Charlotte - The Azure Bullet Witch [Character Bio]

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  • Name: Charlotte (a random name she picked, real name is unknown)
  • Alias: The Azure Bullet Witch
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 20+ (her body is 19 and doesn't age at all)
  • Race: Human
  • Alignment: Hero Neutral


Because of the incident in the past, Charlotte has lost all of her memories including her name. That has left her to be a blank piece of paper. She doesn't know what she likes, what she dislikes, from simple things like colors to more complex ones like types of people. As such she has made it her main goal to find out who she is. Not so much in the sense of an identity, as she has given up on the idea that she'll ever find out what her life was like before the accident or if she had any family. Rather than that she wants to know how she's really like and what her purpose in life is.

As a result of the lack of memory, she has a constant feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. The only thing she has taken a liking in so far is manufacture of guns and other weapons. She has even opened a shop, though that was not her passion to being with nor did she truly like it. It started out as a simple hobby and a way of distracting her from her thoughts and sadness. With time she grew used to it and started doing it for a living. While working on a new weapon she detaches her self from reality, like she's in some kind of trance. She doesn't realize if there are any people around her, nor does she register any sounds made. She remains in that state until she doesn't finish with her work and the other things that can trigger that are very rare.

Her other job, being a Bounty Hunter was also a direct product of the accident. When she was ready to enter life again she had no idea what to do. She added weapons to her being as a form of self-defense but as time passed she weaponized herself more and more and when she started taking job as a form of extra income she was considered a Witch. She continued to work as a mercenary and freelancer because she wanted to travel and meet new people, hoping that it will help her learn something about herself.

It's very rare for her to turn a job down, and she simply considers things that she regrets a "new experience"


Charlotte has the body built of an average teenage girl. As such she's rather short, only being 1,6 meters tall. Both her body and limbs are rather slim. And her face is void of features mostly stoic, the only exception being her azure blue eyes. What sets her apart from other humans and even other Witches, is her pale white skin. It was the result of the severity of her wounds after the accident and it was something that even the modern technology that saved her life could not reverse. While many have called her out on it and children even called her ghostly and were scared of her because of it, Charlotte learned to live with it and she got used to it. It's not like in her profession people pay attention to things like those.

Charlotte has black hair with a dark blue shine to it. It's bound into pigtails, one of them being longer than the other. What gave her the title she has, was the azure blue flame that ignites around her eye each time she uses the Infinity Chip. The flame can be called a hologram and doesn't really produce any heat. On the other hand it does give off light and it can be used to lighten up a path in stark darkness. Other than that there are two more traits on her body, a scar close to her belly, which never healed and there is a metal plate on her left side, on hip height.

Charlotte's usual clothes of choice are a black hoodie with white lines and a star on it, a black bikini top under it and black hot pants. She also wears boots with the same black-white pattern just like the rest of her clothes.

She's often seen with Excalibur and her Boosters resting on her hips.

Power and Abilities

Charlotte's body was modified making her more machine than human. In fact, her heart and her brain are the only things that are still organic and original. She still has human needs like food, water and sleep but can live longer without them than normal humans can. She also has all other human characteristics, but she's generally improved. Her sense, especially eyesight are enchanted as well. Because her mind was absolutely empty when she was recreated, she was exceptional at storing data through various technological methods. With that she has gained knowledge above average and managed to learn skills and combat techniques with minimal training. In a sense she was a natural talent, as she learn most of the things she knows on the fly during a mission. She excels in long ranged combat and her weapons are mostly oriented around it, but she still owns a black saber which she always keeps at her side for situations that call for close combat, though she still does her best to avoid that. Her strength, while beyond human, pales in comparison to her other stats. It's most evident in her ability to wield her huge weapons with just one hand, though it has little application beyond that. Her speed and agility are what stand out the most and what she relies on in combat. She not only has incredible reflexes allowing her to react to any kind of threat without problems, but she can also make gravity defying stunts and make great use of the surroundings to get an advantage over her enemy. It often happens that one a mission where she is alone, her enemies believe that they are being assaulted by a large group of attackers before they actually realize it's only one person and by that time it's usually too late. She makes great use of hit and run tactics, but is also capable of setting up ambushes and traps for oncoming enemies. The durability of her body is higher then that of humans, but bullets and other kinds of weapons still pose a threat to her. Unlike normal humans though, she won't be hindered too much by damage as replacing the mechanical parts of her body is an easy even if costly task for her. Even though her processing speed is above human standards, the amount of knowledge she has is not. Outside the things that are related to her jobs she has little understanding of the world. That makes her come over as a ditz and eccentric as even simple rites of society are unknown or just partially know to her. That's the result of the fact that she never had time to reenter society after her accident and the modifications she went through, so she remains isolated till she doesn't complete her main goal, which is getting to know herself.

