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@Newdeath: Yea.. That does kinda suck, when in the first season there was only a few who could use the lightning and now we have just about every fire benders doing it. :l

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@Newdeath: What?! That is so BS I know there was something like that going on :P Just goes to show being a vegetarian is bad for you he should have ate meat XD

I don't think it a bad Lightning is more common I was just hoping it would be something special like the metal benders are now the cops I was hoping Lightning benders were a special fire benders unit. Yes that would be a good fight I see Azula winning but only if she fought at her prime not the crazy, psycho Azula that appears at the end of Last Airbender.

@Superevil225: lol Zuko had a daughter?! XD From what I know about the comic series that bridges Last Airbender to Legend of Korra the fire lord spot is cursed because Zuko nearly becomes his father.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: LOL

I do think it's not cool that lightning is so common. Before it was almost entirely exclusive to the Royal Family which was what made them so deadly and powerful. But I guess that's just my view. I should have expected it when I saw how widespread metalbending and chi-blocking has become. I also see Azula winning. Although Amon has the power to permanently remove bending (it's not energybending though) and he claims to have been given that power by the spirits. I really want to know his identity, I think he might be the son of one of the Freedom Fighters or maybe even Sokka LOL!

Yeah Zuko has a daughter who is now the Fire Lord. Zuko is currently 87 traveling the world as an ambassador for world balance. Wait until he meets Amon :P

Am I the only one who thinks Korra and Mako are a match made in heaven? :P

@xXMugenXx: Very true.


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@Newdeath: I know what you mean now they are just factory workers at the power station that not cool at all and Lightning Bending was something that got me into giving Crow lighting powers. Even though metal bending and chi blocking (how did that become wide spread at the end of Last Airbender Tai-Lee one of my favorite characters and the Koyshi warriors know about it so are Amon's soldiers connected to them how did they learn chi-blocking) they are a special class Metal Benders are cops or law enforcers and Chi Blockers work with Amon. Lightning Bending is just common there is nothing special :P

Lol i thought the same thing Amon was Jet's kid but Jet is dead :P So the only freedom fighters left would be Long Shot and Smell-a-bee (I probably mess that up.) But why does every character need to have a connection to a character from Last Airbender maybe Amon is someone totally new, I thought it was so cool when he said he learned to take away benders powers from spirits because I was wondering how or if the spirits would be involved.

So Zuko is the only one still alive other than Katara lol that is ironic.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: True true. Oh well, that's probably the only thing I don't like about the new series, how widespread lightning has become. I mean even Zolt is a better lightning bender than Azula and Ozai considering how he can generate it continuously.

Maybe he is a new character, or maybe he's Sokka who might not be dead jks :P Honestly, when Amon said that he gained his bending-removing power from the spirits, I didn't buy it for one second. There has to be a real explanation as to how he acquired them. I'm sure he's using the spirit story just to make himself seem righteous and that he is genuinely the good guy. I don't think at all that's how he really obtained those powers. I also don't believe that his parents were killed by a firebender, I think he used that story to gain the people's sympathy. But when he said that, I immediately thought of Mako and Bolin, they're parents were killed by a firebender as well, that can't be a coincidence.

Yeah it is :P

I wonder what his daughter is like. And I'm also hoping that Aang appears before Korra when she enters the Avatar State and explains how he and his friends died just like how Roku appeared before Aang and explained how he died etc.


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Sweet bio Superevil! Looking forward to seeing you around the RPG threads!

(nice title for your bio btw :P)

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@UsachanMaN: Thanks! :)

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Cool character :) it'll be interesting to see how he'd interact with Hana.

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The more I read the more I want to face him with Gen, I may make Gen -enter your intro thread as well only to face him

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