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 White Snake of the Business World and the Big Boss of the Company
 White Snake of the Business World and the Big Boss of the Company

Name:  Keith White
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Aliases: White Snake of the Business World, Mr. White, The Man Behind the Man, Big Boss, Man of Miracles
Age: 33
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Light Auburn
Eye Color: Blue
Net Worth: At least 300 billion AUD

Keith White is a famous figure and probably the richest man in the world. Well-known former scientist and shrewd businessman with terrifying influence. He has connections all over the Earth or maybe beyond and isn't shy to use them.  By the power of money and science Mr. White poses threat to even those above the human. His inventions are deadly and far more advanced than the present world. Rumors say Keith is an active player even in the underworld and the founder of the global secret organization as otherwise the Company.


 Keith White, while posing for the photographers of Vice Press
 Keith White, while posing for the photographers of Vice Press
Keith is a calm, collected individual. He rarely if ever loses his cool and has a tendency to talk formally with everyone. He enjoys public meetings and parties although he sometimes seem to be a little aloof. Keith is a known sweet talker and tends to get rather friendly at conversations. He's very smart and isn't afraid to showcase his intellect. Keith also has a strong competitive spirit. He rarely refuses a straight challenge, especially if it concerns the intelligence. If he lose, Keith accept the results calmly and analyses his loss to learn from those mistakes and never commit them ever again.

In contrast to his pretty tame public face, Keith is a real predator in business. Cold and calculating, he makes decisions without his emotions getting in the way. On the battlefield he shows the same attitude and manages to keep his calm even at the direst situations. His nerves are probably made of pure steel. He commands people with brutal efficiency and in outstanding coordination. Keith White is well known to be a shrewd and very manipulative man. He's constantly scheming for something and plans several steps ahead of his enemies. He's the number one person people never want to cross.

Famous Quotes:





Keith is a regular human with no supernatural powers. Yet his skills, connections and advanced technology can be considered a superpower on its own.

Intelligence: Mr. White has brains far above the norm. He earned Ph. D. in a number of sciences, some of which he invented on his own.  He was awarded several prices and created many groundbreaking inventions. Later Keith used his mind at the area of business with terrifying success.

Super Science: The technologies developed by Mr. White are at least 20 years ahead the rest of the world. Keith can access devices and equipment the best described as futuristic and with properties fair above the norm. While he used to personally take part in the research in the past, nowadays he just leads his literal army of scientists to work for him. As a result Mr. White can came up with newer and newer inventions each day.

Martial Arts: While having no superpowers, Mr. White isn't your average Joe at fighting. He has a physically fit body and black belt in both Aikido and Wing Tsun fighting styles. He also studied judo and had practices fencing every week. By the gauge of average humans, he's a very competent fighter. Strangely though he prefers a style developed entirely on his own which he refers as "baritsu". It combines a number of forms together and relies heavily on the use of Keith's cane as a weapon.

Insanely Rich: His remarkable business career earned Mr. White an incredible sum. He has companies all over the world and has enough money to literally buy countries. Bad mouths say he already did it several times and Keith has the majority of the world in his pockets.

Global Influence: There's no such spot in the world where Big Boss' hands cannot reach. Keith has connections all over the Earth, including governments, armies and more shady factions like terrorist groups and criminal circles. If there's something to do, Mr. White always find the best man for the job.

Mercenaries: Mr. White isn't afraid to call for professionals in case of combat. In battle he often hire an army of mercenaries to do the job for him. Keith also has his own security company with selected individuals for constant protection. It's pretty hard to find the Big Boss alone.

Crazy Prepared: Keith is very adept at scheming long-term plans. That attitude shows even in combat. He use complex strategies, smart tactics and devious traps to dominate the battlefield. Mr. White can turn even the worst odds, hence his nickname: Man of Miracles.

