a dorama, Mucha, one of Tsukimori-san lackeys was complaining about the lack of action in the town, as he rested his head on the chair head piece. Nuke let me change places! I want to watch those number guys slaughtering mercenaries! I'll give you my obento! Nuke, the other henchman turned his head with surprise in his face, Misato anee-san Obento? gimme that! Nuke jumped from his chair and took the lunchbox while Mucha sitted in the chair that his friend left empty. OHMYFU$%&NGGOD!!!!!! this guy is a monster! This Eastern Wolf dude is so fast our cameras can take a clear picture of him! His face shifted from amazement to sudden disappointment mixed with confusion as he looked at the other set of screens were Northern Devil was fighting. For a second he stayed with his face contracted into a mask of stupified surprise, while the only sound apart from the screens was Nuke munching down the food. WHATTHEFR$%$&$%$&$%$&&%$&ISTHISGUYDOING? Mucha insulted with fury, as Nuke, always calmer than him eated with a half smile, trying not to laugh about his best friend reaction. Aniki Tsukimori boss is paying this guy for this s%$&? Who the hell do he thinks he is? A Kam... A voice interupted his ranting MUCHA-SAN! Dont say anything! Tsukimori was in the underground hideout door, as he returned from talking to Falken about the Telepathy shields. You're going to spoil the suprise for the audience! Nuke nodded to his boss, while Mucha stood up and leaned his head to the side, HUH!? Audience? What are you talking about?

The Outskirts of the Town

-That desert wont be good for your implants Falken!- Athala shouted throught the Commlink - I wont say another night sleepless repairing the damages you caused by not taking the proper precautions!- The daughter of Falken teacher was the main mechanic on the Falcon Team in the bullet, even better than Falken himself. Come on A, dont get mad, the problems in Tibet werent my fault! That guy made them stop working not the snow! The Falcon Eyed Mercenary replied to her with a dumb voice as her shouts pierced throught his ear. Either way Falken, -if you bring your gear with even one scratch I'm going to pummel you with my wrench until you stop breathing!!!!- The Dual Wielding Angel of Death was scared shitless of Athala, but his fear was reduced when he heared his worst nightmare from the other side of the comm speak in a whisper as she hanged up, -please by safe Falken- Now with a smile in his face, after this small domestic incident, Falken walked towards Crow, that was just leaving the town. The Mercenary was too god covering his tracks to be known by the Lighting Revolver, but only to be sure he would use a fake name, since his name could have been filtered throught his network of intelligence. When he saw Crow he advanced with his hands on high, Hello Mr. Cementerio, My name is John Gilliam, I'm here in behalf of The Number current employer. Falken hoped that Crow didnt shoot him. Before I explain my boss offer I want you to know that I'm not a Number, only an administrator, and I'm unnarmed. That was halfway true as he could summon any weapon of his marvelous arsenal in a split second.

My boss is offering a temporal truce of 1 day from now for you, considering your personal attachment to this region. Falken didnt knew how Kuro-san got the information about Crow hometown, but anyway the Falcon Eyed Mercenary was more suprised about the truce, why would Kuro-san give Cementerio a breather. What Falken didnt knew was that the Truce only affected Crow and not his comrades, and that was the angle which the Yakuza Emperor was taking, to lower The Thunder Cowboy defenses, as Northern Devil and Eastern Wolf were closing in. This day of truce gave them enough time to kill all the small timers that were chasing Crow, even the ones that said they were working with the Underworld Overlord. Without knowing he was taking Crow to a trap, Falken finished, We'll clear the way for you towards Rayo Rosado, no small time crook will manage to get 10 square miles near you.

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The morning came but it was not easy Crow dreams were filled with disturbing images, he dreamed that he was in his hometown he was a child again kneeling a pool of blood as he looked around in horror he saw everyone he held close to him, Toni, Caius, Fairy, Alcide, Callis, Raseri, etc. Crow picked up Quicksilver in his dream and found his hands and the gun covered in blood the bodies around him began to speak in unison. “This is your fault Crow. Why couldn’t you protect us Crow? You said you would get stronger Crow? Why Crow Why? Why did you kill us Crow? You weren’t strong enough to save us the blood is on your hands?” Tears ran down the gunslinger’s face as he tried to explain to the dead bodies of his friends and families. “No…please…I’m sorry. I…tried…I tried I swear. I did….I did everything I could. Please…I am sorry…I didn’t…I didn’t have a choice. What…What was…I suppose to do…I just wanted to…I just want to LIVE!” Suddenly behind him came a faint noise the Last Gunslinger turned around in horror to see Abigail she was covered in blood she had the bullet holes from where Crow shot her and in her hands was Quicksilver but there was something different from this Abigail she had a demented lunatic grimace and her eyes were wide and open also her pupils were different they were crimson red and seemed to have a design in them. The gunslinger couldn’t move, he wouldn’t move, he didn’t want to move all the bodies began to chant in a sing song voice. “Five…Four…Three…Two…One! The Numbers are coming. Five…Four…Three…Two…One! Now your done. Five…Four…Three…Two…One! Bang goes the gun. Five…Four…Three…Two…One! Now your dead.” Abigail got closer and closer and all the Thundering Cowboy could do was mumble repeatedly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you. I sorry.” Abigail was now in front of him the chanting was louder it was the only thing Crow could hear and then finally on the final dead Abby pulled the trigger and the gunslinger woke up.

The Gunslinger of Lightning didn’t tell his friends about the dreams because he didn’t want to worry them. More nightmares that is just want I need. I am trying to fight a war against elite mercenaries and I am upset over some bad dreams. What am I five afraid of the boogey man in my closet? Crow was resting on the door frame waiting for the others his cowboy hat pulled low over his face when suddenly he was startled by a hand on his shoulder. The gunslinger spun around drawing his revolver ready to shoot an enemy but he stop suddenly once he noticed it was just Fairy. “Um…Crow.” Crow blinked a little confused as he holstered Quicksilver. “Oh…oh god I am sorry Ann Mary don’t take it personally. I guess I am just a little jumpy from all this fighting. Is everything okay? Caius is making remarks to you is he; I told him to be appropriate around you?” Ann blushed a little she was not use to being treated so nicely and yet Crow was treating her just like he was a friend; she quickly regain herself “No…um everything is okay he is being quite pleasant. I…um…wanted to ask are you okay?” Crow smiled a little tipping his cowboy hat up, ‘Of course I am fine I just haven’t slept much so I am a little tired. All this fighting hasn’t given much time for rest.” Despite Crow calm reply Fairy was still worried about him, “No I meant are you okay about going to your home town? After that story you told us it seems that your home town holds conflicting emotions for you are you sure you want to go there?” Crow smiled a little of course there was a part of him nervous about going to Rayo Rosado but it was not what the Sniper Maiden thought. “Yeah I’m fine I been hiding that aspect of my life for too long. I think it time that I bring what is in my dark shadows out into the light. Besides I feel that I need to go there and clear my head before I go any further.” Fairy just looked at the Last Gunslinger she was still concern for him but she was quite amazed despite everything that was happening and had happen he was still cool and calm like this was just another day. “Listen Crow I know almost all the members of the Numbers if you want I can tell you about them so you can prepare yourself and fight them. It will be a great tactical advantage…” Before The Sniping Maiden of the West could finish what she was about to say Crow put his hand up stopping her, he turned to face away looking outside of town “Lo siento but it is not necessary, telling me about who and what I am going to fight doesn’t change anything they will still fight me and they will keep coming it is not like they are going to stop. Besides I realize now that the Numbers are my opponents and mine only I don’t want anyone stepping in unless it necessary this is my battle. I need to fight them alone Ann.” Ann Mary was shock she was offering a cheat sheet to help him against the remaining Numbers and he simply turned her down and said he was fighting them alone. “What?! Crow tactically speaking you need the information I am offering. These aren’t the run of the mill criminals they are highly skilled and trained assassins their only goal right now is killing you! You can’t possibly…” Before Fairy could finish Crow put his hand up again stopping her, he no longer had his calm and smile expression but now he face was stern and serious he had one hand on Quicksilver ready to draw. “Fairy someone is coming.” Sure enough that was a single man who looking similar to the gunslinger’s age coming towards them non-threateningly.

Crow quickly move towards the man so they were only a meter or two apart Ann Mary was a little behind Crow rifle in hand and sights sets on the mysterious stranger. The Last Gunslinger was ready to draw his revolver any second as he put his hand up to stop the man from coming any closer. “Hold it amigo I suggest if you don’t want to end up with another hole in your head you stop right there.” The man had his hands up high and he seemed like he wasn’t a threat; the stranger quickly announce who he was, “Hello Mr. Cementerio, My name is John Gilliam, I'm here in behalf of The Number current employer.” Crow was ready to empty all six shots in Mr. Gilliam as well as Fairy he could hear her load the rifle but John was quick to explain himself, “Before I explain my boss offer I want you to know that I'm not a Number, only an administrator, and I'm unnarmed.” Despite the recent events the Modern Cowboy trusted John and motion for Fairy to lower her rifle as he took his hand off Quicksilver. “Okay Mr.Gilliam I trust you but I hope you understand that I want to stay armed.” If John was lying, but Crow doubted that, he could draw his revolver in less than a second, he looked back at Fairy for confirmation that he wasn’t a Number and she whispered softly, “No he is not one of them, I never seen him before.” The gunslinger turned back to John ready to hear his proposal, “Okay Mr. Gilliam what is your boss’s offer it must be good if he is willing to have you risk coming back as swiss chess to deliver it.” Mr. Gilliam who unbeknownst to the heroes was actually the Falcon Eye mercenary Falken explained his boss’s offer. “My boss is offering a temporal truce of 1 day from now for you, considering your personal attachment to this region.” Crow’s eyes widen a little not only at the shock of a truce but that his enemy knew about his home town, so my enemy’s know about my past that is very surprising their must have deep ties to get that information. I highly underestimated them if they know that, what scares me is what else could they knew about me? I guess I don’t have a choice with the truce and it would be nice to get to Rayo Rosado with little trouble. John finished his offer, “We'll clear the way for you towards Rayo Rosado, no small time crook will manage to get 10 square miles near you.” Crow smiled a little as he looked at the mercenary in front of him who was using a clever alias. “Okay Mr. Gilliam you can go back and tell your boss I accept his truce.” Crow smirked he wasn’t done yet he had something to for the boss as well, “Before you go Mr. Gilliam I got a message for your boss whoever he may be. Tell him he should really study up on his western movies because he will learn that the hero cowboy always kills all the pistoleros and then deals with the boss. I am going to stomp the Numbers into the ground one by one then I am coming for your boss! And when I get my hands on him I am going to make him regret f*cking with the Last Gunslinger! If he knows so much about me then he should know my specialty is putting boot to a$$es!” Crow smirked as he began to walk away from the messenger it was time for them to leave this town but as he walked away from John he had one last thing to say, “Oh Mr.Gilliam I suggest the next time you come you come armed to the teeth because I won’t be in the talking mode again.” The gunslinger smiled despite what may lie ahead of him he felt that he sent a message to the Numbers and their boss that he was not going down without a fight and he was winning this war.

The Last Gunslinger and his friends made they were to Rayo Rosado soon after the truce was made but the other players in this game were also making their move. Flying across the landscape casually on a hover skateboard a young boy was making his was to the gunslinger; the boy was a mercenary by the name of Ringo Pereza aka the Gamer. He was hoping to claim the 60,000,000 dollar bounty on Crow’s head so that he could use to the money to buy out the smaller companies that his father owned and dissolve them, Ringo was playing s small hand held gaming device as he talked to himself, “This Crow guy better be worth my time. Stupid grown ups always fighting they can’t even handle one guy now a kid has to come in and do it for them. Whatever I will show them all how strong I am and once I kill Crow everyone will know of me and no one will ignore me again. This is going to be better then reaching level 50 on Space Shooters.” With that Ringo accelerated the hover board it would only take him a little over a day to catch up to Crow Cementerio. Meanwhile on the ground Strum Blitzkrieg aka the War Machine, another mercenary who was known for his vast amount of weapons and dirty tactics in battle was also making his way towards the Thundering Cowboy. Strum was wearing his gold armor and various weapons he also had a large tank that he was riding in. “Cementerio is a dead man I am going bombard his a$$ into the ground and take that 60,000,000 dollar bounty and use it to make the greatest private army ever seen!” Strum plan was to bombard the gunslinger endlessly until Crow submits. Meanwhile a third mercenary wearing a worn tan duster coat and was carrying a black pistol as he made his way to the Last of the Gunslingers, a title that he despises.

Crow and his motley crew drew though the rest of the day until they finally arrived outside of Rayo Rosado just being outside the place one could see the destruction then happen; as one look into the town they saw half destroyed buildings, charred remains of places long burned down, blood stains on walls that still remained and endless tombs stones that littered the road and streets of the once happy town. Some of the stones were simple and unmark, others were more ornate with the names of the victims of the tragic day and a few were monuments to unsung heroes who defended the town with their lives but all the stones had one thing in common they all had the date the town was destroyed on them. Despite the overwhelming sadness something beautiful had come out of the destruction somehow; sewn throughout the destruction flowers had bloom, they were actually the only plant life that remained the ground was so destroyed that nothing could grow expect these beautifully vibrant flowers. The petals were multicolored spreading out from the center giving a rainbow like to it but not as bright, the way the light reflected off them it made the flowers seem to glow with the same multicolored light and the petals that drifted though the air carried by the wind it cast their light on the somber stones. Crow got out of the car his face had only a small smile but it was hidden from the somber and sadness in his face Fairy was speechless maybe from the sadness of the scene or the seldom beauty it held. Crow looked up at the sign that welcome visitors to his former home, the sign was now hanging by a post and it was practically unreadable, a single tear ran down the gunslinger’s face. I am home again everyone I know it’s a little early then usual but there are some things I need to discover here. The Rail-gun turned to his allies as he wipe the tear away and had a serious face, “Listen guys there is something you have to knew about this place before we enter. The ground and the entire area are still affected by the Insanity even after all those years. The Insanity will affect you in different ways you may see things, hear things, and feel emotions that you never felt before and more. Keep your wills strong and do not let them falter for a moment or the Insanity will devour you whole.” Ann Mary and Caius nodded but it seemed Fairy was staring off in a distance into Rayo Rosado, “What’s wrong Fairy?” Fairy took a closer look at the town and saw what she thought she did, “Crow there is someone in town. I never seen him before so I don’t think he is one of the Numbers but he could be another mercenary but I thought there was a truce.” The Sniper Maiden turned to the Modern Cowboy for a reply but instead saw that he gone, the gunslinger was currently stomping towards the mysterious stranger in a near berserk state, I don’t know who they are but how dare they come here this is my private place! This is my town and my home, this is the one place I hold scared to me and they are invading it! This is the biggest violation of my life! Crow was ready to draw his gun as he approached the man from behind, “Hey! I don’t know who the hell you are but you better have a good….wait Jack is that you?” Crow eyes widen In shock as he realized the person standing in his home town was not a enemy here to ambush him but a friend and ally, one who he had encounter while in Caius’s Hogwarts Dream World, it was none other than the Wind Mage Jack.

