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Shin'ichi Ishida aka Fire Fists
Shin'ichi Ishida aka Fire Fists

Name: Shin'Ichi Ishida

Aliases: Shin, Fire Fists.

Gender: Male

Race: Genetically Engineered "Clone"

Age: 19

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Gold

Occupation: Waiter/Boxer

Appearance & Personality

Shin'ichi is overall an average man. He stands at average height with an athletic and strong build. He is a hansom 19-year-old man with short cut brown hair and odd golden eyes. He commonly wears a red scarf, which was gifted to him by his best friend, Ling. Shin'ichi's eyes are sharp and calculating and sometimes his features give him a dangerous look. He often wears plain coloured clothing and only has a few outfits on hand due to his financial situation.

Shin'ichi is generally an introverted young man. He keeps to himself to try and hide his origins and protect himself. He tries to do good for others and goes to great lengths to assist those in need. He sometimes comes across as dangerous, as the way he walks and holds himself gives him away as a fighter but would never attack anybody without reason. He doesn't eat much, considering his profession and the amount of exercise he partakes in. Shin is extremely determined and has the qualities of a good leader, but is afraid of letting others down. Shin'ichi is also extremely socially awkward and doesn't quite know how to talk to people and what qualifies as 'insulting'. Shin is clever, but knows little science, math, est, and has little to no idea of how his powers work.


((In Progress))

Summary: Shin'Ichi is a male sudo-clone of Harumi Hida's mother, who got too involved with the government and was 'taken down'. A top secret government organization wanted to create a super species of humans. They collected DNA from Harumi's mother's corpse, as the Hidas are the last descendents of the Kagehoshi bloodline, an ancient family of female warriors with supernatural abilities. (Yes, it is extremely ironic that a Kagehoshi clone is male.) This DNA was used as a base in order to create a skilled warrior. DNA from other superhumans was collected and meshed together to create a base for an engineered superhuman. From there, the DNA was altered further using gamma radiation over an expanse of time. Essentially Shin'ichi is the child of many, many superhumans.

Powers & Abilities

Pyrokinesis: The ability to control/manipulate fire and heat and generate fire/heat. This power was genetically coded into Shin's DNA in order to create a deadly weapon with the ability to burn down cities with a simple thought. Shin often says about this power: "I get you probably think its an overused power. I didn't have a choice so you can't blame me."

Electrokinesis: The ability to control/manipulate/generate electricity and lighting. Essentially similar to pyrokinesis. He can control all kinds of electricity, including lightning and electronics. As well he can create electrical charges and direct them.

Radiation/Nuclear Manipulation: Shin'ichi is literally a walking nuclear bomb. He is able to remotely spontaneously combust just about anything using radiation and nuclear fission and fusion. Shin'ichi's DNA was constantly edited and changed with the help of gamma radiation. Eventually, his body began to absorb, generate, and store radiation which grants him the ability to project this radiation in many different mediums such as explosions, electromagnetic waves, or even create deadly radioactive material. He can also absorb a high amount of rems and nuclear energy.

Fighting Skills: Shin'ichi is a strong fighter, as he works part-time as a boxer. His superior agility and lithe but athletic build allow him to take a defensive style of boxing, primarily consisting of dodging and weaving, comparable to Willie Pep. Shin's natural strength also allows him to take out opponents with only a few quick busts of offence. While participating in boxing matches he does not use any of his super abilities, the nick name 'Fire Fists' is purely a coincidence.

~Le spits out bio~

Yeah, this is a work-in progress. Ummm updates soon. NO STEALING.

Also I'm going to be doing a starter RPG for him. Then I'll explain what happened to Harumi.

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@Superevil225: Rolfmao I had a feeling this was going to be your character seeing as its your profile pic. I was expecting you to use Korra though but still good character choice he is one of my favorites of the new series. I like the character so far good start :) Hmmm a clone of many super humans and he has electrockinesis....okay who got Crow's DNA XD

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: :3 I have a serious obsession to Mako. I was thinking Korra, but then I decided that I wanted to do a male character again. I've been writing a lot of females recently. Also... EXACTLY. That's what you've gotta find out.

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Superevil is back! My life haves meaning again! This wednesday I'll continue Dawn of the Black Year!!!

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@Superevil225: lol i agree i do like his character he is this series Zuko, dark, moody, and brooding. Lol interesting oh Crow will find out and if Caius in involved they will be hell to be XD

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@Superevil225: So.. How did they get Kurai's DNA? >:l Nvm it doesn't matter.. He can't beat Kurai anyway.. B)

But welcome back.. And since when did the new series come out? I've been waiting for to long... TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!!! D8<

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@xXZeroXx: It started two weeks with a 1 hour series premiere and last week was a new episode. New ones come out Saturday at the 11:00-11:30am time slot. I know because it comes on right after Young Justice and DC Nation on CartoonNetwork. :P Yeah I still watch cartoons it embrassing lol

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: LOL its not embarrassing watching cartoons. I'm pushing 30 and still watch them:P
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@Superevil225: I'll join with my boxing character Gen, this could be awesome

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@Kuro_San: :3 D'awwww. And yes. Awesome it shall be.

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Except I like how he's a bit deeper too because he's strong and has a real love for his brother. He's similar to Zuko but has these moments where he's strong and brave and so loving. -brb obsessing over Mako-

@xXZeroXx: Basically what I've done with Shin is made it so that it is possible he got your character's DNA but also possible that he got some other pyro's DNA. I wanted to make it so that characters can be involved with Shin through the engineering, or not at all. So it's totally up to you if he specifically has Kurai's genetics. :)

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@Superevil225: Well... Hmn.. o_ o... He's not really a pyro.. It's all fire /magic/ Kurai is a Magus.. Half Magus. v,v

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@xXZeroXx: IT'S MAGIC AND FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. Does that mean Kurai's the manifestation of magic?

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@Superevil225: (_ ( ) _) ....o_ o... Maybe... But don't tell anyone.. It's a secret. :x

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+10 for title pun!
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@xXZeroXx: Alright. I wont pill the beans. :3

@Mercy_: XD Thanks.

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@Superevil225: I just realized something, when watching the episodes online.. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SOKKA!!! =w=

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@xXZeroXx: Well Kotara said he died along with most of her friends :P My question Aang is when Last Air bender begins by the end he is almost 11 if the Korra time is 70 years after the first series how is that he died at 80-81 you think he live longer than that :P

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: LOL Yea.. Wow.. Aang... But I like Sokka he was cool. I can't believe him and... Well.. Sokka loved a lot of woman LMAO Why didn't he have children? Q~Q

Maybe Bolin is secretly Sokka's son. :x

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@xXMugenXx: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: Sokka probably did have children, we just haven't met them. Personally I can't wait to meet Zuko's daughter. :3 She sounds fucking awesome.

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@Superevil225: I'll be reading your stuff :P

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Apparently Aang died at age 66 because of his hundreds of years of being frozen in suspended animation in the Avatar State which is said to have weighed down heavily on his body and he burned up a lot of energy when frozen which is why he died kind of early.

That aside, I can't be the only one who would have loved to see Amon fight Azula? And that lightning is now common in the Avatar world, that sucks :P


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