City of Nightmares

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 Manhattan 8 a.m.

 The honking of horns and the sounds of meaningless chatter filled the ear drums of the Chaos Queen. Standing above the masses at the top of the Empire State Building with a gentile northern wind at her back fluttering her pitch black and blood red robe.  Her slightly covering her eyes from the glow of the morning sun as it begins to rise. Kita continued to look down at the teeming masses as they moved about. Her crimson eyes burning with an intense unrivaled hatred for all of them; every smile, every hug, every breath they took was like the stench of ammonia to Kita. Clenching her powerful fists and grinding her teeth together she looked down towards a lower ledge of the building, her second in command was there. Prancing about on the dangerously high ledge was the augmented vampire known as Celestine. Her pink hair flowing through the gentle breeze with no care in the world if she fell to her death or not; “Celestine, it is time, make sure they are ready” Kita sternly said to Celestine. Celestine gave her mistress the “OK” hand gesture and flipped off the ledge running down along side of the building.

The Chaos Queen then started to levitate herself up above structure. Once she reached a high enough spot she charged some of her chaos power into her hands. The power was pitch black as the night sky, and then she shot the dark energies into skies above Manhattan “SLLLLEEEEPPPP!!!!!” Kita shouted forth as it continued to echo down below the city streets. Hundreds of pedestrians who heard the voice stopped in their tracks wondering where the voice came from.  The clouds above Kita once were pure white turned into an ominous black. Lowering to surface level the clouds spread rapidly throughout the city. Millions of people started to collapse in the streets, falling into a deep slumber. The sounds of multiple car crashes and bones being crushed by heavy duty semis were a beautiful symphony to Kita’s ears. The searing heat of rubber tires burning the flesh off the ones lying in the street.

Celestine then followed Kita’s precise commands, orchestrating the demon horde from the Chaosrealm to four focal points North South East and West. These demons were worn out slaves of Kita, heavily beaten by their mistress if they failed in their tasks. At the four points the demons carried large obelisks towers with them, each twenty-five feet in height. With no resistance the demons had no difficulty planting the towers into the soils of Manhattan and extending to the Statue of Liberty.  Once all four towers were in place they all began to radiate in a blood aura. The black fog around the city started to get thicker and thicker. Safelights were having a hard time pinning Manhattan’s location. The warm sunlight was blocked completely as darkness enveloped the entire city while the entire cityscape was being shifted to more of Kita’s image. The concrete jungle was changed by Kita’s chaos magic, looking more and more like the hellish Chaosrealm with each passing second. Kita could hear the moans and screams of Manhattan’s citizens; with a sick and twisted smile on her face she flew over her latest work. “Yes….YES!!! HAHAHAHA!! It’s working, There are trapped in their nightmares, They want to wake up, but they can’t. Soon it won’t be long now, I will over ten million new soldiers to do my biding. This is but their first training course HAHAHAHAHA!!” Kita landed in the center of times square eagerly anticipating the minds and hearts twist to fit their new mistress.

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0800 hours, mid Atlantic

SWORD HQ air carrier Tranquility

As the air carrier Tranquility heads tords Washington DC for Haseo to meet president Obama an emergency message comes in on the bridge, Lia commanding at the time notifies Haseo via ship comms. Haseo looking over his note on the subjects to talk about at the presidents meeting, the comm ring, Haseo picks it up with Lia yelling frantically over the comm, "SIR, GGS SATELLITES HAVE JUST PINPOINTED A STRONG MAGICAL POWER ENGULFING MANHATTAN"! Haseo jumps out of his chair at his desk saying, "WHHHAT"! Seven minutes later Haseo walks on the bridge saying, "OK what the fucks going on"!? Lia replies, "I dont know, but i just got word that the American government has lost all communications on the island and you cant even see the buildings anymore, there all covered in this black type of fog, and the only buildings u can see are these weird shaped towers that measure 25 stories high"! Haseo replied with a tactical response, "OK time for protocol, pilot alter heading to Manhattan and engage cloak, comm, contact the UN and the White House apprise them that where taking an intervention and request support"! as Haseo walk tords the exit of the bridge he gives an order to Lia, "OH, and launch a squadron of F-35's to recon the island, we need more information on whats going on"! Lia then says to Haseo, "And what are you planing on doing"? Haseo replies comely, ".......Getting ready, for the worst possible scenario"! Lia said in her head with a frightened look on her face, "Gekido..........."!