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“Hey! I don’t know who the hell you are but you better have a good…wait Jack is that you?”

Jack turned around to see Crow, "Yes its me, good to see you Crow," he looked at who Crow brought with him, "You too Caius." He tried to figure out where he had seen the woman that was with him before, it took him a few seconds but he eventually got it, "And one of the Numbers, Miss Wheelock is it? Nice to meet you." He felt something odd in the air, the insanity was still around. "So this is the first time we've actually met, what did you do to get 60 million on your head?"

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Tokyo, Japan

Tsukimori-san, contact Falken and let him know I want to be updated of any movement, Kuro-san drank his morning tea, as he checked the numbers of the last fight broadcast, and watched the progress of other endeavors. The Underworld Emperor smiled coldly as he watched the replay, granted by Falken cloaked Scouting bots, of the Mercenary meeting with the Gunslinger, almost laughing at Crow's pop culture reference. Kuro-san also believed that, he had witnessed it too many times in his life, a single, well trained good intentioned fool could destroy the best organized crime families in a night long killing spree. The Yakuza Overlord gangs and organizations suffered that fate as he built his empire, but aging got him more cunning and wiser, thus allowing him to reign undisputed over the whole Eastern Hemisphere criminal underworld. Mangetsu was more of a myth than a relaity to the Yakuza bosses, and to the regular criminal it didnt even existed, only the top players knew about it, and their silence was bought with threats or bribes. The organization had members hiding in almost every sector of Japan Goverment and of the Industrial sector. They granted Kuro-san information, the most valuable asset of any organization. As he reflected about it, one of his underlings respectfully knocked the door and asked permission to enter. Come, the door is opened, said the Underworld Emperor as the man entered the room with a disk-like object in his hand, Sorry to bother you Namae-dono, the information you asked for, the one about the numbers is here. Kuro-san took the disk and asked as his chair spinned back to make him face the monitors, How're your kids Kirizaki? Did they liked the sleds The Company gave them for Christmas? The man seemed surprised of Usso, at least he thought so, memory, as the event he recalled happened almost a year ago, and was so minor he didnt even thought that Usso would remember, but the Underworld Emperor always remembered, everything and everyone. They loved them, thank you so much, Kirizaki was happier of being remembered than about his kids. Kuro-san smiled, during December he always got a little bit softer, for a reason tied to his past. You can leave now, send my regards to your family, specially to your wife, and remember to take next week off, our medical exams indicate she is about to enter into labors. The underling left the room with a smile, something the Yakuza Overlord approved, as rising the morale of the workers was something necesary and important to keep all the gears oiled and running. Kuro-san opened the file with interest, hoping to find some information about the Numbers involved in this segment, so he could send the data to Tsukimori-san, so he could start editing the intro to the fight. The information surprised the normally calm and composed Criminal boss. And then he smiled, almost as he was having fun.

Mexico, In the territory around Rayo Rosado

A horde of wandering gunslingers and mercenaries, most of them working in the Frontier, as guides and bodyguards to help the illegal inmigrants move towards E.E.U.U, all of them hired by the remains of the Carrizo Cartel, once the owner of the illegal drug trade in Southern Mexico, now reduced to a husk of their former glory. The criminal family, now runned by Ricardo Carrizo youngest son, Mateo, a cunning and dirty backstabber, that killed his whole family to inherit the control over the family. He was a short and fat young man, with a sweeth tooth of epic proportions. He had great plans hatching in his mind, but he didnt had any men, the only thing he got was money and he used it to hire men, not for the sake of revenge, as he didnt knew that Crow was involved in the events that caused the death of his father aboard the "Festival de Medianoche" cruise, and even if he knew he wouldnt care, his wicked mind only thought about what he could do with the money and the prestige of killing the Famous Crow Cementerio, self proclaimed last of the Gunslingers. The group advanced with him on the middle, riding a jeep that kept him from the blazing sun that was scorching his men around him. Vamos pendejos! Muevan los culos que para algo les pago, the disgusting little man urged them to pick up the pace Muevanse que no tengo todo el pinche dia cabrones! His demands and insults werent reppleid, as most of the hired guns were disciplined enough, and had some sort of honour code when it came to deals involving money, but thruth to be told they were getting tired of the horrible pile of fat and sewat shouting at them. Mateo started drinking from a canteen, licking his chubby lips and letting out burps, as he threw the half finished bottle to the sandy floor. The liquid slided down the neck of the bottle and created a small puddle in the sand, under the shocked looks of all the hired guns, some of them looked behind them and noticed that this happened several times before, and that the sweaty man that hired them was not only using all the space of their jeep but also he was using all their water. All of them stopped and moved towards the jeep with sinister intentions in their eyes. Que pasa cabrones? Por que se me quedan mirando? The voice of Mateo started to waver, as he finally noticed the problem, Es que estan locos? No se acerquen mas! He said as he tried to unsheath his gun, only to let it slip under his seat, as his chubby and sweaty fingers couldnt hold it. The Mercenaries were getting closer. Ayudenme, que alguien me ayude! POR FAVOR! His shouts would be unheared in this desolated place, at least that was the thought the hired guns, but unluckly for them, somebody much more powerful and much crazier than them.

STOP RIGHT THERE EVILDOERS, LEAVE THE INNOCENT MAN ALONE! The shout made all the hired guns, that went by the name of Hermanos del Cañon, stop and turn around, watching towards a rock formation, that was in shadows, as the sun hitted from behind of it. They could barely notice the siloute of man atop the rocks. The oldest of the hired guns, de-facto leader of the group, asked Who carajo do you think you are, gringo cabron! And pointed his gun, a six shooters towards him, shooting with speed of a pro, towards the man location, the others imitated him, lifting a barrier of gun smoke. As a gust of wind pushed the smoke away they noticed that the man wasnt on the rock anymore, they thought that they got him, but his voice sounded again above them, and was getting closer by the moment. YOU ASK ME WHO I AM? He said, as he land with a loud stomp into the ground, In the dust, only his strange silhouette, was visible, in a strange stance, that seemed to be more akin to a Kamen Raider than a sane person. The stange man changed his stances as he talked, I'M THE DEMON THAT LURKS IN THE NIGHT, THE PROTECTOR OF THE INNOCENT, THE EARL OF JUSTICE, KING OF BRAVES, THE HUNTER OF EVIL AND PRESIDENT OF RICKY MARTIN FAN CLUB!, the dust of his landing was blown away, revealing his whole body I'M THE GREAT AND UNIQUE NORTHERN DEVIL, VALIANT AND FEARLESS LEADER OF THE NUMBERS SQUAD, THE GROUP THAT PROTECTS THE WORLD FROM EVIL. The whole group stood in silence for a second, even Mateo, that was about to cry, now was silent and looked with suprise and awe, shocked by the sheer stupidity of this man speech, outfit and general behaviour. Any criminal or gun-for-hire heared about The Numbers, and all of them knew that the description given by this man was the complete opposite of te reality, as The Numbers were a group of ruthless killers than were the only that took inhuman tasks or impossible missions, as they werent humans anymore, only real mosnters were allowed in the group. At least that was the urban myth, the man in fornt of them only seemed bizarre and extravagant, and their first reaction was too laugh at him pfft... HEHEHEHEHEHE HIAHIAHIA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA HIHIHIHI the whole group started laughing at the strange man, that seemed a strange mix between a knight, a ninja and a cowboy. IT SEEMS YOU DONT BELIVE ME! he said with faint anger, bubbling under a facade of calm. The men that were now a little bit more calm, waited for their leader to reply, pffft... HEHEHE If you're a Number gringo, then I'm Dios, pinche tu madre estas loco! His men cheered the insult with a choir of laughter, that was the last time they said anything.

A black blur cutted throught them, swinging the gunblade he carried with perfect skill. In less than a second Northern Devil, The 3rd Number, rushed besides all the 30 mercenaries and stopped right behind the last, SWORD OF JUSTICE, BULLETS DISCHARGED, he said in an overly dramatic tone, as he shaked the blade as if he was cleaning it of blood, but the movement was meant to make the barrel inside the base of the blade spin, and with that simple act all the mercenaries were cut in diagonal slices, with a prowess unknown to any regular man. As Northern Devil wasnt a man, but something else. Everyone was dead, but the ever cheerful Number walked with evident ignorance that he killed any opponent, or that he was covered in blood, since in his mind he saw sparks coming out of any blow he gave, not blood. YOU'RE NOW SAFE CITIZEN, DRIVE CAREFULLY NEXT TIME! After saying that to the still shocked Mateo, that peed his pants out of his fear, Northern Devil jumped away only living a black blur behind him. In other side of the lands surrounding Rayo Rosado, a group of thugs was taken down by the combined efforts of Falken and Eastern Wolf, The Mercenary of Falcon Eyes asked Wolf, that was behind a pile of corpses, thus unable to be seen from Falken point of view, Are you sure you want to live the first round to that idiot? refering to Northern Devil, Yes tovarishch(Comrade), I prefer my prey weakend, and that desillusional foul is perfect for the task, this hunt will be good, I can smell it in the air, just like in Mother Russia. repplied the hidden 4th Number with a thick Russian accent, I could kill for a bottle of Vodka, care to join in the nearest bar tovarishch? Falken shrugged his shoulders and said, Why not, we could share some battle stories, and you can start by telling me how did you got that body of yours. A faint canine growl preceded the Number We'll see, we'll see

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Crow was completely shocked to see Jack just standing there completely calm and collected in the place that the gunslinger use to call home but was not just a ghost town infected by the corruption the Insanity created. The archer stood there and acted like the two had met at Jewel’s Bar and Grill or something, "Yes its me, good to see you Crow," The Rail-gun stood there shocked he was literally about to beat the hell out of this person who he thought was another member of the Numbers or frankly any one invading the place he held most dear. "You too Caius." Jack studied Fairy for a second before he recognized her, "And one of the Numbers, Miss Wheelock is it? Nice to meet you." Jack seemed completely at ease despite the Insanity that still tainted the ground, "So this is the first time we've actually met, what did you do to get 60 million on your head?" There was a hundred questions spinning though the gunslinger head and they all decided to come out at once, “Jack…what? How? When? Why? How did you get here? What are you doing in my home town? What do you mean 60 million…?” Crow suddenly felt the Insanity that still lingered and became gravely concern for his friend as he got his senses together, “Jack how long have you been here? We need to get you out of here immediately! The Insanity is still here the longer you are here the more likely you will be affected by it, come on I knoww a place where we can talk just outside of town. It’s a park that kids you to hang out in and some woods where I use to train.” Crow quickly got everyone out of Rayo Rosado and to the park he spoke of, the place was old and was in just as bad of shape if not worst then the town itself the playground equipment was rusted and the foliage had grown over and reclaimed the spot as its on. Swings dangled lifelessly by a chain and see-saws were snapped in half but similar to the town the same multicolored flowers grow here the was some Insanity contamination by only a small amount compared to Crow’s former home. Crow explained everything to Jack the countless duels from mercenaries, the appearance of Fairy in the last town and the battle, the Numbers, Fairy offering to join them, the cease fire they had offered, and a compact version of what he told Fairy and Caius about his tragic past, it took roughly a half and hour maybe more but now Jack knew about Crow or at least this much. Crow just smiled a little as he sat against the old slide, “So Jack there you have it now you are as caught up on everything about me. You are one of the few people who now know what has happen here amigo. Now I have a few questions for you, first off how did you knew about this place? I made sure to erase all history of what happen a long time ago but it seems I didn’t do a great enough job if you and the Numbers know of this place. Also what do you mean 60 million on my head I am a bounty hunter why would I have a bounty?” Once Jack explain everything Crow smiled a as he got up, “So I see it’s a bit ironic the bounty hunter to have a bounty place on him by the villains he fought against.” For the first time in a while since this whole thing started Crow began to laugh and once he started he couldn’t stop all the stress and anxiety he was suffering began to fade away as he laughed more and more. Tears slide down the Rail-gun eyes and he doubled over laughing so hard the gunslinger needed this he needed to keep his smile after all this war and blooshed.

After a bit the Last Gunslinger calmed down and wipes away the tears and stood up chuckling a little, “Well Jack I am glad to have you on our side this time around. Now we know everything but that really doesn’t change things we are kinda left without a plan amigo. Currently the plan is keep moving and take the Numbers on one at a time keeping the fighting away from the civilians as much as possible. The Numbers are the main enemy once we beat them this should be over and seeing as we don’t know where the others are I say we wait for them to attack.” The Rail-gunner smiled as he revealed his plan it was incredibly simple and some would call lazy but it was the best plan Crow could think of. He know that nothing would stop the Numbers from coming after him and he was going to half to fight them sooner or later so he thought he might as well wait for them and give himself time to recover and recuperate. Also he was against letting anyone get hurt in this fight he was not going to let innocent people die because of him so as long as he kept away from civilians as much as possible staying away from big towns unless absolutely necessary. Crow sighed a little and started walking away, “Listen Jack we are heading to a town to resupply and get some new clothes then we are going to continuing moving. I have something I have to do so we are going to be here for a bit. Feel free to walk around just try to stay out of the town if you do need to go there please be careful try to not to stay there for too long because of the Insanity.” Crow walked away looking around everywhere he looked brought up painful memories of a life he use to have and cherish now they were tarnished by the day he lost everything, just like the entire area was still affected and contaminated by the Insanity so was his memories affected and contaminated by that day. Once the gunslinger was out of the site of his friends and allies he reach down and picked up one of the multicolored flowers, the pray medal he found in Gold Springs loosely hanging from his wrist, the flowers were called arcobaleno rose for their white and rainbow colored petals but to Gunslingers they had another name. The Insanity still lingers after all this time no matter what this place will never be the same it will never be able to be inhabited again and no matter what I will never be able to let this place go. All my memories good and bad come from here I will never be able to leave this place to be condemned no matter how much sadness resides here. Especially since you are buried here….Abby. Crow was off in the left part of the town he had gathered at least a dozen arcobaleno roses in a bouquet he was standing in front of a average gravestone that seemed to be one in the best condition. On the stone was name of Crow’s childhood friend Abigail.