Memory Partition: Special skill developed by intense mental training and discipline. Keith splits up his consciousness into many parts to store various information more efficiently. It lets him to learn a good number of things at once without them inhibiting each other. Additionally this ability gave Mr. White a limited protection against mental attacks and illusions and such abilities have a difficulty to affect him. When this defense fail and the mental attack surpassed a certain degree, Keith created an entire alternate personality which immediately kicks in. This way he can make sure to protect all the crucial information from his enemies.

Assets and Equipment:

The White Suit:

 This stuff is bulletproof!
 This stuff is bulletproof!
Well, Keith's usual outfit has it's own history. It has been a year since Mr. White became super-rich and earned the status of one of the most influential peoples in the world. Such fame is bound to attract many enemies. Keith's safety was often in danger but the Big Boss cannot allow himself to wear soemthing as ugly as a kevlar protector. Instead he hired the top designers of Armani and Gucci as well as many others and invited them into his lab. They were given one month, several scientists and the best materials to create a suit both elegant and practical enough for Keith. The result was an unique outfit made out of special shock-absorving and kinetically reactive fabric. On impact with bullets, the flexible and fine fabric quickly hardens while the rest helps to disperse the kinetic energy on the entire body. Thanks to these Keith can withstand bullet-fire, large falls, fire or even the shockwaves of explosions to a limited degree. It's drawback that the suit cannot protect his head, neck or hands as they're completely exposed. Keith has a huge stock of these special suits and certain variations even have unique functions installed into them.

The Cobra Cane:

Big guys gotta have big sticks:)
Big guys gotta have big sticks:)
The symbolic item of Keith White. The Cobra Cane is figure of Keith's status and power which he always carry with himself. This elaborate stick has a good number of functions installed and works as a control rod and Mr. White's weapon of last resolve. Surprisingly though there are more than one Cobra Canes. Each variation has its own functions and differences in design. The most common kind of Cobra Cane has a mysterious form of communication equipment inside which helps Keith to converse with his men even if he doesn't appear to talk or control objects remotely while seemingly doing nothing. Its combat functions can also vary. Usually it either has a hidden blade or electric stun property. Sometimes neither or sometimes both. Additionally most types of Cobra Cane have a fine and difficult to fool identification system that prevents anyone but Keith White to use it. This is for the sake of safety since stealing the stick almost means stealing Keith's power. Still, it's a viable tactic to make Keith drop the Cobra Cane. In case of such situation he would likely loose the ability to contact his troops and probably make Keith White helpless.

More to come...

Known Affiliations:

White International Corporations:

 White Corps
 White Corps
White International Corporations (in short White Corps or WIC) is the personal enterprise of Keith White. Originally it was just a small business group dealing with stocks and trade. Yet thanks to Keith's management skills and a few very daring gambles the company grew exponentially and became one of the biggest trade groups of Australia in a single year. Following that success the company quickly spread to overseas and even begun to extend at the sectors of banking and insurance. Strangely it was another great hit and Keith spent the amassed huge wealth into various industrial sectors. This impossible turn of events gradually made the rapidly expanding giant that is known as the White Corps. The White International Corporations is a global enterprise collecting over 300 individual companies which covers almost every business and industrial sector. These generate the horrible net income of over 300 billion AUD a year, making Keith one of the richest men in the world. The technology and inventions of the White Corps are also world-wide famous and considered many years more advanced than the rest of the Earth. Furthermore the White Corps technically dominate the market and able to manipulate the world trade to its liking. This overwhelming power put Keith's companies into a very special situation. Installments and personnel belonging to the White Corps are handled like members of a separate country. The White Corps has its own laws and - with few regulations - can do whatever it wants on its own turf. No one knows  The power of money turned into an immense political force that put Keith above the rest. Perhaps all the fame and influence has its inevitable drawbacks. Keith White is widely viewed as the poster boy of globalization and capitalism. Some radical factions even call him the reincarnation of the devil and claim the approaching Day of Judgment. According to the latest polls over 10 million people in the world wants to see Keith White dead.