The attribute that maker her shine in combat is her amazing accuracy, often snipes targets from large distances before engage in any kind of combat, taking out multiple enemies before they can realize what is going on or locate her. She still has perfect aim when fighting quick moving enemies or when moving at high speeds herself and has shown herself multiple times to make perfect shots with her eyes closed or with even more sense suspended by simply relying on her "feeling". Feats of shooting enemy bullets off in the air, changing the course of flight of a bullet with another one or hitting the exact same spot she hit before with a bullet are not unusual when she is concerned. She is also capable of doing various "trick shots" making bullets ricochet off the wall to hit an enemy for an unexpected angle or shots that take out multiple opponent with a single bullet. Charlotte has mastered most kinds of modern weapons, and thanks to her aim and natural talent she can handle old fashioned weapons as well or weapons that she has never encountered before. She is very knowledgeable about the mechanics behind various guns and knows every single of her weapons down to the tinniest pieces.

She can also freely interact with all technological inventions and even control them to some degree, without actually touching them at all but rather by "forcing her mind onto them". It's something that works like some sort of wireless connections and all Witches posses the ability to a certain degree no matter how underdeveloped they are. Charlotte is capable to quickly download data from technological objects and learn their structure in a matter of seconds.

She's very good with her hands, and a brilliant mechanic. She owns a weapon shop and everything on sale there was custom made by her. She has a keen eye for details and is exceptionally skillful at fine tuning things. It's one of the few things that she actually actively likes. Charlotte was the one who developed her Infinity Chip and she also created all weapons stored in it .


Infinity Chip

A small azure-blue chip Charlotte has created. It's implanted inside her left eye and it gives off a fight blue shine. The chip took a small fortune to make, a Charlotte had in fact stolen most materials needed for it on her missions. The biggest problem was the fact that most of the materials needed barely existed on the planet if at all. The chip has the unique abilities to turns matter into data. The object it scanned by Charlotte's left eye and then absorbed into it. While the applications of such an ability are endless Charlotte has only one application for it, storing of weapons. All of her weapons are stored into the chip. Memory is no an issue as it can use Charlotte's whole brain for that and just remembering the weapon's blueprint (something Charlotte excels at memorizing) is enough. She can transfer any of the data stored on it into matter again, creating it in the real world. The chip is also useful for making small objects disappear or storing information such as maps. Charlotte constantly upgrades and modifies the chip adding new weapons to it. She refuses to store any weapon that was not made by herself and doesn't allow other people to even get close to the chip of the weapons. When in the heat of battle, or when she's processing something with the chip a blue flame forums around her eye. That is how the weapons come into the world as well, the azure flame is actually a physical stream of data and it is what creates the weapons in her hands. Charlotte also stores large amounts of ammo in the chip, simply absorbing an empty clip of a weapon and replacing it with a full one for the chip without actually physically reloading herself.

Moralltach and Beagalltach

Charlotte's two custom Beretta handguns. They are the weakest weapon in her arsenal but also the smallest and most practicals ones. They are black in color with golden and azure details on them, with a each of them having a white star on the sides. The guns use 9mm bullets and have a faster fire rate than average handguns as well as an increased range. While they pale in comparison with other weapons she has when special enchantments, their bullets are modified and very flexible. They can ricochet off various surfaces without losing too much speed or power, making the guns very effective to use in various trick shots as well as close combat and in narrow close spaces.

When fired the flash coming from the gun is blue rather than the usual, yellowish orange color.


Charlotte's main and most trusted weapon, as well as her "Jack of All Stats" creation. Excalibur is the large canon like weapon Charlotte is often seen with. The weapon is the biggest and heaviest in Charlotte's possession, but she can still wield it with one hand, showcasing her enchanted strength. The cannon is completely black in color and it has a huge blade on the end, but it looks like it's an addition that is never used by Charlotte in combat. Excalibur's strength doesn't only show in it's destructive power but also in it's flexibility. Charlotte can switch from a fast fire rate of smaller bullets to much bigger and stronger singular shots as well as wide blasts. Rather than regular bullets used by other weapons, Excalibur fires energy based projectiles. They are azure like her eyes and her Infinity Chip and sometimes looks like flames themselves. The small bullets around twice the size of a human fist, that are used during the high fire rate mode either directly pierce or cause small barely visible explosions to penetrate armor depending on the setting. The singular bullets are as big as human heads once they leave the cannon and cause huge explosions on contact. It's very effect in all kinds of combat and can be used to take out large groups of targets, as well as armored individuals.

Excalibur is Charlotte's favorite weapons and the first one she created and she uses it very often.


A sniper rifle in Charlotte's arsenal. The total length of the weapons is over two meters, easily exceeding Charlotte's own height. Following the pattern of her previous weapons it's mostly black but with notable blue features with some whole parts of the rifle being completely azure looking like they are electric circuits. The weapon has a range of 7km and when paired up with Charlotte's incredible aim it makes a deadly weapon. Gungnir's bullets have the highest travel speed out of all Charlotte's weapons and easily cross the maximum distance of 7km in less than a second. The bullets used by Gungnir are abnormally large, resembling artillery ammunition rather than something you'd see being used in a hand-held rifle. The reason for that becomes obvious once someone witnesses the shot for this weapon. The acceleration and friction inside the barrel alone is already enough to heat the bullet up to the point of melting. By the time it arrive to it's target the bullet has shrunken by nearly 50% and it looks more a projectile of heat than something that is supposed to deliver a solid impact. Because of it's properties the weapon is extremely effective against armor and it literally burns through it like it's nothing. It's come to the point that there are rumors that the rifle is modified so that it can't miss it's target and will hit without fail, but that's an attribute of Charlotte and not really the weapon itself.

