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Interesting, so you expanded the story into a trilogy then? Good, for some strange reason the naming of the epsides reminds me of Star Wars.:p
Anways, I think Mr. White is going to make his appearance here. Be it directly or by just observing the events.
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@willyvereb: Awesome :) I can't wait to see Mr. White's appearance. Yeah if I kept this as one story then it would be forever so I thought a trilogy would be cool I havent seen anything like this on the Vice before and I like trying new things. Yeah Kuma came up with the name of this part I'm not sure what we are calling the 3rd part but I'll cross that bridge when we get there.

I just want to let everyone know that I'm working as fast as I can to start this I just a few things to do first.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Good to hear. To serve with something equally nice, I'm working on my post with Validimus. Yesterday I got back from work rather late so I had to delay it.
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@willyvereb: Cool well currently I'm working on Supers DTB RP, The Culling, so take your time I can't wait to see what you have in that post. :)

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I realized in Part 1 some people who were in it really didn't do much so prevent that from happening again I'll also be using 2 NPC mercenaries so everyone will have an opponent. They are not associated with the Numbers.

The Gamer

Ringo Pereza
Ringo Pereza

Name: Ringo Pereza aka The Gamer

Age: 14

Background: Ringo was the son of two entrepreneurs who spoiled him with the latest video games and technology to keep him preoccupied but never with love because they were often too busy for their own son. Ringo eventually grew tired of the loveless life and turned bitter as a way to teach his parents a lesson he used his tech savy brain to hack into his parents company database and transferred all their money and funds to a secret account that he owned. Unfortunately his plan back fired instead of his parents now spending time with him the sudden turn to bankruptcy drove his father to depression and near insanity making him kill Ringo's mother before killing himself. Ringo would then use the money he stole from his parents to run away from this life and take on a new name and become a mercenary using his tech and his special physic base powers.

Personality: Ringo is extremely arrogant and heartless he believes that he is superior to most of his opponents and shows no mercy to those he feel are weaker than him. Ringo has developed a deep hatred for adults believing that the world would be better if they were all dead and kids were free to do what they wanted; believing that adults are the reason for wars, hatred, crime, and violence and they a kid utopia would be a peaceful world. This belief comes from the treatment he received from his parents who even with no money just death instead of spending time with their son. He often becomes enraged when ever someone tries to flaunt their age over him or when someone acts "grown up". Ringo is still a child and is prone to temper tantrums and crying when ever he doesn't get what he wants and despite his abilities he still has the mind of a child and therefore a child's intelligence.

Equipment: Hover skateboard (capable of going 200mphs), a high tech gauntlet on his right arm that he uses to control his physic constructs, ear phones that increase his hearing range, high tech boots that allow him stay on his hover board and fly using propulsion jets, his favorite hand held video game.


Game Time:

Ringo has a physic base ability that allows him to create physic constructs based off his imagination; ironically because of his life of playing video games his imagination is some what limited and therefore most of the constructs he creates are based off the characters from the video games he plays. He can maintain this constructs as long as he is able to concentrate even if it is a small amount so rendering him unconscious is a sure way to get rid of his constructs. Because of his child mind and intelligence he doesn't have the mental ability to make more than one construct at a time and therefore must deconstruct one to make another. Despite being his creation the construct have a sort of free will and can attack and do whatever they see fit therefore Ringo created the gauntlet on his right arm to control his creation but firing a plug into the back of the constructs then using the gauntlet like a controller to "play" his constructs. The cord max length is current unknown but he has shown that he can control constructs at a total of 10 meters away.

Cheat Code:

Using the same cord he uses to control his constructs he is able to fire it at living people if the cord is able pierce into someone he is capable of controlling them using his gauntlet as a "controller" the same way he does when controlling his constructs. The control can be resisted by someone with powerful physic abilities or a strong mental will. Overpowering Ringo's control results an a physic discharge in the disguise of an electrical surge to run though the cord and back to him causing him sever mental pain. Someone who is skilled and extremely powerful or has a powerful and dominant will can actually use the cord to not only over power Ringo but reverse the control so that they now have control of his body instead.

The War Machine

Sturm "War Machine" Blitzkrieg
Sturm "War Machine" Blitzkrieg

Name: Sturm "War Machine" Blitzkrieg

Age: 38

Background: A ruthless former general in the German army, he was known for the large amount of men he had under his command and then using his vast numbers would just overwhelm opponents with brute force, numbers, and heavy arensal and fire power, this would earn him the nick name War Machine. Sturm was discharged when the government would learn that after destroying a town or village he would steal everything of value and stole it on the black market to fund himself as well as committing several violations violations of the Geneva Convention. Sturm would go on to become an even more ruthless mercenary using his special battle amount he created with his illegal funds.