The Last Gunslinger set the roses on the grave his smile was faint as it held back his emotions silent tears slide down his face as he looked at the simple cross grave stone. “I knew you must be surprised Abby I usually only come once a year and I am early but I need guidance and this is the place I come for it. I don’t know what to do Abby I am stuck in this never ending war and I am afraid I am not strong enough to win this time let alone protect my friends. Everything I day since then I trained to get stronger so I wouldn’t lose the people I care about but I don’t know if I have the strength for this one.” Suddenly a voice came from behind startling him a little, “Is that her? Is that your friend you told us about Abby?” Crow turned around putting a smile as he realized it was just Ann Mary, “Yep, what are you doing here Ann Mary it’s not safe you could be affected by the Insanity wavelength.” The Sniping Maiden of the West just stared at the simple grave stone not talking for a bit and when she spoke her voice was flat and monotone, Western Fairy had great empathy for the gunslinger he had lost everything. “I…uh I was worried about you. This place has so much sadness for you and it seems you were really out of it just being here.” The former Fifth Number blushed a little as she admitted that she was worried about the gunslinger. Crow just laughed a little, “Oh no I’m fine this place means a lot to me its juts a little nostalgic to look around and remember how everything use to be when the world was normal.” The was a silence between the two sharp shooters it lingered over the solemn ground now as the wind blew until Fairy spoke again trying to change the mood as she notices the flowers on Abby’s grave. “Those flowers are beautiful they are all over the place here. You would think that nothing could grow here thanks to the Insanity.” Crow smiled a little more, “They are called Arcobaleno Roses; some call them the flower of the Gunslinger. Just looking at them you were never guess they actually a morbid story behind them; the only grew in areas rich with blood because the iron is important to their growth. They are apart of an old Gunslinger legend.” The Sniper Maiden looked up a little curious about what he meant as the Last Gunslinger laughed and the story behind the roses, “The story goes, long ago in a war torn time many gunslinger of old would go to battle in this war because they were called upon by their side of the battle, their honor, or whatever reason they choice to fight. There was one gunslinger who was the husband to a beautiful woman by the name of Annalisa. The couple lived in area where there was constant fighting and the husband was always being called away to fight in the battles as a gunslinger. Annalisa hated the fact that her husband fought in these battles but the husband reassured her in the end the bloodshed would be worth it and that she needed hope. Annalisa loved to garden, she found beauty in nature and plants unfortunately because of all the fighting the ground would not take plants. The blood soaked into the ground and made it impossible for anything to grow; the battles destroyed the land leaving it barren this was too much for poor Annalisa and she slipped into depression.

The husband who would do anything for the woman he loved he went and prayed to god to give his wife hope make her smile at least one more time and so how that even in the darkest time their can be beauty. Unfortunately the next day the husband died in battle but in a miracle flowers began to grow around the grave of the husband and anywhere that the fighting had taken place. The flowers were so beautiful they gave Annalisa the strength and hope to carry on she decided to take up the cause and became a gunslinger herself using the flowers as her symbol of hope she would become one of the few famous woman gunslinger; Annalisa of the Arcobaleno. Ever since then the arcobaleno flowers grow in areas of great blood shed the flowers actually suck up all the blood in the ground and then once there is no more they bloom like this. Gunslingers have use the flowers as a symbol of hope and that even in the darkest times something good will come and people will be able to move on, we call the flowers the name of the woman who symbolizes, Annalisas or the gunslinger’s rose.” Crow smiled as he found the answer to questions he needed answers when he first came to Abby’s grave, “Annalisas were Abby favorite flowers she didn’t live long enough to see one in person every time I come here I giver her a new bouquet of them. Also there is another reason the story of Annalisa goes on to say she would remarry and have grandchildren even though I can’t be sure but I always had the feeling and my grandfather did to that Abby was one of the great descendents of Annalisa.” Crow smiled as began to walk away from Ann Mary tipping his hat lower over his face, “Are you coming Fairy we are heading out, feel free to take an Arcobaleno if you want one.” Thanks Abby I knew you would help me if I asked. As the Last Gunslinger left Fairy stayed and picked up one of the roses and place it on her shirt pinning it there she was quite amazed by Crow’s resolve; despite losing everything he was still determined to keep fighting and smiling no matter what. Even in moments where his faith was tested Crow seemed to be able to rebound from it and come back stronger than ever. Slowly Ann Mary began to realize that is what helped Crow beat her and if was that same thing that may help Crow beat the rest of the Numbers. Suddenly Fairy began to blush as she realized she might like Crow Cementerio, “No, no, no…It must be the fact he saved me and the situation. The Insanity must be affecting me I do not like Crow.” The Sniper Fairy quickly ran to join Crow hiding her blush.

Soon the small group of allies left Rayo Rosado behind heading towards a town to resupply and get better clothes then the battle worn rags they had on now. Now joined by Jack the was moving fast knowing soon that the truce between Crow and The Numbers would end soon but the Modern Cowboy seemed completely at ease despite the upcoming battles. In fact right now the gunslinger was in the back seat of Caius’s jeep his hat pulled over his face seemingly sleeping, but this was not an uncommon site for the Last Gunslinger he was probably the laziest and most calm person ever but in his mind he was mentally preparing himself against the threat that awaited him. The Former Fifth, who was driving, leaned back and informed the group of their situation, “We are almost out of gas we need to stop if we want to make it to the town. We won’t last unless we get gas; it looks like there is one just a few miles ahead of us.” The group pulled over off the high way at a remote gas station that looked like it saw one customer ever 3 months if it was a busy season, the place was covered in dust and rust complete with outdated gas pumps but it was still in business and everything worked. Outside the place rested up on a wall was an old Harley Davidson probably from the 1950s or 60s just the site of which caught Crow’s attention; the bike was just as dusty and rusted as the gas station covered in all kinds of junk but a bike was a bike to Crow. The gunslinger ran over to it his mouth watering as he inspected the machine, “Wow this thing is a beauty is a little hard to look at right now but with a little spit shine and elbow grease. DIOS MIO! I know I shouldn’t be looking at other woman but Silver needs to understand I am a man its nature for me to look around.” Crow smiled talking about bike in front of him and his own motorcycle Silver with such love and passion one would think he was describing recent sexual conquests. As the other headed inside Crow quickly joined them, “I want to ask the owner of this place if that bike is for sale I could bring it back from the dead and if not I could use the parts on Silver.” As the entered the gas station to pay for some gas it seemed like normal gas station but something was off it was eerily quiet. The Rail-gunslinger began to look for the manager as he past though the aisles filled with typical gas station food expect 30 years out dated (Seriously who drank Pepsi Crystal anymore). Crow walked over the cash register looking for a sign of life but what he found was not the sign of life he wanted. The gunslinger’s eyes widen as he saw a man in his late twenties tied up and gagged stuff behind the counter next to several pounds of explosive Crow turned to his friends shouting, “EVERYBODY GET OUT OF HERE! IT’S A TRAP! THIS PLACE IS A BOMB!” As everyone ran from the gas station Crow using his electrically accelerated speed grabbed the cashier and got out just in time with everyone else. Once everyone got out suddenly the explosives went off behind him completely destroying the gas station, expect for the Pepsi Crystal, spreading fire all around them and making burning debris ran over the area. Suddenly a voice began to chuckle though the rippling fire. “Damn Cementerio I know that trap wasn’t going to work on someone like you but seriously saving that weakling from getting blown to bits it pathetic! That’s why I am going to bombard you a$$ to bits!” Emerging from the flames and smoke came a man wearing gold armor and smoking a cigar a detonator in his hand, it was the War Machine himself Strum Blitzkrieg.

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“Jack…what? How? When? Why? How did you get here? What are you doing in my home town? What do you mean 60 million…?” “Jack how long have you been here? We need to get you out of here immediately! The Insanity is still here the longer you are here the more likely you will be affected by it, come on I know a place where we can talk just outside of town. It’s a park that kids you to hang out in and some woods where I use to train.” Jack realized the implications of what Crow was saying, he had been in town five minutes, that was more time exposed to the insanity wavelenth he was comfortable with. He followed Crow out of town, he was surprised that the insanity hadn't affected him yet. <Miracle?> he asked silently, hoping that she was there, It was never a guarantee with her, since leaving the dream world her presence in his mind had a tendency to disappear from time to time. This was not one of those time.

<Hey Jack. Don't go back into that town, weird things are happening in here.>

<Your keeping my mind stable I take it.>

<It's never stable but yeah.>

You are one of the few people who now know what has happen here amigo. Now I have a few questions for you, first off how did you knew about this place? I made sure to erase all history of what happen a long time ago but it seems I didn’t do a great enough job if you and the Numbers know of this place. Also what do you mean 60 million on my head I am a bounty hunter why would I have a bounty?”

Jack was pretty good at keeping his thoughts hidden, even mental conversations. "I'll start with the bounty, its unofficial," that was a euphemism for 'put up by a criminal group,' "but yeah it really is that high. As for this town, I did some digging, Crow you did a good job of erasing it but completely deleting something from history is nearly impossible, especially with this many dead involved."

“So I see it’s a bit ironic the bounty hunter to have a bounty place on him by the villains he fought against.” Crow found the inherent contradiction funny, Jack could appreciate that even if he was never one to laugh. “Well Jack I am glad to have you on our side this time around. Now we know everything but that really doesn’t change things we are kinda left without a plan amigo. Currently the plan is keep moving and take the Numbers on one at a time keeping the fighting away from the civilians as much as possible. The Numbers are the main enemy once we beat them this should be over and seeing as we don’t know where the others are I say we wait for them to attack.”

"Simple, I like it."

“Listen Jack we are heading to a town to resupply and get some new clothes then we are going to continuing moving. I have something I have to do so we are going to be here for a bit. Feel free to walk around just try to stay out of the town if you do need to go there please be careful try to not to stay there for too long because of the Insanity.” Jack waved him off and smiled, hiding the fact that he was seeing ghosts, They were half formed images of dead people out of the corner of his eye.

<Who are they?> Miracle asked.

<People I regret killing, there sure are a lot of them.> Jack answered

<Give me the details later, I'm trying to keep the insanity from getting too pronounced.>

<How does that work anyway.> Jack wondered

<Fighting your insanity? Imagine fighting a Montral hound.> she said, referring to the dogs that belonged to the tribe that killed her. <Now multiply that by about 50.>

<And yet your as talkative as ever.>

<Hey I could handle those mutts easy, taking with you is the hard part.>

Crow and Fairy came back, Jack noticed that Fairy was blushing, he filed that under amusing. Caius's jeep seemed to be their method of transport. Jack decided not to fly and sat next to the seemly sleeping Crow. They stopped at a gas station, Jack got out and stretched his legs, it had been a while since he had sat in a car. Crow had an intense reaction to a broken down bike he had found, Jack didn't see it. Crow went inside to pay. Jack looked at the bike, he took out a file and chipped at the layer of rust, he found it rather deep. "This thing'll cost more to fix than its worth," Jack commented to no one, "Wonder what Crow sees in it."


Jack reacted instinctively, increasing the nitrogen content in the air behind them so that the fireball wouldn't follow. Of course the fire was not the most dangerous part of an explosion, the shockwave which followed an explosion was much more deadly, that had a tendency to make people's lungs bleed. That wave seemed to flow around the party, disturbing the grass and sand. He recognized the source of the disturbance. Strum Blitzkrieg, the war machine. Jack had always found such an arrogant title. He always thought of this man with his gold armor and diamond gloves to be a bit of a joke. "Such a waste of perfectly good gasoline," Jack commented, looking at the ruined gas station.

"Why would you do that anyway? As you said that plan would have never worked on Crow, so you just wasted several pounds of perfectly good explosive on what amounts to a scene from an action movie." Jack didn't bother taking out his bow, he had something more entertaining in mind. "So my only conclusion is that you want to blow up a perfectly good cashier. Why? He'd be more useful to you as a hostage." Jack increased the oxygen content of a very small area, the air around the cigar. Strum must have been surprised when his rather pricey cigar turned into a small fireball. He opened his mouth in shock and the cigar fell to the ground as ash. "I control the air, bombs and big guns are useless. Now make it easy on your self and surrender before one of us shoots you." He hoped the Strum wouldn't do anything too far out of the ordinary, the ghosts in the corner of Jack's eyes were making it to hard to think.

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Tokyo, Japan

The money started flowing again, and this time, without any preparation from Kuro-san. The great reward he offered for Crow's head and the privilege of killing such famous gunslinger moved more than criminal low-lifes trying to make a name for themselves. Some of the bigger fish decided to hunt Crow, more for the prestige than the money. This men werent at the Numbers level of expertise or might, but they were decent challenges for the gunslinger, and if their fights were good, then more poeple would buy Mangetus broadcast signal, an idea hatched in Kuro-san mind, but refined by his most trusted advisor Tsukimori-san, that got some training as a director and filmmaker. This idea was crazy at first, but after checking their availabe tech in their power, they noticed that this proyect was easy to fullfill, and even more they could make a much bigger event in the future, somehting the Yakuza Emperor was already starting to arrange. Sir, the bets are getting ridiculous, if Strum loses we will win a lot of money, either if Crow of any of their friends take him down, but we will win a lot more if a third part kills him, this could create confusion among the gamblers thus creating an opportunity for us, Aoki-san, the betting expert, and leader of that specific Mangetsu branch, informed the Underworld Overlord about the progress. So, you're telling me to send in a Number, breaking a part of my agreement with Cementerio, kill Strum only to capitalize on the surprise to manipulate the gamblers and gain more money, right? Kuro-san took a sip of Mirin, while Minato Aoki, once known as the God of Gamblers when he worked free-lance in Kyoto. Aoki rushed to answer, scared of the outcome of this conversation. Yes sir, that would be the big picture, but you can wait for 3 hours until the time of the pact ended. Aoki was nervous, he was a great liar, in fact he was probably the best poker bluffer in all Eastern Asia, but Kuro-san gave him the creeps, something in the tall and brooding Criminal King gave him the creeps, as if the lifeless eyes of his boss could burn throught any of his lies or schemes. Aoki was faintly shaking, a fact that wasnt ignored by Kuro-san, that was enjoying this, with cold joy, while his face showed cold indifference. The fiction lasted for aminute, as the shivering of the Gambler Deity got even more noticeable, and the Yakuza Emperor decided to end it. his face turned into a cold predatory smile, something that would creep out the bravest of the men. With a laughter-like sound devoid of any hapiness from his mouth, he breaked the ice, and Aoki let out a nervous laugh. Tsukimori-san, did you heared his plan?, said Kuro-san, that had the communication line. Yes Aniki! I contacted Falken, he is contacting Northern Devil right now. The creepy smile in the Underworld Overlord only got wider, Perfect...