Charlotte often opens up missions with Gungnir by sniping enemies from afar before engaging them. The sniper uses it's usefulness once the range between her and her targets becomes too short.

Black Saber

It's a weapon no actually stored inside the Infinity Chip, but rather a regular black sword that Charlotte carries around in a special slot for it on the side of her Boosters. The weapon doesn't have any special properties and it's rarely used by Charlotte in combat unless she is forced to do so.


Not actually a weapon but it is stored inside the Infinity Chip. The Boosters are the two wing like constructions Charlotte wears. They can give of a blast, by quickly burning fuel, propelling her forward. Charlotte can either use them to support herself during long range sprints or to make quick bursts and escape tricky situations. Most common applications of the Boosters tho is the amplification of jumps. Using the Boosters Charlotte can jump several dozens of meters (the maximum range with a single burst once charge up is 300m) in the air and even move and alter her course in mid air. It's an ability that goes very well with her already animal like agility.



Charlotte's custom made motorcycle. Unlike the other things in her possession it was no made by her, but she rather ordered it from a company. She still made various modifications to it and improved it and greatly changed the design. The tires are rather wide providing good grip. When compared to other vehicles of that kind Fenrir is very light which allows Charlotte to pull of incredible stunts with it as if she was flying. Despite it's lightness it's very sturdy and can crash through multiple buildings without a scratch. It can also be remotely controlled thanks to Charlotte's modifications on it and her own body. It has incredible acceleration and it can reach it's top speed of 500 km/h in just 10 seconds. Charlotte can achieve greater speeds if she makes use of her Boosters and they also provide more agility and by using them she can even make sharp turns at full speed.

It's main feature are the two blades that act as handlebars for it. They were an addition by Charlotte herself and she is capable of using them as weapons while making turns. They also have machine guns installed at the end, which can be used if the blade are removed from the frame, which is possible both during the ride and while the bike is at a standstill. Fenrir is Charlotte's main way of transport while on land and she goes one most missions with it.

Charlotte has many other weapons in the making but because of the unusually high number of missions she was on she didn't have any time to finish any of them and she's currently working on completing them one by one.


Coming Soon...


History of RPs


Charlotte's themes are mostly casual and calm. Music boxes are also very effective at representing her character. Vocal themes also fit her well.

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Shortest thing i have ever made. About 5% complete. Right now i'm just lazy and am lacking an will to do this.

I'll update it in the following days and move it to a new account once it gets activated. This will probably be a replacement for Legato once i set everything up.

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"All I ever wanted was to travel off in exotic places and meet new exciting people and then kill them, so I became a mercenary. My name is Wade Wilson. And I love what I do."


Having made that joke, This is most likely who Naoto is going to end up becoming.

Loved the bio, I reckon half of my characters would abduct her and take her on a sensory spree (IE Clotheshopping, food tasting, time travelling etc) To help her learn more about herself upon meeting, but that's for another day.

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@Hexadecimal: Still got a lot of work to do, but yeah i'll get around it in the following few days.

Disk-chan FTW!

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Finally an update.

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Off to bed, will read in the morning

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You named her bike after Cloud's bike in Advent Children, and you can summon weapons from your eyeball.

Interesting. Can she upload data from the computer and convert that data into matter? Like from a CAD program?

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@SamJaz: I wanted to go with a dragon name, but as she's also gonna have a fighter jet i figured to save the dragon for that one and went with the second best for the bike.

And technically she can, though she must also have the materials for it stored. She could probably muster up a makeshift copy of other materials if she has time and access to them.

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SWORD might hire u in the future :)

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@Fehafare: Nice bio, great job. ^^

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@haseo_yashimora: Hope i'll hear from them.

@Zuukei: Thanks but as usual it's far away from being completed. In fact all i've been doing so far is spitting out character bios, need to settle down and complete one of them to the fullest for a change.

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@Fehafare: Yea, the hardest part to finishing character bios is the filling out the information. Sometimes you get writers block or just forget entirely what you were going to write down. Happens to me all the time. @_@

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@Zuukei said:

@Fehafare: Yea, the hardest part to finishing character bios is the filling out the information. Sometimes you get writers block or just forget entirely what you were going to write down. Happens to me all the time. @_@

Usually its a time thing to me. Like everything else when it comes to RPGing for me.

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@Crimson Vapor: I see, that sorta makes sense.:P

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@Zuukei: LOL

@Fehafare: Great Bio by the way.

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@Crimson Vapor: XD

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@Fehafare: when episode 2 of "Into Avalon Trinity" comes out ill be requiring ur assistance to stop Kita(sonata)

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@haseo_yashimora: Not if I beat you to her first, Just kidding. Samuel has nothing against her, well not yet anyway.:P

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