Personality: Sturm is a cruel and ruthless man will a superiority complex to match; he known for beating his opponent even after they are defeated and have surrendered to show how superior he is to them. Sturm believes that his better, stronger, more powerful arsenal, formerly his army, can beat anyone and when he is beaten blaming it on everyone but himself often claiming that the opponent cheated somehow to better him when in fact it was he who was using foul play during the whole fight. His overconfidence in his armor and arsenal makes him believe his is invincible and is often shocked when someone does beat him this belief also makes him rush into battle without worrying about problems. he is also not above foul play whether it is faking weak or begging for mercy then takes advantage of their kindness surprising them with a sneak attack from one of his hidden weapons.

Equipment: Sturm is known for carrying a large arsenal with him at all time; he often carries several hidden weapons to use against his opponent when their guard is down. His arsenal includes:

  • Indestructible Golden Giant Armor: The gold armor he wears on his torso, shoulders, and elbows he often claims that the armor is destructible and can resist all damage being make a incredibly durable gold plated alloy. In reality the armor is a strong gold colored alloy that is impact resistant only capable of withstanding medium gun fire, small explosion, starches, and dents. It can be melted, shattered, frozen, cracked, etc. as long as it the force is greater the the above.
  • Diamond Gloves: Sturm claims he wears diamond embedded gauntlets under his gloves but again in reality that are just a hard fake diamond that add extra impact to his punches.
  • Armada Array: Several hidden double barrel guns in his armor that he can deploy by opening the compartments the he draws to double barrel pistols and fires in a surprise attack.
  • Bombs: Small explosives that he throws in mast the explosion of a single bomb is weak doing little to no damage but in a large quantity they are quite deadly and hard to avoid. The explode instant on contact with anything no mater what it is.
  • Impaler machine gun: A machine hidden in one of the shields that he carries capable of firing large nail shaped rounds precisely 100 per minute.
  • Cannon Shield: A cannon hidden in the second shield that he carries that fires his bombs mostly his Shrapnel Bomb and Death Cloud Poison Gas Bomb
  • Shrapnel Bomb: A fake version of his poison gas bomb that he uses to trick his opponents instead of exploding in a poison gas it fires razor sharp shrapnel in all directions slicing every thing,
  • Death Cloud Poisonous Gas: A extremely lethal poison gas that can kill anyone who breathes the gas in any amount of time between 5 minutes to an hour. He claims it can wipe out a whole town and it is use as his last resort. He carries a gas mask with him at times so he can protect himself
  • Dragon Breath: wrist mounted flamethrower.
  • Iron Net: wrist mounted net larger that fires an iron thread net for capturing opponets
  • Golden Giant Spear: He removes the shoulder of his armor and places that together back to back then attaches a pole to it as a blade comes from the top.
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Awesome NPCs!

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@Masako_Hihashi: lol glad you like they are not as good as the Numbers but this way everyone will have someone to fight Crow will fight Northern Devil, Caius and Jack have these two mercenaries, I think Eastern Wolf is going to appear right? Fair can fight him if you want, am I missing anyone I could make someone for Falken if you want?

If you guys don't mind wanting a litttle longer this should be up soon :)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Falken is Kuro-san liason with the Numbers. So he wont appear until you've beaten all the Numbers, Both Number 4 and 3 will make appereance but each one fights in a very distinctive manner, and will attack different fronts

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@Masako_Hihashi: Cool I figured that in Part two 4 and 3 would fight and in part three 2 and Falken would fight. Hmm different fronts...interesting

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I hope everyone loves to read and loves long post because this one is pretty long. I'm sorry for that btw hope you enjoy

Let Part 2 begin

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Nice, working on my post
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Working on my post

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I guessed that Crow's hometown is still inhabited but just barely, if you'd like that changed please tell me
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Posted with multiple characters I'm starting to get dizzy, but when I start with the Numbers I'm going into overload mode

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@kashif1: no Crow town is a make shift graveyard and memorial to honor that day. Awesome post man.

@Kuro_San: Lol man that sucks if you want I can take some of the work load for you make it easier. Awesome post btw :) lol you falter that was not the post starting post ever.

I think I should one thing clear to everyone even though Crow is going to Rayo Rosado there will be no fighting there what so ever. The town is a graveyard now so out of respect for Crow and his past it will remained untouch plus the town is still infected with Insanity the longer one is in the town the more they will fill the effects.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Dont take my wrong, I'm acustomed too using multiple characters (I'm a Pen-and-paper RP GM) So I'm thrilled for this RP to further progress

I knew about Rayo Rosado, that why Falken is offering a truce, the Numbers wont attack you there. But I'm not going to ruin the surprise

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@Masako_Hihashi: Awesome :) Well if you need help just ask. Unfortunately I think I know who the Eastern Wolf is going to be I won't guess and ruin my fun but I will keep the knowledge to myself. Northern Devil is the one I am stuck on XD Lol I hope I did good with writing Western Fairy.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Alright I'll rewrite my post
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