Somewhere in the Mexican-U.S.A border, Tequila Mockingbird bar

Tovarisch, let's drink, for the glory of the Soviet Union, a heavily drunk russian voice was talking in a heaviliy accented english. Falken smiled cunningly, and repplied with snark, but Wolf, the Soviet Union is dead for almost 20 years. A mechanical and oddly canine laughter, repplied to the snarky commentary. HEHEHE, I know tovarisch, but let an old man to have his delusions. I live since the Soviet Union started, the robotic sounding voice had a hint of nostlagy, and when I was young and stupid I thought that my life would end when the Union ended, but when I grew older and weirder, I discovered something worth living for instead of dying for the Union... Falken was surprised by that statement, coming from such a strange, and overly communist, fellow, and asked, with that surprise reflected in his voice, Something worth living for? What's that if I may ask? The Eastern Wolf, the 3rd Number, repplied with simplicity, Vodka! What else?, and after shooking his shoulders with a mechanical sound, even a small stream of steam was released from his joints, and he drank the bottle with only his mouth, lifting it up, until all the liquid was gone. Falken looked amazed as the 3rd Number not only finished the Vodka but also started munching down the glass bottle, destroying it with his steel jaws. With a loud exhalation Eastern Wolf spoke, Haaaaaa, that hit's the spot, and then he spitted the metal cap of the bottle. For a moment Falken stood silent, as his peculiar drink buddy was taking another bottle, but after regaining his composture, since he was still shocked about Wolf appereance. So, how did you got your "enhacements" again? The first time you spoke about you just mumbled drunkily. Eastern Wolf laughed with scratchy voice. GHEDHEDHEDHE, you're a cunning man, Mercenary, I'll gladly tell you my story, but one condition. Falken tensed up, he knew he was in overall strenght more powerful than any of the Numbers, but in specialized skills, he wasnt as strong as each of them in their particular field of expertise, he couldnt shoot as precisely as Fairy, or was as good in close combat as Devil, and surely he wasnt better than Wolf in his particular special skill. Hiding his nerves with the same cold blood as he would hide a feint with his weapons, Falken asked, What condition Wolf?, the mechanic fangs opened, and the mechanical repply came out from inside, Could you be so kind and fetch me another bottle of Vodka?, with this body I cannot open the fridge without breaking it. The Falcon Eyed Mercenary loosen his body and walked towards the bar, dodging the torned corpses of the owner, the barmaids and a almost two dozens of patrons, killed with extreme brutality and almost animal ferocity some of them had seared wounds. You really made a number with this guys, is a requisite for being accepted in the Numbers? The Dual Wielding Mercenary snarked once again, and then while he opened the fridge he asked, Sky or Smirnoff?, as he showed the bottles. GHEGHEGHEGHE, good one Mercenary, Wolf chosed one with a nod of his head, Smirnoff, since in this sranyi bar there isnt anything better, I'll stop killing people if somebody brought me a bottle of Reyka. Falken laughed at the strange phrase and placed a dozen of small bottles in the table and sat down, So, how did you end up with this body?

Somewhere in the Mexican-U.S.A border, near the Gas Station

I'm a Hero with a mission,

I'm the Fighter of justice,

the Reaper of the wicked

I'm the Northern Devil!!!

With a catchy 70's anime-like tune, the Northern Devil runned besides a dusty and cracked road in the middle of the desert. He took long steps and seemed to be almost flying with each step. In his mind he had only one mission, to erradicate evil from the face of the world. His body was outfitted with the perfect gear for the task. His armor granted him protection against bullets, his main body the strenght, speed and reflexes needed to fight crime, his brain the skills to fullfill his incredible might, and in top of all that he carried the legendary Musashi The Kidd blade, a powerful Gunblade of mythical story. Northern Devil knew that he was going to win, if he believed in Justice, Love and the Power of Friendship, granted by his ties of comradery with the Super Number Squad! He was the Number 4, a very important part of the team. Suddenly, the defender of the innocent stopped in his tracks, and scratched his head, as if he was deeply entangled in inner meditation and thought. " I need to move fast, or this scoundrel named Cementerio will escape! I'll bring him to Justice, and after that to destroy the evil Ebisu Empire, and defeat their devilish alien leaders, that threathen the life of this world!" As he standed, Northern Devil started to move his arms and take several posses as he activated a series of buttons in a wrist mounted computer. 1...3..3..7 DEVILCYCLE ENGAGE! the computer synthezied voice spoke and from nowhere a motorcycle enginge roared. A non driven motorcycle, that seemed like a Harley fused with a Dragster car with devilish decorations, that seemed more cute than evil, appeared in the road. When it was almost at the same position than Devil, he jumped and executed a complex acrobatic manuever, landing on the driver seat, and crossed his arms, touching his shoulders with his palms. Super Number Vehicle 4, Activated! he shouted as he extended both arms foward and then grabbed the handles, making the engine rev up. In the horizon a explosion lighted the sky, and he knew that the culprit was Cementerio, he could smell his vileness in the hair. He took off towards the Gas Station with only one mission in mind, almost if he was super naturally compelled to it. Unknow to our Hero, far away, two boys and one girl watched his adventure, and even participated on it, using a strange controll pad like object. This game your father made is awesome Johnny! I want to play this level, that guy Cementerio seems a really bad guy. The other boy and the girl laughed, after hearing that, as they knew that their parent hadnt anything to do with it, and that his firend wasnt playing a game.

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Crow got to his feet as Jack pretty much berated Strum Blitzkrieg for wasting good explosives; this made the gunslinger smiled and laugh a little it seemed like the Archer of the Raging Wind was willing to take on the War Machine himself. This was a good for the gunslinger and his allies; I’m still beat up from my fight with Fairy and I was the winner of that fight Fairy is not in any condition to fight she doesn’t even have her right weapons to fight to begin with. Hopefully Jack can handle this guy by himself besides this is Jack fight’s I won’t let anyone interrupt it. The gunslinger thought to himself as he clenched his sore and worn out body; meanwhile Strum was boiling on the inside after Jack destroyed his 150$ cigar, but more so from the wind archer’s comments about wasting explosives and taking a cashier as a hostage. The Human War Machine stepped out from behind the smoke and flames moving closer to Jack and the others revealing gold armor on his entire torso, shoulders, and elbows he claimed this armor was indestructible. Strum had what appeared to be two large shoulders plates on him but they were actually his shields/weapons; Strum violently stopped out the burning remains of the cigar as he chuckles a dark brooding laugh he had a thick German accent to his voice. “You damn brat that f*cking cigar cost me a lot and you go on and on what I waste! I blew up that gas station and used those explosives because this is a war and victory in a war comes at all cost! What the hell do I need a hostage I have never taken a hostage in my life you god damn brat! If it wasn’t for the Gunslinger that cashier would be just another causality! In a war all is fair I don’t care what I waste ammo, explosives, money, and human lives as long as I win!” Sturm had on a arrogant look that made Crow want to punch him clean in the face but he know this was Jack’s fight and his fight was with the Numbers.

Fairy manage to get up and took aim at Sturm with her rifle but before she could even think about pulling the trigger Crow put his arm in front to stop her from firing. “Cementerio what the hell do you think you are doing we need to help Jack!” Crow face was serious as he focused on Jack and Strum wondering which would move first; “No this is not the right way this is Jack’s fight and that is the will I am keeping it. That is the way the Gunslingers did things one on one not body jumping in and throwing the odds in one favor; that is the way I live my life and the way I am doing this.” Ann Mary was flustered she couldn’t believe Crow who showed compassion to his friends no matter what including who even when she was an enemy just a few days ago was now showing a complete lack of emotion and letting Jack fight a possibly dangerous opponent. “This isn’t the time to stick to your old fashion ways Strum right this is and in a war you take every advantage you get! Now move Cementerio so we can help Jack!” As Ann Mary continued to try and found a suitable shot Crow kept blocking her with his arm till she got frustrated enough she forced her way in front of Crow. The gunslinger suddenly jumped in front of Fairy his face stern and serious instead of his usual smile, “Yeah your damn right this is a war and it’s my war! This is a fight for what we hold close to us, it’s a war of pride Ann Mary and this is my pride! If you are going to shot Strum then you are going to have to shot me first! When you and I fought I would not let anyone be involved in that battle because you and I both know that is the way it should be between gunslingers.” The Sniping Maiden of the West was literally an inch away from shooting though the Last Gunslinger and assisting the archer but Crow’s words stopped her. He was right after all in their battle at the old mining town Fairy would not allow anyone to interrupt their match it was crazy but she reluctantly lowered her weapon and just as she did Crow smile return and he was at her side again. He smiled at the Sniper Maid with his calmed reassuring smile that told anyone who saw it that everything was going to be okay; his voice was also softer and cheerful again. “Don’t worry Ann Mary I didn’t get a chance to see Jack’s true powers but I know he is strong and won’t lose to someone like this Strum guy.” Fairy couldn’t help but smile back, it was like the Rail-gunslinger had a calming aura about him that relaxed his friends and allies and made them truly believe that everything was going to be okay, as Ann Mary continued to gaze as Crow’s smile she couldn’t help but suddenly blush as her heart felt light, maybe a sign of something more then just her indebted gratitude towards him. Ann Mary looked away her face burning from embarrassment but it seemed Crow didn’t notice it a bit. Instead the Last Gunslinger turned to Jack and call out to his friend and ally; “Hey Jack you heard that right this is your fight I swear on my word as a Gunslinger no one will interfere with you. But if this guy gets more to be a bit more than you can handle I will gladly step in to finish the job.” With that Crow laughed a little giving the Storm Archer a thumb ups but the War Machine was not happy at all he was furious. “SHUT THE F*CK UP CEMENTERIO!”

“DID YOU F*CKING FORGET ME!?” Strum angrily clenched his fist he was literally huffing and puffing and ready to explode any minute; Crow on the other hand was a bit confused out the War Machine sudden out burst and looked at him like he had 8 heads and was breathing fire. The Last Gunslinger spoke calmly and with a smile at the raging War Lord “What do you mean did we forget about you? Did you not here our conservation it was about you I said I was not going to let anyone interfere in your fight with Jack.” The Thundering Cowboy just smiled but Strum was even angrier his German accent became even thicker making it hard for someone to understand him; “I heard what you f*cking said! What the hell do you mean you won’t let anyone interfere my fight is not with this weaklings Cementerio! It’s with you; I’m here for that 60 million dollar bounty! With that money I am going to buy me my own private army and equipment them and myself with the best weapons that money can buy! You are my only target no one else and those that get caught in the cross fire are just another damn causality!” Crow kept his smile but his voice was stern and serious he met eyes with Sturm briefly for a split second the emotion they showed was intimidation and killing intent but then it was gone just as fast as it came. It was a look meant for Sturm and Sturm only no one would have noticed it if they weren’t paying close attention; “If you manage to get past Jack I’ll be your opponent Strum but I don’t see that happening.” Just like that Crow smile had returned and he was the same old gunslinger but Sturm was even more pissed. ‘DAMN YOU CEMENTERIO HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT! When I am done I am going to be turning in bits and f*cking pieces of GUNSLINGER!” Suddenly the War Machine pulled out a large handful of miniature bombs, a single bomb itself was no threat but in mass quantity they were extremely dangerous, Sturm though the bombs in the area causing them to rain down on the heroes the bombs would explode on contact so he actually created a hail storm of explosives. Fortunately the Rail-gunslinger was prepared using Relampago to assist him, electrically enhancing his speed; he grabbed Fairy and Caius around the way and move backwards making him and his allies a blur. Crow smiled as he got several meters away from Jack and Strum, a good distance away from the fight and out of harm but close enough that he could still observe the fight. There that should be a good distance for Jack and Strum now those two can go all out especially Jack without worrying of harming others. Jack is strong he showed me that in Caius’s Dream World and that was when our powers were severely limited this is a good chance to see what he is really made of. The Last of the Gunslingers let go of his allies as he called to Jack from afar; “Jack I think you got this one don’t go getting yourself killed.” Crow laughed a little as he observes the battle between the War Machine and Archer.

Meanwhile Sturm was furious that Crow had gotten away and was taking him so lightly but he had no other choice the blood of the gunslinger’s friends and allies would be on Cementerio’s hand not his. “Fine you damn Gunslinger if you want to kill your friends before I take care of you be my f*cking guest.” Sturm was not sure if his explosive hail storm worked on the archer but he didn’t care he shouted at the Wind Mage with his thick German accent; “Real nice friend you got there he just threw you in front of the War Machine to be shredded to bits! You said that you control wind and air and that my tricks won’t work on you well I got news for you a mere breathes won’t stopping me I am protected with my Indestructible Golden Giant Arm not even a tornado could scratch it!” Sturm laugh a dark chuckle as he attempted to play mind games with Jack as well as boasting about his so called “indestructible” armor; the War Machine ran threw the smoke, the explosions created, towards where he believed Jack was. Unable to really see or judge where the Mage was Strum threw a large right hand hook with his “diamond gloves”, he claimed that his gauntlets were imbedded with diamond but instead they were actually an extremely hard and durable fake, he followed up the right hook not caring if he hit with a left uppercut. He followed this up with another right hook but this was actually a feint instead of going all the way Strum stopped a few inches before and opened his hand throwing another handful of his small bombs at the area he believed Jack was in causing another massive explosion. This was the War Machine fighting style an aggressive combination of his personal equipment and armor with foul play in order to overwhelm the opponent. “How do you like that you bastard!? I told you no light gust of wind can stop me!”

Back over where Crow was he was smiling and acting, well pretty much acting care free as he watched Jack and Strum go at it. Fairy dusted off her tattered maid skirt as she looked at the Last Gunslinger who simply just smiled calmly. She could not believe how calm he was despite that the fact that one of his friends was fighting someone as deadly as the War Machine, Strum Blitzkrieg, not to mention another one of the Numbers could attack at any minute and he was in a war with a team of deadly mercenaries. Even after everything that had happen so far Crow was acting like this is just another day for him; “Crow are you sure it’s okay Jack fights Strum alone?” Crow smiled at Ann Mary again making her blush but he didn’t notice; “You are still going on about that Ann Mary? Don’t worry me and Jack differ on several things but if I knew Jack he is the type of person when his friends are depending on him he always goes all in. I knew Jack would win from the moment Sturm open his big fat mouth.” The Maiden of the West was a little confused by Crow statement that he knew Jack would win; “What do you mean you knew he would win? Are you really that confident in Jack’s ability?” Crow just kept up his cheerful appearance and his tone was so casual it was crazy in this situation, “No not really.” Ann Mary’s eyes comical grew and widen as the gunslinger admitted he didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in the archer’s abilities “What the hell do you mean no Cementerio? Then why are you so sure that Jack will beat Strum?!” The Rail-gun just laughed at Fairy reaction to his statement, “Don’t get me wrong Ann; Jack is extremely skilled and could give me a run for my money on my good days but I don’t think Jack skills are going to assist him as much. Strum mention in the beginning that everything in his way is just a causlity a cost of war; he is willing to throw everything aside and treats people with no value. Jack is not that kind of person he appreciates everything and everyone one, he would never threw away someone life like Strum. I believe this lit a fire under Jack and that is what will make him victorious not the skill he brings but the righteous fire inside of him.” Fairy could not help but see Crow in a different light just now since she first encountered the gunslinger he seemed to show a care free attitude all the time it was only when he revealed his past and was in his home town that she saw a more serious side. She believed that Crow’s dark past had created someone who is always looking for a bright side, a care free attitude that only faltered a few times but now it was different. Even though Crow showed a care free appearance but deep down Crow was extremely perceptive and knew more then he let on; again feelings of more then just respected began to build in the Sniping Maid and she quickly look away hiding her blushing face. But as the former Fifth Number thought about the Last Gunslinger’s personality and care free appearance Crow was extremely worried on the inside. I have the feeling something is wrong with Jack I don’t know what but something seems off about him. Worst yet standing here I can feel small vibrations in the ground like something is coming our way but that could be just the explosion from the fight. Still I can’t help but feel another threat greater then Strum is on its way.

