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Warehouse district, West Philadelphia.

"You ain't driving this show, y' ain't even shotgun.

Not in my ride kiddo, you can get a cab home

Get back in the kitchen, whip up something fresh

Coz re-heated rhymes won't flow in this creche

I'd change yer daipers, if I were you now

Coz it's not just you who has some

Crap in their pants from these lyrics I'm hanging

So cut it with the crap 'bout whose mother you're banging.

Can't get a real girl? Don't blame ya with those looks.

I don't even wanna know what's in them crannies and nooks.

But at least your loved by your grammie. Coz somebody has to

You'll need some sympathy when your ass is served t'you!

On a plate, like your a country suffrin' a famine of asses

And I'm the one handing you your ass in a sentence

Like it's gift aid. Come on, Who's up next? What can you do?

This clown is done, so flush 'im down the loo

Ain't noone out there who can handle my power

Coz I am the one in possession of the seconds and hours

Remember me kid, my name is Cole

You've been burnt into ashes, left out in the cold."

The gray haired rapper dropped her microphone onto the concrete floor as the crowd jeered her opponent. He was previously the highest profile rapper in the city, making millions overnight and spending it quickly.

This warehouse was where he made his statement, these regular rap battles attracted crowds of over a hundred spectators during every show, placing bets on the champion and each challenger.

Never had the champ been beat down this viciously. He walked away as money changed hands.

A few calls would have her dead by the end of the night.

He made them.


Cole walked through the alleys on the way back to the hotel. She took a shortcut, turning right down another empty street.

She took a second right turn, walking past the couple who wanted some privacy.

After the third right, she turned around and drew a sword.

"The gangbanger too chicken to come get me himself?" She asked, smiling at her follower behind her sunglasses. "Guess there is a shortage of asses if you want yours handed to ya."

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Donned in a red short sleeve top the mask the over abundance of blood that usually appeared during his escapades Pyro followed his target, no knowledge why nor no care why he had to kill this next target. Simply clenching his fists as he followed the clearly aware woman he could feel his claws slowly protruding the sides of his knuckles however only enough to be seen at close range, merely a centimeter out as little bits of blood appeared in the gap that the deadly claws had made as he got ready for the inevitable and hopefully fun fight. After a few right turns he was suddenly confronted by the target who withdrew a sword. Grinning a sadistic grin he spoke as his six metallic claws slowly extended downwards as blood put a red graffiti on the concrete floor.

"Hmm" He jerked forward with a growl as he drew his right shoulder backwards with his forearm following as he suddenly jolted it forward attempting to stab the woman in the chest with his claws with unimaginable stopping power. This would be the first of many attacks, Straight after that he did not even wait for the results of the stab, instantly drawing his hand back and attempting 3 vicious slashes towards the woman's chest in a blind rage....

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Cole blocked the first punch, then hopped back as her opponent slashed for her chest multiple time. The last cut barely grazed her, splitting a few threads in the record-logo of her white shirt. "Not cool-" Cole commented, glancing down to check the damage.

No cleavage exposed, blood splatter from her assassin's fists, and a small bloodstain around the cut where the skin was scratched.

Cole hopped back defensively, bringing her sword forward to parry the next few blows while her other hand reached for her back pocket, feeling her iPod.

She was going to need some tunes for this one.

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His claws barely slashed the woman as he instinctively attempted a stab towards the woman's eyes with his left hand as a distraction while he attempted a simultaneous kick to her knee with his right foot hoping to break it and another slash to her right shoulder ( with his right hand ) hoping to impale, all done at near super-human speeds and with perfect practiced precision.

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@Pyrogram: Cole blocked the hand attacks but fell to the floor as her knee was kicked under her. Thankfully, this meant that the next attack was too high, so she was safe for the second.

Unfortunately, the impact damaged her iPod. The wheel was broken.

Good thing she had it on shuffle. Unplugging her headphones from the jack, she hit play and let the music sound through the crappy speakers.

_/_ "Ladies and Gentlemen. On this fifth day of July, in the year twenty-fifty, I, Lady Gillespie, am proud to present to you... Toothless Hawkins and his Robot Jazz Band." _/_

This song didn't give Cole much time to work with, but it'd be enough to get her out of this mess.

_/_ "A-one two three four." _/_

Two massive pillars of stone rose up from the concrete floor in time with the instrument, with enough force to send Pyro into the air. Cole flipped to her feat as a snake of energy slithered at her opponent, only to fade just before the next two pillars burst out to slam Pyro.

She'd have to repeat this process until the drop, when all hell would break loose.

