Characters you wanted to make but couldn't find the right angle.

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Have you ever wanted to make a character but for some reason you just couldn't find the right thing to do with him; whether it be because of powers, personality, lack of role they would have in the Vice. This is a thread meant to show this characters that could have been but never were and explain why they didn't work so well. Maybe someone will give you a good idea to help finish that character.

For me my character I always wanted to make is:

A Trafalgar Law Character:

I think Trafalgar is one of those characters that everybody has thought of making his appearance (the whole hipster look), personality, weapon, power, etc. everything about him is just bad ass and he would make a great character on the Vice. He would make a cool hero or anti hero neutral and if somebody could pull it off a really bad ass villain. I been working on a similar character in my canon universe, he is a good friend of Crow and the work together from time to time as Vaquero.

Problem: Not a lot of information has been revealed about Law in One Piece especially his power which I love! Now I could always come up with something original but I think using his powers as a base is a smart move and currently we have no clue what exactly they are and what more can he do with them. Until I get some information I feel he will be a character who is just a dream.

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I get those a lot of times XD

Hyperactive, Evil-Laughing Mad Scientist

I really wanted to make a character that resembled Hououin Kyouma from Steins;Gate since he is so funny and bizarre. Also, the fact that I also have the same habit of breaking out into an evil-laughing fit, and the habit of making up weird stories, I thought that I could play the part nicely.

Problem: I couldnt come up with cool powers for him, and the fact that he is an inventor, I lack the creativity to come up with cool gadgets. Besides, I think we've got lots of scientists here on the Vice already. So I had to abandon the idea. (Who knows, I may get back to it XD)

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I always wanted to do a rampaging monster, kinda like godzilla, but is too hard to fit him on normal non apocaliptic threads...

Also a mecha pilot, but for the same reasons as before is hard to make him participate in normal RP's.

I have at least a dozen pre-made character concepts with images and power already done but I dont ouse them for lack of time or as you stated angle...

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I wanted to make Saitire a real mecha pilot character, but I also couldn't see how i would work in the current universe. How I was thinking I could use the virtually world of Wonderland to make it a possibility. 
Saitire and her mech. 
Saitire and her mech. 
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