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England, 1470

"Follow me miss," James said to the blonde noble behind him, "careful, the terrain is rough."

"I can see that James," Annette replied, following him into the gorge. "I am no longer twelve you know."

"Indeed Miss."

"I believe the word for that tone is condescension. Honestly James you may not have aged a day in the last 20 years but I certainly-" she tripped on a slippery rock and nearly fell backward towards the river. James caught her before she hit the ground. After a long moment of awkward silence she said, "You can let go now."

James looked at his charge, "I'm sorry miss but it appears the House of York has found us." Soldiers appeared on the cliffs overlooking the gorge. More were massed at the exits, all were carrying muskets. James heard something rolling, cannons. "50 guns and at least 4 cannons but not a single archer. I feel insulted."

"Now really demon of Lancaster, is this the time to be making jokes?" asked the captain from atop one of the cliffs. "Not even you can escape from this one."

"So I'm your target then? Do I have a right to a last request? Let my companion go. I'd rather not have her death on my conscience."

"You know full well I can't do that." The captain replied, raising his arm, hand open. "She is nearly as dangerous as you are."

"Was, no longer is," James argued, keeping his desperation out of his voice.


"Do I get a last request?" Annette asked.

"I'll allow that," the captain answered, keeping his hand open. "What do you want?"

"Oh just this," she said with a smile before turning around and kissing James. He didn't know how to react. She broke the kiss. "I swear, I waited 20 years to do that and you have to ruin it by being a bad kisser." The captain smiled, then he closed his raised hand into a fist. The were many explosions and a great deal of smoke.


<Jack snap out of it!> Miracle yelled.

<I'm snapped out, stop yelling.> Jack responded, jumping out of Strum's punching range. <It's been more than 500 years since the day she died.>

<Who was she?>

<I'm not talking about it.> Jack replied. <I have to finish this quickly, another flashback could be fatal.>

“Real nice friend you got there he just threw you in front of the War Machine to be shredded to bits! You said that you control wind and air and that my tricks won’t work on you well I got news for you a mere breathes won’t stopping me I am protected with my Indestructible Golden Giant Arm not even a tornado could scratch it!”

The war machine started punching at the air, apparently underneath the assumption that his opponent wouldn't keep his distance.

<He's taunting you.>

<I noticed, should I show him how its really done?>

“How do you like that you bastard!? I told you no light gust of wind can stop me!”

"I'm going to do you a favor Strum, I'm going to explain to you why your about to lose." Jack said with the voice of a teacher.

Strum saw movement to his side, he threw a punch at a Jack shaped billow of smoke. "Where are you bastard?!" he yelled as he hit the empty air.

"Wind powers, remember? You can't rely on your eyes." The smoke started moving, it looked as if several people were running through it at super-speed. "Now where were we, oh yes the reason you about to lose."

"I'm not about to lose you punk, I AM THE WAR MACHINE!"

"You are going to lose because you have no restraint."

"Shut up and die!' yelled Strum, forgoing his fist and instead shooting a machine gun.

Jack gave it a minute, and then when he heard the tell-tale clicks that told of wasted ammunition he began speaking again. "My point exactly, you wasted 100s of rounds firing in the wrong direction. You have no right to call yourself the war machine. True warfare is about precision and restraint, about knowing how much force to use and where to use it."

"What do you know?!" he yelled, flame throwers appeared on his wrists and for a glorious few seconds there were huge tongues of flame. Then the flame found itself with no oxygen to feed on and disappeared.

"You've used up most of your weapons, only to be stopped by a 'little wind'. You have no idea where I am because you can't see thought the smoke you created."

<Jack your having a bit too much fun>

<Fine I'll get to the end.>

The smoke suddenly blew away, Jack stood several feet in front of Strum, his bow aimed at the German's forehead. "Now here is a lesson in restraint, I've figured out how much force I need to kill you. This is a wooden arrow, I'll save the explosive arrows for a problem deserving of it."

"Damn you, don't underestimate me!" yelled Strum "War Machine" Blitzkrieg in what were to be his final words. He took out his massive spear and charges at his opponent, expecting his armor to protect him from the arrow.

"And here is a lesson in precision." Jack shot the arrow directly between Strum's eyes. The golden armored war machine fell to the ground. Jack turned the body over and attempted to salvage his arrow, unfortunately it had snapped in the fall. He looked around, more ghosts and a crushing feeling of guilt, not good.

He jumped back to his companions, he acted normal and said "Alright then, that's done. We should keep moving."

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Ride...I mean...Devil Kick!

Johnny! Good Grief! Why didnt you told me you've got a game this good in your house! The boy, named Matthew, was using the controller pad with evident skill, while Johnny and his sister, Mary looked at him with a naughty smile. Matthew didnt realized, thanks to the drugs they gave him to numb his brain, but he wasnt using a controller pad, he was tied to chair, with a dozen cables sticking into his body and his brain. The twins smiled creepily as the delusioned kid thought he was winning a game. My dear Mary, increase the drug output, we dont want our friend to wake up, dont we? John smiled to his twin sister, and she obeyed without doubting for a second. Yes my dear brother, as you command. The girl repplied with a radiant smile. They were inside an old and runned down warehouse, with cobwebs and dust everywhere. Matthew was delusioned about their parents, as John and Mary lacked paternal figures. They were orphans, that lived in a orphanage since they got memory. Their existance was sad, as since they can remember they were more intelligent than anybody else, smarter than the teachers and than any adult. The other kids bored them, and feared them, as in their 6th year of life they managed to build a railgun from scrap metal. They were too intelligent for this world, and they only had each other. Now, when they reached 12 years old, their skills were much refined and advanced, but their sanity was fading away, as they were always deserted by everybody. Their minds were so advanced and linked to each other than talking was only a formalism. As a lot of twins, they shared a special conection, but in their case, their minds were linked one to the other, only enhancing their already brilliant intelligence. The only thing they cared in the world was each other, and having fun. Dear brother, please increase the M.B.S output, we need him in total control and perfect synchronization of our toy, if we want to beat the final boss. John repplied with a smile, they were so similar that the only difference between the two was their haircut, I'm on it Dear Sister, I hope this one resist more than the others, he said while pointing a pile of corpses of other children, consumed, thin, with only their bones and skin, as if they were killed from hunger. Even so we have much more from were this one come from, and looked at the warehouse, were hundred of cages, had hundreds of children inside, all of them numbed by drugs. You're right Dear Brother, Mary said as she moved closer, and kissed him. We will kill the boss, and the Altar of Bullets will fullfill our wishes. Both of them walked towards the machines that were hooked on Matthew, by the hand, as they hummed a happy song.

U.S/Mexico Frontier

From Maoh Planet I travelled

To see Evil beaten

I'm Northern Devil, HOOOOO!

Fear my Devil Kick!

Singing out loud the 4th Number rode his Motorcycle, in the deserted road. Sand and spiky bushes were the only decoration around him, while he pushed foward, searching for the Final evil Boss, Crow Cementerio, a wicked man of wicked ways, that fought with a gun instead of a blade. I'll defeat Cementerio once and for all, he said with a smile under his mask, and he will understand the wickedness of his acts, and then he will kneel down and beg forgiveness to me, the great Devil-sama!!!! This phrase and others were repeated endlessly by Devil, almost in a robotic manner, but always filled with enthusiasm and hot-blood. Maybe something programmed in him by the Twins. The 4th Number attention was caught once again by the sound of a battle, surely Cementerio or one of his underlings, fighting against another hero of Justice. With justice in his heart, Devil rushed towards The location, passing besides Jack and Strum in a red blur, as his Hero powers allowed him to locate Cementerio. He reached Crow location, that was alongside the traitorous Western Fairy. Jumping from his bike that stopped with a loud sound. He landed and pointed with his finger towards Crow and Fairy. Wicked Cementerio! I'm going to defeat you in the name of JUUSTICE! Devil took a ridiculuos stance with his sword unsheated from his back, it was a massive blade that had a barrel in the hilt, as seemingly was a Gunblade. As the expert of close combat in the Numbers, he will take much more effort than Fairy to be defeated. And you, Western Fairy, you're no longer a Number, you traitorous enemy of everything good and fair in this world, is my job to exterminate you, in the name of JUUSTICE! Fairy fae wrinkled and low enough so the deranged cyborg didnt hear, she whispered, Not this nutjob, not now. Devil jumped and aimed a spinning kick, in a kamen Rider fashion, towards Crow, I'll defeat you Cementerio! Devil KIIIIIIIIICK!!!!

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Crow smiled as Jack easily defeated the “War Machine” Strum Blitzkrieg and killed him with a simple wooden arrow straight to the head. The gunslinger turned to Ann Mary she was a little surprise that the Archer of Storms had defeated Strum with such ease; Crow laughed a little causing the Sniping Maiden to turn to him; “See what did I tell you Jack was fighting for what he believed in where as Strum just wanted the money on my head in a battle like that the person who is fighting with their pride will never lose.” Fairy just smiled a little again it was this feeling admiration towards the Last Gunslinger he seemed calm and collected despite the fact that one of his friends was fighting a strong opponent, Crow had seen though both Strum and Jack and knew the outcome of the battle before it began underneath his goofy, lazy appearance was an extremely perceptive marksman. This also awaken something else in Fairy as she soon realized she wasn’t just looking at the gunslinger but she was admiring his body with this realization the Former Fifth Number blushed bright red she quickly looked away. After halting the War Machine Jack began to return to the group but deep inside Crow he felt like something is wrong; I know Jack won and all but something is off not just with Jack himself. I feel like this has been too easy where is the next Number why did they offer me a truce but more importantly who are they run by I never encountered the Numbers before so who has the resource to contact and hire them. The Wind Mage seemed to be in good spirits as he joined them, "Alright then, that's done. We should keep moving." Crow was so caught up in his thoughts and paying attention to Jack he barely notice the vibrations growing in the ground or the speeding blur that was heading towards them. It wasn’t until the roar of the engine brought his attention to the speeding motorbike the red blur flew past Jack and stopped suddenly a figure leapt off the bike and landed a few feet away from Ann Mary and Crow. The Last Gunslinger expression changed instantly instead of a calm smile and relaxed pose the Rail-gun’s eyes were charged with determination and he and on his revolver, Quicksilver, the figure looked like the cross between a kamen rider, cowboy, and knight he pointed a finger at the gunslinger and shouted his motives. “Wicked Cementerio! I'm going to defeat you in the name of JUUSTICE!”

Crow began to look around slightly confuse as if the mysterious kamen rider was referring to another Gunslinger. “Um…..Are you talking to me?” The strange warrior continued his rant towards the Last Gunslinger and Western Fairy. “And you, Western Fairy, you're no longer a Number, you traitorous enemy of everything good and fair in this world, is my job to exterminate you, in the name of JUUSTICE!” Crow was still completely confused but slowly began to put the pieces together in his head he noticed Ann’s reaction to the Black Kamen Rider, the gunslinger heard Fairy and suddenly realized that this is one of the Numbers. Unfortunately for Crow this realization came a second to late the mysterious warrior leapt into the air performing a spinning kick at directly at the gunslinger as he shouted, “I'll defeat you Cementerio! Devil KIIIIIIIIICK!!!!” The Rail-gun turned at the last second his eyes widen in shock and surprise he quickly drew Quicksilver and used the indestructible revolver to block the powerful kick; the revolver manage to stop the kick but not the shock way that followed it traveled though the gun and into Crow’s body though his arms. The sheer force of the kick send Crow flowing flying back bouncing off the ground a few meters. The Sniping Maid eyes widen in shock as Crow being thrown like a rag doll, “CROW!” The Former Fifth Number’s anger boiled over as she quickly spun around with the rifle Crow had given her till he was finished with her new Fairy Pair ready to fight but suddenly Crow shouted from the ground. “Fairy don’t!” The Last Gunslinger lied on the ground not moving for a bit for a few moments then he suddenly got up a little scratched and bruised, blood running down his forehead but relatively on hurt on the outside. Inside however Crow had open and reinjured several wounds including some ribs that were beginning to heal that had crack. The Last of the Gunslingers had a furious anger burning in his eyes as he got up the anger seemingly fueled by the Kamen Rider’s attack or possibly the way he treated Ann Mary but both of these reasons were wrong. Crow mockingly pointed his finger at the warrior and shouted back; ‘Me the wicked one!” Comical anger bubbles began to form around his head as Fairy just watched utterly confused. ‘You are the one working with an evil organization called the Numbers not me and you call me evil! Do you have any idea has this things works I’m the main character here amigo and everybody knows that the main character is the hero! You are running around dressed in black on a demonic motorcycle just look at you; you are the poster image of an evil bad guy! I should be the one fighting for Justice and shouting everywhere! You even called that kick Devil kick! What is that if you are a hero it should be hero kick or justice kick you know something that sounds epic and heroic!” Crow was comically fuming as he continued his rant towards the new opponent finally taking notice of his gun blade which only fueled him more. “Who works for a sharpshooting, gunfighter organization like the Numbers and carries a sword?! Don’t you have any honor, any sense of justice you are the personification of everything I stand against!” Crow smirks a little as he pointed at Devil mockingly mimicking the way the Kamen Rider did to him earlier and declared war. “I will defeat you evil sword wielding Kamen Rider in the name of JUSTICE!!!!!”