20 minutes later 3 F-35 fighter jets fly 560 feet over Manhattan reporting in everything they see including Kita herself witch is what they all feared! Back on the Tranquility 7 more F-35s and 2 M8-R6 gunship VTOLs get ready for combat as Haseo grabs Ayana's "gift" she gave him last year and his two new swords that where created by SWORD scientist in the hope of them negating magical barriers so Haseo would be able to harm Kita. As Haseo is on his way to a transport VTOL in a lower hanger deck a crew member informs him that the USA along with the UN have quartered off the island and have National guard and UN forces surrounding the island, Haseo said to himself, "Its not enough she wipe them out in a heart beat"! Haseo then rushes to the hanger to go in alone to try to stop her! But will it be enough? Will Haseo have what it takes to face Kita and her slave army alone? Haseo said to Lia as she waits for him to get on the VTOL, "Bring backup, we need to end this now, or the bitch wont stop till Earth is her's"! Lia replies with a salute, "YES SIR"! Haseo then enters the VTOL and it launches flying at mach 3 tords Manhattan.

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Kita stood on top the Times Square building looking down upon the sleeping citizens of New York City. The crimson flames of her chaos magic were warping and twisting the entire city of Manhattan in a dark Gothic tone. The agonizing screams of the public intensified, and the Mother of Darkness was enjoying every second of it like a sweet melody to her ears. With a mere wave of her hand she constructed an ominous looking ebony ivory and blood red throne made of the bones of the recently deceased in the city. Taking her seat on the throne a demon dressed in a tuxedo poured her glass of extravagant red wine. It was now a simple game of waiting for the spell to take its course.

Minutes would pass, when the sounds of fighter jets passed through the skies of Manhattan. Looking up into the air Kita had a devilish grin on her face, “Typical, you can't have a picnic without a few flies buzzing around.” Kita took on final gulp of her wine, and tossed the glass on ground scattering it. She levitated from her chair and took off into the skies at incredible speeds. The three fighter Jets unleashed their entire arsenal at Kita over the crimson skies of Manhattan, a variety of anti-tank rounds and missiles connected to the Dark Queen in a violent explosion. Once the dust settled Kita was practically unfazed by their efforts. The pilots had a look of disbelief on their faces, “Wha..WHAT THE HELL IS SHE!!!!” One pilots screamed. All three of them tried to retreat, but Kita wouldn’t let then. “Such poor sportsmanship trying to run away!”, Kita grabbed the side of her pitch black cloak and tossed it forward towards the pilots still in their jets. The cloak expanded several feet across ensnaring all three of them and sucking them into the darkness of her cape.

Two of the pilots woke up in a strange dark and murky building trapped inside a cage. But something was very wrong, they tried to scream for help, but they only made the sounds of squealing pigs. They were turned into pigs by Kita’s powerful dark magic and were trapped inside a deranged butcher shop on the outskirts of the Chaosrealm.  Kita appeared in the store wearing a blood splattered apron, and handling a massive butcher knife.  A humanoid wolf demon wearing a fancy pinstripe suit speaking in a heavy Italian accent spoke to Kita saying. “Miss Kita I needa some ham for my sandwich, and toss in some a bologna.” Kita with a twisted grin on her face replied to the demon saying “That sounds wonderful coming right up.” Kita went to the back room wear the pig pilots were and picked both of them up by their legs. They tried desperately to squirm free, but Kita had a firm grip on them and sliced open their throats bleeding the life out of them in a old bucket. They twitched breathing in their last breathes, as Kita placed them on a bloody table and began to gut them ripping out their intestines and other vital materials to preserve for a later date. Once finished she tossed their remains in a large meat grinder. Moments later Kita supplied her customer with the fresh Ham and bologna. “Here you go bon appetite.” Kita said with a twisted smile on her face.