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Just as the attacks missed Pyro felt an immense force smashing him upwards then another two smashed into him crushing his muscles and if he had normal bones, all would have shattered under the impact. He felt his calf muscles become immobile for a few short seconds and his lungs collapse as he gasped for air, Clutching the ground with a bruised and broken face that was unrecognizable beacuse of his now tooth-less mouth and shattered nose, suddenly he started to growl like a wolf as his teeth started to tear through his gums again like a baby as they healed and his nose clicked but into place with a nasty crack. His lungs started to expand like balloons as they healed as he got to his feet the moment his legs were fully mobile. He spat out some redundant teeth as he spoke. "Let's try that again" He adopted his favorite X-block stance.

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Cole grinned as she watched her opponent heal, hiding her intimidation very well.

_/_ "Here's this thing. Called Jazz!" _/_

The pillars kept forming to attack, most of them missing their target completely, and they increased in frequency and force as the drum beat accelerated, until they all shrank into the walls and floor, sending a ripple across the solid surfaces as the trumpet did a little jingle.

_/_ "Dance!" _/_

Cole bent forward, flopping her arms as the bass dropped. A wave of spiralling concrete drilled down the alley like a tornado, with four robots chasing after it to engage the clawed man in Fisticuffs.

This was why Cole was so dangerous. Her ability, Orpheus Drop, made the world dance to music. While a song was playing and she could hear it, she could do anything as long as it fit with the tone and tempo, more loosely the lyrics, of the song. Dubsteb and the related genres gave her the most freedom, with this glitchop specialising in robots.

The concrete spiral digitised itself into flakes of metal, the specific metal being irrelevant, Cole thought of it as something strong enough to hurt her opponent and regenerate itself as he slashed through it. The metal spiral would corkscrew back and forth, making him trip and bashing his head as her robot minions battered him senseless.

While the music played, she was in control.

As a failsafe and, more importantly, an amplifier, she followed Hawkin's example and generated her own Robot Jazz Band behind her.

These two robots would continue to play the song, even if the iPod in her back pocket was destroyed. The cloaked robot was fast, and skilled with the energy blades it could extend from its hands, while the shorter one, could generate electrical pulses, that burnt organic matter and repaired machines.

Cole bounced on her knees, sword in hand as metal flakes collected around her body, forming a strong armour with thruster packs on her shoulders and hips. It should stand against the claws, at least against glancing cuts, but would also protect her from the electric pulse that coursed down the street as she flew in to join her four minions to attack.

Three minutes left before it would all go away and she'd had to set up another song.

Cole slashed from above as her minions jumped around Pyro, punching and kicking with advanced martial arts, all in time with the music, with the metal spiral spinning up and down the corridor in time with the electric pulses that hurt like crap and mess up his nervous system. Hopefully, unless the metal in his bones didn't feel like being cooperative with her attack.

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Block after block Pyro skilfully tangled with the attackers that had been summoned so elegantly as his PyroAgnite claws easily fended off the physical bombardment as he used his amazing training to bob and weave out of the way of the oncoming punches as he retaliated with simple slashes and pokes with his metal claws trying to dig deep into the concrete robots trying to decapitate and dismember them. Momentarily he was caught unbalanced as he was smashed onto the ground however he dived with it, preforming an inverted military press as he got back to his feet and continued to survive the initial attack with a few more broken teeth and a burst kidney to go along with his other injuries. However still not wavering his goal of killing the target. He valiantly fought against the rock/robot creatures before he was joined by Cole in this viscous attack that he was now finding pretty fun. He had not been tested like this for some years. He suddenly felt a pulse of electricity surge through his entire body as it burned him inside out however the battle ready warrior was not fazed, he could feel is internal organs being slowly cooked and his nervous system going insane altering him of the feral attacks that were being bestowed against his perfectly crafted body as he simply growled and grunted his way through the pain, one of his left eye suddenly popped as it heated up as he caught sight of Cole. Moving faster than the normal eye could see regardless of the pain that was going through his body he let out a ferocious slash that would clean straight through concrete towards Cole's neck, followed by a spinning attack that would be like a whirlwind style move and send out over 6 multiple slashes aiming towards her with a finishing drive forward with both clawed knuckles trying too impale her six deadly blades in the chest.

Without even waiting for the victory or defeat of his attacks he withdrew something from his pocket that was now torn open from the previous attacks, ripping out a metal pin with his teeth the vicinity exploded as he lifted a grenade above his head. Hoping to kill the enemy with his slashes, then the final grenade. This would not kill Pyro, he would be left standing bloodied as his body would heal.

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The clawed fighter was fighting well, almost slicing through Cole's neck with a vicious slashing attack that drew blood, and Cole was forced to get back on the defensive for Pyro's vortex of slashes. The speed was so intense, she was forced to drop the sword and summon her Record Gear- two vinyl records resting on large red gears that floated under her hand- summoned just in time to block the double-handed strike.

