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A man shrouded by shadows entered the room as the door slid open; he was wearing a full body stealth suit, with light tactical armor and dark shades. The harness he used to lower himself from the vent. With silent steps the infiltrator moved towards the center of the room and accessed the secure terminal of this facility.

---------------------------------------------------Classified Information-------------------------------------------------


Password: *********

Incorrect Password Alarm will start in 10 seconds….

A small cable was plugged into the mainframe, hacking into the computer, by using a complex algorithm to crack the password.


The search was quick and a skilled, the Infiltrator knew what to do and how to do it. But most important he knew exactly what he was looking for, entering the folder and the file in matter of seconds.


The file was a video dossier about the operative called RIGEL. –Bingo- Said the Infiltrator with a triumphant note in his voice, as he started removed the file from the database copying it to a pen drive. With the same Stealth he used to enter, he left the building.

---------------------------------------------------Classified Information-------------------------------------------------

Transcript of Classified Meeting In Ambrosius City

“The contents of the File were luckily preserved in the backup disc of the Database here in Ambrosius City. Somebody tried to erase his record last night, we didn’t got him, as the camera feed was delayed for a full hour and the people in security didn’t noticed it. Even so the backup haves everything we need about him, or at least what we knew about him when he lived in Pre-Kisekian conflict London.”

“His real name is John Dalton, son of Roger Dalton and Desiree Moore. He should be around 45 years old, but the most recent footage we have, thanks to the other cities of the Union is from 6 years ago, and he doesn’t looks a year over 30. But that is understandable as he seems to be carrying heavy cybernetic implants that would surely stop his aging, or even help him change his appearance.”

“Unluckily this is only scratching the surface, as Dalton is one of the most decorated Royal Marines in history, leading an anti-superhuman squad before the Conflict. He was one of the best assets the old Britain had in their army. But he was declared dead after the war ten years ago, alongside his family. He was helping his wife and daughter to escape when they were caught in a blast.”

“I interviewed surviving members of his squad and they said that his family was the most important thing to him, even more important than the army and the nation. If he survived he haves a really big motivation to do the thing he does. Oh, you don’t know about it? He travels from city to city and exterminates Super-humans in carefully planned attacks”

“We have several attacks confirmed to be done by him, and more than a dozen more that are suspected to be done by him. He never stays more than a couple of weeks in each location and his main method of transportation is still a mystery. He vanishes from city to city like a ghost, moving under the grid. Most of the digital cameras can’t get hold of image and the footage we have came from older models.”

“Our investigation revealed some of the skills and powers his cybernetic enhancements have given him. You can see them in the attached file at the end of my report. We managed to trace the enhancements to an unknown scientist that also worked in the terrorist group Trinity Gate. A registered Super-Human in Inazuma shares similar yet less advanced implants. We tried to talk with him, but he is retired and didn’t wanted to answer any question”

“Other investigations showed that Trinity Gate was destroyed during the Kisekian Conflict, but some remnants were the ones that modified Dalton. He goes by the codename Rigel, sometimes even keeping the Sir, as he was knighted during his Royal Marines years after defusing a terrorist attack to the main subway station all by himself”

“ He is a extreme danger to the balance we’re trying to build for the Union, and he must be captured or terminated on sight. We need Fable and the Registered Super-humans in top alert, as he is extremely dangerous and deranged. He used innocent people, regular people, as bait or distraction putting them on danger or even killing them.”

“We have some investigators that think he may have allies on the Union, most of the rumors pointing at the Russian City. But even, so we cannot make any accusation without proper evidence. He even appeared in the periphery of the Union, and others cities. He kills registered and unregistered Super-humans, but we can’t find a pattern on his movements. That should exist taking in account his training and the tactical method he uses to kill them. He must have a plan”


Name: Sir John Dalton

Codename: Rigel

Age: 46 (He seems in his late 20’s early 30’s)

Height: 1.90 (Aprox)

Weight: Unknown

Faction: Villain

Registration Status: Unregistered



Theme Song

Confirmed Powers

Cybernetic Implants

The Cybernetic Implants inside Rigel are a couple of generations over the ones carried by Falken Degiraz. It grants him enhanced Strenght, Speed, Agility, Reflexes and Durability. It also grants sonar and radar system. He can detect other high tech similar to his as well to genetic mutations in the human genome. The Implants also allow the use of a satellital based computer that feeds Rigel with information, as well allowing him to use his implants to make interface with technology, giving him mild technopathic powers.

Strenght: 5 Tons

Speed: Sound Speed Running. Can break the Sound Barrier in sudden dashes of short duration

Reflexes: Can avoid sound speed and detect attacks faster but not react properly.

Panzer MK.III

The sub-cutaneous armor that can block up to tank shells and high power explosives, resist flames up to 1000 Celsius and temperatures near absolute 0 as well protecting him from the vacuum of space. He doesnt need to breath or eat, as most of his inner organs were destroyed during the Kisekian Conflict. The Armor is self healing by nanites that reconstruct the destroyed segments at an atomical level enhancing the armor against the type of damage that hurt it.

Null Field

A short range and duration effect that nullifies or hinders mystical energy and Ki. Is his anti mage and Ki-user tech. The closer he is to the target the more effective will be the field. It haves a range of 10 mts and can be used for 1 minute each hour.

Tracking Eye

His left eye haves infrared vision, x-ray, heat signature tracker, Ki locator, Mana tracker and Genetic alteration detector.

Confirmed Equipment

Wrist Mounted Blades

Of a Kisekian alloy (unknown to Rigel). A blades that can slice through pure steel like a hot knife through butter. The blade can be heated to cauterize wounds.

Arm Cannon

The other arm can turn into a blasting cannon of some kind that can punch holes into fortifed walls or even blasting tanks to dust.

Eye Laser

A hot beam that is miscalled laser that can cut down objects and is fast moving

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@Sir_Rigel: For something that has just begun I love the way this is going :)

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Is this Manami? xD Or am I 0-for-2 today?
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@Guyver: I swear this one is not me XD

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Nice work, I believe he will truly thrive more in the Russian territory to start off (I'll come up with a good name for it soon:)) because they took the most damage of anyone in the Union. So they are angry with the superhumans more than the others.
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@Guyver said:
Is this Manami? xD Or am I 0-for-2 today?
Yeah your 0 for 2 today:P It's Kuma:)
Post by Guyver (3,440 posts) See mini bio Level 14 bio, btw :P
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lookin' good! :D

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@Sir_Rigel: When I saw that he had cybernetic enhancements I immediately thought of Falken I am glad that it turns out they have a connection at least in the person who made their enhancements. :)

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Alice should get along with Rigel... or well the other way around given that's she's a little bit insane.

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@Sir_Rigel: Oh wow its very simple no super crazy supernatural powers just some high tech weaponry. But still he seems even more bad-ass and even capable of beating someone like Crow given the right chance and circumstance.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Well you don't see batman throwing fire balls and he still kicks ass.

And even this won't be safe from Alice's gaze of no power tolerance.

But i'm really hype do interact with the guy.

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Looking through the forums it looks like RPing has picked up around here.
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@Sir_Rigel: I have this scene in my head of Rigel dashing up to his opponent at super sonic speed while activating his null field. He appears within inches of his opponent with the null field negating their superhuman durablity/thick skin/ armor then suddenly slicing them with his wrist mounted blade causing fatal or near fatal damage especially if that can't move fast enough.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: You cant see me but I'm pointing my nose

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