After the little rant between the two sharp shooters, trying to figure out who is evil, Crow smirked as he tipped his hat up a wind blow in-between the men it was a scene straight out of a western flick. The gunslinger seemed to become serious again his eyes were charged with electricity that showed his determination. The Rail-gun looked over towards Ann Mary and Jack and spoke with a calm tone that hinted at how truly serious it was, “Jack this fight is mine the Numbers are after me I won’t let anyone else get hurt because of my war. Take Fairy and get out of here now head towards the town that we were going to I will meet you there after I’m done here.” Fairy stood rooted in her spot ready to help Crow she know of Northern Devil’s strengths and wanted to help her new friend and ally but this was the way Crow wanted it one on one fights. The gunslinger would not allow anyone to interfere she wanted to speak out and tell Crow how stupid he was being for risky his life like this but it seem the Last Gunslinger read her mind. Crow smiled cheerfully at the Sniping Maiden of the West, “Don’t worry Fairy I will be fine. I will meet up with you guys soon just get out of here at fast as possible. Trust me Ann I will not lose here I swear on my word as a Gunslinger.” Looking at the gunslinger’s smile and hearing his word filled Fairy with a sense reassurance in the little time she had been with Crow she knew that when he said something like that he meant it; she believed that Crow was not going to lose against the Forth Number. Crow smiled as he waited for Jack to take the others and get out of Dodge leaving only the two gun fighters, the Thunderbolt Gunslinger turned back towards serious once more; “I take it that you are with the Numbers amigo. Tell me what Number are you Ann was Fifth the Western Fairy so what are you?” Using the “Trick” Crow loaded his gun faster than a normal human could see but he did not load it with all normal bullets he had a few tricks bullets in there as well. “You head what I told Ann right I will not lose here and I am a man of my word. I Crow Cementerio, the Rail-gun and the Last Gunslinger will defeat you here!” Crow suddenly shot a bullet at the Northern Devil but this was no ordinary bullet it was one of Crow’s Flash bullet it would explode in a blinding flash of light. The Last Gunslinger used this as a distraction to fire 2 more shots, these be regular bullets, one at the shoulder the other the leg in order to slow the devil down; Crow then ran towards Devil and leapt in the air similar to how the Fourth Number did all and charged his leg with electricity to strengthen it he performed a several rapid kicks at Devil then leapt over him landing behind him and firing a 4 shot aim in the dead center of the back. The battle of the Last Gunslinger versus the Northern Devil had begun.

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Devil Dance

Hehehe this guy Cementerio sure is tough...this guy Cementerio sure is tough...this guy Cementerio sure is tough...this guy Cementerio sure is tough...Hehehe this guy Cementerio sure is tough... Matt started mumbling as his flesh started to vanish and his body shrinked an shriveled into something more akin to raisin than a human being, as his lifeforce was drained by the infernal machine created by the Twins. The cardiac monitor plugged into Matt chest started to decrease it's beeping, a clear indication that he was dying. Dear Sister, please stand by in the second interface chair, this one is out of juice. John talked with calm and serene voice, not even flinching while Matt started spasming and his skin slowly turnt into grey ash-like dust. He laughed madly as the pain jolted throught his nerves, Matt finally died with a loud scream, that broke the silence of the warehouse. Dear Brother, the uplink is complete, the second interface is online and the new fuel deposit is in place. Mary smiled warmly as she checked the plugs that pierced a new child skin, thiso ne was bigger and surely would last longer. Once again, the fuel deposit mumbled about what a great game this was, and how awesome devil was. Dear Brother, we should get some rest, Mary said while hugging her brother, This one will last for a while and the system will inform us when the fuel is running low. John smiled to her sister and grabbed her by the hand Dear Sister, I agree with you, let's go to our bed and sleep togheter, I'm sure that our Devil can defeat another stupid grown-up, and when he does the Altar of Bullets will reward us. Both twins walked towards a door in the back and jumped to the same bed. Good Night Brother, she said, Good Night Sister, he said. The light dimmed as both started dreaming...

Meanwhile Crow was ranting about wicked and just, talking about morality to a lifeless husk that once was a man, and now it was only the frame of something worse. Northern Devil was once a human, a real hero of justice, with real pwoer granted by a wise man. He started investigating the assasinations caused by the Twins, and before he knew it he was defeated, he fell for their trap and got killed, a bullet in tha brain was waht he got for trying to save the children that were know using his body as a toy, children as intelligent as they were deranged. Devil wasnt alive, neither he was dead. His body was used as the vehicle for their program, as his brain did. All the sensors in his body absorbed the energy sent by them, and the thoughts of the fuel deposits were the ones that mvoed him. Technically he was moving out of the imagination of the kids plugged into the interface machines. He couldnt complain, in fact he lacked any kind of opinion or thought. what was left of his consciousness drifted between apathy and ignorance of the real world, a world he wanted to help and ended up backstabbing him. If he had any emotions left he would laugh out of the absurdity of the situation. Words came out from his mouth, words that werent his own, only the program installed on him doing the talking as does wicked twins wanted Just when Crow ended talking about Justice, Devil unnatural cheerful voice repplied with great resolve. You're wrong Cementerio, I'm a Hero of Justice! And my name and appereance is to inspire fear in the criminal hearts! Devil took several posses as he spoke, each one more ridiculous than the last. And my sword carries the power of Justice and your wicked gun wont ever defeat my righteousness!!! I'm the Justice incarnate! I'm the LAW!!!! I'm the super number 4! Northern Devil!! And this place is were your evil stops! He made a final posse, with the gunblade over his shoulder, and he pulled the trigger once and a explosion of dust a blue light appeared behind him.

Crow decided to start the combat after dismissing Fairy and Jack, and with incredible speed he loaded his gun and shooted several bullets, the first one was easy to read and Devil not only dodged it but charged foward with his weapon up high, clearyl he was reaching the realm of the hypersonic speed dashing foward while dodging the bullets. The Flash round exploded behind him, thus he was unaffected by it. He noticed Crow jumping and with speed that matched the Gunslinger's he blocked all the kicks with the side of his blade, Crow landed behind him and with uncanny skill he managed to aim for Devil's Head. When the fourth shot was coming towards his head he cutted it in half and continue the slash towards Crow, shifting the slash for stabbing lunge, with the cannon of his gunblade aiming Crow and shooted while lunging. Receive the punishment of the Justice!!!!!

Back in the warehouse the Twins nap was interrupted by the computer beeping, when they went to see what was happened, noticing that only minutes passed between the last change of bodies, they discovered that half of their stockhold of children was already dead, as seemingly the man Devil was waiting forced the programming to use the full strenght from scratch. This is bad Dear Brother, in matter of minutes we're going to be out of fuel. John looked at Mary with his sinister intentions in his eyes. We'll get more, you stay here, I'll go and capture them. John left her sister, that was monitoring the screens

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Crow’s eyes wide in shock as he saw how fast Devil was, the Fourth Number easily dodge Crow’s bullets and block the gunslinger’s rapid kick assault. Once the Rail-gun landed the Devil of Justice launched his counter attack slicing the bullet in half then continued the slash towards the Last Gunslinger. Crow held up Quicksilver to block Devil’s attack the force of the two extremely durable metals colliding reverberated though Crow’s body; Devil quickly shifted his attack in several rapid stabs the gunslinger began to move backwards quickly. He ducked; dodged, and shifted side to side to dodge Devil’s assault Crow received several small cuts along his arms, sides, and one just under his right eye. Crow jumped backwards getting some distance between him and the Fourth Number as he took into account Devil’s move; damn that sword is massive and he swinging it around easily a guy like this moving that fast this is going to be harder than my fight with Fairy. Something is off though it’s like he movements are automatic there is real strategy to them its like he a fighting machine. I guess I am going to have to step it up if I am going to keep my word. Crow smirked as his hand began to surge with blue electricity and place it on the ground causing a surge of electrical energy to flow from his hand to the ground and head towards Devil. “Lago!” The electricity surged towards Devil then split up into several small bolts of electricity that snakes towards the Northern Devil Crow had control over the current so no matter where Devil move Crow could follow him as long as he remained on the ground. Crow smiled as he looks up suddenly disappears and reappears only a few feet in front of the using his electrically enhanced speed thrust close combat expert of the Numbers. The Rail-gunslinger brought his arm, the one holding Quicksilver, back charging it with electricity to strengthen it then began to swing the blunt bottom edge of the gun at Devil clashing with the Number member’s swords. Sparks flew up from the two metals clashing as Crow’s electrically charged arm not only increase the strength and force of the strikes but by conducting it down his arm though the gun and into Devil he could possibly paralyze Devil for a millisecond with each hit. The Last Gunslinger smirked as he swung his indestructible revolver down vertically clashing with Devil’s gun blade; Crow was face to face with the Fourth Number as they weapons were at a stalemate. Something is wrong here I am putting everything I got against Devil and I can’t seem to sense any emotion any passion from him it’s like I’m fighting a soulless machine. Crow winced a little causing his foot to slip a moment in this stale mate against the sword wielding devil, all his erratic movements were opening up not only the wounds he received from his fight with Fairy but also all the wounds he had received in this ordeal. My body is killing me; I’m sore all over everything time I move my cuts open up and bleed more I don’t know how much longer I can last especially in the heat of the southern weather. Despite his pain the gunslinger continued on as blood trickled down his forehead and face dripping on the ground Crow suddenly let up on Devil using his powers to increase his speed as fast as possible he moved nearly as fast as lightning dropping down to the right of the Devil of the North. Crow dropped Quicksilver and caught it in the opposite hand he then pulled the trigger firing a Burst bullet that was strong enough to destroy moderate explosive resistant armor.

The bullet exploded covered Devil in a cloud of smoke so that Crow didn’t know exactly what happen to the Fourth Number but Crow wasn’t done his assault just yet he tossed the revolver up and got it in his right hand using the “Trick” to reload the gun faster than anyone could see. Aiming at Devil’s right shoulder, left leg, right hand, left foot, head, and heart all with Crow’s 3 of the shots were Crow’s custom Freeze bullet that would freeze the Northern Devil’s various body parts over, the regular bullets were mean to crack the ice shatter it causing massive damage. Once the Last Gunslinger was done with his icy attack he reloaded Quicksilver; tossing the bullets out of the cylinder and throwing the new bullets in air as he mentally stocked his ammo load; I am running out of ammo fast I am down to a few more burst shots, a couple of Dragon shots, plenty of bouncers though, and just enough regular ammo. The cylinder of the revolver spun rapid as the bullets fell into their place dramatically as the Rail-gun spoke to Northern Devil; “So Devil you said your sword carries the power of Justice; well my revolver, Quicksilver, shoots the power of Justice. Let’s see which is stronger your Blade of Justice or my Bullets of Justice! Let’s found out which Law is stronger; your Law of the Numbers or my Law of the Gunslingers!” The sun burned high in the sky above the two warriors a symbolic representation of the cliché showdown at High Noon. Sweat mixed with the Thundering Cowboy’s blood the pinkish mixture dripping off him as a wind blown between the two causing a tumble weed to drift slowly between the two warriors. Despite the battle of life and death that the Last Gunslinger was now in a smile slid on his face he had to admit one thing so far fighting the Numbers has been his greatest challenge in his life, he had never met a group talented of sharpshooters and gunslingers like them. The Numbers and the Gunslingers were the last remnants of a by gone era where fights were honorable and the gunslingers put everything on the line and fought for what they stood for no matter what the cost. As the Rail-gunner thought of the Numbers deep inside he was sadden that a group like them would be evil and fight, slaughter, and kill for money it was not only a contradiction to what their members of the group represented but also a violation of everything Crow believed in; the idea that someone like Ann who had such skills and talents were being used like a pity mercenary made him sick and it was the reason he now more determined then ever to beat the Numbers. There still one thing that was unsettling about the Numbers and even now it crept into his thoughts; the Numbers are basically a group of gunslingers like me their skills and abilities would be the of Gunslingers legends and yet I never heard of them. Grandpa Alcide never once mention that such a group existed if anyone he would have told me about them but yet I am just learning about them now. Do the Numbers and the Gunslingers have some connection that I was never told about?

Whether or not the Numbers were related to the Gunslingers did not matter at the moment the only thing that matter was the battle he was currently in with the Fourth Number; Northern Devil. Crow smirks a little as he talked not realizing he was actually speaking to a robot powered by the life force of captive children tricked by the diabolical Twins, John and Mary. “Hey Devil I learned what Fairy’s real name was after our fight how about you give me the same honor and tell me your real name because I think saying Super Number 4 Northern Devil over and over is going to be a little annoying. The only thing super about you is that bike of yours is a bit flashy for my own taste but it sure is nice.” Crow laughed a little at his joke as he tried to get under the Number 4’s skin, that was if Devil was still a person, “I got to admit Devil you were fast it took me a second to catch up with your movements. Let’s see if you keep up with me. Overcharged.” Suddenly the Last Gunslinger’s body surged with electricity, arcs peeled off his body as his eyes glowed light blue, an arc of electrical energy snaked down his arm and around Quicksilver. Crow was now using one of his signature techniques Overcharged to electrically enhance his entire body; speed, strength, reflexes, focus, everything his saw was slowed down the gunslinger knew he only had 5 minutes maybe 7 max with this ability and the side effects afterwards would be a possible death sentence but he had to go all out against the Numbers. The Thunderbolt Gunslinger just smiled as he pushed off the ground and suddenly vanished only to reappear a couple of feet to the left of Devil the only trace of him being some static sparks and static feeling in the air. Crow began to 3 shot at the Northern Devil each one aimed precisely for his arm, leg, and chest. The Last of the Gunslingers then vanished again reappearing here and there creating a slight blurry after image all around Devil; Crow was trying to confuse him as well keeping some distance. Crow suddenly appeared at least 8 feet behind the gun-blade wielder Crow ran up at full speed nearly as fast as lighting his hand surging with light blue lightning, “La Hoja!” Once the Rail-gun was right behind Devil Crow slice vertically with his left hand from bottom right to upper left hoping to slice and shock the Fourth Number but Crow wasn’t done yet he had another trick up his sleeve if Devil manage to jump backwards Crow would extend the blade of lightning to form La Lanza to extend his reach and atttack. The gunslinger raised his gun aiming for Devil’s chest as he pulled the trigger firing another Burst Bullet. Crow had a plan if this didn’t end Northern Devil to keep him away from this area and anyone he may get caught in the cross fire involving the potential use of a motorcycle.

Meanwhile just over a mile away a man wearing a long duster coat, dark brown cowboy hat, red body armor under the coat with a cross hair design on the heart, thick red and brown gloves, brown pants and boots. The man face was partially covered but what seemed to be a mask that covered the top half of his face over his left eye was red robotic lens like device that had wires connected to it that wrapped to the back of his head. The man had two silver Griswald pistols in holsters on his legs along with several other weapons in his outfit that were all firearms the man had an extremely large rifle strapped to his back; the rifle was probably twice the size of the man with a large scope on the side. The rifle resembled an old western bolt action rifle but instead most advance and high tech looking. The mysterious long range shooter set the rifle on the ground looking towards the distance as he plotted to take out Crow Cementerio but first he was going to take out Fairy and Jack with his rifle.

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"Jack somethings coming your way, and fast.” Lan Fan warned in his earpiece.

“Something is already here,” he whispered back. Lan Fan was going to respond but the earpiece shut off suddenly, sound of a school bell explained why. Fairy’s reaction to the armored warrior showed that this newcomer was a member of the numbers. The armored man, whose name was apparently devil, kicked Crow hard enough to make him fly backward. Jack could tell that Crow was unhurt, but he was suddenly very curious about what those revolvers where made of. It could have been enchanted but Jack didn’t see any runes, bronze was the easiest to enchant without runes but Jack doubted that was the case. It was too light to be Katchin, which was the strongest metal Jack could synthesize. So what was it?

