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This is Part 2 of my Epic Crow Trilogy. See Crow Must Die for part 1.

Crow Cementerio one of the world last remaining Gunslingers, he has sworn his life to most of the codes the Gunslingers stand for that includes accepting any challenge from anyone at anytime in any place the gunslingers refer to this as Draw!

What happens when a hero is push to his limits, when he is forced past exhuastion, driven beyond their breaking point and run though a literal guanlet. A villain is set to push Crow past this point and force the hero to exhuastion and near insanity so that he can end The Railgun for good. The villain has assembled a group of elite mercenaries to break Crow, along with thousands of small fry thugs to challenge Crow no matter where he is or what he is doing, Will other heroes step up to try to help the cowboy, will other villains see this as an opppurnity to finsih him off for themselves. In the end will Crow be able to walk out of this Guanlet in one piece let alone survive.

Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers

The first battle against the Numbers is over the Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio has beaten the Fifth Number Western Fairy. The hero and his allies begin to rest for two days before they decide to move on trying to avoid the onslaught of endless mercenaries hired by Kuro-San the deadly Yakuza Emperor. The gun toting hero is beaten and battered and his faith is beginning to fade and his spirit is almost gone fighting off the revelation that he is not a lost cause and that he will continue to fight no matter what. Crow has sworn to not kill again but his enemies still long for his blood and to break his soul; The other Four Numbers are drawing in will Crow be able to handle the coming battles? Can the gunslinger convince The Sniping Maiden to join him and Caius Weaver? What is Kuro-san motives? How will the mercenary Falken fit in this battle? As the Rail-gunslinger begins to answers these question he will also look to his trouble past and confront his sins. As Crow faces the devils of his past the Northern Devil will face the Last Gunslinger.

I have decided to open up this RP to more heroes/villains/neutrals but within reason this is staying a Tier 3/4 RP. Characters who me, Kuma, and Superevil think are too powerful to join this fight will not be allowed. No offence against your characters or you it just we don't won't OP characters ruining the point of this RP. Please no arguing with us :)


Part One: Crow Must Die

Part Two: Revenge of the Numbers

Part 3: ???? TBD


The Numbers: A secret organization of skilled sharp shooters hired by Kuro-San to fight Crow Cementerio. There are five numbers each one having a different specialty and skills. The Numbers are ranked from weakest to strongest with 5 being the "weakest" and 1 being the "strongest." There is actually no number one because for that spot to be filled a candidate would have to fight 3 other Numbers and win which is near impossible. Even though the numbers are ranked from weakest to strongest each number is a serious threat and even though they are "weaker" compared to the other numbers they are extremely deadly in their own right. The Numbers revealed so far are Number 5 Western Fairy, Northern Devil (I assume is 4), Eastern Wolf (Number 3 maybe?).

Western Fairy
Western Fairy

Western Fairy(Number Five)/ Ann Mary Wheelock: Fairy is the noblest of the Numbers and is their explosion and long range expert she wears an outfit similar to french maid. She is the first of the Numbers to battle Crow in a small mining town Crow defeats barely though and then saves her from building out. She takes great pride in her custom weapons the fairy pair and her outfit never getting it stained during her missions, at least until this one where she cuts herself on a piece of glass and stains it with her blood then Crow rips it to wrapped the wound. She wields two rifles known as Fairy Pair:

  • Fairy Pair:Twin Sniper Rifles with unique ammunitions. The Fairy Dust Rifle (Left Hand) haves ammunitions that at contact explode and release a cloud of nanites, that take the shape desired by the user, and are inmobile unless ordered by Western Fairy. The Fairy Star Rifle (Right Hand) is a powerful sniper Rifle with a Two stage Bullet, that enhances it's range from 5 km (Classical Shooting), to 10 km (Secondary detonation) This bullets are used as beacons for the Nanites of Fairy Dust, and activate the cloud, releasing a powerful explosive detonation with power similar to 4 kg of C4 (Each Bullet), but without any scattering, the explosion is contained by the nanites in the cloud, turning a small patch of terrain into hell. The Nanites can also be tuned to explode with any bullet, as Western Fairy usually creates several layers around any Sharpshooting nest, resulting in sudden walls of explosions that protect her from bullets. If captured she can activate her bullets and release a cloud around her to burn to death, and possibly kill her captors.

Northen Devil:

Ringo Pereza:

Strum Blitzkrieg:

Current Players:

Lobos (Me): Crow, Western Fairy, Ringo and Strum

Dreamweaver: Caius

Kuro-San: Kuro-San, the Numbers, and Falken

Kashif: Jack

Willyverb: Keith White

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I think i'll join, I havn't met either of you guys outside of hogwarts.
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I'm lock'n loaded, and Devil is also ready to rock

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Sounds interesting where is all this taking place ?