The last pilot was still in human form, but she was stripped naked and strapped down to an operating table. She was in the dark corners of Kita mind, and she was in fear for life. “HELP!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEE!!!!!!” The female pilot screamed with tears running down her cheek. Help did soon arrive in the form of Kita in a red and black nurses outfit. The pilot looked on in horror as her skin grew pale. “Don’t worry my dear I will find out what’s wrong and nurse you back to perfect health, but sadly you will just have bear with me I don’t any anesthetics HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Kita said laughing manically. Taking a drill and electric saw Kita started to operate on the pilot. Bone chilling screams coming from her echoed through the blackness as the drills and saws cut through her soft flesh and muscle tissue. Blood splattered across the wall, then Kita made a fantastic discovery. “Ohhh I see what is causing you such sickness” Kita started cut through the womb of the young woman, and saw a very young fetus. Plucking it out like taking a grape from a vine Kita examined it then placed it inside her mouth and started to munch away. Crushing the unborn child in her jaws, she gulped it down. “Slimy yet….satisfying, now you should be all better I saved you years of utter disappointment” Kita said to the pilot. The young woman’s eyes were an empty pit as her tears ran down her cheek mixing with spots of her own blood. Her life was over, Kita covered her eyes with “Oh boo-hoo” Kita said acting as if she were in tears. “Oh boo the hoo , I tried to save this young woman years of heartache, and disappointment by remove the core cause of it all. She didn’t even get the chance to thank me, oh woe is me I can never be the hero boo-hoo…..hehe-hehehe-hehehehe-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Back in the real word Kita continued to sit on her throne, after easily disposing of the trash. The time has nearly arrived nothing would stop her now.  

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As Lia makes it back to the bridge of the Tranquility an airmen said, "MAM, RECON ONE SQUADRON IS DOWN"! Lia replied, "damn it, guess it is up to him after all"! as the VTOL lands on a random skyscraper roof away from the center of the city where Kita was located 3 immortals with Haseo where dropped off. As the VTOL sped off towards the ocean the four men looked at the destruction and chaos Kita was bringing, one of the immortals said, "DAMN, poor human cant they do anything"? Another immortal replied, "sadly no, thats where here"! The third immortal looked at Haseo and replied, "Orders"? Haseo replied, "Zake, Yamato help the civilians, Zan help out the UN and American forces im about to let in the city". As Zake, Yamato and Zan go to there assign objectives Haseo releases a powerful pulse on a subsonic low current level to make his presence known to Kita and his location. Haseo then waited for her to forces her attention on him as the Tranquility shoots a magical lighting bolt at the one of the pillars, not destroying it, but weekending it enough so UN and American ground forces can enter the city!

Back on the Tranquility now 500km off the coast of Manhattan de-cloaks to launch 10 F-35s! T the same time American F-22s and F-15s fly towards the city as Zan leads US an UN forces on the ground agenist Kitas minions and slaves. Yamato summons a large axe and kills 3 minions, saving a few civilians and Zake uses an elemental ability [ICE] to kill 6 slaves! As the National Guard and UN forces enter the city they come under attack by hundreds of minions and slaves, there bullets barley effective(taking a whole 2 clips to kill one minion) they started taking heavy casualties right away, fighter jets do gun runs on Kita trying to hurt her not knowing it will have no effect! Haseo starts to jump rooftop to rooftop to get to Kita, black hawk helicopters land in central part dropping off seal teams as M1A1 Abrams cross the Brooklyn bridge, Manhattan turns into a war zone as civilians run in all directions trying to find places to hid and get out of the ire fights that has in gulf the city. As Haseo caches up to Kita in the center of the city Haseo yells at Kita, "ITS BEEN ALONG TIME, HASENT IT......KITA"! As Haseo finishes talking he draws his two new energy-bladed swords and stairs at Kita saying, "Lets make sure this is the last time we meet"!

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