<Orcichalcum> Miracle answered, <By the way whats a Kamen Rider?>

<TV show, Lan Fan has been trying to get me to see it, why do you ask?>

<Crow mentioned it.> Miracle explained.

<I tuned out around the part where Crow called himself the main character.> Jack explained, <Its more or less true but it does not give him the moral highground.>

<And this guys ridiculously evil looking design?> Miracle asked.

<Who ever brainwashed him has a sense of humor.>


<He called the numbers good and fair without irony. He’s brainwashed.> Jack concluded. The two were in a stand off, Jack added the dramatic wind.

“Jack this fight is mine the Numbers are after me I won’t let anyone else get hurt because of my war. Take Fairy and get out of here now head towards the town that we were going to I will meet you there after I’m done here.”

“Lets get out of their range,” Fairy didn’t move. “We’ll get out their range, they’ll still be in your range.” Jack whispered. They moved until they couldn’t see the fight anymore. Jack took out a pair of binoculars and Fairy looked into a sniper scope. Devil was as good as dead, Crow was an even match for him and Fairy would make sure that Crow would come out of it alive. Jack used this opportunity to gauge Crow’s abilities, what he saw impressed him.

<Think you could take him?> Miracle inquired.

<Without prep he’d beat me easily.>

<Do you have prep?>


There was a beep in Jack’s ear, it was Lan Fan. “Don’t you have class right now?” he asked.

“Jack there is a sniper in red about a half-mile away from you!”

“Give me the coordinates.” A sniper, much better range than a bow and Jack knew that he couldn’t block a sniper shot, especially with the newer guns which had bullets that out paced the sound of the gun being fired. Lan Fan read off the coordinates. “Fairy, enemy sniper at 3 o’clock.” Jack said calmly. Fairy was above all else a trained fighter, she did not hesitate. She turned and fired, Jack threw down a smoke bomb and grabbed Fairy’s arm, “stay near me.” he ordered.

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Ultra Devil Mode Engage!

The warehouse was full of kids, all standing in a zombie-like dazed slumber, all under the effects of one of the Twins inventions, a mind control drug that would let them manhandle all this children with ease. John kept bringing them in, while Mary plugged them to the system. This was the first time Northern Devil fought such a long battle, most of the opponents faced by him were destroyed in one stroke. Dear Brother, we need more, he is burning throught the fuel faster than I can plug him. The young girl explained with a worried note in her voice, as the children withered like badly cared plants in the middle of a desert. I'm on it Dear Sister, I'll go to the nearby schools to get more fuel. John moved towards the door and started to close it from outside, With the ones I brought you should have 15 minutes at least, more than enough to bring more and more fuel for our child. With that words John left with after recharging the drug in his gun, and left his sister monitoring the situation. Devil worked by draining the lifeforce and imagination of humans, not exactly imagination, but a particular wave generated when the brain "imagines" something, the Twins discovered it after a freak accident involving a dream watching machine made by them in the orphanage out of scraps. The energy released resonatedwith their experiment subject, one of their "friends" in the boarding house. The strange brain wave enhanced the kid mind and caused what haunted him in a nightmare to appear in the real world. After experimenting a little bit more the Twins decided to encase that in a body, and as the human body was more attuned to this energy they kidnapped a Vigilante that called himself Guardian Angel, as the hero was misguided by the appareances. They drugged him and killed him, only to revive him as a cyborg, powered by a reactor that was linked to the broadcasting device designed by them, so they could feed him with energy and orders. With this piece of equipment they stole, killed and destroyed anything that opposed them, and finally caught the attention of the Altar of Bullets, that asked them to join, and in exchange the Sages would revive their parents, so they could torture and inflict pain upon them until the day of their death. John and Mary hated their parents for abandoning them in the orphanage, as that was what really happened.

Back in New Mexico, Devil attacks were skillfully blocked and avoided by Crow. The battle, as the Twins intended gravitated towards lose Combat, but the data they had about Crow didnt matched up with the real deal, as the Lighting Gunslinger fought bravely and without fear, even facing a stronger adversary with longer close combat reach and power, clashing his barrel against the sword without any doubt of his gun possibly getting damaged. The Last Gunslinger avoided Devil's slashes and stabs with perfect movements and even with the Fake Hero being faster, Crow stood his ground with fierce movements and skillful evasions. The Numbers target jumped backwards to gain some distance, and the moment he used his skill to create a field of static electricty to detect the movements of the opponents, was more than enough for the powerful cyborg to cut distances with a supersonic dash and keep fighting against Crow, spark flying and the sound of weapon against weapon resounded like a bell. The Gunslinger was slowly getting the edge, as he was getting acustomed to Devil movements and the Cyborg power fluctuating wildly since he lacked the fuel that pumped his engines, was also helping. Even so, even with this advantages Crow was only a man, and a wounded man to get things worse. But being human was what allowed him to adapt and change with the speed of thought, while even if it was powerful Northern Devil was only a machine, it had human bits, but the A.I was the only thing moving him, and no matter how complex or advanced the power of a digital intelligence is, it can never match the power of the human will and determination, something that Crow showed in this fight with a particular manuever. For a second the Lighting Cowboy staggered out of his wounds and tired body, and in a battle like this one, were the fighters break the sound, a second was too much, Devil battle program detected the hole and attacked, but pulling himself togheter even as he was in pain and he suffered, Crow used his powers to get a sudden increase in speed, and cutting to the side with the speed of lighting and the ferocity of thunder he avoided the almost lethal attack from Devil and appeared far too the right of the 4th Number. With inhuman skill he aimed without seeing and shot a Burst Bullet towards the Former Hero. The explosion reached Devil, that got lagged out of the sudden change in Crow speed and his sensors couldnt follow the Gunslinger before re-adjusting, so he was almost defenseless. The bullet exploded against his head, and a dustscreen got lifted by it.

Crow didnt waited to check on his opponent and shot three freezing bullets. Devil system reacted to the incoming danger and jumped in an acrobatic display that would make a real Kamen Rider Blush, tumbling in the air several times before landing with his back turned to Crow. Haha! You villain think you're so smart, but tis' only but a scratch, he said while lifting up his sword in a very dramatic manner and then as he turned aroudn to face Crow placed it over his right shoulder, You'll need more than cowardly bullets to defeat me! Super Number 4! The Handsome Hero of the North! He took poses as he was talking, with his hat intact, casting a shadow upon his damage faceplate, I'm the Devil that brings hell to criminals! The Herald of Justice! He continued to move and posse with dramatic Sentai-ish movements. I'm Northern Devil-sama you wicked Cementerio! Prepare to be defeated! As my blade carries my will, my power and Justice! Once more the explosion appeared behind him, lifting black sand, it could seem strange but a man trained like Crow could notice that he threw the charge with the explosive and the colorant before landing. The blast of the explosion blowed away his hat, revealing the damage faceplate and what was under it. A human face, at least a part of it, since the Burst Shot only blew half of it while the rest was still there, yet it was greatly damage and another good hit could make it fall apart like old breadcrumbs. The skin was overun by root-like metallic tendrils and the only visible eye was bionic, the skin was pale and almost bluish, more akin to a zombie than a normal human. The eye glowed with a faint grey light, almost unticeable by the schorching sun shining upon their heads. The Electric Cowboy started talking to him “So Devil you said your sword carries the power of Justice; well my revolver, Quicksilver, shoots the power of Justice. Let’s see which is stronger your Blade of Justice or my Bullets of Justice! Let’s found out which Law is stronger; your Law of the Numbers or my Law of the Gunslingers!” Both fighter were at mid-range, standing front to front just like in the western movies, ready for a face-off. As almost any comment this one was distorted by the program made by the Twins. The A.I they developed was based upon Guardian Angel brain, so it was heroic no matter what, the way they had to fix that was distorting any reference of Devil being evil given by anybody, thus the A.I really believed that was doing good things.

Black oil poured from a wound in Devil forehead, coming out from the metallic tendrils more than the human remains, as he got wounded by the burst bullet, and now that black miasma was covering his eye, reducing his vision. Crow tried a different approach, as he asked some questions to Devil so he could try to reach him, just as he reached Fairy, but the cold heart of the cyborg, even with his hot-blooded personality, didnt shaked upon this strategy. With his over excited and kind of hammy voice, Devil only answered, Deceiver, I'll never tell you my secret identity, a Hero never reveals his real name to the ones of wicked heart! and took a combat stance, a ridiculous, full of holes, bizarre position, that was copied by the Twins into his program from a TV show. The Last Gunslinger body got suddenly covered in electric arcs, Devil sensors reacted to the energy spike, but they couldnt react to the increase in speed, and when Crow moved, he completly lost him and when the Thunderbolt Rider reappeared the Cyborg reacted sluggishly hitting the ground while trying to swing at his opponent, the three bullets pierced throught the armor, making 3 holes spurt black oil all over the place. This dark substance could have stained Crow, but it only phased throught the Electrical Phantom, an after image of the static field surrounding Crow. The second attack, coming from behind was detected, and this time Devil body reacted on time, blocking the blade of electricty with his own blade, that was insulated by the Twins before this mission, but wasnt able to avoid the burst shot completly, yet he wasnt taken down by that, as he managed to tilt his head, and only lose the remaining parts of his faceplat without hurting his eye. The 4th Number jumped backwards and landed over the top of his motorcycle. You're good evildoer, but your skill will be your undoing! I'll use my full power to deal with you Cementerio! Devil let himself limp and landed sitting in the vehicle, from that position he pierced with his blade a huge socket right under the handlebar. Ultra Devil Battlelizer Mode Engage! The Motorcycle started to shift and change it's shape. The front wheel alocated in Devil's back and the lower half splitted in a wing like manner, creating short wing, the engine and the plating formed a protective armor, the Sword got splitted and protected both arms, the back wheel splitted in two smaller wheels that located near the ankles creating a rollerblade for fast movement. The Motorcycle turned into a battle armor for high speed battles, and two revolvers springed from the shoulders and Devil grabbed them in mid-air. The transformation sequence was complete when a new hat and a faceplate formed around his head and face. Get ready to be defeated Cementerio! the 4th Number rushed foward while shooting with his oversized revolvers, moving almost faster that the bullets he was shooting, and barely scrapping the same speed as Crow was actually moving at...

And that's how I've got my current body, meanwhile Crow fought Devil, Wolf was finishing his story, and Falken was kind of surpirsed. That's was a interesting, yet disturbing story Wolf, I think it deserves more Vodka. The Falcon Eyed Killer stood up and walked towards the bar, but the coarse voice of the 3th Number stopped him. Wait Tovarish, I think is my time to leave, Dragon planned for me to ambush Cementerio and company in the nearest water spring, it is hidden in a rocky terrain, with spiky formations, the locals call the place "El Laberinto de Clavos" (Nail Labyrinth) The sound of metallic steps and neumatic amortiguations followed the landing of Wolf Four legs Is the perfect spot for a surprise attack, and Cementerio will have to visist it if he wants water, since we blocked any other place and took the water. Falken turned around with some dissapointment in face, and a bottle of Vodka in his hand, Is a shame, I hope we can meet again to continue our conversation, I still have to tell my story. The 3th Number walked to the exit, avoiding the corpses and the tables. I'll take your word Tovarish, but you'll pay the drinks, HEHEHEHEHE, with that Metallic laughter Wolf left the building, leaving a silent Falken behind him.

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USA, Arizona State

A lone motorbike scrapped the sands of the Arizonan wastelands. It was an Indian 841, a relic back from the Second World War. Designed by Carl Oscar Hedström , the Indian 841 was a bike created for the purpose of desert warfare. It was ran by a powerful 737 cc. engine and incorporated a number of technical innovations. The machine later became especially famous for its unique drivetrain configuration. Despite the great capabilities of the 841 though, the US army sided with the more cost-effective Jeep. As such only 1056 Indian 841s were made before the production's eventual cancel. It's a rare model only preferred by enthusiastic collectors. Strangely though, this 841 wasn't ridden by such a bike enthusiastic. Neither by a collector of old-time motorbikes. No, the one grabbing the 841's steering fork was a Japanese youth, namely Daisuke Emiya. What a weird combination. Moreover because just like the machine its youthful owner was no less unique. Daisuke Emiya was born in Japan yet that was something you couldn't tell at first glance. He was relatively tall, above 180 centimeters in height, had a rusty red hair and otherwise possessed facial features that were pointing to a distant Westerner relative. Oh, and he lived in London. While having a temporal residence in Kyoto. One can only wonder how such a fellow could end up traveling overseas. What business did Daisuke have there? Perhaps, there was an explanation for everything.

Naturally, Daisuke Emiya was on a mission. He had got a new assignment from Ebisu, from an organization of heroes that secretly protect our world and helps to maintain peace. Daisuke only became Ebisu's member since 22 days. Despite that, this mission had been Daisuke's third job already. So far he had only got low-key missions and his new assignment weren't anything special either. Daisuke was ordered to investigate a strange magic cult near the American-Mexican border, in Lukevile's vicinity. It appeared to be an easy job with barely any risks. In spite of that Daisuke didn't take the mission lightly, neither he felt disappointed. No matter how small the job was, Daisuke accepted them with high spirits. To him the mere fact of helping people was enough. Of course he was longing for a chance to show his full capabilities but Daisuke understood that everything had its own time and place. So for the time being he was content with even these low-key missions. It was far better than doing nothing. And for someone as diligent as Daisuke, idleness and inactivity were almost like a sin.

The hot and arid atmosphere was almost unbearable to Daisuke who used to the far more moderate climates. At least he wore googles so he didn't have to worry too much about the sand particles. Daisuke had been riding for many hours already. He felt tired but thankfully his magic power managed to keep him awake. More importantly, Daisuke never took a driving license. He was too caught up with other things to consider going for a driving school. Yet Daisuke handled the wild Indian 841 motorbike with surprising expertise. How? The Indian 841 was a machine made for the US military. As such it was considered a "weapon". Daisuke had found the motorbike in a run-down car lot in the outskirts of Chandler. The machine was in an incredibly poor shape. The engine was totaled and the fuel tank had many bullet holes on it.Besides, the entire machine was covered in rust. The owner only kept the Indian 841 for spare parts but the rarity of the motorbike made even such attempts futile. So when someone asked to buy the bike, David Etelson was first surprised then burst out laughing. Really, that motorbike was just an useless trash to David. Yet Daisuke was very adamant on buying it. "Okay, boy. I don't care whatever you have in mind with that junk. So how about 200$? It's twice the price I would be getting from the junkyard." Mr. Etelson said. "Alright. It's a deal then, Mr. Etelson." "Oh, just call me Ete." Daisuke shook hands with Mr. Etelson. As expected the owner just wished to get rid of that useless bike as soon as possible. If Daisuke would've pushed a bit, he may had even managed to get the Indian 841 for free. But he was no good at haggling. Besides, he knew that Mr. Etelson may regret his decision very soon.