Even with the music, Pyro was pushing her back intensely, despite his injuries. He must've cost the gangs quite a sum if he was this skilled. Her smug satisfaction changed into horror, however, as Pyro drew a grenade from his pocket and tossed it into the air.

Cole could have wet herself. Did he think this far ahead? Or was it a coincidence and he just wanted a back-up attack in case she wasn't killed by the slashes.

Either way, Cole put her thrusters in reverse. Dousing Pyro with flames, Cole got the hell out of that alley and into the main street just before the grenade exploded. Her armour protected her from the shrapnel, but the shockwave still sent her flying into the wall on the otherside of the road.

Luckily, she wasn't knocked out from the blast or run over by any cars.

Unfortunately, her armour and robot allies started to dissipate. This was worrying. Even with her iPod broken, the two robot's at the edge of the alley should still be playing enough music to repair each other and keep her power going.

Then she heard the ringing in her ears.

It wasn't too bad, but it was enough to dampen the voices of the concerned passerby's on the street.

And completely smother the music that was keeping her ability in use.

She couldn't control the music if she couldn't hear it.

She was next to powerless.

And that assassin could regenerate. She didn't know how long she had, but she needed all the time she could get in order to get ready for him.

Scanning the street, she searched for a busker or a street performer. She needed an instrument and she needed one now.

There. A violinist. He'll do.

Looking both ways before crossing, Cole ran across the road, back towards the clawed assassin and towards her new weapon.

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The grenade exploded tearing flesh from his skull as the shock-wave literally blew off chunks of muscle from his forearms and face, Suddenly being doused in flames he could not think of anything else apart from pain. Pain that he enjoyed. He screamed in exited agony as the flames burnt though his skin down to his metal bones, when the flames licked at his metal they heated that up boiling the blood inside of his veins as they popped and sizzled into disarray, his heart exploded under the pressure and his brain started to melt. The grenade explosion had made something ( possibly a wall from a building ), unsure what fall on-top of him however as the mighty wall crashed down onto Pyro as it inadvertently coupled with the fire exploded the last grenade that was situated in his pocket. Pyro exploded into a fireball as the noise was loud enough to deafen everybody in the local area. Anything that was not bone was ripped from his body as he was cooked alive, however his body was repairing at a nonsensical rate keeping him alive as he got back up, pushing rocks from his body he stood as his eye balls healed just enough to see. His entire forearm was now burned off, only his metallic tendons and bones keeping his body up as his lungs were now roasted beyond initial repair. His body ( PyroAgnite solution ) slowly adapting to convert the heat around himself into an oxygen substitute until his lungs healed in a few minutes. His nervous system had actually turned itself off at this point, his entire body was on-fire and it would only hinder his attacks.

In defeat lay his victory, his metal bones were now hot enough too melt through solid high grade steel and he knew this. He would use the devastatingly sharp and now extremely potently heated blades to his advantage with each slash, strong enough to melt through bone and flesh alike. A single swipe hot enough too turn muscle into liquid. He watched as the person ran across a road as he darted forwards at inhuman speed, smashing towards his target with an animalistic growl "ARRRRR" He propelled forwards attempting to decapitate the woman, then swiftly cut their arms off followed by a slash to their midsection trying to gut them with a heated blade, upon contact any of the cuts would burn deep into bone and turn muscle into nothing.

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@Pyrogram: Cole saw the burning demon charge out of the flames. Summoning her Record Gear, she scratched the disk and warped herself back in time by three seconds, moving around Pyro as he sliced through a paradox clone of herself.

She couldn't hear the screams of her past self, and that may have been a blessing, as she was able to snatch the violin from the disoriented musician and put it to her neck before Pyro's corpse vanished.

It was clear that fire was useless. Time to play a song of ice.


Nothing came to mind. She played the song that did. Putting bow to string, she played, small speakers appearing in the air around the street, like hundreds of little bubbles. It only took ten seconds of playing the violin for the speakers to manufacture the sounds of the drums and guitars. She continued playing, feeling the rhythm and the bassline vibrate through her body as she played and directed the song to launch blizzards and tempests into the streets. The civilians were raised, as were her, by huge columns of ice that kept them high above the rush of water that flowed into the street. Shards of ice the size of trees thrust themselves through the water like harpoons, with sharks and swordfish made of energy leaping and diving to tear the skeletal Pyro to shreds.

By the time the verse started, The street was an arctic ocean.