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@Masako_Hihashi: Are you sure you are already in with Kuro-San, Falken, and you are playing the Numbers but if you want I can do Western Fairy as well.

@kashif1: Awesome you and Crow are good foils to one another.

@Manami: Well part one took place in a old mining town for the most part this will take place in the same area south western area it seems like it still retains it wild west type of feel. Also one thing I'm excited about during this I will go to Crow's home town but NO FIGHTING will happen there.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I was speaking as a player, not about Masako (I'm crazy but three characters in the same thread is excesive even for me)

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@Masako_Hihashi: Oh okay good point that would be crazy I am having trouble just making a second character (because I cant make up my mind with him XD)

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@Masako_Hihashi: lol good point that would be crazy I am having trouble just making a second character (because I can't make up my mind on what to do with him) I can't imagine playing as more than one at a time

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: You can play with Fairy, just remember what I said about her personality and ask me when you are doubting about something

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@Masako_Hihashi: Awesome in that case I should fill you in on my plan because her guns were badly damage during the fight with Crow. He decides that he will fix or rebuild them for her because he has a little experience with engineering unfortunately the guns are too badly damaged to rebuild them completely so instead he combines them into one double barrel sniper rifle. This increases her range adding a scoop and a double trigger (one for each shot). Crow dubes this Fairy Pair V.2, the name can change though that sounds pretty stupid, in exchange for this he acts her if he can study her Fairy Dust and Star so he can make a bullet similar to them.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Ooh Zella would love to see Crow's hometown, but alas Zella is to powerful to be in this one.

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@Zella_Thorn: Aww Im sorry Zella :P but you wouldn't miss much Crow's home town was destroyed and is now basically a graveyard. Besides I'm sure Zella will get to see Crow's home town later on XD

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Fairy Revoluntion is the name of a gun like that, and surely carries a function to send a Star and Dust Bullets almost at the same time, turning the shoot into the Fairy Stardust Revolution (XD).

Fairy haves the schematics for her bullets, and she could make them for you, but are halved in power, meaning 2 kgs of c4 instead of four like one of her bullets. Also Crow cant change the shape of the Dust Clouds, and they wont get the rainbow-ish look of Fairy's Dust Bullet, but a Bluish Light

The Nanite Bullets can be configured to also make other stuff, like for example conduct and replicate electricity, Storm Dust Bullets or Electric Fairy Dust Bullets could be the name and you could make Crow activate cages of Lighting with little to no electricity.

The Double Detonation bullet, The Fairy Star, can be programmed to always direct towards the Fairy Dust. So Crow can shoot them to whereever he likes and the secondary detonation will change the trajectory of the bullets.

Fairy'll posibly fall for Crow if you treath her to well, she never had anyone that cared for her, and Crow selfless act could melt her frozen heart (If that sounded too overly romantic, blame my Anthropology Professor at College, he is making us do a paper with the theme Love, and after writting for hours it kinds of stick with you in your mind) Fairy would be too Tsundere-ish with Crow, but she would be loyal to the fault. Her real name is Ann Mary Wheelock

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@Masako_Hihashi: Omg I love that name Fairy Revolution and the idea that sounds badass XD

Well my idea was a little simpler than that instead the cloud being activated by a second bullet this would be activated by a static charge to work with Crow's powers. I like all those idea those idea maybe in exchange for the Fairy Bullet specs Crow can work his ability in her new gun (Which is more likely going to be called Fairy Revolution XD) so that she had all those abilities :)

Omg that would be funny then you have Toni, Caius, and now Fairy after Crow's heart. I say we do it XD and I like that name.

I want to make a new gun for Crow and change that to Quicksilver V.2 (again name to change) and rechirsten his current revolver to a better name.

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Quicksilver MK II


Silver Flash

This are the ones I came up from the top of my head, with some time I can get better ones

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@Masako_Hihashi: I was thinking Blanco Hades or just Blanco maybe even Plato. White Zues? I don't I'll come up with it Silver Flash is good I think I use Quicksilver MK II for the new gun.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Thor, Kaiser, Zeus, Inazuma

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@Masako_Hihashi: lol those are good ones Zues keep sticking with me because the metal Quicksilver is made of is suppose be the metal that made the Greek gods weapons. Inazuma?

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: If I recall correctly is Thunderbolt in japanese, but Zeus seems more fitting, Rey Zeus even more (King Zeus) or Ejecutor Zeus (Zeus Executioner) if you want to add some spanish in the mix

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@Masako_Hihashi: More Spanish is always good XD.

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