They had signed the sale contract and Daisuke took the motorbike from 'Ete's Free for All'. He went with the Indian 841 to an empty alley with no one else around. "Trace---ON!" He called. The boy Daisuke Emiya might be just an amateur mechanic but he was a real prodigy when it came to repairing things. Yes, he was a magus. Even if just small, Daisuke had the power of miracles. The short phrase he just exclaimed was the key for activating his sleeping Magic Circuits. In a few seconds Daisuke scanned the entire structure of Indian 841. No, he went even further than that. Daisuke gained a short peek within the motorcycle's memories. He saw moments of the Indian 841 being assembled in a conveyor belt, the motorbike's virgin journey in the Californian deserts and many more. After the war, the bike was sold to a veteran soldier called Kent Smith. Mr. Smith took great care of the motorcycle, going as far as giving a name for the Indian 841: Christeen. Unfortunately though, Mr. Smith died a few years later, leaving his family in great debt. The Smiths were in great need of money so they sold the Indian 841 to a shady dealer. The motor dealer of course passed on the bike for an even larger sum to a big contractor. Following that 'Christeen' exchanged many hands until it was stolen by an escaped convict. Although said convict hadn't got really far as the police immediately caught his tail. To prevent the escapee from getting any further a trigger-happy policeman shot the Indian 841's fuel tank. With no fuel to run, the motorbike quickly stopped. But not before it got crashed into a nearby rock. The convict was caught and taken back to the prison. But unfortunately the Indian 841 was almost totaled. Since its owner, Ken Brian had no money neither an insurance to cover the damage, he put away the bike into an old barn. The Indian 841 stayed there for an entire decade. Building up rust that corroded the gears. Finally, Mr. Brian had enough and gave the Indian 841 to his friend who owned an used car shop, David Etelson. That was how the Indian 841 had ended up in 'Ete's Free for All'. And that was how Daisuke had met 'Christeen'.

Daisuke Emiya was getting close to Lukevile. The ride that took 5 hours was almost at its end. So far 'Christeen' was performing splendidly. Apparently, Daisuke had an unusually good affinity with the motorbike. Thanks to that the process of 'repair' went along without any hitch. The Indian 841 was as good as new, maybe even better. The memories of 'Christeen' also allowed Daisuke to borrow the skills of its previous riders. Thus even someone without a driving license like Daisuke was able to control the Indian 841 with ease. He also 'instinctively' kept the traffic laws since many of Christeen's previous owners were good citizen. Soon, Daisuke managed to reach the gas station in Lukevile's outskirts. Daisuke stopped the engine and stepped off the motorcycle. He had to refuel but more importantly Daisuke wanted to question a few people, hoping that he may manage to find out something about that mysterious magic cult. "!!" Suddenly, he had a strange premonition. It was the scent of death. People were murdered violently and the killer was probably somewhere nearby. It was a faint indescribable feeling. Daisuke could only sense it due to his active Magic Circuits. He also felt the presence of a hidden attacker. But where? Daisuke immediately turned on his Reinforcements, ready to engage in combat whenever the situation demands it.

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Ballad of the Mercenary

The security perimeter was breached, somebody passed throught Falken hidden Cambots, and activated the silent alarm. The Falcon wasnt worried about it, as most of the ones that were travelling without a set goal, drifiting in the desert, searching for Crow, were small fries, the big guns were already there, or waited to ambush the Lighting Gunslinger. What a drag, I think I'll have to take out the trash, and then I'll clean the place, Falken let the chopped leg he was carrying, while using protective gloves, to fall towards the ground, making a small splash-like sound against the wet blood stained floor. Falken walked outside with evident dissapointment, unlike others Mercenaries, he liked the cleaning job, it brought good memories, as he started cleaning the messes his teacher Johann Gine, the man that taught him to be a mercenary, to be a man and most important to be human. Lifting the pieces of humans was his way to get in touch with that memories, and to face his own humanity and mortality. Falken knew from the start that a strayed bullet could kill him, yet he was in peace with that, the life of a mercenary costs as much as how much money was used to hire him. In the world of the hired guns the skill is everything, milimiters define life and death. The Falcon left the building aas he tookk the blood stained gloves off, he was wearing a black short sleeved t-shirt, black combat pants and boots and several gun holsters, also a combat knife was hidden in his left boot. He was linked to his arsenal, so any weapon made by him, or placed in the hyper-space pocket was available. The Yamato Satellite wasnt aligned, thus the Yamato Laser wasnt operative. Falken carried a vodka bottle under his armpit as he removed the second glove. He looked at Daisuke without showing any surprise, even if he was really surprised of finding a Hero in a place like this, at least that was what his intel said about the young Magus. Behind him, the double door of the Saloon closed, and his bloodstained tracks were pretty revealing about his true nature.

With calm familiarity he greeted the Red Haired Hero with a confident smile, Hello kiddo, welcome to this town, current population 2, he showed with his fingers the number, do you want some Vodka? Without waiting for an answer he threw the bottle in a high arc, with pinpoing accuracy towards Daisuke lap. As the bottle spinned in the air, hopefully getting the Magus Attention, Falken summoned two weapons from his arsenal, the Links Unicorn Blaster, a high powered Shotgun with two modes of ammo, and the Kasshu Exploding gauntlet. With his right hand he shoot the Shotgun, with the secondary mode, a cone of incandescent sharpnel, that cutted and cauterized the wounds, managing to punch holes throught steel plates like warm butter, and reducing a tank into shredded bits in one shot. After shooting, he used the minimum charge of the Gauntlet to punch the ground, rising a smoke screen after the golden flash caused by the impact that also created a wave of sound that would numb the opponent senses, a problem Falken didnt had since his senses, enhanced by bionic technology, re-adjusted to any sudden changes, rendering him inmune to flashbangs and similar stuff. The attack also lifted a stench of concentrated gunpowder, so in fact the strategy could block three senses. The Falcon had little information about Daisuke, only the mumbling of drunken hoods and some criminals, that talked about the blinding speed and multiple weapons between sobbing and sometimes pissing themselves. This young man caused a great impresion on the people he defeated following his convictions. The Bionic Mercenary didnt knew about Daisuke power source or real skillset, but in any case, he would take some precautions, at least until his cambots, hidden near the current battlefield, could give him an accurate analysis on the kid powers. I think I play with him for a while and then take off the kiddy gloves. thought Falken as he activated the cloaking mode, greatly increased in effectivity the smoke covered battleground. With uncanny speed and stealth the Falcon Eyed Killer moved towards the side of the saloon, using the wall as cover.

He sent back the weapons, and called forth his favourite pair of guns, at least until watching the kid battle style, he would use his best style, until choosing a better suited for fighting Daisuke. The Ray Vulcan Handgun and the Aznable Particle Handgun, both outfitted with the small under barrel bayonets, one beam-based, the other a heated blade. This pair allowed, long to close combat without any problems, and yet if they lacked in power, they made up in ammunition, that was almost unlimited, yet it had a cooldown between each 50 shots. The Cambots were starting to monitor Daisuke movements and skills. Thee Falcon had a bad feeling in his gut, a feeling that he only had when he was involved with mages. Yet he didnt knew about it, since it was just a hunch, but time would prove him right, and Falkne would have the chance to say " I really hate Mages"....

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Duel in No Man's Land - Part 1: Deadly Meeting 

Daisuke was alert. The experienced a similar feeling many times. The gas station had a thick stench of death. It didn't have anything to do with smell. Going by his five senses, Daisuke didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. But being a magus, Daisuke could experience things that are beyond the five senses. What Daisuke felt was something incomprehensible by logic. But if Daisuke really wanted to explain, it was like a sixth sense. Daisuke felt an unusual aura. The coldness of death. The feeling of loss that would remain after one's soul exits the body. But there was more. Like a dagger tensed against his throat, Daisuke sensed a strong killing intent. Whoever murdered the people at the gas station was still nearby. Furthermore that man chose Daisuke as his next target. Despite the red-haired magus had yet to gather any concrete evidence, he had already knew that his life was in grave danger. He had yet to see his enemy but Daisuke knew he was going to enter combat. As such he had no reason to hesitate. (Trace---ON!) He silently murmured as he let the magic energy flow freely within his system. Reinforcements, a magic used to enhance raw materials was applied to Daisuke's flesh and bones thus giving him superhuman powers. Even though Daisuke had yet to see his opponent, he had felt that the enemy was strong. He was someone not to be taken lightly. So Daisuke took the required preparations to meet such an opponent. 
Daisuke didn't have to wait for long. His enemy revealed himself much sooner than expected. He was a man barely past his 30s. Yet his eyes showed experience beyond his age. He was a veteran combatant who had to fight through his entire life. That was Daisuke's first impression of the man standing before him. The man's outfit also implied professional military background. Although his gear was too unique and it didn't match with any of the existing military branches. As such he was a living mystery. A man without anything to pin down . A very dangerous existence. "Hello kiddo, welcome to this town! Current population 2." The man said it like a greeting, with an attitude totally improper to the weight of his crime. Daisuke had to grit his teeth to contain his anger. His enemy just made an indirect confession about the massacre of the entire population of Lukevile. Despite that the man wore a nonchalant smile, like it was nothing just an entertaining game. That cold and careless attitude pissed off Daisuke to no end. But he had to be in control. Otherwise he would be just playing to the enemy's hands. "Do you want some Vodka?" The man showed a bottle of liquor to Daisuke. The next moment he sent the bottle flying against Daisuke's lap. But the red-haired boy didn't move. His eyes remained fixed on his enemy. The bottle impacted with Daisuke's leg and broke in half, spewing all of its contents on the youth's trousers. But Daisuke didn't care. He was so angry he even forgot to feel any pain.  "No thanks." Yet the youth's voice remained calm, even a bit cold. Daisuke turned his anger into sheer killing intent, not losing his focus on the enemy. 
Seeing Daisuke's reaction, the enemy just released a small shrug. In the next moment he had a pair of weapons appearing in his arms. "!!" Daisuke was surprised, not expecting that his enemy could summon weapons out of the thin air. In the enemy's right hand was a bulky gun while his left was covered in an armored glove. And that was the time Daisuke had realized a grave error in his strategy. Yes, he was fighting in the middle of a gas station. A strait gunshot could likely blow up the entire place in an instant. BANG! Unfortunately though, Daisuke had no time to rethink his strategy. Without the slightest hint of hesitation the enemy pulled the trigger, shooting out a spray of molten shrapnel at the direction of Daisuke. Parrying each projectile was impossible and dodging the attack was definitely a bad idea. No matter what option he chose, all of Daisuke's attempts were looking futile. He could either die or die by the gas explosion. There was nothing in-between. Unless... 
Loud booming sound. That gunshot was far from ordinary. The force which was strong enough to devastate battle tanks sent vibrations through the air. "Heh...not bad." Yet the thing that followed up the scene was even more shocking. Daisuke Emiya was alive. Neither he nor the gas station had suffered any damage. There was a foreign object between Daisuke and the enemy's line of fire. It was a shield, ornate in design, engraved with various texts in a forgotten language. Darian Gwalchavad, the shield of the legendary Arthurian era knight, Sir Galahad. Forged by best Eastern smiths, combined with ancient oriental sorcery, it was a mystic shield that could never break. Although unfortunately Daisuke never saw the real thing. The shield he had created was only a poor replica, barely 10% of the original's quality. Due to the shield's swallow mystic power, it only narrowly withstood the the opposing attack. The shield was bent in weird dimensions and Daisuke felt a strange feeling of numbness in his arms. He had barely made it. 
Of course the enemy had no time to be surprised. Unshaken by the fact Daisuke had survived, the man had already launched his next attack. This time against the ground. The man's gauntlet hit the hard surface and released an explosive shockwave. Being too occupied with the previous attack, Daisuke had no time to react. The blastwave caught him on the wrong feet and sent him flying. Fortunately, the explosion was relatively weak so the gas station didn't blew up. Albeit deteriorated the shield also managed to absorb the majority of the shockwave, saving the red-haired hero. Although the blast spewed up large quantities of dust, blocking the visibility. Aware of the situation, Daisuke quickly let go of Darian Gwalchavad which immediately disappeared. Instead he summoned his two favored swords, Kanshou and Bakuya. Daisuke knew what to do. In order to avoid getting caught by an ambush he had to escape the dust cloud at once. Otherwise the enemy may use it as a screen to hide his movements. Besides, Daisuke had to get away from the gas station as soon as possible. His situation was similar to sitting atop of a barrel of gunpowder. While his enemy had flaming arrows. To avoid the most unfavorable outcome the red-haired magus made hasty retreat from the site. He knew that such a reckless move may provoke a similar counterattack but it was still 10 times better than getting casually blew up by a strait gunshot.  
With nimble movements Daisuke quickly hopped up from the surface then performed a daring backflip. "!!" Perhaps, that was the time Daisuke's enemy was waiting for. A stream of bright projectiles cut through the smoke. Being still in the air, Daisuke was out of options to dodge. Instead he crossed his swords to block the incoming storm. Kanshou and Bakuya had special enhancements to repel foreign energy. Apparently, it worked not just on magic. The particle beams were getting reflected off the sword's surface. On the other hand the bullets caused more headache. Daisuke had to grip Kanshou and Bakuya strongly to off-set the force of the incoming projectiles. With a hint of miracle, Daisuke had made it to the ground unscratched. Right after he landed, the boy took a quick jump to the off side to avoid the weapons' line of fire and position himself behind a large container. Given the force of the enemy's guns, Daisuke had no doubt that the container would only prove as a temporally cover at best. 
But that was all that Daisuke really needed. The twin swords had disappeared from the youth's hands. Instead, he summoned a black compound bow. (Time for counterattack!) Thought Daisuke and ran off to the other side of the container. His bowstring was at the ready while his right hand was holding the end of a strangely shaped arrow. While performing a long jump the youth released the string, sending the arrow on its deadly path.. Daisuke couldn't see his enemy yet he had a definite target. It was one of the gas tanks. Triggering one of those could easily set-off a chain of explosions. Especially since Daisuke's arrows were far from normal. They were mystical blades transformed into the aerodynamic shape of an arrow. The projectile that left Daisuke's black bow flew at supersonic speeds and possessed the force comparable to a tank shell. 
Despite Daisuke was afar, the force of the series of explosions could still get him. Soon after he landed, Daisuke covered himself in his large overcoat. The coat was made of a special fabric of Kevlar, reinforced with various minor enchantments. That alone was strong enough to stop most forms of small arms fire. In addition Daisuke was an expert in Reinforcement magic. Combining the unique fabric with youth's magic could protect Daisuke from even grenade exploding nearby. In short Daisuke was prepared to take the blast. His enemy on the other hand might be in far more trouble.
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