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Slashing through a seemingly real but fake opponent they were instantly decapitated and dismembered without any effort at all, however his arm was not virtually falling of...He dropped his arms down by his side as his nerves started to heal...Tendons snapped back into place as his muscles slowly slithered into existence, live a vine crawling up a tree it entangled his metallic bones as it fused back onto him like it was good as new, Forearm muscle connecting perfectly to his other systems as his hand suddenly felt very warm, his actual flesh started to grow back on-top of his already burning hand as it pushed the fire away and regrow, finally his skin appeared as the nerves started to repair and pain pulsed through his body like a shockwave sending him jerking upwards as his entire body started to heal as he ravaged in the pain with grunts and long screams of sadistic pleasure. His lungs once again popped out as the fire was extinguish from them, like balloons one of them slowly expanded but was burst again but the heat as it slowly repaired once more. He started to cough a nonsensical amount of blood as he keeled over, his body started to shake as it used up most of its healing energy to repair the last of the damage to his body, leaving only a few small scratches that were not worth the effort to heal, the first of his powers failure. Standing up he started to shake as his leg muscles had only just repaired and they were under a heavy strain already. He clenched his fists ready for more inevitable pain.

Suddenly all of the heat inside of his body was vanquished as he was hit by an immense wave of freezing water as it actually helped his body initially but he was suddenly overcome with shock as his whole nervous system was confused and unsure what to do. He was suddenly impaled directly through the abdominal region tearing through his stomach and lodging itself backwards as it stopped at his spine. His intestines and liver where instantly ruptured and burst as he coughed an immense amount of blood violently into the ocean, He ignored the other sharks and animals attacking him as they ripped pieces of flesh from his bones away, one of them actually pulled his ear off. He clenched his fist as he slashed at the ice that was inside of him cutting through it instantly and allowing himself some breathing space, he used his peak human agility and endurance to grasp another piece of ice that was zipping towards him as he used the momentum of that to throw him into a building, as soon as this happened he climbed to the top using his claws as his way up as they dug into the concrete wall. Now above all of the water he dropped to his knees as his stomach was not healing like it should have, he sat in a meditation position as he concentrated. His body slowly started to heal once more but this-time slower, much slower as he decided this was not the time, He got to his feet trembling as he looked for his opponent. He cut a hole into the roof as he dropped down, looking around the apartment building he had just fallen into he caught sight of some whiskey as he simply drunk the whole thing as it trickled back through his now open stomach..He sighed..It slowly healed back however as he did this.

He ran towards the window too see his attacker, he could see her standing on the other end of the street playing on the instrument oblivious to the world. He crept outside of the building that was not covered in water as he scaled the walls around the entire area, circling round he was now behind the attacker on the other end of the street. He charged forward quiet as a mouse hoping to use her already deaf ears to attempt to sneak up behind and simply stab her in the back with his left hand, digging three fatal claws through her spine with a twist to finish the job...

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@Pyrogram: Someone was calling Cole on her sunglasses. Winking, she activated the psychic text communication.

Ugh. Hag.

-{ What do you think you're doing? }-

Cole's reply was simple. =[ getting served like a dude on butler island ]=

-{ Seriously? How bad is it? }-

=[ pretty bad. guy should get a tip, his service was that great ]=

=[ i think i got a score on him though ]=

=[ were at a deuce of some sort ]=

-{ Deuce? }-

=[ tennis metaphor ]=

=[ also a clever way of calling him poop ]=

=[ because im awesome like that ]=

-{ You might want to look left then. }-

Cole did as she was told and swerved sidewise to dodge the oncoming claws.

=[ girl where you at ]=

=[ coulda used that hint a little earlier ]=

=[ if thats not a fish in my pants then youre paying for the cleaning ]=

Suddenly, the sounds of guitars and the water hitting the ice filled Coleen's ears.

-{ You're welcome }-

Cole jumped back, putting the violin to her neck and playing another riff to launch a wave of polar bears, made of water, to crush her enemy.

=[ were moving ]=

=[ somewhere we can get married ]=

=[ i am going to father your children just for that ]=

=[ probs gonna need some ivf and gene splicing but we are going to have same gender clone babies together i love you so much right now ]=

=[ well name the little abominations peter and katniss and cale because that was one helluva book ]=

-{ Just don't die and you can buy me pizza later. }-

-{ Need me to send Alvin over? }-

Cole hopped on her records, getting to higher ground so she could drop a tonne of frozen rock on this undead freak.

=[ im good ]=

=[ chill as a cucumber ]=

=[ in a freezer ]=

=[ with all his vegetable hos around him ]=

=[ in a convertible ]=

=[ thats how chill i am right now ]=

=[ refrigerated cucumbers in convertibles with his cauliflower wenches around him ]=

=[ and not just because its minus five out here ]=

-{ You make absolutely no sense when you try to make metaphors. }-

Hagane cut the line, leaving Cole alone to face Pyro. Playing her fiddle the best she could, she condensed the air around Pyro and dropped three tonnes of ice on him.

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