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Naruto Rp Character

Name  : Makoto 'leech boy' Issei

Age : 25

Rank : Medic-nin , Sensor

Village : Tetsu no Kuni [Land of Iron]

Appearance  [shown below]

 One Man Army
 One Man Army

  1. Eccentric
  2. Brash
  3. Sadistic
Type of Shinobi : Ranged Tactical Combat
Chakra string weavers
  1. Dual miniature Chakra string weavers [ x300 strings each ] {main weapon of choice}
  2. Poisoned senbons
  3. Kunai cluster grenades 
  4. Serrated edge Fuuma shuriken
  5. Epileptic & seizure flash bombs
  6. Exploding tag palm stamp
 Chakra nature affinity
  1. Wind [adds razor wind to his chakra strings further enhancing slicing powers]
  2. Water
 Hiden Jutsu 

He could use his strings to extend his reach and drain blood
  • Parasite Anatomy  [helps to heal as well]
  1. ability to absorb blood of living beings into the body (thus killing them), converting the nutrients from their blood into physical power and sustenance;
  2. ability to absorb nerve impulses into the body through touch (thus temporarily paralyzing foes), granting one with sustenance or physical strength
  3. ability to absorb the literal stamina of a foe and converting it into sustenance and strength for oneself (especially helpful with a foe on an adrenaline rush) 

  •  Specter Skills [whenever he reverts to his normal body, his body is forcibly 're-constructed' to the right structure, which can cause very heavy internal instabilities]
  1.  the ability to resonate his body's molecular structure, allowing him to walk through walls, as well as granting him the ability to make his hands vibrate so rapidly they can cut through anything.
  2. ability to move through solid matter by disabling binding forces. This causes the matter to crumble, or break down around as he passes through it.  

Kekkei genkai    

He can bleed you to death
  • Phantom Blood [usage will release pleasure to his body] {transmitted through chakra steings}
  1. Poison Blood - The blood itself is poisonous, and either direct contact or indirect exposure to it is enough to kill.
  2. Corrosive Blood - The chemical nature of the blood is such that it eats through metal and flesh [ he has sufficiently resistant veins and tissue ]
  3. Blood Weapons - The blood can "crystallize" or solidify into a weapon.
  4. Prehensile Blood - An extension of the above and similar to Prehensile Hair, only this blood is a tentacle horror.
  5. Blood Boost - Makoto gains increased abilities as he bleeds. This is almost always due to Chakra residues inherent in spilling blood.
  6. Blood Horrors - The blood can spawn minor minions to do their his bidding.
Phantom Blood : Crimson Fireworks
weaponize other people's blood by making them bleed then igniting the oxygen in the exposed blood. 


 the eyes which can view alternate ends
 the eyes which can view alternate ends

  • Ice Crystal Eyes [Massive Chakra Expenditure, only five a day and prolonged exposure will short circuit the brain causing it to severely malfunction]
  1. Structural cohesion : View the interaction between positive and negative Chakra in a similar manner to Feng Shui
  2. Dilate Time : perceive time as though it were slower than it actually is, and to adjust the body's speed and reflexes to match this perception of time. 
  3. Shards of Fate:   ability to almost-instantaneously see all the probable outcomes of a situation, and to discern what decisions or choices lead to which outcomes. This allows one to see along quantum wavelengths, to figure out the ultimate conclusion of a decision or move. Also allows to discern the likelihood of the outcomes that the user views.
  4. Multiple Paths:   precognitively see what choice one should make when confronted by a situation, and then psychically accelerate oneself along that path of causality immediately, at superhuman speed. However, this ability only allows one to do physical abilities that one is capable of (if one needed to do a back flip in order to evade an attack, but the user was incapable or too afraid to do a back flip, then they would not be able to do it, and the like). Accompanied by Superhuman Speed and Superhuman Reflexes.

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very good job man! ill have mine once i scan the image i drew!
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@lordhaseo: As strong as he is fragile
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I'm still working my character out ^-^ and very nice nerx
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@Nerx said:
" @lordhaseo: As strong as he is fragile "
as my characther says
if there is something not solvable by violence, then use more
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Nice Nerx love the Blood powers
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@cfatalis: the glass cannon
a creative ways to replenish chakra and i will still need the bio and simplify my jutsus to sub skills
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very awesome

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@GeNeSiS said:

very awesome

thx man and still on construction
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