 Hydra Symbol
 Hydra Symbol
Enigmatic mercenary group with mixed fame. Keith White founded this organization in attempt to solve situations that the regular governments cannot. Hydra is an elite mercenary force armed with the latest weapons of the White Corps. Each member has at least several years of combat experience and got special training to deal with extreme situations. They often have a criminal past like formerly being terrorists or war sinners but Keith only care about their effectiveness as soldiers. All records on the previous life of Hydra members are throughly erased, making them technically dead to any authorities. They're nameless fighters working for money and the grand ideal of Keith White. Despite the Hydra seemingly being a ragtag team of horrible people, insubordination and betrayal is extremely rare. Every member has a chip implanted in their brains that can release a deadly neurotoxin to kill disobeying soldiers in an instant. The mercenaries of Hydra technically sold their soul and freedom to Keith White, and they're very aware of it.
[Read More]

The Company

 Organization Logo
 Organization Logo
Enigmatic and secretive global society founded with the best interest of Humanity in mind. Having founded only 5 years ago, the organization has surprising influence that spreads all over the Earth and possibly even beyond. They're a world-wide conspiracy that works every day to preserve order and advance Humanity to new heights of power. The Company's actions are very subtle and virtually invisible to the average citizen. They have deals with the national governments and manipulate everything from the safety of shadows. The organization has no specific base. Both their holdings and members are spread all over the world. They're everywhere yet nowhere. It's pretty hard to deal with the ominous mass that the Company became. The closest thing to the organization's "head" are the 7 mysterious key founders, the so-called Archons. Rumors say that Keith White might be one of them. These Archons are people of exceptional wealth and immense social power. They act as the figureheads of the Company and their word can decide the fate of Humanity as a whole.
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Zella likes that he is called White Snake:P

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That's good. Mr. White keeps an albino snake for pet.:)
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Very nice start. o-o
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So despite not having any actual power he still just as powerful if not more so then Keith Mackenzie
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Nah, he's pretty far from it. If I have to compare him to someone, Mr. White is a toned down Mr. Fantastic with some touches of Dr. Doom and my original characters from the past.
Especially compared to the latest incarnation of Keith MacKenzie. Stay tuned for the finale of UA! It's going to be really mind-bogging.
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@willyvereb: Nice, I can't wait until, He gives the Company his orders. :D
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So, it's basically newdeath, minus magic and evil, but with better taste in music, since every rose has its thorn. Mokay. I'll post my reboot profile either tomorrow, or in two years.
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@SamJaz: Actually has a quite different style., even from base Keith MacKenzie (the very first incarnation of him).
If I have to compare him Mr. White is a mixture of a James Bond villain with little Marvel-style super-technology and a mayor sense of reason.
In short super corporate director without the usual CIS/PIS inhibiting him.

Both Newdeath and even Keith had their own share of kicking ass on their own. Compared to them, Mr. White barely has any combat potential on his own and even his mercenaries are usually "normal soldiers with very big toys". Except crazy-coordinated team attacks executed with insane timing. That's how Keith White rolls...given he ever meets combat.
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I'll post my reboot character in a bit. for AntiRoX o-o
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@willyvereb: You killed Keith!!!
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No similarities whatsoever, Lol.

Gonna be interesting.
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@SamJaz: Nah, Mr. White won't be playing war for fun.
You see in comparison of games:
Lelouch plays Risk while Mr. White plays Monopoly.
The two aren't the same.:)
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@willyvereb:  Lol, it was a joke, but yeah.
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Created my rebooted character. xDD
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@SamJaz: It is gonna be interesting. o-o
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Update time!
Added a little description of Mr. White's personality.
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@willyvereb: Nice update, Maybe I should add the French mercenaries to my bio. :O
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New additional sections: Assets and Equipment, Affiliations
Added two items for the equipments: The White Suit and the Cobra Cane.

Yeah, he's totally a James Bond villain.:p
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